These are the tales of the many hook ups I had with my still straight best friend.

Jason is my childhood friend. He is my second neighbour and I've known him for as long as I can remember. We would always play together in one of our backyards or in the small woods nearby. We were inseparable until high school. Nothing really happened, we simply parted ways. Not completely, because we would still hang out from time to time but we could barely say we were friends anymore. Until our last year started, we were together in our classes and none of our respective friends were in the same class. We started speaking and hanging out together more often and I think we both realised how much we missed our friendship.

Our friendship was not exactly the same, there was something different, probably because I came out of the closet a few years before that but it never seemed to bother Jason and we never really talked about it; mostly because there is nothing to talk about, my love life is non-existent. Jason dumped his girlfriend and was now single. I hated his girlfriend, who was a whore, so we were now celebrating with beers in my basement. We were discussing is love life when we started the conversation that would trigger everything:

-But you your still a virgin right? (asked Jason)

-Sight Yes.

-You're waiting for the good person?

-No. That's not it. (I said laughing) I'm not romantic like that! It's just that I don't really know any gay and I haven't really been looking either.... I'm more than ready for sex but it would mean that I would have to start looking for others and right now it sounds more bothersome than what I would get from it.

-Oh it's not! I can tell you that much. (We both laughed) But aren't you getting old for a virgin? I mean there's no problem but aren't you afraid that whoever is your first will be much more experienced than you.

-Well I try not to think about it but thank you for reminding me! (We laughed again. I don't know why but laughing with people always made me feel much more closer to them.) I guess that to do things right I should practice at the preliminaries before, at least. (I said on a mischievous tone than wasn't unknown to Jason.)

I was drunk and feeling playful so I kept starring at Jason like I was waiting for an answer. He bit his lip and seemed to consider it for a while but we both laughed again and changed subject.

The next week passed and we were both busy on our side so we barely spoke outside of school. On Friday Jason asked me if I wanted to go play video games and drink at his house after school. I had been studying all week and a relax night at my buddy's house appeared like paradise.

We ordered a pizza and ate it while watching TV in his living room and then we went his room to play video games. Hours later, we crashed on his bed, both drunk and tired.

-You know... (Jason hesitated for a second) I tough about... what you... suggested last time and I think it could be a good idea!

-What do you mean? (I said even though I knew exactly what he meant. I only said that last time because of the alcohol and now I wasn't sure anymore)

-I mean we would both be winning so we should try.

Jason leaned closer and we started kissing. His kiss were uneasy and his hand hesitant on my body. Having no idea what I was doing I still took the lead and removed his t-shirt and mine. Not wanting to go back to the awkward kissing and started kissing his neck and slowly went down. I always thought that Jason was one of the most handsome guys of our school with his brown/blond hair and his blue eyes but now that I was kissing it, I realised that he had a smoking hot body too. I unzipped his jeans and kissed his bulge through his underwear. That kiss made him moan and it gave me the confidence I needed to go on. I lowered his pants and unveiled his penis. His dick was a gorgeous fat 9 inch cock with his large balls hanging under. I thought to myself ''Well, that's gonna be the perfect training opportunity.'' and I went down slowly on his cock. It tasted better than I expected and realised that it was much more exciting that I thought. I could feel my dick getting harder in my pants as I suck him slowly and carefully. I sucked and licked his dick for a while and he seemed to appreciate more and more because his moaning became louder and he stated to be more agitated. I licked his balls but it didn't felt natural so I went back to his dick. I tried to suck more of his delicious cock but I gagged. Hopefully, he never realized, he was too busy not knowing what to do of his hands. I realised that I would never be able to pull out my dick and jerk in front of my straight friend and it made me mad. The only thing a wanted now was to get it over with. I sucked him more fiercly and jacked him quickly too. His breathing became irregular and I stopped sucking him. As I was jacking him I reaffirmed how sexy he was. His body was well built and tanned and I got hard again looking at his sweaty body and his jeans halfway removed. A minute later he came in my hand very loudly. He looked confused and he said ''thanks''. His ''thanks'' annoyed me but I had no I idea of what to say so I thanked him too, wiped my hand on his t-shirt and went home.

I took a long shower and brushed me teeth twice. I was exhausted when I jumped under my sheets. I stopped thinking and my hand went into my white boxers. I imagined Jason sleeping. I imagined his smooth body under his sheets. I imagined myself blowing him again and I came on my stomach. That night and the following ones, I would dream of Jason, of his body, of his smell, of his dick.

After that night, I think we didn't want things to be awkward between us so we made our best not to make them. We saw each other as often as usual but never with alcohol or too late at night. One night, my parents and my sister were out so I invited Jason and some of his friends to play poker which is their favourite activity. It wasn't the first time that I met them put it was the first time I would be the one receiving them. They weren't all comfortable with me being gay but I never held it against them since most of them seemed to be making genuine efforts. At the end of the night and after almost winning the game I felt that they finally accepted me and it made Jason as happy as me. He stayed later to help me clean and we talked and joked about the evening and other stuff...

- When you took down Travis with your full house all of the others were in awe in front of your bluff! (said Jason)

- Well I'm a very good actor but I have to admit that the fact that they don't know me must have helped.

- Maybe but you had me fooled too, I was impressed..... I've been impressed by you a lot lately.

- What are you talki... (When I saw the smirk on his face I knew exactly what he was talking about)

We laughed and I continued cleaning as he got closer. He took me by the waist and pushed my against the wall while starting a hot and steamy make out session. After last time, I didn't want it to happen again, not because it wasn't fun, because I was scared of what might happen if we started to do it often. However, the second he laid he confident lips on mine, I stopped caring about anything else than tearing his clothes apart. His kisses were not the only thing that had taken confidence. His hands were running all over me and I was already in boxers when he finally dropped his pants. I fell to my knee I swallowed his dick as much as I could. I sucked him thoroughly while discovering his juicy ass with my hands. I grabbed and rubbed them to heart's content until he took hold against the wall and started face fucking me. We went on like that for a while before we went to the sofa. I made him sit and I dived head first on his body. I licked and kissed his tights while jacking him and he groaned and moaned as much as I was enjoying him. He pulled my hair to make me kiss him. I rubbed his chest and he kissed me in the neck. Then he made me sit and he got over me rubbing his dick against my chest. My hand went once again in my boxers and I pulled my dick out to jack it like it deserved. Jason noticed but did not seem to care. He got up on the sofa started face fucking again. His dick was sliding in and out of my throat, my hand was worshipping his ass and I was close to cumming. Jason slowed down and I came with the best feeling of pleasure I ever had. Soon he pulled out of my mouth and immediately came on my neck and the black leather of the sofa. Then he sat on my tights with his dick laying on mine.

- Not that last time was bad, but this time was....

- A lot more fun, I agree!(I said)

- Yeah definitely. So I'll go take a shower and then can I sleep here?

- Sure

- Oh don't run off this time. It makes things awkward after.

- Well I can hardly do that since were in MY house.

We laughed and talked the rest of the night and I became very glad to be able to hook up with my straight best friend. Soon enough we both became eager for more...


Adam Monroe

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