When the door to the office opened and Bob and his transvestite walked in I jumped up and started to put my dress back on, while my detective pulled his pants up and his gun out.

'What the fuck are you doing here' I said.

'Why the fuck are you following me' Bob replied.

'Someone must of hired us' I said looking to my detective. and he said 'I was hired by your boss to find out who your source was for the new business dealyou are working on'. 'That motherfucker!!' Bob shouted. 'Wait, I have an Idea' I said. I quickly told them my plan. The transvestite 'Veronica' and I would catch the boss on video engaged in sex acts with us and his rich friends and we would take him down. They agreed and Veronica and I got primped and ready.

We found the boss and his cronies at a private club downtown. We easily passed as female and the bouncer let us in.

The club was dark and the music was pounding out a steady throb of bass and drum. We saw the boss 2 tables over doing coke off a young mans cock.

We watched as he snorted a bump off the head then poured another bump onto the guys beautiful pink penis and sniffed it up his nose and sucked the tip and rubbed his gums with the cocaine tipped cock head. The boss was depraved and I knew it would take the best skills Veronica and I had to catch him. We walked over and I said ' can we party with you ?.' The boss grabbed my crotch and felt the semi hard cock in my panties and said 'sure grab a line'. He then laid out a rail of coke that would kill a horse, rocks in it that you could put in your driveway. Veronica and I got on either end and snorted towards each other until our noses and mouths touched and we kissed in a long deep cocaine fueled frencher that made the boss exhale. The boss said 'come on back to the VIP room and lets do this thing.' As soon as his body gaurds closed the door he stripped naked and was sporting a nice big cock.

As I looked around I saw that there were alot of naked guys in the room. Around ten or fifteen hardons pointed in my, and Veronicas direction. I went to my knees and the crowd encircled me. I started sucking cocks and fondling balls and the guys were loving it. This distraction gave Veronica the time to place a small camera from her purse in just the right place, to capture all of the action. I was deep throating a cock while stroking another and the boss was poking at my ass with his cock. Veronica came over and got on her hands and knees right next to me and the boss jammed his cock into her butthole. Veronica screamed in pain or pleasure I am not sure which and the boss began slam fucking her ass. I was slurping my tounge around the head and shaft of a nice hard cock when I felt him start to spurt and gush his warm sperm into my mouth. His cum was warm and juicy, sloshing around under my tounge. I swallowed his sperm and he pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth. I looked over at Veronica and saw the boss pull out of her ass and spray his cum all over her back and buttcheeks. I crawled to her and licked the warm sperm from her back and butthole. I went further down and licked the sperm drops and drizzles from her balls. I sucked the head of her cock into my mouth and felt it start to get hard. I turned my attention back to her butt hole and felt a nice hard cock slipping past my lips and sinking into her asshole. I licked the cock as it was pushed deeper and deeper into veronicas butthole. I tried to stick my tounge into her butt hole as the cock thrust in and out. I could feel her butt hole squeezing around his shaft as he fucked her. I began to lick his balls as she thrust her ass back and forth. I heard him grunt and groan when his cock slipped out and he ejaculated warm sperm all over her ass hole and then jammed his cock deep into her ass and finished pumping his fluid into her belly. He pulled his cock out and I sucked the sperm off of it then smashed my face into her cheeks and sucked the warm cum from her butt hole. As I was tasting the warm sperm I felt a guy working his BIG cock into my tight butt hole. He began thrusting deeper and deeper eventualy popping into the deepest part of me. I could feel his big balls bumping my balls with every thrust, and his hairy pelvis smashing into my ass cheeks. His cock was really stretching my butt hole as he slammed in and out. I noticed another guy was fucking Veronicas ass right next to my face as the guy fucking my ass hole pulled out and sprayed his warm sperm all over my ass cheeks and then stuck his cock deep into my ass and I could feel his spurts shooting into my belly. He stopped cumming but kept right on thrusting his cock, slamming my ass, I was grunting and groaning and I began to fell my self cumming from his thrusts. I sprayed my sperm on the floor as his cock repeatedly banged my ass hole. I flipped over and he fucked me in the missionary position for about ten more thrusts and then pulled out and ejaculated warm sperm up to my mouth and all over my stomach. I licked his cum from my mouth and smeared as much as I could on my fingers and fed it to Veronica. The boss walked over and was carrying a champagne glass. He said ' everybody jerk it into this glass and the whores drink it'. The guys all began to stroke their cocks and ejaculating into the glass. I was transfixed watching each thick rope of sperm shoot into the glass, wishing it was my mouth. When all the guys were done the glass was three quarters full and sperm was all over the sides. Veronica looked at the glass like it was all she wanted, so I put it to her lips and she drank some warm sperm and then I tipped it up and drank all of the cum in one swallow. The detective got his video and the boss went into hiding.

Think about this.

Every guy jerks off.

A table spoon of warm sperm.

4 billion tablespoons

An ocean of cum.





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