From the moment I saw Gideon in the locker room, my life was focused on becoming his lover. I hadn't been at the Mount Holly prep school for more than a week before I first laid eyes on him, although I began to hear about him from my first evening. And what I heard about him very likely set me up for this obsession of mine.

Mount Holly was a post-high school, two-year prep school for athletes who had been offered college scholarships but whose grades were not yet up to par for entry into the Carolina coast universities the school fed into. I had actually started out at another of the feeder prep schools, Jackson Hall, up in southern Virginia, but I was pulled out of that after two months because of the coach-students sex scandal that threatened my promised basketball scholarship. I had never been linked to the football coach and student players involved in the scandal, but it had been that same coach who had taught me to take the cock and had made me realize which way I swung. I'd always suspected as much through my high school days, but it was Coach Vance who had taken a special interest in giving me late-night instruction on my ball handling - and in handling his balls and cock as well.

Although my parents had moved me to Mount Holly in a panic, I had no intention, already having felt cock inside me, of not seeking it out here. And so it was with particular interest that I had heard on my first night in the dorm that the upperclassman and football team quarterback, Gideon Grant, was the premier cocksman of the school - that his appetites were voracious and that he could get any tail he wanted on the strength of his extraordinarily good looks and cut body, his self-assuredness, his position as top jock in an all-jock school, and his supersized equipment.

The football and basketball teams were practicing the same afternoon on my first Tuesday at the school, the football squad out on the playing field, and the basketballers in the gym. Basketball practice finished first, and we'd showered and were sitting on the benches in front of the team's lockers with towels wrapped around us. I was becoming more deeply introduced to several of my teammates - all of them ogling the new guy and considering the possibilities - when the football squad entered - or more accurately burst into the locker room - and passed us in a swirl of muddy sweats en route to their own locker area on the other side of the entrance into the shower room, where clouds of steam were trailing out into the division between the two teams' changing areas.

I knew in an instant which one was Gideon Grant. It was as if he walked in his own spotlight, surrounded by a swirl of sycophants, but isolated from them in a circle of untouchability. He'd stripped off his jersey upon entering the locker room, and he was all blond radiance, tall and bulky, but perfectly cut. A powerful body that demanded attention. I instantly knew I wanted him to fuck me.

He stopped when he drew up beside the group I was chatting with, and the cacophony of laughter and raunchy banter that had accompanied the football team's entrance into the locker room quickly tapered off to near silence. He was surveying us, and I nearly melted on the spot. But I was sitting, straddling the wooden bench, and a couple of the other guys were standing, leaning up against their lockers. And one or two had already dropped their towels - for my benefit, I thought, so I don't think Gideon's eyes took me in at all. If they had, I'm sure my chances would have been good at catching his interest. I'd never had reason to question my ability to get a man to notice me. Coach Vance certainly hadn't wasted any time in getting me alone on a weight bench.

'Charlie,' Gideon called out - and even his rich baritone voice turned me on. 'Can you give me a hand in the shower?' It was a question, but it didn't really come out as a question. It came out as a statement with a foregone conclusion.

Charlie, who had been standing behind me and a bit to my right, a hand on his open locker door, his towel dropped to his feet, and in the process of reaching into his locker for his briefs, gave a little jerk and turned and smiled a shy 'caught-in-the-headlights' smile. But he was quick enough to follow Gideon into the shower, stepping over the sweat pants and jock strap and cleats and socks Gideon was peeling off along the way - and leaving his own towel where it lay in front of his locker.

I waited only a few minutes before I disengaged from chatting with my team mates and meandered purposely over to the tiled frame of the doorway into the shower and peeked in. Charlie was down on his knees in front of Gideon, who was standing under the spray jet of water and soaping himself up - and clearly enjoying the blow job Charlie was giving him.

The other football players who were piling into the shower acted as if the scene was completely natural and were going about their business in a swirl around Gideon and Charlie, although their business did include lascivious looks, randy talk, and feeling each other up in an easy, familiar way as if this was how all of their practices ended - and no doubt that was how a good many of them did end.

I couldn't help myself. I ran my hand up under the hem of my towel and slowly masturbated, aching for Gideon to pay me the attention he was paying the gurgling and groaning Charlie.

When Gideon and Charlie came out of the shower and went into the team room rather than back to their lockers, I moved with them. And I was there, watching and coupling with them in spirit, as Gideon gently pushed Charlie onto his back on top of the metal conference table in the center of the small room, spread Charlie's legs, and slow-fucked him with one of the meatiest cocks I'd ever seen. Charlie gasped and moaned and begged for the fucking, while Gideon made love to him as slowly and languidly - and totally - as I could have hoped for in Charlie's place. It surprised me that an athletic hunk like Gideon would make love like that rather than roughly taking Charlie, and this revelation only added to my quickly developing obsession that it would be me.

I watched Charlie, eye's slitted and sighing and moaning, as Gideon paid attention to his nipples while his dick slid in and out of Charlie's channel in long, slow strokes, and I noticed that I wasn't the only one taking an interest in the scene. As the other footballers left the showers, several of them entered the room, brushing past me, and formed something of a line along the wall and watched . . . and waited.

At length, when Gideon had grunted and his firm butt cheek globes had jerked, signaling his climax, I learned what the others were waiting for. Gideon pulled out of Charlie's channel, gave him an affectionate pat on the hip, and turned and walked straight out of the room, past me, not seeming to be looking at me at all.

But I'll have to admit that in that moment, I was not looking at Gideon walking close to me in all of his naked magnificence, because my attention was riveted to the center of the team room, where the line of naked football players was lining up behind the black fullback who was insinuating his pelvis between Charlie's spread thighs. I heard Charlie cry out and arch his back in response to the thrust of a jet-black cock inside the hole Gideon had already stretched - a line of other footballers licking their chops in anticipation of their turn - before I turned and padded back toward the football team's side of the locker room.

'Hi,' I said, as I moved toward the bench where Gideon was now sitting and pulling socks onto his feet. 'I'm Sean. Just arrived this week. New to the basketball team.'

'Hello, Sean,' Gideon muttered, but he didn't even look up.

'I've seen you play,' I said, reaching idiotically for any small talk I could muster. 'I've come from Jackson Hall - you guys creamed us last year.'

'Yes, yes, we did,' Gideon answered. 'Gonna cream Jackson Hall this year too. Bunch of wimps.'

'Yes, I agree,' I said. 'I never - '

'Pretty agreeable, aren't you, buddy?' Gideon said, and now he looked up at me. 'And pretty anxious to get an eyeful too, aren't you?'

Oh god. I'd gotten off on the wrong foot already. I'd been standing there with my tongue hanging out, watching him get serviced, and I'd left the impression I salivated over him. The fact that it was the truth was beside the point.

'Gotta go . . . Sean, was it?' Gideon said, now fully dressed and ready to stride out. 'Welcome to Mount Holly, Sean. Try to learn not to look too needy, though. That's got Jackson Hall written all over it.'

And then he was gone. As I passed the team room on my forlorn, worst-introduction-possible trudge back to my locker, I looked in and saw that Charlie now had a footballer at his head with his dick face-fucking Charlie's mouth and there was a Hispanic lineman between his legs now. And then, when one guy laid on his back on the table and Charlie was lowered on his cock face up and I saw another of the guys approaching Charlie from the front and beginning to work a second cock inside Charlie's hole, to the tune of loud moans and groans from Charlie, I couldn't watch anymore and had to turn away. But I can't say this wasn't a warning of how Gideon operated.

Welcome to Mount Holly, I thought. But my next thought - and the one after that - was of Gideon Grant and his magnificent body and cock and of how I was going to go about winning him over to me.

I blush to think how obsessed I became with Gideon Grant in the following weeks and the lengths I went to to try to get him to pay attention to me - and to want me as badly as I wanted him.

I transferred to some of his classes; I found out where and when he studied in the library and tried always to be near him. I mapped out his schedule for moving around campus and followed him - to the point that he noticed I was there and scowled at me and tried to vary his movement schedules. But I always caught on to the changes, and, although I tried to be more discrete in following him when I saw how much it annoyed him, follow him I did. I dressed like the guys did who Gideon paid attention to. I tried to change my sport from basketball to football to be close to him, but the coaches would have none of that. I should have been flattered that the basketball coach said I was too valuable to his team, but all I could think of was all of that lost time I'd been in the gym and Gideon would be out on the practice field.

I tried every angle I knew of to get close to him - to let him know not only that I was available, but that I was good, worthy of being selected. I even seduced his roommate, Jonas with the hope that Jonas would tell Gideon what I good lay I was.

Jonas was among those who had gangbanged Charlie that first day I'd seen Gideon in the locker room, so I knew he was attainable. He liked to study in the park. So I started sunning myself in the park not too far from him. And then one day I volunteered to exercise Professor Taylor's dog for him, and I took the dog to the park and played Frisbee catch with him wearing nothing more than skimpy silken gym shorts.

By that day, I had gotten Jonas to study me as much as his books. I worked my way over to the edge of the woods, and when I could see that Jonas was looking at me real good, I leashed the dog to a tree and turned and looked real hard at Jonas. He was up on his feet before I had pulled my gym shorts down to my knees. I then turned and walked into the forest.

Jonas caught up with me in a shady glen of ferns and fucked me like he hadn't had sex in a month. And I gave him everything he wanted and treated him like he was the king of the mountain, pulling him down on top of me, giving his cock special attention as I crowned it with a condom, and rolling my pelvis up to him. Telling him what a big man he was, and pulling him into me, and working his throbbing cock with the muscles of my channel so that he fucked me with a frenzy and drained his balls in a fountain of cum.

We met in the woods frequently after that, but, alas, I never got the impression that whatever he told Gideon of our couplings had any effect on Gideon's attitude toward me at all.

The closest I came to having sex with Gideon by way of Jonas was the day I maneuvered Jonas to take me in their shared room. I was up on my knees, my chest flat on his bed, and Jonas behind me and between my thighs, probing me deep, when, as I hoped, Gideon came into the room. He watched us briefly and then stripped down - and my groans and moans at this point were for him rather than Jonas. But when Gideon had worked his cock hard as he watched us, instead of taking Jonas's place, he stepped up behind Jonas. And soon Jonas was writhing and groaning and grunting, and I sensed that his thrusts inside me were being driven by Gideon's cock inside Jonas.

I was given no time to revel in this nearness of Gideon, because Gideon pulled Jonas off me and turned him onto the other bed, and the two of them were deep into their own world of long-practiced sex, leaving me unfinished and frustrated. When I left the room, they were still going at it, and I don't think Gideon even knew who had been there with Jonas to begin with - and worse, even if he knew, he obviously didn't care.

I should have given up. I should have just stopped pursuing Gideon Grant. It was clear that if he was going to choose me, it wouldn't be because of what I was doing. But I couldn't stop. He had become an obsession for me.

I thought that at least I would connect with him one Saturday night when he and a group of guys from the football squad went off campus - and off their training - at a bar in town that definitely was off limits to the college students because it was a well-known male pickup joint. I followed them, however, at a distance. And I couldn't help myself when they went into the bar. I went in too. They were settling themselves around a table near a front corner of the room, and when I entered I tried not to make it too obvious I was following them and walked straight back to the bar and ordered a beer - which, of course, I wasn't supposed to have. But Gideon had me tied up in knots and I needed something to either calm me or numb me - I'd settle for either at the moment.

After receiving the beer from the bartender and taking a swig, I turned and there he was, on the stool next to me, looking at me with a half smile, and looking oh so radiant - Gideon Grant.

'You've been following me,' he said.

'Have I?' I squeaked. 'It's a small campus. Maybe - '

'No, you've been stalking me. That's not nice. What do you want?'

I had no shame. 'You, just you. Like I've seen you take other guys,' I said in a small, pitiful voice.

'I don't like being stalked,' he said gruffly. 'If you get fucked, will you leave me alone?'

'If you want me to afterward,' I responded in the bravest tone I could muster. An audition was all I wanted. I just knew that after he'd fucked me once, he'd want to do it again. That was what I was counting on, what I was living for.

'Come into the back room,' he said. And he stood and turned and motioned to the guys who had come in with him. They all stood up.

I was frightened then. I wasn't thrilled about having an audience, but if that's the way Gideon wanted to do it, that's the way we'd do it. I'd take him anyway I could get him.

Things started going off the rails as soon as we'd gotten into the back room, which had a pool table in the center and a few straight chairs scattered around.

I had expected Gideon to start working me as soon as we were in the room and stripped down, but he didn't. I felt the fear creep up my spine as, naked now himself - as the rest of the guys crowded in the small room were getting naked as well - Gideon turned a chair and straddled it backwards, facing me with a sneery grin on his face.

'Get him ready, why don't you, Pete?' Gideon muttered in a throaty voice. 'He'll want to be wide open.'

A beefy black lineman from the football team turned me roughly toward the pool table and pushed me down on top of it. He went on his knees behind me and his tongue went to my hole and a fist grabbed my balls in a bunch, and I didn't have to be told he'd crush them for me if I struggled. Another of the guys came up under me, crouched between the pool table and my spread legs and swallowed my cock and worked it with his teeth and tongue.

All the time Gideon was sitting there, pulling on his cock, and giving me a wicked grin.

I couldn't wait until Pete had opened me up with his tongue. I wanted Gideon inside me so bad.

'OK, when you're ready, Pete,' Gideon said in a low, menacing voice. 'You can go first.'

Pete go first? The realization of what was going to happen now went racing through my head. A repeat of what Charlie got back there in the locker room on the first day of practice. Only Charlie had gotten Gideon first. When was Gideon going to fuck me? I didn't care what any of the others did - as long as Gideon fucked me. My obsession knew no bounds.

One after the other, Gideon's football team chums fucked me on the pool table - the first couple from behind and then I was turned onto my back and a couple took me missionary style.

All the time Gideon sat there, smiling that sneery smile of his and working his meat. His cock was gigantic and gorgeous. I couldn't wait to have it inside me. I had nearly worked through the roster of those present. Gideon's turn couldn't be long in coming now. It was what I had been waiting for, what I had endured this gangbang for.

And then I was being lifted from the table, the team's star fullback's cock still deeply encased inside me. He was holding my pelvis to his, his wide palms on my butt cheeks. I had my fists locked behind his neck and was climbing his hips with my thighs, trying to stay in place as he rose in a standing crouch. He was spreading my cheeks with the palm of his hands, and I felt the presence of someone coming close in behind me. And I opened my mouth wide in surprise and pain and started to bellow as a second hard cock was worrying my hole, trying to enter. I went rigid.

'Relax, sport,' the fullback was whispering in my ear. 'If you don't relax, you're gonna be split for sure.'

And so I relaxed - or as close to that as I could. And I looked over to where Gideon was sitting. But he was gone now. For the briefest second I assumed he was the guy behind me, the bulb of his cock now inside me, the fullback's cock holding steady, as the second one fought for entrance. But then I saw Gideon over by the door, pulling on his T-shirt over his shorts. And moving for the door.

He wasn't even going to stay and watch me being stretched to the limit by two cocks. He was that contemptuous of me. I should have hated him. But I didn't; I wanted him now more than ever.

But I couldn't think of that right now. All of my senses were focused on the second cock slowly moving up inside me. And the embrace of two meaty bodies, the two men now in a deep kiss over my shoulder. And then the slow pumping of the second cock started, and I was moaning and groaning and begging for mercy. The first cock started a countermotion pumping - and I was crying out. Opening to them. Feeling what I'd never felt before inside me. Exulting at taking two cocks and at the sounds of passion coming in stereo on either side of me. And crying out now for . . . the . . . fuck . . . of . . . my life. All the time knowing still that it would be so much better when Gideon was fucking me.

I couldn't put my legs together for two days following my visit to the tabooed pickup bar. I had to hobble around campus to my classes, to the library, and to basketball practice, where the coach excused me from floor practice for three days with a smile that told me that he knew exactly what had happened to me and a look I knew so well that told me that he'd be sniffing around me himself for his share in the near future.

And all of the shuffling around campus was because I was still following Gideon Grant. I was obsessed as always - no, more so. There was nothing rational about it. I had no excuses for my behavior. It was just what I had to do. If someone had told me three months earlier that I would become a stalker, I would have told them they were crazy. But even now, knowing it was me who was crazy, I didn't care. I lived for Gideon to look my way, to beckon to me with his hand, to take me to paradise.



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