The next day, Mick and his dad talked over breakfast. His dad felt a little embarrassed about the night before, and Mick reminded him he'd seen it before. "I know, I just feel like you're a man now, and I shouldn't have such an open door policy with you." "Dad, it's cool. I jerk off all the time." "I know you do, haha." He sat down, and they started eating. "I just can't get enough of Sarah, and we've decided not to do anything until we're married, so I'm just stuck with all these feelings, and left to my own devices." "Just get a pocket pussy." "A what?" "A pocket pussy. It's like a vagina toy, that is soft and smooth, and you can cum in it or just get yourself to the point and pull out." "Interesting. I didn't realize they made those." "Dad, they make a ton of stuff you could play with til the real thing." They decided to check out the adult store off the highway on the north side of town.

He couldn't believe his dad was unaware of all the toys they made for men (or women). His dad was completely aroused while they probed the silicone ass and vagina mold, the half body, with the enlarged breasts, and open pussy. His dad fingered away, and examined all the options. He spent almost a thousand dollars, but the silicone body double was so life like, Kris almost wanted to buy the male version, but wasn't ready for that talk yet.

That night, Mick could hear moans coming from his dad's room. The door was ajar, and he curiously peeked in, seeing his dad fucking the mound of ass sticking up from the sheets. His dad was a fuck machine, slowly going in, with his legs fully spread, and then arching his back, and quickly fucking, with his hips thrusting speedily. He slowed and quickened his motions. Mick didn't perceive his dad to be done anytime soon, so he went to bed without saying goodnight. He texted Kris multiple times, and they sexted a bit as well.

He told Kris he fingered himself while he jerked off, and Kris said soon he wouldn't have to. Kris wanted to try fingering him as well, and even wanted to eat him out. Mick wasn't sure what that was, but Kris had watched a few videos online about it, and said it really loosened up a guy's ass, and made him ready for sex. Mick felt himself get hard, and jerked off, while Kris texted away, talking about all the things he'd do to Mick's ass, and body. He wanted to cum inside of him so bad, and own his ass. Mick had some reservations, because he'd seen how much Kris came, and he wasn't sure how that would work. Would it just shoot ouf of his ass when he got up?

He fell asleep with his phone in hand, and woke up early the next morning. He walked down the hall to the bathroom, and relieved himself. He came out and went to check on his dad. He was asleep, naked on top of the sheets. The room smelled like lube and cum. His dad was hard, and his dick was almost standing straight up in the air. The doll was beside him, and Mick reached out, pulling it toward the edge of the bed. It wasn't a complete doll, but had all the necessary parts to have fun with. It was cold, and smooth, but squishy. He turned it around, and saw that the vagina was crusty around the outside. He reached down, and put a couple of fingers in, feeling the wetness of his dad's cum.

He played around with the doll, feeling deep inside, as far as his fingers could go, feeling the squishiness of the cum inside of the doll. He was thinking that would be how his ass would feel, if Kris were to cum inside of him. Mick was looking closely, spreading the vagina lips apart, and seeing bubbled cum wads oozing out, when his dad stirred, and opened his eyes. He sat up quickly. "What time is it?" "It's only 7." "Aw man, give me that." His dad jerked the doll away from Mick, and covered himself up with some of the sheets. "Did you have fun last night?" "Yes...and thank you. Checking out my mess or what?" "I'm just curious to see how much you unloaded in there." "Didn't you see enough the other night?" He chuckled, and Mick felt his face flush. "I wasn't really paying attention." "Well, you missed out then. Once in a lifetime opportunity my man." His dad laughed, and fell back against the bed.

Even with the sheet over him, you could still clearly see the outline of his dick pointing up to the ceiling. Mick watched his dad reach under the sheet, pushing at his dick, but it bounced back up. "Shit....I can't wait to marry Sarah." "Yeah?" "I won't have this problem, that's for damn sure." He pulled the sheet off, pushing his dick down, slapping it back up against his abs. His dad had been working out for the past couple of years, and had developed quite the body. He'd stopped shaving his body hair, and was pretty beast now, with a hairy chest and abs.

"So are you just going to stand there? Or let your old man finish off, and get ready for work?" Mick blushed, and turned to leave, "Sorry." "You're a good man Mick, thanks again for the hook up." He nodded as he closed the door, walking back to his room. He was hard. He fell back on his bed, and checked his phone again, texting Kris how much he was looking forward to hanging out again. He couldn't wait!

Kris texted him back saying how hard he was, and he was going to wait until later to jerk off. Mick felt his dick twitch in his pj pants. He squirmed a little, and replied "Yeah?" "Yeah, I'll wait til you're here ;)." Mick felt his face flush again, and pulled his dick out. He was slowly jerking, and just had the shaft out, with his balls tucked under the elastic band. He was really getting into it, when there was a knock on his door. He quickly tucked his dick sideways in his pants. The door opened, and his Dad peeked in, 

"Hey, Sarah wants to know if you want us to have a family style dinner, or if you and Kris wanna hangout again like last time." "Yeah, Kris and I can hangout again." His dad winked, and gladly told Sarah the boys would be fine on their own. He closed the door behind him, and Mick heard his voice fading down the hall. He pulled his dick out again, and started jerking. 

It felt amazing, with the pressure on his balls from the tight waistband. He wanted to strip down, but liked the constriction. He pulled up Kris's fb page, and scrolled through his pictures. He came across a couple shots from the previous Summer, with Kris shirtless and in a pair of clingy, wet swim shorts. You could makeout a little bit of his dick, and of course his hot body. 

Mick studied the picture while he jerked himself off. He sat up to grab some kleenex, and sent himself over the edge. "Shit!" He said out loud, as cum shot out of his dick across his shirt. He pulled up at the hem, as his dick continued shooting cum onto his stomach and chest. He fell back on his bed, moaning quietly, and feeling the release of his load. He twitched a couple times, and then let go of his dick, enjoying his afterglow.

There was another knock on the door, and he quickly pulled his pj pants up, dropping his shirt down over his stomach. His dad peeked in. "Hey, so I'll be back by 4:30 to pick you up alright?" Mick nodded quickly, biting his lip. "You some cum on your shirt son." His dad pointed to his shirt, and winked, as he turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Mick took a deep breath, laying back down on his bed. He peeled off his shirt, mopping up his messy stomach, and dropping his shirt on the floor. It was no big deal, but feeling something for Kris made him a little ashamed. His dad couldn't find out. At least for now.

His phone went off, and it was a text from Kris. He wiped his hands on his pj pants, and opened the message. "Hey, what's up?" "Hey, nothin, my Dad just left." "Awesome!" Kris filled him in on his mom's plan to have a family dinner, and that they wouldn't be able to do anything that night. Then he texted him, asking him to really talk to his dad about them going out for dinner, cause then the guys could have the place to themselves. Mick blushed at the thought of Kris frantically trying to make sure they had the night to themselves. He was really excited!

Mick cleaned up his room, and did his laundry, and bedding. Out of habit he went in his Dad's room, and stripped his bed down. His Dad's room still smelled of cum, which made Mick laugh out loud. His Dad was really a stud, and Sarah was a lucky lady. They'd have an adventurous sex life for sure. He vacuumed and folded towels, blankets and clothes, putting everything away, and made lunch. 

That afternoon flew by. Mick and Kris texted frequently, and Mick watched some of The Office, while he went through their mismatched sock basket. It was over flowing, so he figured this was as good a time as any, to go through it. He had quite the stack of paired socks when he was done, and evenly distributed them between his Dad's and his sock drawers. Pretty soon it was 4:30, and he ran upstairs to make sure he was all set to go when his Dad walked in.

Shortly after he heard the familiar hum of the garage door, followed after by the side door opening and closing, and his dad calling up. "Hey Mick, all set?" "Yeah! Be right down!" He grabbed his phone off the charger, and headed downstairs. His dad looked great! He wore a simple blazer with a blue and white checked shirt and some khakis. He hadn't shaved that morning, and had a thick 5 o'clock shadow going. "Dad, you gonna clean up the face a bit?" "Ha, no. Sarah likes the scruff." "Ahhh, she's one of those." "What?" His dad punched his arm as they walked back out to the garage.

A half hour later, Mick and his Dad were greeted by Sarah at her front door. They walked in, and said hello. Kris was in the living room on the couch, and called Mick over. He had downloaded a new app, which was kind of like Battlefield, except short rounds, and you had only so much time to complete the mission or you had to start over with new players. Kris played intently, while Mick watched, catching his sideways glances once in a while.Their parents talked for a few minutes, and went upstairs.

They left shortly after, and the boys went in the kitchen and quickly ate some of the roast Kris's mom had made. They went downstairs, to Kris's room. Mick sat on the edge of the bed, while Kris stood before him. He was talking about how much he'd thought about if they could just make out and see what happened. Mick was all up on the idea, as Kris stripped before him. He was definitely not shy.

"Your turn." Kris crossed his arms, and smiled down at Mick. Mick stood, and slowly removed his shirt, and unbuttoned his jeans, letting them drop to the floor. He'd trimmed his pubes in the shower earlier, thank God. Kris eyed him up and down, and stepped forward, leaning in to kiss Mick's lips. "You taste sweet." "Oh, thanks. I think it's..." Kris put his finger up, stopping Mick from talking. "I want more." Kris put his hands up to Mick's face, and pulled him closer, sticking his tongue in Mick's mouth, and completely covering his mouth in a sloppy makeout session. 

Kris was pressing into Mick, and Mick could feel Kris getting hard, which made him get hard. He fell back, out of Kris's hands, against the bed. Kris knelt over him, leaning over, and kissing his mouth some more. "You're so cute." Kris groped Mick's ass, and started to jerk his dick. Things were moving quickly, and Mick was caught off guard, but really enjoyed what was happening. He felt Kris completely overpower him, which felt amazing. 

Mick laid back against the bed, and felt Kris working his lips down his chest, and stomach. He felt Kris's lips over his dick, and moaned, while he sucked on the head, and quickly took all of him in. He felt his dick head pressing against the back of Kris's throat. He could've cum then. He moaned and tilted his head up, watching Kris bob up and down on his dick. He was quickly becoming more aroused, and put his hands on the back of Kris's head, slowing him down. "I'm goin to cum..." "No you're not." Kris was up to his lips in a second, making out with him, and pushing his legs up.

Kris worked his lips over Mick's chin and neck, and chest, and back down to his dick. He gave him a couple sucks and licks, and worked his balls over for a few seconds, then working even lower. Mick looked down again, as Kris pushed his ass up, tonguing quickly in between his ass cheeks. He felt embarrassed because he hadn't even though to shave his ass. Kris didn't seem to mind, as he probed and licked hungrily at his hole. 

Mick was moaning, and holding his legs up, while Kris went to down on his ass. He couldn't believe this was happening, and really wanted to cum, but knew holding off would be the best. Kris came back up, slowly grinding his dick against Mick's ass, and kissed and bit at his lip. "I wanna fuck you Mick...So bad." Mick felt concerned, but anticipation was rising, and he nodded, as Kris got off the bed, and walked to his dresser. His dick looked huge, as he pulled a condom down over his shaft, lubing himself up with spit. He came closer, and Mick felt his ass contract.

"Relax Mick, I'm not going to hurt you." He slowly ran his fingers up Mick's ass, brushing against the hole. Mick moaned and felt his ass open up. Kris had his head pressed against the opening in a minute, and Mick felt a sharp ping up his spine. "Ah!" "Shhhh, relax...Relax, ok? It gets better." "Ok, ok...Just give me a minute." Mick was breathing loudly through his pursed lips. Kris giggled, as he kissed down Mick's chest. "You're so cute right now, fucking unreal." He had had hands around Mick's face, and slowly rubbing his neck and shoulders. "I promise....You will like it."

Mick relaxed, and let go of his legs, feeling Kris work his tongue over his hole again, and coming back up, pressing his dick against his tight hole. He leaned down, kissing softly at Mick's mouth. They kissed passionately, and then Kris felt another shooting pain, and Kris slowly pushed a little further inside...and then they heard the front door open...



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