Time for another true story. In my school days, a cheerleader friend of mine came to me for help. She lived on my block with her family. Seems her younger brother was being beaten up at lunch time by a bunch of bullys. He had been caught in the gym showers looking at other boys and had been labeled. I knew him and he was quite feminine acting. He was very good looking, blond, blue eyes, and very fit. I told her I would help if I could. I told Mike to go a certain way at lunch the next day and I would be there. Sure enough, the very next day, Mike came down the street running, with about 5 little buttholes behind him. He ran by me and I clotheslined the first one. I squared off at the others and told them to stop. I was a few grades ahead of them and well known for my athletic ability. They stopped short of me. I did not give them a chance to talk. I told them if they ever bothered Mike again, I would hunt them down and kick their butts. They asked why I was sticking up for him and I told them I was a close friend of his sisters and their lives were in danger. Ya know, a little drama. I took a step towards them with my fists doubled up and they took off running. The other kids their age were laughing at them. I yelled that what I said went for anyone who messed with Mike. Mike was very thankful. His sister was thankful also. They lived about ten houses down from me and I saw them almost everyday. Mike started hanging around alot. He followed me everywhere, but stayed out of the way and just watched. I was in the garage one day working on my car and Mike began talking about the incident. I asked him if he had indeed been looking at the other guys. He hesitated at first, but I guess he decided to trust me. He said, 'yes, I am gay, I have known it for a long time. I dream about being with another guy all the time. I imagine a big strong guy taking me and I love the thought of it.' I asked if he had ever done anything with anyone and he said no, he had not. I told him that I had and it was wonderful. He was shocked, he said,'you!! But you are the school macho man!' I said, 'I gotta go in and wash all this grease off.' Mike followed me into the house. He sat down in the front room while I took a shower. I came out with a towel wrapped around me and went into my bedroom the get dressed. I dropped the towel and turned towards my dresser. As I turned, I realized Mike had followed me. He gasped when I turned. I saw he was staring at my privates. I guess it excited me, I started rising immediately. That brought another gasp from his mouth. He just stood at the door, apparently not knowing what to do. I sat down on my bed, letting it all hang out. I told him to come sit beside me. He was several years younger than me and I wanted to make sure he would not talk if something happened. Now, let me tell you something else about Mike. He literally is a genious. Highest scores ever on IQ tests in the entire state. Therefore, when he assured me he understood the consequences of the situation, I believed him when he said no one would ever know and immediately asked if he could touch me. I was caught short. I kind of thought, being the older guy, I was going to be the aggressor. He quickly proved me wrong. He knew what he wanted and was gonna have me his way. I just nodded and he took over. He very skillfully started fondling me and had me rock hard in seconds. He got between my legs and explored every fraction inch of my privates. He was in genius heaven. He teased and started licking all over. I just surrendered and let him have me. God, he must have been thinking about this for a long time. He stopped, took off his clothes, and displayed a beautiful body. He was completely hairless and had a perfect cock. He obviously had been shaving himself. He came over to me and begged me to touch him. I oblidged willingly. He pushed me back of the bed and we began a sixty nine move. He stopped after a few minutes and said he wanted to ask me something. He said, 'will you please take me like a girl? I dream about that all the time. I gently pushed him back, raised his legs, and started licking his hole. I got it very wet as he squeeled with delight. I pushed his legs over my shoulders, crawled up on top of him. I put my dick against his ass and pushed. I went in fairly easily. I started fucking him like he was my bitch. He started screaming and squeeling with delight. It was just a matter of minutes and I was ready to pop. Just as I started cummig, he started cumming and was hunching like a bronco against me. Wow, what a fuck!!! We became lovers for awhile after this. They sent Mike to a genius school eventually and he moved away. Still miss him, god he was so smart. Some day I will tell you about all the ingenius things he came up with. Really fantastic!!!



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