The first job I ever had was helping a private detective. He was a friend of the family and said he needed someone to watch people from a car or hide in the bushes and take pictures, nothing dangerous. It was very boring most of the time, just sitting in my car watching a motel room door, waiting for a cheating spouse to come out with their lover and snap some pics. Some times I would start to fantasize about sucking cock and I had to slip my pants down and jerk off. I always kept a plastic cup in my car to ejaculate into and then drink the warm sperm. The best case I ever helped with was a wife hired us to watch her husband. She was sure he was cheating. He would say he had to work late but when she went to the office to surprise him a couple of times he was not there. We followed him twice to a building that looked kind of deserted or abandoned, but there were always a bunch of cars parked outside.

I was told to stay and try to find out what was going on in there. I sat in my car for about thirty minutes when a guy came out and walked to his car parked by mine.

I said 'Hey man, What is this place'

'Private club' he replied.

He was standing at my driver side window and bent down and looked me over. He was about 35 or 40 years old and pretty tall. He rested his elbows on the door and said 'you want to join?'. 'Sure, how do I do that'. He said 'Do you like to suck cock and swallow?' I was a little surprised but said 'Hell yes' and he said 'ok, lets see what you can do.' He stood up and unzipped his jeans, pulled them down to mid thigh and stuck his cock through my open car window so that his balls were resting on the door. He had a beautiful pink uncircumcised penis that was about half hard and 7 or 8 inches. I licked my lips and put them on the tip of his cock head then slid my tongue back and forth. He inhaled sharply and I took more of his warm cock into my mouth sucking gently and swirling my tongue around the shaft until the head of his cock was in my throat and my lips were in his hair. Saliva was dripping down on his balls so I gently rubbed it into his balls while I deep throated him up and down until he started thrusting his cock deep into my throat. I knew he was getting close and I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could taste it. He grunted and I pulled back so I could stroke his shaft. I jerked about six strokes and felt the first spurts of warm sperm spray into my mouth. I love everything about a guy ejaculating in my mouth the taste the texture the warmth. He gave me about seven nice streams of warm cum hitting the roof of my mouth and tongue and tonsils. I held the cum in my mouth and he pulled his cock back and pulled up his pants. He bent down and I opened my mouth to show him the warm sperm under my tongue and then he watched me swallow it. He smiled and said 'That was good young man but you want to join, you have to do more than that, follow me.'

We walked up to the building and he knocks on the door. I notice a camera above us and then the door opens. We walk in to a nicely decorated elegant looking open space with just a couple of guys standing around. He leads me to another door with another camera and when this door opens we descend a staircase into a wood paneled room with a few couches and club chairs and about forty naked guys gang banging a young guy about my age.

Some of the guys have turned to see who we are and my new friend says 'strip and suck if you want to join'. I was so hot (literally hot) my body was burning for those cocks and all of that sweet warm sperm. I was out of my clothes and on my knees in record time. I noticed the floor was some kind of rubbery material like a spray on truck bed liner. I could hear the moans of the guys who were fucking the other 'initiate' as I took the nearest cock into my mouth and started sucking and stroking it. Some of the other guys were rubbing oil on my body and it was such a turn on, my dick was rock hard. If you ever get the chance to have 10 or more hands rub oil all over your ass and cock and chest and legs, I highly recommend it. I was so into the oil rub when the cock in my mouth started spraying warm cum it surprised me. He pulled out and finished cumming in my hair. He pushed his cock back in my mouth and began massaging his sperm in my hair with his hands. He stepped back and two guys pushed their cocks into my mouth. I alternately sucked and stroked the cocks and noticed both of these beautiful penises looked exactly alike. I looked up and holy shit: Identical twins. I barely had time to register this when I felt a large hard cock sliding between my butt cheeks and into my ass. The head was gently pushed past my sphincter and then pulled back out and rubbed into the oil on my body and then back in a little deeper until I could feel the head pushing into my colon and his hairy pelvis banging into my ass cheeks. Oh my god this felt soooo good. I was still sucking the twins dicks while this big cock was thrusting in and out of the deepest parts of my ass. I sucked and stroked and licked their balls until the twins both moaned in stereo and began ejaculating their warm sperm into my mouth. Twin streams of cum flowing over my tongue and spraying my chin as I tried to swallow it all and match my thrusts with the big cock stretching my hungry butt hole. The twins finished cumming and used their cocks to push the warm sperm from my face into my mouth and I licked the rest from their identical dicks. The guy fucking me started slamming so hard I was sliding slowly towards the other initiate. I got the idea and crawled slowly with each thrust until I was face to face with a cute guy who said between mouthfuls of cock that his name was Tom. We both started sucking the cocks that were in front of our faces. Some times I would lick a guys balls while Tom sucked his dick until he came in Toms mouth and then we would share the guys warm sperm in a cummy kiss. The guy fucking my ass started bucking and moaning until I felt his warm sperm shooting deep into my belly. Spurt after spurt coating my insides. He collapsed onto my back and I could feel his heavy hot breaths on my neck as he rubbed his oily hands on my chest and down to my cock and balls. He stroked my cock and slipped his deflating penis back into my butt hole and started thrusting again. Two guys started cumming and sprayed my mouth with warm sperm that Tom and I both shared in a deep french kiss, swirling the cum between our tongues. The guy in my ass was rock ard again but he pulled out and I felt a guy slide under me and push his cock in to the hilt in one thrust. His dick was a little smaller than large cock so my butt hole wasnt stretched as much as I wanted. That changed when another guy started slipping his cock into my ass as well. Now my hungry hungry butthole was stretched to the max and felt so good. I was moaning and grunting as the two cocks worked their way deeper and deeper into my ass. Tom and I were both getting our butt holes fucked hard when we each got sprayed in the face and mouth with jet after jet of warm sperm from four more guys. We used our tongues to clean each others faces of delicious cum. My cock was rubbing against the oily stomach of the guy underneath me as him and his partner brutally slammed in and out of my butt hole. My cock rubbed with each thrust and I couldnt take it anymore, I sprayed his belly with my warm sperm like a firehose. As the last of my fluid leaked out of my still rock hard cock the two guys fucking me began moaning and spraying jets of warm cum deep into my ass. I moved forward until their cocks plopped out and the rest of their spurts landed on my butt cheeks and butt hole. I then turned my ass around to Toms face and he licked and sucked the cum from my cheeks and hole. When I turned around to face him his face was shiny with the sperm from my ass. I kissed him and licked his face clean. I rolled over onto my back and slid under Tom in a sixty nine. From my vantage point I could see Toms hard on and the a guys cock sliding in and out of his butthole. Tom lowered his cock down to my mouth and I sucked his cock slowly as I watched his ass getting fucked. I felt Tom start sucking my cock and felt someone push my legs back and slip their cock into my hungry butt hole. Not stretched any more but that was fine by me, I enjoyed the slamming and fucking while I sucked Toms cock. He didnt last long, in thirty seconds Tom sprayed warm jets of sperm into my mouth and it trickled down my throat. A few more thrusts and the guy fucking Toms ass grunted and groaned and I new he was filling Tom with warm sperm that would soon be mine. Tom pulled his now soft cock out of my mouth and lowered his cummy butthole down to my face and ground his ass onto my mouth. Warm sperm was leaking out of Toms butt hole and I gobbled and licked and sucked and stuck my tongue into his hole to get as much as I could. The guy fucking my ass pulled out and came all over my cock and Toms mouth. I was totaly getting off on all this and licking the cum off of Toms balls and now hard dick. When Tom spun around and started kissing me and slipped his cock into my ass fucking me missionary style. I love missionary because you are face to face and I started kissing him back wrapped my legs around his waist and licked the cum from his chin and lips. Tom was really fucking me hard and fast while two guys knelt down and stroked their cocks by my face, I licked the balls and sucked the tips while they stroked and Tom slammed in and out of my butt hole. Right on cue all three started moaning, Tom pulled out of my ass and stroked his cock until they all three were spraying their warm sperm into my mouth. So much sperm so fast was overwhelming I swallowed ther cum and licked it from my lips as it spilled over the sides of my mouth. Tom laid down on top of me and licked and kissed me clean. After everyone had many turns with us, they all agreed Tom and I were definitly going to be joining this club....... but only after a couple of more meetings. Oh and the private detective? I told him there was nothing going on at that old building just a private club.




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