The old dump of a motel that was here nine months ago has been transformed into something pretty nifty, the young carpenter, Constantine--known by everyone but his mother as Dino--thought as he left the movie studio he'd just put the finishing touches on and strode across the line of refurbished motel rooms toward the men's gym at the other end. The only problem was that the town didn't really need another girlie whorehouse, he went on to muse. It could use something that a guy like me could go to to shack up with other guys, but I don't see that happening.

He wasn't a bit fooled by what he'd just finished helping to install in a newly constructed building at one end of the line of kitchenette motel units. Some of those were already occupied--ones on the line on the back side of the building--but he guessed the guys in there would be pitched out when the women were brought in. What he'd just worked on--a studio with black walls, floor, and ceiling and with a royal-blue velvet-covered platform in the center, with a vinyl top and all sorts of camera stands surrounding it and other camera boxes mounted on the walls obviously was a setup for porn films. And some BDSM films too, considering the restraints he'd had to build in tucked away here and there around the platform base and tucked into boxes in the ceiling over the platform, not to mention the paraphernalia that hung on one of the walls.

Dino knew about BDSM. He had found his way to Buckingham, where a male-male BDSM club met.

That was a new wrinkle on whore houses, though, in Dino's experience--the BDSM element. Altogether a slick operation if this Gordon guy could keep it open. The gym, where Dino was headed, was a nice touch. A place where men could gather, and even tell their wives they were going--"Hey, dear, I'm off to the gym for an hour"--and connect to a prostitution operation when they got to this particular gym. Check in at the gym, maybe do a couple of reps so you can be honest with your wife, pay for your lay, and take her to one of the motel rooms right there. Ten minutes on the Treadwell, thirty minutes playing hide the sausage, and twenty minutes lifting a few weights. It would even be a good workout.

Dino had been using the gym himself for several months--it was the first part of the complex in operation--and maybe he would continue to do so, because there were some really good beefed-up men using it, starting with that Jess Gordon, the owner of this place, with his body jewelry and all-over tattoo. But when the girls got put in, he'd have to reassess his interest. Maybe not, though, if Jess kept working out in the gym. He had a body and a half; Dino wouldn't mind being taken a couple of rounds by Jess--a great body and a great cock too. Dino had seen him in the showers. And a thick cock ring. Dino had never been done by a guy with a cock ring before. This just wasn't a town that catered to guys who liked guys, and especially in a rough way. For that Dino had to go to Buckingham.

But Dino liked it in a rough way, and he had actually signaled his interest to Gordon--several times--but had come up flat. He's opening a girlie whorehouse because he wants to sample the goods himself, had been Dino's conclusion. A real waste of prime manhood, he decided.

Gordon was there, in the gym, looking real good in gym shorts and an almost-transparent white athletic shirt, with armholes going almost down to his waist and showing masculine hairy pits and an old-ship naval battle going on across his torso, which could be picked out pretty well through the wide mesh of the shirt.

"All done in the studio building, Mr. Gordon," he called out to the owner of this almost-completed complex. "I'll go back to the company office and let them know. They'll contact you."

"I get a final inspection before you go, I think," Gordon said, walking up to Dino and putting a hand on his shoulder.

Dino liked the intimacy of that feel, and he went a little hard. Boy, would he ever like to get it on with this stud--and be manhandled by him. Gordon was quite a bit older than he was and looked like a thug, but Dino liked older men--and he liked thugs. He'd found that group of guys over in Buckingham who did some of that--bondage and toys and stuff. Rough sex. Two on one. Dino shivered at the thought.

"Final inspection?" Dino asked. "Final inspection of what?"

"The movie studio. You did know I was putting in a movie studio to do gay porn flicks, didn't you? I thought you would have figured that out."

"Gay flicks?" Dino asked. Now he really was going hard.

"Specialty films included," Gordon said. "What did you think you were hooking up all those restraints for?"

"I . . . uh . . . I didn't--"

"And why did you think I asked that you be here alone to finish the carpentry work?"

"I don't--" Dino swallowed hard, because he was beginning to think he did understand.

"I know about the group you attend in Buckingham," Gordon continued, crowding Dino toward the exit from the gym. Dino was going along with him as if in a trance. "You think I didn't know you've been comin' on to me? I was saving you. Nice cute little Italian hottee like you. Can't think of anyone better to do a final inspection and tryout of the studio with. Paid good money for you too. For the rest of the day, your body is mine, and I plan to work it hard. Let's go back to the studio."

They were already halfway there, with the taller, heavier Gordon pulling the younger, smaller Italian along with a firm embrace of an arm around Dino's shoulder and the hand of the other arm firmly locked on Dino's elbow. The young carpenter was already starting to hyperventilate a bit, although he'd definitely gone hard and the panting really could be chalked up to anticipation.

* * * *

Lights were focused on the blue-velvet-skirted, vinyl-covered platform. A matching blue-vinyl cube was positioned in the center of the platform. The cute dark-haired carpenter, Dino, naked, was bent over the cube on his belly, held in place by restraints. His perfectly formed olive-skinned body with the curly black body hair on his chest, forearms, and pubes and the perpetual, sexy five-o'clock shadow on his lower face was closely restrained. A black leather band encased his upper thighs. His wrists were restrained to this band at the sides. A black leather band encased his upper calves, and another held his ankles together. A leather collar around his neck was chained to the base of the front of the cube, pulling his head down. His mouth was filled with a ball gag, which he was biting into while giving muffled cries as, standing over him, naked, a magnificent array of muscles, tattooing, and piercings, Jess Gordon was intent on slowly pulling the fourth of five graduated wooden teardrops out of the young Italian hunk's ass.

Along with the lights beaming in on the platform, cameras, both video and still, were whirring and clicking off at all angles around the platform.

Gordon was humming. So far the final inspection was going splendidly. Everything was working just right. The young Dino had already put on quite a show as the wooden teardrops had been slowly fed into his ass canal.

The young man grunted and groaned as the beads came out and then became more vocal, as he was able, as Gordon mounted his hips, grabbed Dino's waist, and began working his sheathed cock, with the thick cock ring, inside a channel opening that was restricted by Dino's legs being bound together. Both men grunted and groaned as Gordon fucked the bound carpenter hard, deep, and fast to an ejaculation.

Dino's own ejaculation was caught on a video camera positioned at the front of the hollow cube and looking back at the tube encasing Dino's cock and stroking and squeezing the shaft in a motion controlled by the rhythm of Gordon's thrusts.

* * * *

Dino's body was suspended in air over the center of the platform, held by various chains and restraints in a bowed arc that pulled his head and legs back, his arms up and spread, and his midsection distended forward. The legs were spread as well.

Dino's balls were tightly laced with leather thongs ending in weights that pulled the balls toward the floor. The young man's mouth, hanging open and now unrestricted by a gag, was grimacing, although whenever Jess asked him if he was having a good time, he declared that he was.

The young man had a hard on that backed up his claim of being aroused by this treatment. The vinyl sheeting under him had already been christened with his first ejaculation in this position.

Gordon, still naked and once more in erection, was walking around Dino's suspended body and flicking him with a black multistrand leather whip.

Each time Gordon flicked the switch and Dino's body jerked, Gordon barked, "Do you want it?" Dino was answering with a crisp, "Yes, sir, More, sir. Please, sir."

When Gordon stopped with the whip, though, and was standing close beside Dino, fondling the young man's erect dick with one hand, milking him again, and using the other hand to start pushing a twelve-inch-long, two-and-a-half inch thick black rubber dildo into Dino's channel, the young carpenter began to pant deeply, whimper, and groan.

"What do you want?" Gordon asked in a drill sergeant's voice.

"I want you to fuck me, sir."

"What did you say?"

"Fuck me, sir, please fuck me."

"Fuck you with this dildo?"

"No, please, sir. Fuck me with your beautiful cock."

"Don't you want to come first?" Gordon was stroking Dino's cock in long strokes.

"Yes, sir, please sir. Let me come and then fuck me. Punish me with that cock ring."

As the lights strobed and the cameras whirred and clicked, Gordon brought Dino to another ejaculation and then saddled up behind him and fucked him again.

Gordon declared that Dino had helped the studio pass final inspection with flying colors and said he regretted that Dino hadn't been able to view the settings well, although he would receive complimentary copies of the movies, if they turned out.

Of course, if they didn't turn out to be of commercial quality, they'd have to do it all over again and the final inspection would have to be repeated.

"You have any problem with that?"

"No, sir," Dino answered in a weak but satisfied voice.

"Are you interested in doing more movies?"

"Yes, sir, any time." And he meant it.

"Good boy." Gordon was pleased. He reached for the tit clamps, as Dino whimpered his pleasure.

* * * *

Dino was hobbling but feeling like he was on cloud nine after he'd rested a bit and cleaned up. He left the studio, Gordon already having done so, and walked toward where he'd left his car in the gym parking lot. That had been an incredible session. Just the punishment and rough handling he'd wanted to get off on--even better than Buckingham. And it was especially nice that after Jess Gordon had let him down from where he was suspended and been assured that Dino had been good with it all, that Gordon had given him a regular, missionary-position fuck on the edge of the platform, with Gordon crouched over him and holding his legs out, while Dino ran his hands over the tattooing on Gordon's chest and got fucked deep and hard again.

Four ejaculations for him and three for Gordon for the afternoon. Something he hadn't experienced before. His balls ached from the draining, but he'd happily have continued doing it.

Of course, the lights had been on and the cameras had been whirring still during the missionary-position fuck--"A little something for the tamer clientele," Gordon had said.

Gordon had seemed quite pleased with Dino--and said that he was--and there was no way now, knowing that this was to be a male bordello rather than a cat house, that Dino was going to go anyplace else to gym--or to find the discipline and punishment he craved and get his rocks off. Gordon had said that, if he did movies regularly, which was OK with him, his gym fee would be waived.

He'd also suggested that Dino might want to have a room assigned to him and take customers, but he said he wanted to think about that. Being fucked and disciplined by a stud like Gordon was one thing, but by a mousey and pudgy middle-aged bank vice president was quite another.

He could see as he exited the studio into the soft late-afternoon light that the finishing touches were starting to be put on the complex. Bricklayers were at work erecting a privacy wall along the front of the central motel-unit wing, between where the cars would park and the road. And he could see that there was a huge neon sign unit sitting in a truck bed, waiting to be placed when a high pole had been erected--so the sign could be seen from the nearby interstate.

"Stallion Station," the sign said. Dino thought that was a great name for the place. He could attest that Jess Gordon, at least, was a stallion.

But he worried whether perhaps Gordon was being too forward with all of this and how long he could keep it open. That's when he saw that, talking with Gordon over by the entrance to the gym, were two men Dino knew by sight and by occupation. Most everyone who tried cruising in this town knew Detective Joe Reilly. He was talking real friendly like to Gordon, though, so maybe his hard-nosed reputation was a cover for his protection of activities like Gordon was putting in. The other, even more powerful person, talking with Gordon and Reilly, though, was someone Dino knew well--because Judge Raymond Snyder was one of the disciplinarians of the BDSM fuck group Dino participated in over in Buckingham.

A senior cop and a judge. That equaled protection. Maybe this would work out OK after all. And maybe Dino would get a nice slice of what was going on.

He didn't make it past the three on his way to his car before he started cutting into that pie.

Gordon called to him. "Com'ere, Dino. I was just talking to these gentlemen about how great the final inspection in the studio went, and they'd be interested in taking you to unit 8 and working you over for, say, a hundred bucks. You game for that? These are guys we like to keep satisfied."

"You bet," Dino answered, a big smile spreading across his face. Good times were already starting and the operation wasn't even up and running yet.



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