South London has a few wooded areas that are notorious for cruising and on occasion I’ve walked across the Common to see what trouble I could find.

A couple of weeks ago, after going two nights in a row, I found myself bent over a tree taking two different dicks and then blowing my load with one of the tops while the other sucked our dicks.

Cruising in the woods seems so old school. I’m in my 40s and I definitely remember a time when there was no Scruff or BBRTs to hook up and often, on a warm summer night, the parks are where you went to get off.

Anyway, fast forward a week or two and I was chatting with this cute stud on BBRTs, about the same age as me, slightly shorter, but seductively edgy as we chatted. We were all but ready to connect and he surprises me one night by asking if I like to cruise outdoors.

I could not tell a lie and instead of taking our chances of meeting in the park, we deliberately set out to the woods with the intent to connect one evening and it turned out to be a sexy fucking night.

I got there a bit earlier than our agreed upon time and was standing around watching the various guys wander through the woods. It looked to be a lot busier than usual and a few of the guys were definitely fuckable. There were of course the others that made you wish you stayed in doors with a sleeve of Pringles, but that’s the beauty of nature right?

Anyway, my chat-buddy had told me that he would be wearing a baseball cap which instantly turned me on and I had let him know that under my shorts, I had on a leather jock strap and was lubed and ready for dick.

I saw him coming through the dimly lit woods with a big grin on his face and even though we had never met before, there was a sexy connection and he walked up, put his arms around me and kissed me.

“Hope you didn’t forget the poppers?” he asked as we kissed.

I could feel his hard dick pushing against the leather pouch of my jock and his hands roamed all over my ass. His hands slipped down the back of my shorts and he moaned a little when he felt some of the lube coating my cheeks.

“Fucking whore aren’t you” he said to as he undid his jeans.

“Suck my dick slut,” he commanded as he pushed me to the forest floor.

I had only seen his dick in pics but when I unleashed it, I was pleasantly surprised by his girth and the straight-as-an-arrow erection. He had one of those cocks that stuck straight out and bobbed around. It looked so gorgeous in the light and he had on a metal cock ring.

Clearly he was ready to fuck.

But first, I handed him the poppers while I licked the head of his dick tasting his precum. He poppered up and maneuvered over to a tree where he leaned back and let me go to work on his now very hard dick.

I took a huge hit of poppers and swallowed his knob while he pushed my head down and murmured nasty shit to me. “Suck that cock slut, you like that don’t you? You’re a big whore, probably been here for hours taking loads haven’t you?”

By this time, a few other guys had gathered around to watch me suck this stud. Two were hot young athletic guys. Obviously straight and looking for on-the-side fun which was a hot thought. The other guy was a lot older and holding onto a bicycle like it was about to be stolen.

The poppers made me a little giggly and I was almost going to say to him, “are you looking to be ridden,” but though against it.  Didn’t really want to open that door, but the other two, I’d them fuck me six ways to Sunday with my new friend.

As I sucked, I worked my shorts down around my ankles and my jock-strapped ass was on view for all to see. I’d go down to the cock ring on this cutie, and he’d reach around and finger my lubed ass.

After a few minutes of this, one of the athletic studs came over and whipped out a nice cock in my face standing beside my friend.

“Check out this slut’s ass man, he picked me up online and its all ready lubed and ready for dick. Want some?”

The new guy had a big smirk on his face,  and reached around while I held onto to both of their cocks.

“Dam” he said as he fingered my hole, “Who goes first?”

“I will,” said the third guy.

My friend raised me up and gave me a kiss at this point and whispered, “You don’t mind do you? Sorry, I should have asked but….”

I didn’t answer him, but kissed him and then pushed him aside so I could lean over the tree he was propped against. I kicked off my shorts and assumed the position, ass sticking out, jockstrap illuminated in the dim light.

I honestly don’t know who went first but all three fucked me (I think). They all fucked me and talked nasty to me. My friend came around after a couple of mounts and shoved his dick into my mouth.

“You ok?’ he asked.

So sweet he was, right before I gagged on his cock at about the same time one of the other guys nutted inside me with a loud grunt.

This continued on for quite sometime and I was aware of guys coming and going to watch. I don’t think anyone other than my three new friends fucked me, but there were a couple of guys I would have let load me up.

My friend finished off fucking me with one of his legs up on a nearby tree. His ball sac was slapping against my nuts and he was not shy about talking nasty to me.

“I’m going to fucking dump in your slutty hole,” and with that he thrust every inch of dick deep inside me and pumped me full of his nutt.

As promised in our online chat, I told him I would clean his dick after he blew his load, so I turned around, grabbed hold of that dick and licked and sucked three guys’ loads and juice off before standing up, kissing him and looking around for my shorts.

“Thanks man, “ we should do that again.

“Tomorrow night?” I asked.



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