Jimmy and Ted

 “Ted,” I said, calling up to the black chauffeur. “Find a private spot and pull over and come back here.” I could feel Jimmy flinch, but I also could feel him willing himself to control his breath and his fear.

Ted pulled over quickly and the black bull muscled his way into the backseat. I told him to strip, which he did on the spot, and then I told him to join me in fucking Jimmy, suggesting that he pump himself only to half hard to begin.

Jimmy started to tremble more noticeably. He buried his face in my neck and started to whimper, but he didn’t object or question my authority in any way. I asked him then if he wanted out of the car, but he just shook his head and said he was where he wanted to be, that whatever I wanted was good with him.

I scrunched my buttocks farther down toward the front of the seat, my cock still fully buried in Jimmy’s ass, and tipped Jimmy up, as Ted approached him from the rear and forced the head of his cock into Jimmy’s asshole along the top of my already entrenched and slowly rising cock. Jimmy, driven by instinct even though he had assented to this, tried to pull his arms from behind me, but I held him fast and kept my arms wrapped around his back, holding his bare chest to mine.

Ted pushed in four inches, which gave me a thrill. This was real tightness. My cock quickly accelerated its engorgement, which clicked Ted’s button as well. Jimmy involuntarily arched his head and torso back, succeeding in sucking his arms from behind my back. He reached back, trying to get at Ted, but Ted took his wrists in his powerful hands and pulled them out of the way. I grabbed Jimmy by his waist and lowered my lips and teeth to his nipples.

I pushed down on Jimmy’s hips pushing him farther down on my now fully hard cock. Ted went with me at that with his own dick, and Jimmy was to find that, although Ted’s cock was thinner than mine, it was even longer. Nearly ten inches long, a true black bull. Jimmy gasped as Ted and I inched our cocks up inside him. He was flailing around involuntarily, but he wasn’t giving any indication of intentional opposition to what was happening to him.

“Shh, shh,” I said in a ragged voice. “Just quiet down and drain yourself of tension. It will be easier that way. You can take us both. We’re almost in now, and you’re doing fine. You’ll love this when we are in position.” This had hit my sexual button. You couldn’t get any tighter in an ass than having another throbbing cock in there with you.

Ted had found the leather straps Jimmy had used for a belt and had tied his wrists up to a strap in the center of the ceiling of the car and now had his own hands free. While I was working Jimmy’s nipples and pecs with my tongue and teeth and rocking his hips back and forth on our double-fucking rods with my hands, Ted was playing with Jimmy’s balls with one hand and stroking his cock off with the other. Jimmy had his head lolled back on Ted’s powerful shoulder and was nodding it back and forth. His eyes were closed tight and tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was licking his lips, trying to control himself, trying to quiet down. I felt Ted’s cock head running up along the top of my cock until it met my own. And then it wandered on past for a couple of more inches. Jimmy gulped and groaned as Ted reached the end, probably farther up Jimmy’s ass canal than anyone had ever gone before. I noticed that Jimmy’s face was turning red.

“Breathe, Jimmy. Breathe,” I commanded. “If you breathe normally, it will be just fine.”

Jimmy slowly expelled pent-up air in a long, drawn-out breath. He looked down at the sensuous fingers of the chocolate hand that were stroking his cock and sliding around the precum of his cock head. Jimmy seemed mesmerized by that.

“Do you like that, Jimmy? Do you like what Ted is doing to your cock?”

“Yes,” Jimmy squeaked.

“Then concentrate on what you like. You are being stroked off by one of the best in the business. Ted has a nice, black cock eleven inches up into you too. Have you ever before had a cock that long?”

“No,” Jimmy whispered. “I haven’t had a cock over eight inches inside me until you, either.”

“And did you like that, Jimmy?”

“Eventually. Yes, I like that when you do it now.”

“And you’ve never been double fucked before, have you?”

“Yes, but not this big,” he whimpered.

“But you can come to enjoy that too, don’t you think, Jimmy?”

“Maybe.” And then quickly, because he was afraid this was the wrong answer. “Yes. Whatever you want. I’ll love whatever you do to me. Yes, I love to be double fucked by big cocks.”

“Oh, you haven’t been double fucked yet, Jimmy. You’ve just been double penetrated to this point.”

Jimmy moaned and he rolled his head back on Ted’s shoulder.

“You do want to be double fucked, don’t you Jimmy? You do want to learn everything that makes me happy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy said. “Whatever makes you happy.”

“Yes, I love tightness and control--and submission, Jimmy. You can’t get more tightness than a double fuck. Do you want Ted and me to play you now?”


“Give me a kiss, Ted,” I said. “Before we start. Then you know what I like.” We leaned in to each other past Jimmy’s head and kissed deeply.

“You want to join us, Jimmy?” I asked after Ted and I had disengaged.

“Yes, whatever you want,” Jimmy answered.

“And Ted can finish you off while we kiss,” I suggested. We went into three-way kissing and tonguing until Jimmy lurched, signaling that Ted had taken him beyond a climax.

“I don’t need you to tighten yourself for me for this, Jimmy,” I then said. “This is when you can get those legs stretched out and open your hole as much as you can. I suggest you find a foothold somewhere above your waist in this car with each foot and hold on for dear life.”

Jimmy lifted his legs and stretched them out to the upper rims of the window wells on each side of the car, as Ted and I rose with him, our cocks still entrenched to the hilt. I got up on my knees on the seat of the car, and Ted just crouched on bent knees under Jimmy’s buttocks. I held Jimmy by his waist and Ted supported him under this thighs. And then Ted and I played Jimmy’s ass like pistons on a steam engine. Slowly I pulled out until my dick head was dragging on Jimmy’s prostate and then I pushed back in while Ted pulled out all of the way. Then he drove back in and up ten inches into Jimmy, as I pulled back to Jimmy’s prostate. We started slowly. After several strokes, accompanied by the groaning and moaning of a quaking Jimmy, and on cue, both Ted and I pulled half way out. I wrapped a fist around both of our cocks and rotated them around in Jimmy’s ass. He panted and moaned for us, but he dipped his lips to mine and gave me a passionate kiss. I forgave Jimmy his initiative, seeing now that he was slowly being won over.

“Sort of like this, do you, Jimmy?” I whispered to him.

“Yes, yes, it’s getting easier. More tolerable.”

“And the thought of being double fucked by two studs, one white and one chocolate, is turning you on, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, it is. I’ve never imagined doing this before. Ahhh, that’s good!” Ted and I had both reeled in to the end.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh,” he was moaning as we began to pump him quicker now, first with long, counterplunge strokes, as before, and then, as we got more frenzied ourselves, deep inside him, never pulling out from more than a seven-inch depth.

“Ahh, yes. That’s good. Pump me. Fuck me. Ah, that long prick; it just keeps on digging and digging.”

“You like that, Jimmy? You like Ted’s prick deep inside you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“And If I like, do you want Ted to do you again, all by himself, when we get to the house?”

“Yes. Yes. I mean if that’s what you want.”

Both Ted and I were breathing hard now, close to our climaxes. “Tell me when you are ready to blow, Ted” I yelled.

“Any time now,” Ted yelled back. “Just let me know.”

“Are you ready, Jimmy?” I whispered in his ear. “Are you ready for the most amazing feeling of your life.”

“Yes, yes,” Jimmy murmured through clenched teeth.

“Now!” I yelled, and Ted and I flooded Jimmy’s insides with great spurts of semen, filling him until white fluid seeped out of his rectum and puddled on the floor.

He threw his head back and yelled, “Man, on man! I think you hit up into my stomach. Oh, God, I’ve never felt so filled before.”

Jimmy had done well, and he seemed to love to fuck in general, so I decided there and then to give him a reward he’d never forget. I pulled my trousers back on and buttoned up my shirt.

“Here, I’ll drive on home, Ted. Perhaps you can show Jimmy what your real talent is while we are driving--your incredible ability to reload and fire. Jimmy, you are free from making me happy for a while. Do whatever you want with Ted. Fight him off if you can or top him if you can. And scream your head off, if you like. Have fun.”

I had barely gotten the car started, into gear, and back out onto the road when I heard Jimmy screaming in ecstasy in the backseat.

“Oh, God, yes. Deeper, deeper!” I looked back in the rear-view mirror and saw that Ted had gotten Jimmy spun around on his dick and Jimmy was laying back on the seat, facing forward, his legs reaching for the ceiling and Ted scrunched down on the balls of his feet between Jimmy’s legs and humping him with deep forward thrusts. Jimmy was meeting him thrust for thrust with his hips, thrilled to be free to take initiatives now. Within minutes, I heard them exclaim in unison.

“God, I don’t believe you could trigger again that fast,” Jimmy was saying. “Now . . . Hey, wait, what are you doing?”

Ted had pulled Jimmy down to the floor on his knees, his chest buried in the seat, and Ted was behind him, his legs between Jimmy’s, and he was pumping the young man again in long and forceful strokes. Ted had Jimmy’s wrists in his hands and was holding them up and out. His face was buried in the side of Jimmy’s neck, where he was sucking with all his might.

“Enough, enough,” Jimmy was yelling. “No more. Oh, oh, oh, yes. Do that again. God, that’s driving me crazy. How can you stay so long and so hard?” And then within minutes, “God, how can you go off again so fast? I have to rest. Let me rest.”

Ted’s idea of letting Jimmy rest was to lay him down along the seat and get below him, his strong arms woven around either thigh and meeting in a fist hold on Jimmy’s stomach and inhaling Jimmy’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy was arching his back and digging in his heels and rhythmically pumping Ted’s mouth.

“Ahhhh,” Jimmy was moaning. “Such a soft mouth. Oh, do that again. That tongue. You’re driving me wild. I’m going to come. Oh, God, I warn you, I’m going to commmme!”

I moment of silence, and then Jimmy exclaiming again. “Not so soon. You can’t possibly . . . ahhhh. I don’t know if I can . . . Oh, yes, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me again. Harder, deeper.”

The rear-view mirror showed that after sucking Jimmy off, Ted had snaked himself up Jimmy’s prone body, slapping his broad chocolate chest on Jimmy’s chest and his belly on Jimmy’s belly, pinning the young man on his back on the seat. Ted had thrust his arms under Jimmy’s arm pits and had his arms pinned so that they couldn’t do more than stroke Ted’s back. His still-hard dick was buried in Jimmy’s ass and he was stroking him again in fast, strong thrusts. Jimmy was rubbing the backs of Ted’s monster calves with the heels of his feet.

“Ah, that’s good. This is all I can take, though. I know you can’t possibly shoot again so . . . Oh, God, oh my God. No one can reload in ten minutes, time after time. Oh, oh. I think cum is coming up in my throat. You’re a Super . . . no, no, not again. Ahhhh.”

A brief silence. And then another “Ahhh,” and “ohh,” a weak moaning and heavy sighing. I looked in the rear-view mirror again. Jimmy was stretched on the seat on his belly this time. Ted was crouched above him, kneeling with his knees encasing Jimmy’s thighs in one of my favorite approaches. He had his elbows locked and his palms opened across Jimmy’s shoulder blades on either side, and his long, long cock was poised above Jimmy’s asshole. From Jimmy’s moaning, I had to assume that Ted was doing his specialty, the long, long stroke and total withdrawal. And sure enough, as I peeked back at him when I was able, his cock took a long, long slow slide into Jimmy’s ass, up to where golden-red ass fuzz merged with kinky black hairs. Then, rotating his hips, Ted would do a rotate of his cock within Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy would moan when Ted was buried eleven inches and sigh when Ted’s cock rotated.

“It feels so big now, as well as long,” Jimmy murmured. “It’s so tight. But it feels so fine. You could do this all night. It doesn’t matter that you don’t shoot again. You could . . . Oh, my God, not again. Oh, oh, oh.”

Ted liked his specialty. He did this twice more, continuing to reload and shoot at an amazing pace. The last time, Ted went down in the stretched-along-the-body close hold that he had learned from me, and Jimmy, exhausted, and filled to the brim with semen, lowered his arms and stroked his insistent lover’s thighs lightly with his fingers. He was sighing quietly, fully satisfied, waiting for Ted’s cock to wilt at last, inside him.

Ten minutes and I heard Jimmy yelp with surprise. Ted had rolled onto his side, against the back of the bench seat, and had rolled Jimmy with him, Jimmy’s back to Ted’s belly. Ted was side splitting Jimmy now, with renewed strength and vigor. One of Ted’s hands was holding Jimmy’s leg in the air, giving Ted a good opening to Jimmy’s asshole, and Ted’s other hand was snaked around Jimmy’s waist and was stroking Jimmy’s cock off again. Ted’s lips and teeth were buried in Jimmy’s neck.

Ted was doing his signature stroking into Jimmy’s ass. Long and strong strokes, burying deep before withdrawing and pounding in again. Jimmy was clearly worn out, but he came to life as his cock engorged under Ted’s ministrations and he was bouncing up and down with enthusiasm as Ted arranged for them to cum simultaneously.

For several minutes I heard low voices, obviously voicing endearments and mutual admiration from the backseat and the slurping of deep kisses. As I pulled through the gates to my estate, however, I looked back and saw that they were in one last position. Ted was sitting in the center of the backseat, with his legs raised so that his heels were resting on the console between the two front seats. Jimmy was draped across his legs, his head resting on the top of Ted’s feet, and his ass buried against Ted’s belly. Ted obviously was still--or once again--buried ten inches into Jimmy. Jimmy’s arms just dangled beside his body and trailed on the floor of the car. His legs ran up the back of the seat on either side of Ted’s chest. Jimmy’s head was lolling. It was turned toward me, and I saw the semen floating in his eyes now and his mouth was showing a sloppy, slack, lopsided grin of complete surrender and fulfillment. His head was also bobbing up and down, because, in the back seat, Ted had Jimmy’s hips in his hand, and he was sliding Jimmy back and forth on his still very hard dick. The sliding made a slick slurping sound, as Jimmy’s ass canal was swimming in semen.

We reached the garage and I turned off the engine. I turned to Jimmy and took his chin in my hand. “Does Ted make a good top?” I asked sweetly.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Jimmy murmured. “Does he ever stop, though?”

“Yes he does, Jimmy. When Mr. G wants him too.”

“Mr. G?” Jimmy asked weakly.

“Yep, there’s a Mr. G, Jimmy. There’s always a Mr. G somewhere ahead. Even the dominators are dominated. This is Mr. G’s limousine. You and I work for Mr. G’s business. Mr. G tells Ted what to do. Mr. G even tells me what to do. Do you think you can understand that, Jimmy? You think you can understand how this spirals, how what goes around comes around?”

“Yes,” Jimmy answered weakly. And then, “Oh, oh. Again. Again.” And I looked back, and with a very satisfied look, Ted was filling Jimmy’s tank again with his love juice. This had been quite a night for Ted – and, of course, for Jimmy. I had enjoyed it as well.

Jimmy was unable to walk from the car. A still vigorous Ted had to carry him into the house--Mr. G’s house.

* * * *

And Then There Was Me

The light of the dawn was creeping in across the manicured lawn and through the gap in the silk drapes at the window of Mr. G’s playroom, fingers of light dancing around the room, picking up and reflecting a rainbow of colors from the crystal chandelier overhead. I lifted my head and looked over to the bed, where Jimmy was spread-eagled, wrists and ankles tied off at the four corners of the bed frame and staring at me with eyes rapidly moving through a variety of expressions: fear, lust, arousal, shock, weariness.

Ted moved over and sat down on the bed beside Jimmy, and Jimmy started screaming again and staring at me in wild-eyed panic as Ted began to work his fist, one finger and knuckle at a time, into Jimmy’s hole.

I was having issues of my own. I was totally exhausted. It had been a long night.

I thought that surely it was over now--and that thought brought on a flood of relief--and regret.

But then Mr. G grabbed my hips again and raised my buttocks to him and began working that hard, extension-augmented cock of his into my slack, totally used hole again. My arms ached from supporting the weight of my body on wrists bound to the top bar of the frame. Tall as I was, my legs, bound by straps around the thighs and under my knees, didn’t reach the deep-pile carpeted floor. Once his cock had gotten purchase in my channel, Mr. G released his grip on my hips and he was draping the leather sling around to rest on my lower belly again and fisting the ends and then was using the sling to move my impaled ass canal back and forth on his enhanced cock.

Mr. G barked a command, and Ted stopped worrying Jimmy’s ass and stood up and walked over to in front of me. He gave me a deep kiss on the lips and then reached down and untied the bindings around my legs.

They felt numb and it was like they were been stabbed with sharp knives all over as Ted lifted and spread-eagled them, rolling my pelvis up. He walked between my thighs and positioned his bulbous cock head at my channel above Mr. G’s enhanced and already sheathed cock and began his dance of double penetration.

I raised my face to the ceiling, my eyes rapidly moving in a haze across the shimmering chandelier, my mouth open in a glorious, exhilarating scream of being ultimately taken, strapped and squeezed tight, and totally fucked--just like I liked to do to others. Ted had barely started pumping me in long strokes when I started shooting off my cum up onto the rough leather strapping criss-crossing his beefy chocolate chest.

They fucked me for what seemed to be hours after that, and when they were finished, my wrists were unstrapped and I just collapsed in a heap at the base of the frame.

I was drifting off as I heard Mr. G’s voice cut through the fog of my weary brain. “I do believe it’s Jimmy’s turn on the frame now, Ted.”




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