“It's getting late and you know how long the drive is,” explained 27 year old Jace with a slight smirk. He stretched his muscular arms and folded his hands behind his head while his cousin Ian looked on.

“Damn, you look good in a black t-shirt,” thought Ian. “So what took you so long…” he asked eagerly, knowing that cousin Jason was always getting into trouble. Once they found out they were both gay, they were always confiding in each other. However, being out in the country and being just average good-looking, Ian didn't have as many adventures, so he loved when Jason came to visit every summer.

“Well, you know it takes me two days to drive here,” Jace explained. “So I stopped in a campground about half-way like I planned. I was loving the ride, had my shirt off, the top down on the Mustang, sunglasses on, and radio blasting. It was fucking awesome! I left later than I wanted to and a storm was coming up plus it was getting dark, so I guess I was really motoring…and you know how windy the road gets in the hills…”

“You didn't have an accident did you?” Ian looked concerned.

“No, but pretty close I guess. I came up behind three motorbikes and they were going pretty slow and I started to lose my patience. After about 10 minutes I decided to pass even though it was all solid double line.” Jace looked for supportive reaction with a glance at Ian. “Well I pulled into the oncoming lane and zipped ahead and just at a bend a truck was coming… Only fucking traffic I'd seen in 2 hours.” Jace blurted out, flashing his blue eyes. “Fuck!”

“So, what happened?” Ian demanded.

“Well, I saw the truck and yanked the wheel to the right, just missing the motorcycles. I caused the first one to skid, then the next, and the guy in the rear.” Jason's eyes glazed over as he thought about it. “I could see in my rearview mirror as all three cycles lost control for a second and then all were okay and they continued on.”

“Shit man!” Ian exclaimed. “What'd you do?”

“Well they were all well-built in and wearing leather so I didn't want to wait around. They looked like mean fuckers and I was alone with still a while to drive,” he continued. “So I floored it and took off and I could hear them swearing at me since I had the top down.” Jason put his hand over his chest. “My heart was pounding and I was shaking.”

Ian sat and watched, letting his knee fall to the side a bit so his bare leg touched his cousin's warm hairy muscular leg. He felt his dick getting hard but was really intent on the story.

“So,” Jace continued, “it wasn't too long until I got to the campground. Almost missed it due to the speed I was going. I was still paranoid about the bikers so I looked back as I was turning in, and they were no where in sight.” Jason swept his arm across his forehead for effect. “Whew!”

“The campground was deserted, there wasn't anyone else when I checked in at 8:30 and it was getting dark. The guy behind the desk was cute,” he added. “I would have kept my shirt off if it wasn't for the bugs, but either way he wasn't interested at all. He told me my site and warned me about the storm coming. So I drove off along the bendy road and found my site. It was nice and private, but no one else was there anyway. I got my tent up, put the top up on the car and just dove inside as the rain hit. It was pretty cool but I was worried a bit about getting zapped.”

Ian knew better than to press his cousin when he was telling a story, so he just sat and listened and enjoyed their bare legs touching.

“I stripped naked in the tent and did about 120 sit-ups and 80 pushups for the exercise after being in the car all day long. It got me so hot and sweaty that I got out of the tent buck naked for a shower. It was really dark now, so I ate some grub I brought with me and fell asleep. It felt so good to be naked all night long and I got up early so I could drive here. I jumped out of the tent naked and the sun was shining. It was about 6:30 am. There was still no one around and the birds were singing, so I did some stretches and jumping jacks to warm up. It was cold and my nipples were pretty hard.” Jason grinned

“You were still naked?” Ian asked a little too eagerly.

“Yeah,” Jace protested curtly. “Keep your mind off my dick man; I'm trying to tell you why I was late here,” he chided—now rather good naturedly.

Ian blushed, “Sorry, just picturing that.” He grinned.

Jason continued, “Well, I packed everything up. By this time I had my shorts, runners, and shirt on.” He sneered at his cousin. “But it was still pretty early and cool so I though I would take a jog to the lake since I hadn't seen it yet. So I'm jogging down the bendy road and just as I go around a bend I almost run into a guy—a big guy in leather. I stopped short, with my heart pounding. He was a big guy, about 35, with buzzed blond hair and wearing an open leather vest without any shirt on underneath and jeans. So I said 'sorry' and started on my way. I was thinking even if it was them they wouldn't recognize me unless they saw the car.”

“Fuck! Was it them?” Ian interjected.

“I wasn't sure, but there were three bikes at their site and this biker was just on his way to get some water. He had a bucket with him. I was just about to walk by when I heard the gravel behind me skuff and felt a strong hand on my shoulder. He spun me around to face him.”

“You're the guy in the Mustang that nearly got us killed yesterday! I recognize your perfect blond hair.” He reached up and grabbed my hair, then let go and before I could say 'sorry'. His other hand grabbed my other shoulder and he spun me around again to face the campsite. The other two guys were putting stuff away and now stood facing me. One was short and build like a truck, wearing a ripped blue t-shirt and tight jeans with black leather boots, the other was older, say about 45 with buzzed gray hair, tattoos on his beefy arms and in jeans with leather chaps.”

Big blond boy spoke up, “Hey boys, look what I've got here.” He put his arm around me like a buddy and held me close. My heart was pounding, I thought this was it. “It's the fucker from the Mustang that almost got us killed last night.”

The two other men were eyeing me up and down.

“I'm sorry man, it was an accident.” I pleaded. “I don't want any trouble.”

Older guy was the first to talk, “Quite a ketch Ramrod,” he smiled. “Don't you think so Spike.” He nodded to the short muscle man beside him. “Yeah, didn't think we'd see him again. Almost got us all killed.”

“Shit man, what happened, how did you get away?” Ian broke in.

“Keep your pants on man,” Jace chided, “I'm getting to that..”

“Hey Pounder, I think this guy owes us an apology.” Spike said, holding me with his big meaty arm and patting my head like a little boy with his other hand.

“Well once I heard the name Pounder, Spike, and Ramrod I had to snicker.”

“Fuck! I'd be shitting bricks.” Ian broke in.

Pounder looked at me and said incredulously, “He thinks it's funny. Not only does he almost kill us but he doesn't show us any respect either.”

That wiped the smile off my face; I suddenly realized the predicament I was in. “Look, I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to run you off the road.” I was frantically trying to explain. “I would have stopped to say I was sorry, but I saw you were okay and I was afraid that'd you'd kill me 'cause you were angry.”

Ramrod still held me tight with his left arm around me. He patted my stomach with the other hand saying, “Aww--, he's sorry.”

“You're sorry now but I'm not sure you were sorry yesterday—Skidmark!” Pounder said. “That's a good name for you boy, Skidmark!” He looked pleased with himself.

“Yeah, Skidmark!” Spike laughed

“I still think we should get teach him a bit of a lesson about respect boys.” Ramrod said, this time tweaking my cheek. Spike was looking me up and down.

“Yeah, let's strip him and throw little Skidmark in the lake.” Spike offered. With that Ramrod got both of my arms behind my back and held them there like steel while Spike and Pounder advanced on me grinning.

While Ramrod held me from behind I struggled, “Hey guys, can't we talk about this?” But they ignored me. Pounder reached for the front of my shirt and yanked it out of my shorts. He then pulled it over my head, exposing my muscular chest. At the same time I felt Spike's hand grasp my bare ankle and lift my foot off the ground. With a yank my shoe came off.

Spike held up my shoe and grinned, “One!” And then tossed it over his shoulder.

Ramrod, still holding me from behind was laughing. “Let's see if he's got any skid marks in his undies boys,” he teased with a wicked smirk.

Pounder was yanking at the drawstring on my jogging shorts; he got it undone and pulled them down to my knees leaving my white briefs. I was falling over as strong Spike yanked my other foot off the ground and pulled off my other shoe, but Ramrod righted me.

He held it up in front of my face. “Two!” And tossed it over his shoulder.

I felt Ramrod grip both my arms with one of his strong hands and his newly freed hand pulled down the back of my briefs. “Nope, no skid marks.” He sounded a bit disappointed.

With a strong yank, Pounder pulled my briefs down and then my shorts to my ankles while I struggled. “Look at the fucking dick on this guy.” Spike said, sounding amazed.

Spike and Pounder each took an ankle and lifted my feet off the ground while Ramrod held me up from behind and completely pulled off my shorts and briefs and tossed them to the ground before dropping my feet back down.

Ramrod released me and grabbed the shirt, which was over the back of my head and yanked it down hard. It ripped a bit as he pulled it off me and I was suddenly completely naked with three big men laughing at me.

I covered my dick with my hands and started backing away when Ramrod caught me. “Where do you think you're going? You said you were sorry and now you've got the chance to show it…”

While I was looking at Ramrod, Spike came out of nowhere and grabbed me around the waist and slung me over his shoulder. I was so embarrassed. My head hung down to Spike's ass and I couldn't get away from it. My legs were flailing around the front with my bare ass. What was worse was that my dick was running down Spike's chest and it was getting hard.

“Let me go man.” I pleaded. “Please give me back my clothes!”

They ignored me but Spike felt something. “Hey guys, I think he likes me.” Spike teased. With his free arm he spanked my ass and my dick got harder still. “Yep, I'm sure of it. Skidmark's got a hardon for me.” He laughed.

“Fuck!” I said.

Spike started carrying me off toward the lake and I was mortified people would see me. Ramrod and Pounder went out in front so they could admire my bent ass and the big hard cut dick now pressing into his pecs with my balls hanging in front.

“You lucky fucker Spike, he's a real stud.” Pounder laughed.

“Come on guys; don't throw me into the lake.” I pleaded again. “And give me back my clothes. I'm sorry, really.”

“We're just making sure you don't forget and drive safely.” Ramrod chuckled.

I felt Spike's free hand move up to his chest and he felt my big exposed dick between him and my legs. I struggled but he let go of my dick. “Fuck he'll give you a run for your money Ramrod by the feel of it,” Spike exclaimed.

It was a long walk to the lake but we didn't see anyone else at all which I was thankful for. Spike was fucking strong; he carried me all the way there and didn't even seem to feel any strain. I was pleading with them and Ramrod and Pounder started tickling and poking me and saying things like, “Maybe now you'll show a biker some respect on the road.”

Once we got there Spike set me back on my feet and pushed me back into Ramrod's powerful grip. Ramrod and Pounder each took an arm while Spike took both of my feet.

“This cold water is going to shrink that big dick of yours now Skidmark.” Spike looked longingly at my rock hard dick as I hung in between the three men.

“Alright, ready?” Pounder shouted.

“This is for your own good boy.” Ramrod chided and they began swinging me.

“One! Two! Three!” And they let go sending me sailing through the air and into deep fucking cold water.

I quickly swam towards shore and the three bikers laughing at me but I realized I didn't want to get out naked again while they were there so I stopped, waist deep. “Ok I'm sorry.” I shouted. “Can I have my clothes back now?” My dick was still hard but hidden in the dark water.

“Tell you what Skidmark,” Pounder piped up, “you know where your clothes are so you can come and get 'em. But if you aren't there by the time we leave, they're going with us.” And with that the three of them turned off and headed back.

I stayed in the water for a minute cursing under my breath. I didn't want to have to run all the way back to my campsite naked and I didn't have any more shorts or shoes at all. So I swam, then waded to shore and realized it was pretty hard without shoes. I was really struggling on the slippery stones. I heard Spike say, “Here he comes.” And their pace quickened.

Thinking they were hurrying to take off on me with my clothes I tried to hurry. I kept looking around; trying to hike my bare ass and big dick from view but no one seemed to be around. I was stumbling along the gravel road. Fuck that hurt my feet--but I kept going as fast as I could.

Once I finally got to their site I looked where they had thrown my clothes but they weren't there but the bikers were still about and seemed to be adjusting their clothes as I came up to their site. I was covering my dick with my hands.

“Okay guys, can I have my clothes back now?” I decided to take the humble approach.

“We've been talking,” Pounder said. “And I think you've learned your lesson but if you want your clothes back I think you need to show us each a little respect.

“Fuck!” I muttered. “Okay, what do you want?”

“Tell you what Skidmark…” Spike piped up. “If you want to show us some respect you will kiss each of our asses.”

“What?” I asked a little too indignantly.

“You heard him.” Ramrod snapped. “Not much to ask since you almost killed us.”

“Kiss Ram's first,” Spike said.

Ramrod stood with his back to me and I went up behind him.

“Come on, don't have all day!” Spike said.

“Alright, alright,” I whined and knelt behind him. Just as I was about to do it I heard Ramrod's zipper open and he dropped his jeans exposing his strong fuzzy ass and I hesitated. “Go on man, show Ram some respect!”

So I leaned forward and kissed his ass on the right cheek and stood up and backed away still covering my hardon as best I could.

“Now Pounder, do both cheeks, since he was in the middle when you tried to kill us.”

Pounder turned and his pants dropped below his knees exposing a nice white ass and tanned legs. So I knelt and kissed each cheek and stood up.

“All right,” Spike said, “my turn.” And with that he dropped his pants and white briefs and bent a little forward leaning on his bike, exposing his muscular ass. “Ram, make sure he kisses it real nice since I was the one at the front he almost killed.”

I knelt down and looked at his ass. It was really hot and I could see his hairy balls and big uncut dick hanging down between the slight space between his legs. Ramrod stood beside, watching. Just as I leaned in to kiss Spike's ass Ramrod grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face right into Spike's hairy crack and held it there. I reached up and pushed away a few inches and Ramrod was still pushing me forward.

“You like a hot biker ass, don't you Skidmark?” Pounder chided.

“Yeah, say you love kissing biker ass.” Ramrod commanded, snickering.

“I love kissing biker ass!” I said through gritted teeth while I struggled to push away from this hot fucker's ass.

Ramrod pushed harder, sending my face slammed into Spike's ass again. Spike moaned and positioned himself so he wouldn't fall forward against the tree.

“Fucking Skidmark really likes you Spike.” Pounder smirked. “He can't get enough of that ass.” He laughed while Ramrod, mashed my face around.

This time I changed strategy. I pushed back hard and away from Spike and then ducked down and rolled to the side and up stood up. Ramrod fell forward into Spike. “Fucking slippery bastard!” Ramrod exclaimed while Pounder laughed. Spike pulled up his jeans and turned to see where I had gone.

I stood facing them, my hands covering my dick. “Come on guys, I showed you respect. Give me my clothes back”.

Pounder spoke up. “The trouble with respect is that it's soon forgotten so we got to make you remember. So it's your choice. You want to finish showing us the respect we deserve or do you want to walk back to your car naked?”

“Fuck” I muttered, wondering what else they had in mind, feeling very naked and exposed--especially with Spike looking at me like a hungry wolf. “Okay.” I said finally.

“Now that's more like it.” Pounder flashed me a crooked smirk.

“First off, say you are a lowly Skidmark and bikers are real men.”

I looked a bit disgusted but when Ramrod took a step toward me I spoke up. “I am a lowly Skidmark and bikers are real men.”

“Now, real men deserve my respect and that you are lucky to even kiss a biker's ass.” Spike added.

“Real men deserve my respect and I'm lucky to even kiss a biker's ass.” I responded.

Ramrod looked at me. “Come here.” He didn't shout but he meant what he said.

I walked over to him, our eyes level. “You laughed at our names. You know why I got that name.” I shook my head. “I got it because I deserve it. Reach down my pants.”

I stood there

“You heard me!”

His leather vest was open and I could see his muscled chest and stomach. There was a trail of hair going down and into his pants. There was a bit of space in his jeans between them his stomach so I reached in. Feeling his hot body and into his steamy pubes. I kept going. His dick hung down but it was thick and solid as it ran down the leg of his jeans. His balls were under pressure with my hand and his big dick confined in his jeans.

“What do you feel?” Ramrod asked.

“A big hard dick.” Not knowing what else to say. It WAS a big fucking dick!

“You can call it Ramrod with respect.” In fact I want you to kiss it and say “I love your big ramrod dick, Ramrod.”

So I took my hand out and unzipped his jeans. I reached in and pried his big tool out of his pant leg and guided it out. As it came into view it just kept getting larger and larger. It had even thickness from top to bottom and was straight as a steel rod with a big mushroom head. It was sticking out so far it was right in my face as I crouched down. I didn't need to hold it. I kissed the tip of his dick and tasted precum which was oozing out slowly. “I love your big ramrod dick, Ramrod.”

“Yeah, that's right pretty boy. Now here is where the 'ram' comes in.” Ramrod grabbed the back of my head and pushed his dick to my lips. I opened my mouth to say something but his dick just pushed its way in. It filled my mouth to the stretching point and kept going down. I could hardly keep form choking as it hit the back of my throat. The zipper of his jeans was sharply poking my lip and my nose was in his pubes.

Ramrod grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face. “Fucking nice pussy lips you got there Skidmark. Feels real smooth!”

“Come on Ram, make him really respect your biker meat.” Spike egged him on.

Ramrod picked up speed. Soon his dick was plowing my face so hard his zipper cut my lip a bit. My face turned red and I could feel his wet precum in my throat. I reached up to push away from his monster dick and he slowed down a bit. Still going out and in like a fucking piston with my mouth tight and my jaw aching. He began to moan. “Grease his throat man.” Pounder piped up.

Ramrod held my face tight and slid his dick all the way in. His thighs quivered and he bucked and jerked before I felt pulses go through his dick and into my throat ending in huge cum shots. I started swallowing which only milked his dick more. “Look at him swallowing your load. Fuck!” Spike laughed. “Not such a Mustang prick now, eh Skidmark?”

“Ohhhh Yeah! Fucking hot pretty boy pussy mouth!” Ramrod shouted. “Fuck!” Then he pulled out his dick which exited like some big snake from my sore mouth. It left a trail of cum as he pulled away. “That's how your show proper respect to a big biker dick. Now kiss my dick and say I love eating your cum Ramrod and then kiss it all over.”

His dick was hanging heavy. I kissed it on the slimy tip and said “I love eating your cum Ramrod.” Then I kissed all up and down his slick shaft while he gripped my blond hair in his fist.

“Now to find out how Pounder got his name.”

Pounder walked over and grabbed my shoulder and hoisted me up to standing and let me over to his sleeping bag (they didn't have tents) lying on the ground. He spun me to face him and with one hand around my back he felt up my chest. Smacking it to feel the solid muscle and squeezing my pecs. He then motioned me down onto my back and was feeling my dick and balls as he crouched between my legs. “You ready for a pounding Skidmark?” Pounder asked. “I got that name because I really like to pound a guy when I fuck him.” He lifted my legs up over my head and my ass was exposed and up off the ground. Spike came up behind me and grabbed my ankles. Pounder stood and took out his dick. It was cut, and kinda short but really thick with a fat mushroom at the head. He spread his legs wide apart and leaned over me. “You gonna respect my dick.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Tell me you love being a biker's bitch boy.” Ramrod demanded.

“I love being a biker bitch boy!” As Pounder leaned forward and his dick pushed at my hole.

“Ohhh God!” I shouted. “Ohhhh fuck!” Pounder kept forcing that thick hard meat into my tight jock hole, until it was all the way in.

Pounder looked down at me. “You like that, don't you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Say you love my big thick biker meat.” Pounder commanded.

“I love your big thick biker meat!” I gasped. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

Then he started pounding my ass. All his weight slammed his dick up my tight hole. I was jerking and being ridden real hard. I could only moan which was getting real loud. You could hear his body smacking into my upturned ass. It felt so good and my dick was hard and dripping onto my abs upside down.

He was a real pounder I thought to myself. He was pounding the shit out of me.

Spike had taken out his dick and it stuck out solid impressively over my face as he squatted, holding my hands. “Show me some respect boy,” Spike demanded. I started licking his dick and balls which he made sure I had easy access to.

Pounder kept it up while Ramrod stood with his arms folded smiling. His dick was hard again! Pounder's breath became ragged. Even though he was the oldest of the three men, he didn't let up. He pounded my ass right until he came. “Ohh fuck, here I cum!” Pounder shouted, “Time to be bread up the ass fucker!” And with that he bucked and jerked deep in my ass. Leaning his weight down hard on me, I felt him pulse cum into my plowed muscle ass.

Pounder stood up and looked down at me. He smacked my ass hard and said that I did good. Then he pushed his dick into his pants and zipped up.

Spike hauled me up and I look at his dick and balls hanging out. “Fuck it,” he said and took off his jeans entirely, leaving just his boots and shirt on. His dick was really hard and veiny, which matched the rest of his muscle body. He put an arm on each of my shoulders and pulled me into a bear hug. His hands were all over me--my dick and balls, which he squeezed hard, and my ass and back. Then he pulled my neck in and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth deeply he Frenched me for a long time while his hand was squeezing my balls hard. My face turned red and I tried to back off. He eased up a bit, trying to control his lust in front of his friends.

“Now you're going to show me some respect!” Spike informed me and spun me around so my back was to him. He then hugged me in close. “Tell me you want to get spiked,” he added.

I felt his dick running between my legs, poking my balls. “I want to get spiked.”

“Say you really want to show respect I deserve and make my dick happy.”

“I wanna give you're the respect you deserve and make your dick happy.”

“Now tell me that you are just a fucking road hog and you're in need of my big dick to teach you a lesson about respecting a biker stud like me.”

“I'm a fucking road hog and I need your big dick to teach me a lesson so I will respect a big biker stud like you,” I said, my face red with embarrassment but secretly enjoying it.

“Help me out Rammy.”

Ramrod walked forward as Spike grabbed me around the arms, pinning me, with his muscular chest pressing into my back. Ramrod bent down and grabbed my ankles, lifting them up so that my knees were pressed against my chest. Spike then grabbed around my knees and held me folded up in his arms with his spike just below my hole.

Ramrod grabbed Spike's dick and positioned it at my hole and Spike lowered me down, humping his ass and inching his meat into my sore hole.

He was so strong that he just leant back a bit and started bouncing me on his dick. “Ohhh yeah, fuck you are one hot muscle pussy boy!”

By this time I was shouting and moaning. It was like riding a train up the ass and Spike didn't tire. He kept ramming his meat up my hole and walking around for the other guys to see.

“You like the Spike?” Pounder asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Say you love riding biker dick.” Ramrod added.

“I love riding biker dick.” But it came out between gasps. I was getting the ride of my life and Spike was loving my hot muscle body being penetrated by his manhood. Suddenly the ride was getting bumpier and I was bounding up and down on his dick for all I was worth. Spike leaned back and ground his dick in my ass as he same again and again deep up my ass. And he still held me there.

Finally he put me down and said. “Fuck” Then he pulled me in again and kissed me long and deep, making my dick hard. The others were laughing about the cum dripping out of my jock hole.

Finally Spike stopped and looked me up and down, feeling my chest and smiling, “I think you have a good respect for bikers now.”

“Yes sir!” I said.

“Good boy. You've earned your clothes.”

Pounder went up to his bike, opened a compartment and took out my shorts, shoes and shirt.

“What about my underwear?” I asked.

“Souvenir!” Spike announced bluntly.

I took my clothes, put my shoes on quickly, almost falling over while they teased me. Then yanked up my shorts to cover my finally semi-flaccid dick and put my shirt on, which was now ripped around the collar a bit from before.

I turned to go and Ramrod was right behind me. “Sorry man.” He said, reaching up and taking a handful of my shirt. “But your chest is too hot to be covered up.” And he yanked and pulled. The cloth ripped down the front, and then he pulled the rest off of me. My chest was bare. He grabbed my shorts. “You'd better run before I think twice about letting you cover up that hot ass of yours…”

“I didn't wait I just ran with them laughing behind me. I cleared out fast and drove right by their site, they were still there. I slowed down and grinned at them and sped off. So, that's why I'm late.”

Ian looked amazed. “You have all the luck man. Fuck!”



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