Kris was surprised to see Mick walk through the front door, with his Dad. Their parents had been dating for a few months, and arranged a "family" dinner. He was just coming up from his room downstairs, and caught a glimpse of the tall, lanky teen, with shaggy hair, and skinny jeans, which made him look even longer. His shirt was loose, and obviously too big for his body. He smiled, and stuck his hand out, shaking it lightly.

Mick seemed really shy at first, and Kris's mom suggested they go downstairs and hangout while dinner was finishing up. He showed Mick the basement with the pool table, and vintage arcade games they'd collected over the years. Mick seemed to really be impressed. Kris showed him the workout room/laundry area. He had some dumbbells set up, and a treadmill, eliptical machine, and his mom has some free weights and yoga mat/ball set up. 

They talked a little bit about sports, which it was clear Mick knew nothing about. Kris was infatuated with him. They were almost the same height, except Kris had a lot more body mass and muscle build than Mick did. They were both into video games, so Kris suggested they play a round of battlefield before heading upstairs. 

Kris kicked Mick's ass, and playfully punched his arm victoriously. Mick started to blush, and pulled his phone out to check his texts. Kris felt a ping in his chest, thinking he'd started to flirt with Mick. Could this be a possible connection?

They went upstairs and hurriedly ate dinner, heading back downstairs to talk and play more. After Mick and his dad left, Kris and his mom talked for awhile about how nice they were. His mom said that she really felt close to Mick's dad, and that he maybe "the one." Kris's dad had been gone for a few years, and he knew his mom was lonely, and needed things that could only come from an adult relationship. He wasn't stupid, or selfish. He knew he'd have to share his mom at some point. He also knew that Mick had something special about him, that attracted Kris. He couldn't wait to find out what it was.

Mick had never seen such an attractive guy up close. Kris was like all the jocks at his school. Cocky, and well built, tall and athletic, and probably got all the girls he wanted at his school. When he'd first met Kris's mom, he would never have guessed she'd have a son like this. Sarah was a petite woman, with long wavy blonde hair, and bangs. She had gorgeous blue eyes and a big smile. Her cheekbones were high and puffed out when she smiled, and she always lit up when she'd come over to spend time with Mick's dad. He knew she was special to his dad.

He'd always been attracted to other guys, but had never ever acted on his feelings. His mom had left a few years ago, when he was in junior high. His dad had a minor melt down and didn't come out of his room for a week. Mick went along his usual life, and occasionally would come home to groceries and a credit card, with a written budgeted amount, for clothes and movies. 

It was a strange time in both Mick and his dad's lives. After that first week, his dad emerged, bearded, half naked, and much lighter. His dad had gained a few pounds from when he was a younger man, to getting married, becoming a father, and starting his own business. Mick was his dad's pride and joy. They had nothing in common, but they were as close as a father and son could ever be.

Mick's mom was never home, and he sometimes wouldn't see her for days at a time. He knew she was home, because he'd see a pair of heels at the door, with a bag draped over the closet door handle, and a line of shopping bags piled in the corner, by the piano. They weren't rich by any means, but his mom was addicted to shopping, and, they'd soon find out, younger men. 

That first day his dad emerged, Mick would never forget. He shuffled down the stairs, across the foyer, to the dining room, where Mick was eating a bowl of cereal. He looked extremely disheveled and dehydrated. He put his hand on Mick's head, messing up his hair. His briefs were loose, and his stomach was much flatter than it was a week ago. 

Mick had seen his dad naked, several times. They had a very open relationship, and one night when Mick had gone to talk to his dad about a nightmare, he walked in on his dad jerking off. He was shocked at first, but only because he never realized how endowed his dad was. 

He'd walked into his parents' room, and through the small walkway behind their dressing area, to the big bathroom. His dad never locked the doors, and he'd talked to his dad in the shower, taking a shit, and even trimming his body hair, several times. This time was different, and Mick would always remember. He'd walked through the walk way, and seeing the door ajar, pushed it open, to see his dad standing just inside the door, dick in hand, pumping away. Mick didn't move, and neither did his dad. He calmly let go of his dick, and grabbed a hand towel, to cover himself, sitting on the toilet seat, motioning for Mick to come in and sit on the edge of the tub. 

He'd explained what was happening, and that it was a way of release. "Sometimes your penis will harden, and you can feel pleasure. When you do what dad was doing, you'll build up a load of sperm, which shoots out when you pleasure yourself. You can make babies with it, or just release it for pleasure and fun." Mick had had several hardons before "the talk," but had never jerked off. His dad told him to leave for a couple of minutes, and he could come back in and see what sperm looked like.

He'd walked back into the room, while his dad closed the door. He'd sat on the edge of the bed, and waited. He heard some grunts and moans from the bathroom, and then his dad opened the door, and invited him back in. He walked in, and his dad had a cloth on the counter. There was a big puddle of white stuff in the middle, a long with streaks of it, up toward the mirror. There were even a few drops on the counter and mirror as well. Mick asked if this was what made the babies, and his dad nodded. His dad's dick had softened and was hanging loosely down to his thighs, and Mick could see a white drop on his dick as well. 

He pointed it out, asking if his dad was going to make more, and his dad explained how he could only make so much at a time, but some men were different. Soon after they had that talk, Mick had started to jerk off to the point of cumming. He was infatuated with the experience, and did it several times a day. Some days his dick was sore, and he'd give himself some time off. He knew his dad knew he'd been jerking off, because they had had another talk about not using his underwear. "You can jerk off naked, like I do, and not make a mess in your underwear." His dad did the laundry, and had bought several new packages of underwear for Mick over the following weeks. He didn't realize his sperm could stain and ruin his underwear. 

He never saw his dad jerk off again, although he'd always wanted to watch his dad jerk off until he shot his load of cum. Mick was always so curious about being with other guys, sometimes he'd take his time in the locker room, after gym, and casually glance around, spotting the guys with hardons. One guy in his class, always seemed to get hard in the showers. His name was Stephen and he had transferred schools earlier that semester. He was a tall jock, with blonde curly hair, and even had blonde pubes. Mick had never seen blonde pubes before, cause most of the guys at their school were ethnic, with dark hair and features. 

Stephen had a smaller dick, with a huge sack. He was really hairy around his groin, but the hairs were so light, you could only really tell, when he showered. Mick always watched Stephen from a distance, to see how long it took for his dick to get hard. Sometimes Stephen would catch him looking, and when no one else was looking, he'd soap his dick up and jerk it a couple times for Mick.

It was like they both knew they liked guys, but didn't say anything to anyone else. He never talked to Stephen, but they had art history together, and Stephen would sit behind Mick. They're seats were at the end of the room, in the corner, and occasionally, he'd feel Stephen's foot slide up the back of his leg. He knew it was intentional, and didn't mind.

His curiosities had grown so much, that he'd started to finger his asshole while he jerked off. He did this regularly, and sometimes he'd even insert a finger inside. It felt great to be probed, and sometimes it resulted in a huge cum. One time he shot his load over his head, and got himself in the eye. It hurt like hell, but he waited til he came the last few drops, and then wiped frantically at his face, and cleaned up quickly. He'd adjusted the rug in his room to cover the stain in the dark carpeting. He wasn't sure how to get it out, but some day maybe he'd figure out a way. Now that he'd met Kris, he felt some sort of connection, and thought that he might be the one he could be with. He couldn't wait to see him again.

One night, while their parents were out to dinner, Kris had Mick over. They played some games, and talked, and ate pizza. Kris suggested they workout, and Mick stepped up on the eliptical. He had another pair of skinny jeans on, with a baggy shirt. Kris pulled at his arm, saying he had actual workout clothes Mick could wear. He held onto Mick's arm, while he led him to his room. He told Mick to undress, and went to his dresser, pulling out some gym shorts and his JV basketball jersey. He was graduating this year, but had kept every sports uniform he'd ever worn. This jersey was worn, but a size medium, which would suit Mick's body type much better. Sometimes Kris would try on his old uniform, just to admire his muscular frame, bulging through the tattered nylon fabric. He liked the way his chest bulged, and his dick looked huge in the small semi-sheer shorts. 

As Mick pulled on the jersey and shorts, Kris felt his dick hardening. He'd jerked off a few times in that uniform, letting his cum shoot through the small holes in the nylon. The fabric felt amazing, pulled tightly over his bulging dick head, with his hand rubbing furiously over the top of the thin fabric, causing heat and vibrations shooting down his shaft to his groin.

Kris adjusted himself in his boxer briefs, and turned to pull out a tank top and shorts. He slowly pulled off his t shirt, glancing in the full length mirror, to see Kris standing innocently, watching him. He bit his lip, imagining what Mick was thinking about. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down, along with his boxer briefs. He heard a small gasp, and turned, to face Mick. "Sorry, I just don't wear anything under my workout clothes." He saw Mick take in his whole frame, and liked it. He stood for a second, letting the boy's eyes wander. "Is that ok?" Mick gulped loudly. "Uh...yeah, yeah, it's ok." He saw the boy get flushed in the face, and turn slightly. Kris was semi hard, and knew the boy had had enough time to take it all in.

Kris wasn't completely developed, but he had more hair on his body than most of the other guys on the team and in gym class. He had a nice trail of hair down his body, and his abs were lightly covered in hair. He was completely hairy from abs down, and didn't bother trimming. He liked how dark the hair was around his dick and balls, and enjoyed showing off his body, with low sagging shorts in gym, and during practices. His pits were pretty bushly too, and on game days, he wouldn't shave, so he'd have a nice shadowing of facial hair as well. He liked getting looks from coach, and his teammates, as well as some of the cheerleaders. He's never fuck any of them, but he liked imagining their thoughts.

Kris's mom had told him several times, how much he looked like his dad. The only pictures he had of his dad, were when Kris was little, around 4 and 6. His dad was shirtless in a lot of the pictures, and always had on short nylon shorts of some sorts. He had a nice bulge and well developed upper body, with plenty of hair. He was always inspired to workout, when thinking about his dad. He imagined how big his dad's dick was at times as well. When he jerked off, sometimes he imagined his dad coaching him. He would try new positions, and speeds, deciding which he liked better. His favorite was to part the sections of the microfiber sectional in the media room, and hump his thick dick in between, pointing down. He'd do this for a few minutes, cumming quickly. He always had a towel laid underneath, since he was a heavy cummer. He used to use wash clothes, until last year. He'd hit another growth spurt in sophomore year, and a couple months after his birthday, had cum so much, he soaked the wash cloth, all the way through to the carpeting, and used every cleaner he could think of on the mess.

Luckily the smell faded after a few washes, but his cum was extremely pungent. One time he'd cum across his entire body, and even got some in his mouth. It was a strong sweet and salty taste, and the smell stayed for a couple of days. He burnt candles and used room deoderizers, but the undeniable scent of cum remained in the air. His mom had started leaving fresh towels and wash clothes in his room, stacked in the corner, on one of his side chairs. It was clear she used extra fabric softener, which made Kris laugh out loud. He appreciated the gesture, and knew his mom was coping with having a quickly developing son. 

He pulled on his shorts and tank top, turning to leave. Mick looked up, and quickly followed. They went into the workout room, and Mick got back up on the eliptical. Kris put 350 on the bar bell, and lay back, to do a few rounds. He was grunting, and quickly worked up a deep sweat. He liked the burn, and the scent of his musk that evaporated from his body, when he worked out. He was lost in his reps, forgetting how hard he would get during his workouts. He hooked the bar, and sat up, catching his breath. He looked up to see Mick staring, open mouthed at him. "Intense right?" " was." Kris laughed, and got up to get a towel. He felt the familiar tenseness in his shorts, and looked down, to see his dick pressing against the fabric of his shorts, arching across his thigh. 

"Shit man, sorry about that." "It's ok." He looked over at Mick, who was still watching him. "I guess I need to jerk off or something." Mick gulped hard. Kris smiled, and dabbed at his face and neck. "You wanna join me bro?" "NO! I'm ok." "You sure? I'm just gonna shower and have a quick jerk. You can just shower and change if you want." He saw Mick hesitate, and then step off the machine and walk toward him. They headed back to Kris's room, and he stripped immediately, dropping his sweaty clothes into the hamper by the closet. He was still raging hard, and didn't mind Mick watching him. Mick sat at the edge of the bed, and Kris walked to the dresser, shuffling out a new pair of boxer briefs, and headed into the bathroom attached to his room. He left the door open, and started up the shower. He took his phone off the charger, and brought up his favorite site, and started to jerk lightly at his dick. He was in direct view of his bed, and left only the overhead shower light on. he could see Mick watching him, from the reflection in the mirror.

Mick was still watching Kris, from the bed. He felt his throat swallowing subconsciously, and he couldn't take his eyes off of him. He'd wanted to see this happen so many times, and this was finally happening. He had been hard for a few minutes, and knew he was leaking pre cum through his briefs. He didn't dare move though, for fear of smearing some of it on Kris's uniform. He'd noticed the crotch was really crusty, and imagined Kris had cum in it a few times. He didn't care, but it was interesting that Kris would borrow such an intimate uniform to him. Maybe he wanted more from Mick.

Kris was getitng himself really worked up, and Mick knew he would be cumming soon. Kris kept glancing over at Mick, and he felt like getting up and walking over to watch close up. He knew they'd come this far, so a couple of minutes later, he was walking toward the open door to the bathroom. He had a flashback of seeing his dad jerking off, and gulped loudly as he approached. He could smell Kris's musk, and another familiar odor, as he approached. Kris was sweating again, and his muscular body was gleaming in the light coming from the shower. The room was moist and humid, and Mick instantly felt warm as he approached.

Kris was moaning, and grunting, setting his phone down on the counter. Mick glanced quickly over, seeing a video of a guy slowly jerking his dick, with cum all over his body. He looked up, seeing Kris licking his lips, and watching Mick, through narrow eyes. His body was heaving, and his body hair was matted against his shiny skin. He was slowly jerking his dick, which was huge, and dark, ready to bust.

Mick felt Kris's hand on his, and turned his palm, to lock fingers. Kris pulled Mick's hand to his body, pressing it against his abs. Mick started shaking slightly, nervous as hell. Kris moved his hand down, along the wet hairs, into the mass of dark curly pubes. It felt hot, and moist, and he was really hairy down there. Mick gulped loudly again, feeling his throat dry up. Kris pushed his hand further down, until his outer hand was pressed against the shaft, with Kris's hand over the top of it. He held it there, and Mick could feel the motion of his shaft flexing, with each pump. He almost came in the uniform he was wearing.

Kris started to work Mick's hand back and forth, through the mass of pubes. Mick was dry swallowing repeatedly, feeling nervous, anxious, and excited. Kris looked over at Mick, and whispered, "I'm gonna cum bro." Mick watched at Kris leaned forward, and unloaded a huge load of cum into the basin of the sink. Shot after shot coated the sink and metal plug at the base. He moaned quietly, grunting with each shot. Mick watched as Kris's body flexed and shuttered as he unloaded into the sink.

He stepped back into the cool room, dazed and in love. He wanted Kris so bad right now, and was overcome with some emotion, wanting to share more. He sat on the edge of the bed, watching Kris lean over the sink, bracing himself on the counter. His dick moved up and down repeatedly, and even his ass muscles were flexing. He felt so aroused by Kris, that he didn't know what to do.

Kris couldn't believe what he'd just done. Had he crossed a line? He felt like Mick totally got it. Why had he been so submissive? It's what Kris wanted, but he didn't even put up a fight. Would their parents find out? He braced himself on the counter, letting his dick freely move, releasing all his sexual energy. He felt his entire body limber up, and pushed the shaft down, toward the basin, and started to piss. He liked to piss after he came, to clear the pipes and it always prolonged the post cum glow, and warmth throughout his body. He looked over, seeing Mick's innocent face watching him, from his bed, while he pissed to completion. He started the water, and walked toward the bed, sitting next to Mick, who looked away shyly.

"I want to be with you like that someday." "Me too." Kris put his hand out, taking Mick's small chin in his thumb and forefinger, pulling his face toward his. Mick smiled, and Kris leaned in, softly kissing his mouth. His lips were quivering, and Kris pulled back, wiping his thumb along the boy's lips. "I'm glad I got to share that moment with you. I've never done that before." "Me neither." "Did you like it?" The boy's face lit up. "Yeah, I liked it a lot." Kris smiled. "Wanna join me in the shower?" "Sure." They got up and walked back into the bathroom. It reeked of cum and piss.

Kris pulled his old uniform off the boy, and they got in. They showered casually, occasionally kissing lightly, and giggling. They dressed and played video games til their parents got back. Kris's mom asked how things were and the guys simultaneously answered excitedly. Their parents seemed relaxed and happy, knowing their boys were getting along. 

Mick and his dad left, and Kris texted him all night, til they fell asleep. Their parents had another date in a couple nights, and they planned on playing some more. Kris wanted to make love to Mick, but he knew how big he was, and if it was the boy's first time, they'd have to take things slowly. He couldn't wait. He felt his dick harden under the sheets, and reached down to jerk off once more, before crashing.

Mick couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night. His dad kept asking him what was going on, and he just said he had a lot of fun, and he was happy how things were turning out with Mick and his mom. His dad messed his hair up, and thought it was great how much the guys were getting along. 

Mick went right to his room when he got home, and plugged his phone in. He'd used up most of his battery. He'd secretly recorded Kris working out, with a hardon, and planned on watching it until he couldn't watch anymore. He'd wanted to record him jerking off, but when he decided to join him in the bathroom, figured the live experience was so much better. He wasn't a freak, but he couldn't stop thinking about Kris and his big dick.

He pulled on his pajamas, and went to say goodnight to his dad. The door was open, and he walked through, toward the bathroom. He pushed open the door, just in time to see his dad cumming into the sink. He stopped quickly, but didn't move. His dad didn't move either, as cum shot out of his dick into the sink. His dad shrugged, and awkwardly laughed, with a couple grunts escaping, while he unloaded into the sink. Mick was amazed at how much his dad came. He was a man in his 40s but apparently that didn't mean you lost momentum or sperm count. His dad finished, and he quickly said goodnight as he turned to leave. "Wait, Mick." He turned around, seeing his dad holding a towel over his groin. "Goodnight. We can talk tomorrow?" "Yeah, cool." He felt his dick hardening as he left the room, and had it out, jerking it, before he even got to his room.



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