To begin with I had never in a million years ever seen myself as a gay young man. I'll admit it, I was different, I really didn't speak the ususal sexual language that the other athletes did In high school,And I was into athletics very much, I was built well, and into several sports all during my years at High School and then into college.

But because of my sexual attractions to guys I just stayed to myself alot.

Seeing the other athletes getting naked in the locker room was almost more than I could handle, I would end up going to the dorm room and having the wildest stroke off ever, blowing cum all over the place, I think I kept Kleenex in business that year.

I would have to be discreet about it because I was rooming with a Football quarter back that was as macho as 'Rocky Balboa,' yet he was so fucking handsome that most guys on campus were envious of his good looks, that, and added to his prowess on the field in sports, he was considered a god.

But being his room mate it was myy good luck that I got to see him often in just his tidy whities, which was what he always wore, actually, they were quite tight boxer briefs, always white, and the crotch was very well packed. I got a good look at the radiator hose that was laying over to the side of his crotch and that awesome outline of his cock's head, I found out quickly that he was cut, and My mouth was almost always watering.

I wanted to say something, to make some sort of connection and really get to well, you know, 'get it on with Kendall, that was his name, Kendall Laramore.(not his real name of course).

Kendall and I had gotten the relationship thing down great, I had walked in on him stroking that awesome cock, a couple times, I really wanted to join in with him, but I didn't think it wise at the time, I would just excuse myself and bow out graciously, leaving him to the finishing of his jerkoff session.

I guess it was just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I had been jogging and working out, I was beginning to put on some extra weight, when I deciced to head for the showers in the mens locker room.

Now you must understand that the Locker room was open to all college athletes by a pass code on a push button code pad beside the door. We could use the facilities at all hours of the day or night if needed.

I got to the door, opened it and Immediately I heard the showers running, someone was there showering, I openend my locker, and grabbed a towel.

I stripped naked and walked over to the shower room when I heard this funny sound. I listened as I heard this funny sort of moaning, grunting, then I heard a voice say,'OH fuck yeah! thats it take it all, I peeked around the edge of the shower room door, and there was my room mate Kendall, leaning back against the shower room wall, and Jason Ketterling was kneeling in front of Kendall with Kendall's cock balls deep in his mouth, as far as his eight incher would allow. Kendall was running his fingers thru Jason's hair almost violently, and he held Jason's head and slowly and deeply face fucked him as Jason stroked his own cock. I watched this scene play out for almost ten minutes, untill I Heard Kendall began to breath really heavy and hold onto Jason's head, 'Holy Fuck man, here it is, take my load, I watched Jason's mouth bulge out as Kendall shot his load of man seed into Jason's mouth and held it there untill Jason had swallowed it all, and his own cock began to blow his load all over the shower floor.

That was the most exciting scene I had ever seen in my life.

Now here I was standing at the door, raging boner in hand when Kendall walked over and saw me standing there, 'Hey man, how long you been there?'

'Long enough to see the fireworks.' I said.

'Man you won't tell anyone will you? Just keep this our little secret,' Jason said.

'Hey It will be our little secret, that is if you will invite me to join in next time.'

'Hey Dude I had no idea you would like to get it on with other dudes.'

'I never have gotten it on with another dude before, but I have always wanted to try.'

'No Shit, I wish I knew that, we have wasted a half a year, sleeping in the same room and all.' Kendall said.

That day began a new way of living for me, Kendall was more outgoing and friendly, and I was more open, we started our little personal relationship by having a jerkoff session in our dorm room that night, when we got back to the dorm.

Three days later Kendall came into the dorm room, hung out the do not disturb sign, and we began My inniation into my own world of gay sexual experiences.

'Are you ready to find out what man to man sex is all about?' Kendall ashed, he had this huge smile on his face as he began to undress, he got to his white boxer-briefs and crawled on to his bed, and motioned for me to come over, he began to undress me. I was down to my boxers and my cock was already like a peice of concrete.

Kendall reached over and touched my face and with his index finger stroked around on my face and complimented me on my good looks, which he definately seems to like.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations that he was making course thru my body.

I was in heaven by this time, I felt his wet, warm, sensous lips touch my mouth and then his tongue dove into the opening between my teeth, and I almost passed out from the passion I was feeling, Damn he was awesome.

I reached over and began to stroke his gorgeous torso, his lightly hairy chest, those pectoral muscles, tight and thick, his washboard abs were phenomenal, then I felt so turned on, I reached down and placed my hand around his cock, it was so heavy feeling and thick, a good little over eight inches and like his wrist, thick, it was a work of art, then I felt his thick egg sized nuts, I Heard Kendall moan, he was liking what I was doing, I really felt proud.

But Kendall leaned over, slid off my boxers and took my cock to the hilt in his, moist, hot sensual mouth, I felt like flying off the bed. I had never experienced a feeling that awesome before, I felt sensations flowing thru my body like jolts of lightening hitting me.

I was quickly comming to the climax, I told Kendall to stop, or I would blow my load in his mouth, Holy shit man, that was like tossing a porkchop to a ravenous dog, it made him go wilder. It took about three more minutes of his intense sucking and deepthroating my seven and a half incher, swirling his tongue around that sensative head, and I was like jelly, I let out a loud groan, raised up on my elbows, lifted my hips up to meet Kendall's hot wet mouth,as he took my cock to the balls, and I felt the most intense climax of my life. My cock began pumping a huge load of cum, I thought I would pass out.

I layed back with Kendall's mouth still sliding back and forth on my softening cock, licking, sucking and drinking down the very last little remnant of my cum, I was drained, exhausted, spent, and totally satisfied, I have never felt that way before. I could have died right then a most happy man.

Kendall flopped back and said, 'Wow Dude that was fantastic.'

'Are you telling me or asking me?' I said.

'Well did you like it.' he asked.

I started laughing, 'Does a hockey player skate on ice?'

We both started giggling, then I noticed Kendall's cock still standing thick, hard and proud, 'Can I try sucking that?' I asked.

Kendall smiled a hugh smile and said, 'I thought you'd never ask, be my guest.'

I leaned over as Kendall layed back on the pillow and I took his cock into my mouth, it was so thick, I almost couldn't get it into my mouth but I finally succeeded.

I heard that familiar moan come from Kendall's mouth.

I was working on it really good, having learned about watching the scraping with the teeth.

Kendall stopped me and asked me if I wanted to try something else, something different.

I said, 'sure, why not?'

Kendall layed me back down on the bed raised my ass up and began to dive into it with gusto of a starving dog.

When I felt his tongue penetrate my asshole, I almost flew out the dorm window. God this was a totally new sensation, and I loved it. I wanted more, I heard my own voice say, 'Oh shit man give me more.'

Well more is what I got, I felt Kendall reach over and get a tube of something from the night stand, he slathered it over his very hard cock, and shoved some of it up inside my rectum, which felt so awesome.

He raised up between my legs, raised them up and held my ankles and placed that awesome cock head against my puckered hole. I could feel the heat from the head of his throbbing cock.

My anal opening was so sensative I could feel his heartbeat thru his cockhead, god I was turned on, I wanted all of him.

I felt it as that beautiful head slid into my anal opening, Kendall just said, 'Hey man, you alright, I'll take it easy since this is your first time.'

'Yeah, Hurts a little but I'll handle it, go ahead,' I said.

I felt Kendall push with his hips and felt my intestines fill up with his manhood, god what a rush, such sensations, especially that one spot, every time His cock would slide over it, I would feel these totally awesome sensations pouring over me like hot water splashes, and waves of awesome feelings filled me to the brim.

Kendall fucked my asshole like a breading horse, and I loved every second of it, I wanted him to take his pleasure out in me. I found myself enjoying it so much I was fucking back up at him with my hips.

It took about ten minutes of his moaning, hammering and kissing me like a lover would kiss his lover, when I felt him saying 'Oh Yeah, Oh yeah!!!! OH FUCK MAN,' and I felt him ram his hard thick boner to his balls deep inside my body, I was so excited I began shooting another load of cum from the excitement and sensations, and I felt his cock start spasming inside my anal opening, and felt that warm sensation like hot water filling me up.

Kendall must have been carrying a load like a horse, because I think I shit cum for a week. But It was awesome, and believe me, It was the beginning of a wonderful, wonderful year at college, We slept together almost every night during that year, and we began to incorporate Jason into our sessions and have threeways quite a lot, I was definately speaking a new language now, or at least when it came to sexual matters anyway.



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