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This weekend I was invited by Jason and his family to go to their country house. Jason and I had no school on Friday so we left earlier than his family. The day started off pretty cold, but as we reached the country house the temperature was now really high. Clearly overdressed from the morning, Jason removed his shirt as soon as he got out of the car. It was indeed very hot so I followed his move and took the time to drool a little about my friend's godly body. His skin was already tanned, from the many sunny days that we had this spring, and he looked more in shape than ever. His abs were more defined than the last time I saw them and I was surprised to see his chest lightly covered with short hair, which made me think that he usually shaves. I'm usually not really into body hair but the scene was just too much, with his gorgeous torso ending at the beginning of his dark boxer, revealed by his low hanging jeans, I was turned on. Jason finally found the hidden key of the cottage and we started to bring the stuff in. We only had a luggage each but since we were the first, we had to carry the food and other family stuff.

We both ended up covered in sweat, sitting on the edge of the car. Jason moved his hand from his lap to his crotch and started playing with himself through his jeans. I landed my hand on his lap and we started kissing. Jason made me lay on the car and rolled over to kiss me. My back was burning on the hot metal but Jason's make out was more than worth it. He unbuttoned his jeans and we got off the car. I fell to my knee and removed his pants and boxer. I took his dick in my hand and licked the head of it and by Jason's reaction; he had been waiting for it. I sucked his ball and rubbed his barely hairy chest with one of my hands while I played with his hole with the other. I began to deepthroat him and I pushed him against the car. He moved back at first, startled by the burning metal, but he then seemed to enjoy it. I was sucking him passionately when he welcomed me to take out my own dick and jerk off, if I wanted to, which I did. The smell of my friend's excitement, the warm sun, his tanned body, everything was so hot that I came after a couple of minutes while Jason was gently playing with my hair. I stopped sucking him and he finished himself off with a nice white load all over his hard stomach.

The cottage was rather small and with all of his family, Jason and I had to share a tiny room with a single bed. The double bed seamed gigantic when we were kids but now it was pretty small for the two tall guys we were. Anyway, believe it or not we simply slept the first day.

The next day, we went to the river. It is probably way too small to be called a river but that's how Jason's family always called it. Jason knew the water wasn't deep at this section of the 'river' so he asked me if I wanted to race to the deeper part with him. I agreed and we left everything but our trunks at the river's bank with his parents. The race to the deep part was always my favourite activity at Jason's country house. The river was very rocky and the game was to go down the river jumping from rock to rock without getting wet. Once at deep water part, we jumped in the river and swam for a while. We had no towel so when we were finally done, we rushed back to where his parents were. On the way back, Jason stopped me and we kissed tenderly for some time. I always only felt friendship for Jason, but at that moment, wrapped in his arms I had feelings for him.

Confused by what happened, I spend most of the day questioning and wondering. Around midnight, we went to bed. I stripped everything but my underwear and I slipped under the only sheet we had. Jason, however, removed everything and I admired his beautiful naked body as he pulled the thin white sheet over him. The room had no lights, only a big window facing the moon. Without curtains, the soft light was illuminating most of the room and I could easily see Jason starting to touch himself under the sheet. He was probably waiting for me to help him but I was still confused, so I moved on my side with my back facing him. Jason started to touch my legs, then my hips and would then grab my ass. His touch was slow and gentle and I couldn't find the strength to stop him. I got my biggest surprise when he removed my underwear. Frozen, I only waited to see what he would do next. He got closer and spooned with me. His arm was around me and rubbing my chest while I could feel his soft kisses in my neck. The feeling of his muscled body against mine was overwhelming but nothing was more exciting than his hardon pressing against my butt. Jason then grabbed my dick for the first time and slowly stroked it. No feelings of confusion were still there. In fact, no feelings other than pleasure and excitement were there. Jason whispered: ' I think you obviously don't need to practice sucking anymore. Want to lose your virginity?'. The only answer I could make was an affirmative moan. His dick was now rubbing my hole. He finally penetrated and we both moaned. He slowly fucked me until I got used to it and then he freed my cock and turned me on my back. He dropped his lips on mine and we kissed passionately while we felt each other. I was rubbing my tights and the side of his body while I was caressing his manly pecs with my hands. His kisses became more loving and the contrasting feel of his 2 days beard and his warm tongue, was making me wish for this to happen every day. He penetrated my again and this time his fucking was wilder. We were both refraining ourselves from moaning and screaming like we wanted too and it just made us even more excited. I was now enjoying the fucking like I should when I felt Jason's hot load inside me. Jason was breathing heavily and he slowed down considerably. For once he remembered me and grabbed my dick and stroked me while licking my nipples. In no time, I came in his hand and he pulled out of me. We cleaned ourselves with whatever we had and went back to bed.

The next day we all packed our stuff and headed back home. Jason and I never really spoke about it. I would give him a blowjob a couple of days later and that would be that last time we had sexual relationships together for a while. Of course, it wouldn't be that last time ever....


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