The trail was so narrow they had to hike along its rough rocky surface in single file. Brian had to reach out at times and brace himself as his sense of balance was thrown off by his slight fear of heights. Wade led most of the time having hiked the trail a couple of years earlier and remembering the best places to set up camp. They were on their third day of their hike deep in the Appalachian Mountains in a remote section, so remote only the best maps showed the trail.

The temperatures had been mild for December, Brian and Wade having decided to use part of their Christmas break to make the hike before they each head home. There was front coming through later in the day, one that was suppose to stay north of them with the worst of its stormy weather, and they were only to get a light dusting of snow. They were actually hoping for some snow, just enough to cover the ground, so they could get some photographs of the mountains blanketed in it.

The trail wound down the sides of mountains, crossed creeks in swallow locations they could wade across and then it would wind its way back up on the next mountain, weaving back and forth at the steepest slopes until they would finally cross over the ridge and begin their descent on the other side. At times the trail cut through rocky outcroppings or had steep stepped climbs upward of twenty or thirty feet making the backpacks they carried actually feel heavier.

It was tough for Brian who had never done any hiking like this before since he was from Oklahoma City and he had relied on Wade on gearing up for the trip. The two of them were roommates in college, both freshman, and with all their bravado the truth was both were struggling with college. It wasn't the course work, but everything else. The sharing a room with someone else, the living in the dorm with the constant antics of the guys on the floor, and the peer pressure to chase after the girls on campus, and to talk about conquests real or imagined. It was troubling, made each one feel more like outsiders. And they hid those feelings from each other with everything so bottled up they didn't notice how they were not the only one struggling.

As the sun began to drop down to the ridgeline in the west Wade began to look for a good spot to set up camp knowing this was the night they would need to ride out the passing front. There was a narrow flat ledge along one rock outcropping where the rock face angled out over it providing some protection. As the cold wind picked up they managed to get the tent set up and staked and they crawled inside to ride out the storm. They ate, pulled off their shoes and slid down into the sleeping bags listening to the wind as it made the tent sides move in and out and the fly above flutter.

What they didn't know being in such a remote place their cell phones didn't have a signal was the front had shifted south, the worst of it was bearing down on them and soon snow began to fall, large wet flakes that clung to the tent and began to weigh on it. The wind died down some as the snow fell faster and faster.

"Wade...Wade, wake up, I think it is snowing" Brian exclaimed.

"What...snow...yeah, it's suppose to snow some...go back to sleep" Wade replied sleepily.

"No...not like this" Brian said as he nudged Wade in his sleeping bag.

"Okay, I'll look outside" Wade replied as he slipped out of his sleeping bag and zipped open the tent enough to stick his head out. "Oh shit. It's really coming down."

"Shouldn't we pack up and head out?" Brian asked the nervousness evident in his voice.

"No, it's dark already and we won't be able to see well. We're safer in the tent where it is dry. We can hike out in the morning when it is daylight."

Wade slipped down inside his sleeping bag and the two of them lay silent listening for any change in the weather. Wade was almost back to sleep when the wind began to blow hard again and the tent shook with the swirling wind as it blew around the rock outcropping. The wind through the trees sounded like an animal howling it was so loud and one side of the tent began to flex inward with the weight of the snow piling up against it.

"Shit, we're going to get buried if the wind doesn't stop" Wade uttered sounding more aggravated than afraid.

There was the snap of wood breaking, then the sound of it crashing through the canopy and they knew it was close by. Instinctively they curled up in the fetus position as the sound of the falling limb got closer and closer. There was the sound of impact overhead followed immediately by the tent getting hit. The limb crashed over them and slipped on down the side of the mountain pulling against the tent, tearing at the fly, bending the poles till it snagged the tent and pulled it loose from the stakes. It dragged the tent over the side pulling Wade and Brian within down the side of the mountain.

They tumbled around inside the tent rolling over each other trying to find a way to stop. The limb finally came to a rest and they rolled in among its branches. The tent was a torn ball of fabric with bent poles sticking out. Wade and Brian lay still a moment unsure of their position on the side of the mountain and if they could fall further with a wrong move.

"You okay" Wade asked.

"Yeah, I think so. And you?" Brian replied.

"Yeah. Let's see if we can get out of his mess" Wade replied as he worked his way out of his sleeping bag and found his backpack. He pulled a knife out and began cutting the tent away till they were able to sit up free of it. Wade shined his flashlight up the mountain and saw the ledge they had been camping on fifty to sixty feet above them.

"It's too steep to climb up in this weather. We should work our way down to the creek and follow it out" Wade said as he climbed out. He stood on the steep slope unsteadily holding on to a small tree to keep his balance. "Get your backpack and stuff your sleeping bag into it and anything else you had out and let's get out of here."

It took over an hour for them to reach the small creek at the base of the mountain for the night was pitch black and they had to rely on their headlamps and Wade's flashlight to see and there was no path of any kind, just rough steeply sloped terrain. Wade led as they stumbled and tripped along the bank of the creek. The snow covering the ground made it impossible to see what they were stepping on and it wasn't deep enough to support them over the ground plane. Their pace was slow and after a few of hours they were so tired they could barely walk, both were hungry and thirsty and all they could see in front of them was darkness.

"We should find some place we can take shelter and rest" Wade said as he shined the flashlight through the trees in front of him with the only movement the falling snow.

"Shelter? Where are we going to find shelter?" Brian asked. He was on the verge of panicking.

They moved along the bank of the creek until they came to a place where a smaller creek merged into it. Wade shined his light up the smaller creek realizing it was a probably a cove.

"I smell a wood fire" Brian said as he moved up next to Wade.

"Yeah, I do too" Wade replied. He looked at the trees to see which way the wind blew and saw it was coming down from the cove. "It's coming from up there."

"Well it can't be too far can it? The smell of smoke is too strong" Brian asked with a sense of hope in his voice.

"If it is a cove it shouldn't be too far and the smell of smoke is strong; let's go up a ways and see if we can find the source."

They walked with renewed enthusiasm as they followed the narrow creek upstream. The cove was easier to hike as the trees were more spread out, older, larger trees that protected the ground better and they soon found a narrow path to follow. The wind picked up again and the snow as heavy as before cutting their ability to see in front them in half.

"What is that?" Brian asked pointing over Wade's shoulder. In the distance it appeared to be a light, a small dim light.

"I think it is a cabin; come on!" Wade exclaimed as he took off toward the light.

Brian struggled to keep up as the two of them worked their way up the cove. They moved closer and closer until they realized it was icicles hanging from a rock outcropping reflecting their light. The disappointment was devastating, the fear of being caught outside loomed over them large and they stood for a long time in stunned silence.

"Do we go back down or keep going up?" Brian asked breaking the silence.

"I...don't know" Wade replied as he looked back at Brian.

"Let's keep going up. If nothing else maybe we'll find a cave or something and we can set up a camp" Brian replied after a moment of thought.

Wade just nodded and watched as Brian moved past him making his way on up the cove. Their pace was so slow they made little progress with both of them exhausted. They moved around a rock to a narrow ledge and began to work their way across. Brian suddenly slipped, both feet flying off the ledge and Wade reached out and grabbed him by the backpack but the slippery surface didn't allow him any footing and both went over the edge. They tumbled down hitting trees and rocks on the way till the two of them came to rest on a flat spot framed by two trees. They lay unconscious with their bodies intertwined together.

Wade opened his eyes slowly, his perception of his surroundings confused. He was warm, lying comfortably within a softness that wasn't his clothes. He blinked his eyes open straining to adjust to the light even though it was dim, only a few candles burning on a nearby table. He sat up suddenly aware he was no longer outside in the freezing snow. The soft blanket that was over him fell away revealing his bare upper torso. He looked at the source of warmth, a large fire in an old stone fireplace then twisted around looking at the rest of the room. Sitting nearby at a small table was a large man dressed in jeans and a wool shirt. He was reading by candlelight and when he sensed Wade was up he looked over.

"You're awake? Good, I was worried you might have internal injuries and...well...let's not consider it" the man said to Wade. Wade looked at him then down at his nakedness within the blanket.

"Where are we?" Wade asked.

"Still in the cove but you're now safe inside my little home. I heard one of you yell, evidently when you fell. Took a few minutes but I found you."

"So..." Wade began looking at the fireplace "this was the source of the smoke we kept smelling."

"I'm John by the way."

"Wade and that is Brian" pointing at Brian lying next to him. "Is he okay?" Wade asked suddenly worried.

Brian began to stir and Wade and John watched as he stretched with his arms and his upper body slipping from underneath the blanket. He looked around obviously confused then he looked over at Wade and saw how he too was without his clothes lying in blankets in front of the fireplace.

"This is John. He rescued us" Wade said to Brian who turned to John.

"Thanks. I just knew we were going to die out there."

"Your clothes will be dry by morning and I think it is time to turn in" John said as he got up from the table and went over to the sink taking off his shirt and washing his face.

Brian and Wade watched John at the sink, staring at his lean muscular body, one use to hiking in the mountains and doing the labors it took to live in this rough terrain. Neither realized how the other was staring, watching John's every move and when John turned and walked over to his bed undoing his pants they were holding their breath, waiting to see if he was going to strip in front of them.

John wasn't use to guest and he followed his normal routine. He slept naked and thought nothing of opening his pants, sitting on the bed and removing each boot and sock, standing back up and slipping his pants down and pulling each leg free. He then slipped the boxers he wore down his legs revealing his body completely to the staring eyes of Brian and Wade. He laid the boxers on top of his pants ready to slip in bed when he noticed how they were staring at him, their eyes scanning up and down his body. He tugged on his cock, felt it flex and lengthen at his touch and the thought of being watched.

'Time to stop fucking around' John thought as he moved over between Brain and Wade standing over them manipulating his cock, getting it erect. He saw the nervousness in their eyes, and the confusion, the inability to look away and he knew what lay beneath it.

"Which one of you wants to suck my dick first?" John asked, his voice demanding in tone.

No one moved at first as Brian and Wade stared at John, watched intently how his hand manipulated his cock and made it grow fully erect. John slipped his hand along the hard rigid shaft and then rubbed over the sensitive head. Brain moved first, tentatively rising up on his knees, the blanket falling away from his body revealing the hard curving cock that rose up from his groin, the head flared out wide and Wade cut his eyes from Brian to John, looking at how John put his hands on his hips and waited as Brian slowly moved to him. Brian moved up close to John reaching out taking his cock holding it gently in his fingers feeling the hardness of his warm smooth cock. He looked over at Wade, questioningly, and saw Wade just staring at him. When Wade nodded his head and began to move over to them Brian turned to the cock in his hand and ran his tongue over the head, then he put his lips to it, a kiss against the spongy head, then he pressed forward letting the head slip between his lips and sink into his mouth. Wade moved up next to him watching how he worked his mouth along John's cock, taking it deeply into his mouth.

John watched Brian work his mouth on his cock then he looked at Wade and how he stared as if in a trance. John knew he was being timid so he grabbed Wade by the hair pulling his head back and kissed him roughly on the mouth. Wade resisted at first then he relaxed, let his lips part allowing John's tongue to snake into his mouth. John pulled up and saw how Wade held still, eyes closed, waiting for more.

"Suck Brian's dick...go on, get down there and take your friend in your mouth" John demanded and Wade looked nervous, almost afraid to move, but slowly he went down on his elbows and moved to Brian. Once down at Brian's cock Wade didn't hesitate but went straight to it with his mouth open letting his inner desires overcome his anxieties and fears. He sucked on the head, slipped his mouth down along the curved shaft till it pushed at the back of his throat and he would pull up and do it again.

John savored the way Brian felt on his cock, the slick warm mouth moving back and forth along the shaft and when he looked down he loved the way his shaft would slide through Brian's lips stroking him. He glanced over at Wade bent down on all fours and he let his eyes scan over the long torso, the smooth back and down over the ass the cheeks parted open and he knew if he was only behind Wade he could see the opening to his ass and he felt the urge to fuck rise up quickly.

John pulled from Brian's mouth and eased down on his knees. He kissed Brian roughly then he took Brian by the chin and turned his head toward his friend's body making him look at the way he was spread open.

"I'm going to fuck that ass but first you're going to loosen it up" John whispered to Brian taking his hand and slipping two fingers into his mouth getting them wet.

"Open him up Brian" John whispered as he pulled Brian's hand toward Wade's ass. Brian quickly understood and put his hand at the top of Wade's ass and let his fingers slick with John's spit, slide down the crevice till he felt the puckered opening. He rubbed it, pressed his fingers against it and as he began to work one through the tight opening Wade moaned around his cock and pushed back. Brian's finger sank deeply into Wade and Brian worked it back and forth, twisted it around stretching Wade open.

"Yeah, work that ass open...listen to that bitch moan" John said in a low voice as he stroked his cock keeping it hard and watched Brian finger fuck Wade. Wade kept working his mouth on Brian's cock as his ass got stretched open. One finger, two then three were pushed into his hole stretching it open. Brian was lost in the moment, his eyes half shut, his hips rocking back and forth slightly pumping his cock in Wade's mouth as he worked his fingers in and out of Wade's hole.

John moved behind Wade, pushing his legs apart as he got into position. He rubbed his cock over Wade's ass letting him feel the soft spongy head rake over his firm ass cheeks then slip down along the cleft in between and rub around Brian's hand.

"That's enough" John said as he took Brian by the wrist and pulled his fingers from Wade only to push his cock to the opening and penetrate it quickly, sinking a couple of inches into Wade. Wade moaned loudly around Brian's cock as he rocked forward as far as he could, his face pressed into Brian's abdomen and his throat stuffed with cock. John began to push in further, pumping his hips back and forth, sinking more cock into Wade each time. Brian watched, his hands resting on Wade's shoulders as Wade sucked his cock.

Brian was so close, the feel of Wade on his cock and watching John's thick cock sink into Wade's ass, inch by inch, stretching him open as it sank into his depths it drove him over the edge. He began to grunt and thrust forward with his hips gagging Wade as he felt cum surge through his cock. He came hard, choking Wade with the first spurts of cum. He jammed forward hard with his hips with each ejaculation, pushing it into Wade's throat making him swallow it. When he was spent and Wade's manipulation of his cock was too sensitive to bear he pulled back and rested his ass down on the heel of his feet as he watched John increase his pace. John had Wade by the waist and was driving into him hard, rocking him violently as their bodies slapped together.

Brian's cock stayed hard as he watched.

John saw how Brian was watching them, the way his cock was still curved upward glistening with Wade's spit. He reached down and pulled Wade up in front of his body, an arm wrapped around Wade's neck as he reached with the other and took Wade's cock. Wade was hard, fully erect and the head was drooling out pre-cum till it trickled down the shaft. John stroked it a couple of times slowly as he watched Brian's eyes follow his hand, watched how he manipulated Wade's cock.

"You want this?" John asked Brian as he held Wade's cock out giving it a shake, tempting Brian, enticing him to take it. He expected Brian to move down and take it in his mouth, to suck Wade as Wade had done him but Brian shifted down underneath Wade, spreading his legs holding them behind the knee. He looked pleadingly at John knowing it was he who was controlling everything.

"Brian wants it Wade. Give it to him, put your cock into that ass and fuck him. You know you want to feel your cock in that hole, to feel how tight it is. Go on stretch his ass open with your cock" John whispered in Wade's ear as he released his hold on him.

Wade moved down to Brian with John following him, keeping his cock buried in Wade's ass. Wade moved over Brian and put his cock to him, pressed against his tightness feeling it resist. John shoved forward into Wade, pushed his cock all the way into his hole and kept pushing making Wade penetrate Brian. Brian cried out as he wrapped his arms around Wade's neck and hugged their bodies together.

"Oh fuck...fuck me Wade...fuck me" Brian uttered, his voice dying off as he spoke while he pushed his ass upward opening himself fully to Wade. John drove into Wade hard pushing Wade into Brian all the way. Wade felt John bore into him sinking deeply into his hole as he rocked with John's fuck, his own cock pumping Brian's hole beneath him.

John ran a hand up Wade's back feeling the way the skin felt hot to the touch as sweat beaded up on its surface and he pushed upward till he could grasp Wade by the neck and push him down while he fucked his ass. Wade being pushed down over Brian made their bodies rub against each other as he drove his cock into Brian. Wade felt his need to cum rise and he pumped his hips back and forth, taking John in one direction and sinking into Brian in the other till he couldn't hold back any longer and he thrust forward hard pumping his cum into Brian.

John felt Wade spasm around his cock, felt the way he was moving with his ejaculation and he drove into his hole hard, slamming his hips against Wade's ass till he came filling Wade with his cum.

It was a couple of hours prior to dawn and Brian and Wade lay in bed with John. Their warm bodies snuggled up together with one of them occasionally shifting in their sleep, turning into a different position. Wade woke to Brian snuggling up to him with his ass pressing back against him making his own cock grow erect. Wade moved to Brian's neck kissing him gently as he wrapped an arm over Brian's chest holding him in place as he eased his cock into him, inch by inch with ease until he was buried all the way inside. It didn't take long to stir Brian awake, to arouse him to Wade's fuck. Brian moved over on his stomach with Wade moving over him, gaining the leverage to fuck harder, to drive his hips in a steady rhythm. The bed rocked with their fuck waking John and he leaned up on an elbow and watched, watched Wade's ass rise and fall with each thrust, watched the way Wade held Brian's hands down on the bed pining him down and Brian rising up moaning, grunting with each trust, begging Wade to fuck him, to fuck him hard.

When Wade came, his cock spent, Brian moved to John pushing him over on his back and within moments Brian was riding John's cock, rising up and easing down, over and over. He stroked his own cock as he rode John, his fist moving faster and faster as he moved with urgency, rocking the bed with his fuck. He came hard, cum spattering over John's chest and stomach as his ass milked John to organism, making him fill his hole.

Six Weeks Later.

It was a winter storm, the kind that tormented the south on occasion, a mix of sleet and snow, the snow wet and slick. The campus canceled classes for the day since they were not prepared to clear sidewalks for an occasional snow storm and the students were out horsing around in it. In Siegel Hall, some of the guys were running up and down the corridor horsing around inside, but one door remained closed. Room 324 was near the end of the hall near the exit stair and since the return to classes after the break the door had been closed more often than not and the guys began to talk, to wonder what went on between Brian and Wade.

Inside the room the lights were out with the dim light of the cloudy day illuminating the room through the open blinds. In the lower bunk lay Brian and Wade, the two of them sweaty and exhausted from their exertions, their naked bodies intertwined beneath the covers.



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