After Mike and I finished that first night, we barely talked. I drove him home and said a plesant goodnight. He got out, stood there and watched me drive home.

I sat up late that night, thinking about what had happened. I could visualize his nice slender body and wondered how it would feel to touch him. He had this very feminine nature and I felt a little confused.

As I was thinking about him, I realized I had another raging hard on. I lay their in bed, stroking myself and imagined he was sucking me off again. I knew then, I would be seeing him again. I knew, he would do anything I asked of him. He obviously was in love with me and the thought of this excited me even more.

We did not cross each others path again for several weeks. It was early spring and the temperature had risen quickly. On warm days, I would sneek off to a spring fed pond near our nei

ghborhood. We lived near a farm area.

It was one of those days. I walked to the pond, checked out the area to make sure no one was around. I took off my shorts and shoes and dove in. I swam for quite awhile, the water was always cool from the spring.

I did not bring a towel, so I spread my shorts out and layed back on the grass to let the sun dry me out. Of course you know what the warmth of the sun did to my dick.

I guess I nodded off. A noise, like a snapping twig woke me. I looked around, did not see anything at first. Then I saw someone near the tree line about 25 feet away. I realized it was Mike. His eyes were closed and he was leaning back against a tree, jerking off. He really had a large dick for his age.

I stood up quietly and snuck over by him. I said,'nice bod Mike.' I thought he was gonna tear his dick off trying to hide it from me.'

He said,' please don't be mad at me, I saw you laying there and I could not help myself, please don't be mad!!'

I reasured him I was not mad and I asked him if he was following me. He said no, he was going fishing and happened upon me.

Now, I was still naked. As we talked, Mr. Erection came for a visit. Mike noticed it before I did.

He said, 'can I take care of that for you, please?' 'God you are so magnificent!'

I nodded in agreement. I sat down on the tree stump. Then I said, 'but first you have to take off you clothes too.' I wanna see that body again.

He willing disrobed. He was sporting a huge hard on all of his own. As I said before, he had not body hair, he shaved it daily and he had a great body, very slender and shapely.

After he got undressed, I took him by the hand and led him to a grassy area surrounded by trees. The grass was tall and made a good cushion. We packed it down and lay down beside each other.

He seemed very nervous and I was very excited. I had been thinking alot about what I wanted to do with him. I knew I wanted to fuck him, but I knew he was a virgin too.

He reached out and started stroking me and fondling my balls. I decided to make my move. I reached out and started fondling him too. He gasp trying to catch his breath. I gently stroked him and cupped his balls making his even more excited.

He said,' I have dreamed over and over of you touching me, it is everybit as magnificent as I imagined.'

I finally asked him, to be sure, if anyone had ever fucked him.

He did not seem to understand at first. He said,'no just you, in my mouth, is that what you mean?'

I explained, 'no Mike, has anyone put their dick in your sweet ass?' 'You know, and fucked you like a girl?'

He seemed puzzled, 'can you do that, is that possible?'

I said, 'yes, it hurts a little at first, but if you are careful and gentle, it feels really great, promise.'

Now while he was thinking about this, I was playing with his dick, driving him wild. He was hunching against my hand and puzzling over all this.

I rolled him on his side, reached over, with his precum on my fingers, I gently slid my middle finger in his ass. At first, his anus resisted. I told him to relax and trust me. I felt his anus loosen and my finger slid in. I began to work it in and out slowly while I played with his dick with my other hand.

In just a few minutes, me was moaning and hunching. He let out a few yelps with pleasure as I continued to drive him.

Finally, he could stand no more. He almost screamed out, 'fuck me, please fuck me, I want to feel you inside me!!'

I was covered in my own precum, I knew we would not need anything to lube with. I layed him on his back, raised his legs over my shoulders,and placed my dick at his anus. I said,'Mike, you have to relax your anus or it will hurt, just let it slide in, I will go slow.'

I started pushing, slowly the head of my dick slid in. God he felt good. I paused until I felt him relax again. Slowly I pushed and slid in until my whole dick was inside him.

His eyes were bulging. He was holding his breath and taking short quick breaths. I waited, holding my whold dick inside him.

He finally caught his breath. I said, 'Mike, I am gonna start fucking you now, it should start feeling real good very soon, okay?'

He said, 'nothings changed, please fuck me, fuck me hard!'

Thats what I was hoping for. I began pumping in and out. He tensed at first but soon I felt him relax. He began fucking me back. I hammered that ass hard. What a great fuck, he was very tight and the inside of his ass was red hot. I came very soon.

I lay there totally gratified. I must have squirted a pound of sperm in his ass. He seemed to love it. As I lay there, he began fingering his ass and jerking off. I pulled his hand away, took his dick in my mouth and sucked him off until he came.

Mike was so happy. He rambled on and on about how he never knew a guy could actually fuck anothe guy. He was so amazed. He made me fuck him two more times that day. He could not get enough. He was definately my bitch from that point on.

Mike turned out to be a great lover. I am Bi and dated alot of girls. But anytime they would not put out, all I had to do was call Mike. We had some great adventures together and he learned all about being a guys girl.



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