After I was finished fucking Chris, I reached up and down and released his restraints. Then I stripped off the gloves and threw them to the side. But I just lay there, my dong eight and a half inches up Chris's ass and my arms and legs closely enclosing his, for a half hour or more. Chris lay quietly within my grasp, his breath becoming more and more regular. He probably was fearful of what I'd do if he started to move away from me. When I'd begun to cramp, I left him and went into the bathroom to shower off.

Remorse and embarrassment flooded into me as I stood under the shower, letting the cool water sluice the musk of deep sex off me. I was sure Chris would be gone when I returned. I tried to remember the content of my e-mail exchanges with him, searching for evidence that I had gone beyond the bounds we had previously discussed. I liked Chris'and he had submitted to me totally. I was ashamed that I might have hurt him or taken him beyond the limits of his expectations. I know that I had caused him physical pain. But from what I could tell, this was part of the thrill of being an S&M bottom. Perhaps most of all, he had turned me on. He had met my needs. I was afraid I'd gone too far and that maybe neither he nor anyone else could meet my needs without being harmed themselves.

As these thoughts were eating me and water was sluicing down my body and into the shower drain, the shower stall door was thrust open, and there Chris stood, still naked from the earlier sex.

Oh, no, I thought. We're going to have a confrontation, and here I am, wet and trapped in this shower.

'That was great! I've never felt a dick as fully in me before,' he exclaimed. He brought his hands around from his back. He held the leather restraints in one hand and a condom packet and the lubricant tube in the other. 'Can you do me again? Are you recharged enough yet?'

Surprise, surprise. My worry was for naught.

I exited the shower, and Chris rubbed me off with a towel, paying extra attention to my cock and balls. Then he opened the condom packet and rolled the sheath onto my engorging cock and lubed me down. He headed back toward the bedroom, but I took his arm and kept him in the bathroom. I put his hands back into the restraints and led him over to the toilet. Making him kneel on the toilet lid, I tied his hands up to a towel rack above the toilet. Then I tied off his ankles, so he wouldn't instinctively try to widen his leg stance while I was fucking him. I couldn't maximize my pleasure without his ass being tight. I then lubed up the fingers of one hand, and standing behind him above the toilet seat, I lubed his asshole. During this process, I fanned the palm of the other hand on his belly and leaned over and nuzzled the crook of his neck with my lips. He turned his head toward mine and we kissed deeply, as my lubed fingers found his prostate and my other hand moved to stroking his cock and rolling and squeezing his balls.

I stroked his cock until he came, and then I moved in, covering him with my body, my legs pressing his thighs together and my arms wrapped around his torso, one hand going to his nipples and the other to his belly and cock, getting close in, squeezing myself into him the way I liked it. My teeth pressed into the side of his neck, as I entered his ass. He trembled under me in a mixture of anticipation, pain, and pleasure as my eight and a half inches plowed their way toward the center of him. My skittish little thoroughbred racehorse. This time he was very vocal, telling me that I was filling and stretching him to the limit in the most incredible fucking he'd ever had. Grunting and groaning, and sighing and moaning, and screaming for me to fuck his brains out.

He was incredibly tight, just the way I wanted it. When I had plowed him to the hilt, I started to pump him'slowly and deeply at first, and then with longer strokes. His ass walls came alive, their muscles undulating over my tightly encased cock as it stroked in and out. And it was so much better now than before, knowing that he wanted it this way too. After I'd cum in three separate gushes, I just sort of collapsed on top of him as he was draped over the toilet, but I heard no objection from him. He was loving the close embrace as much as I did.

After several minutes, we showered together, in a close embrace under the streaming water. He took my cock in both of his hands, and, incredibly, it was coming to life again. I did him there, for a third time, without restraints and without lube or condom, skin rubbing against undulating ass walls. He now understood my need for closeness and tightness and control, and he now just let me push him into the corner of the shower stall, the water raining down on us and running over us, as I put my hands under his hips, with him facing me, and lifted his body and lowered his pelvis onto my fat, long skewer. He wrapped his legs tightly around my hips and buttocks, holding me close into his tight ass canal, his arms wrapped tightly around my neck, our heaving chests nipple to nipple and belly to belly, and he held still as I pumped him until he had shot cum up my belly between my pecs and I had cum once more, bareback, eight and a half inches up his ass.



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