I knew to get the kind of job I wanted I was going to need a better education, I had thought of going to a tech school, mechanics, or maybe a business school, business administration, or some other field including finances ect, but I knew I needed a better field of expertise and more education in whatever field I chose. I also knew the clock was ticking and I was almost twenty eight years old, so If I wanted to get that education before I was sent to a nursing home, I needed to get it going.

I had worked several years at full time work making good enought cash I guess, but it wasn't the sort of thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I saved my money to go to college, adn I had enought for what I wanted. I applied for a student and got it, and added to what I had saved I had enough to go without worring whether I would have enough to finish or not.

I got to the University I had applied for, I was majoring in engineering, got enrolled, everything set up, I drove up to the dorm I had gotten a room in and unloaded my things.

One small problem with being in a mens dorm, since this was an older university, the Dorms had double occupancy rooms and the mens rooms and showers were at the end of the Hallway of the dorms, and there were these older military style showers. There was one large open room with about eight shower heads sticking out from the walls, no privacy curtains, just open, and The problem was, I was gay, and if some other guys came in there while I was in there, It was 'raise the gate dorcy the cows are cumming thru,' I would be standing there looking at these hot, well built young college men, sporting a huge boner, and having seven and a half inches of very thick uncut cock was rather hard to conceal when your naked.

Well I had been in the showers several times, and I didn't feel too bad, I wasn't the only one that got a hard on in the shower.

Dustin Fridley, a god of a student, with a body that looked like the body of an olympic Gymnist, holy shit he was gorgeous, and had the most awesome cut cock I had ever seen, every time he got into the showers and got the water running down over his body, it was like the hands on a clock, his cock started slowly raising, and would end up standing almost straight upwards, even at times touching his stomach, and when I would see that, it was time for me to leave, because, my own would act like the Space shuttle leaving the launching pad, up it would go.

I would end up leaving and going back to my room and of course polishing the old knob, if you take my meaning.

Well One Friday evening, I had finished up with my work, cleaned my room and took a shower, once again getting a glimpse of Dustins gorgeous hard cock, I would try not to be too obvious, but I think Dustin noticed me looking at his boner, I watched out of corner of my eye, my hardon sticking up and so was his, he caught me looking and smiled at me and just sorta started putting on a show. I watched as Dustin started stroking on his cock, making like he didn't see me looking, but I knew he had noticed.

of course my cock was like a concrete brick, throbbing, almost aching as I watched his cock beging stroked on, God it was beautiful, I sorta Meandered over close to Dustin and touched Dustins shoulder, then I leaned over and nibbled on his earlobe, I heard him moan, and then I said, 'That cock is fucking gorgeous Dustin, can I help you out with that?' He never even looked up at me he just said, 'Oh Fuck yeah man,' In an almost exhausted lusty whisper.

I reached down and took his cock into my hand and started stroking it for him, I heard him let out a big gasp, 'Oh Fuck man, I need this,' I started working it over for him.

I finally got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth as he let out a excited groan. I felt him grab my head and shove my face into his bush, and I felt his grunt as his cock started flexing and unloading a huge load of nut juice into my throat, I suck and swallowed and took his complete cum load and finally even slid my thumb under the length of his cock shaft along his piss tube, extracting out of his cock every last little drip of his cum, god it was so sweet and tasty.

I finaly got up stroking my cock and He looked straight into my eyes, 'Thanks man, that was awesome, God did I ever need to get off.'

'Hey Dustin, It was my pleasure, anytime you need to get off, my room is #238. Wow! alright, you can bank on it, I WILL be coming around.

Dustin took my cock into his hand and started stroking me off, I was so friggin excited that it took me about three minutes and I was unloading my cum all over the shower room floor, Dustin squeezed and milked me totally dry, and then licked a little drip of my cum off his fingers, it was so fucking erotic as he smiled. Well needless to say Dustin and I became close suck buddies during our years in college.

I was getting horny for more than just a hand job.

I decided to go out this one Saturday night and see what I could find, I really didn't know much about that city that the University was in,only the main parts, the ones that pertain to the students.

I had found this one bar that I had seen an ad for.

I got out of my car and went in, it was about eight oclock that evening, the place was jumping, there were guys, some very good looking guys. Then there were some gals, some really pretty ones too, they just weren't my bag of tea.

I sat at the bar, ordered a drink or two, or three, or maybe even four, just being observant.

I had been enjoying the dancers up on these platforms there, dancing erotically to the music.

I guess it was about eleven when this guy, nice looking, nothing exceptional, but fairly well built, looked to be about twenty five or somewhere there abouts.

I saw him smile at me and walk up to the bar and set down next to me, He ordered a drink, and looked around, to see what was happening around the bar.

He finally just looked over at me and said,'Hey hows it going? My name is Craig, glad to meet you.' I held out my hand shook his hand, introduced myself and said, well it's been slow around here.'

'Yeah haven't gotten much action in here. I almost always go to a gay bar up the street, theres always action there.'

I Looked at his face, he was getting better looking all the time, 'A Gay Bar, are you gay?'

'Truth is, he said, I don't know what I am, I was always a pussy chaser, but as I get older I find they are getting harder to find, and besides my marriage turned me off to pussy, I haven't gotten any pussy in a couple years.'

'I'll bet your really horny by now arn't you?'

'Fuck no, a guy don't need pussy to get sexual relief, thats why I like to go to the bar up the street.'

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'I know this sounds strange to a guy like you, but they have this room in the rear of the bar, its dark, they call it a groping room, and when you go in, you take out your cock, and you'll be pleasantly surprised what happens, you will get sucked off, or even get to fuck some dude in the ass, it's fucking awesome, I even took one up my ass in there one night, It wasn't really all that bad either.'

I just looked at Craig and said, 'is that what you came here for to find a guy or gal to have sex with?'

'Well yeah man, I guess it is, but truthfully I would rather have sex with a guy, no committments, no talks of getting serious, or being owned by someone just because they get their rocks off, you know what I mean.

I smiled and said, 'Well Craig, do you have a place to go?'

'Oh yeah man, I have my own apartment over by the university.'

I leaned over and just whispered into Craigs ear, will I do for sex? Im horny as a fucking breading horse.'

Craig looked up at me and said, 'Follow me stud, lets go and have sone fun,' I followed, he led.

We ended up back over at his Apartment, and boy did we have some fun.

For a straight guy this guy liked everything, I had his tongue in my asshole before I could even get my cloths off, This dude was going wild, god he was one 'Horny Muther.

Craig had me naked, my legs up in the air, as he knelt on the floor next to the bed with his mouth about to eat the skin off my rectum, god was I in heaven, I was feeling his tongue penetrating my love hole, I was holding my legs at the knees lifting my asshole upwards as Craig slid his tongue in and out of my ass.

After about ten minutes of feeling a constant assult with his tongue, as I tried to pull the covers off the bed, Craig let my legs down and started working on my nuts and cock, Craig was not a virgin cocksucker, he was deep throating my boner making these wild sensations as he sucked and sucked and played with my balls.

Finally I wanted to get into the action I had not at this time yet seen Craig's cock and balls. I stopped his actions and pushed his body down on the bed, and Leaned over and slid his boxers off, and was I in for a surprise, he was uncut, thick enough I couldn't get my fingers to touch around it, and it must have been a good nine inches long. god his cock was awesome, I had to taste this beauty, I heard Craig moan out loud as I slid my mouth onto his gorgeous thick aweseom cock, all the way to the black pubic hair. 'Oh Fuck man, Oh yeah that's it, Suck that cock man, yeah suck it.'

I was definately sucking it, I wanted his load bad, the next thing that happened was totally unexpected, I found myself liftening his legs and sucking on his asshole and then without any warning, I knelt up and just sunk my cock into his asshole, 'Holy Fuck the moves were on, I felt his ass being slammed back up against my body and he assulted my cock with his asshole, I could feel his muscles contracting around my cock shaft, milking it like a cows teat, god it felt phenomenal. I felt the cum boiling deep in my nuts, and I knew I wouldn't last long. Craig knew totally well how to fuck a guy.

It was over soon I started filling his intestines up with cum, and he started shooting out a load with his cock all over his face, the headboard to his bed, god it was awesome.

We layed there for about ten minutes trying to get out breath, exhausted, totally spent, then he looked at me, that was fucking amazing man. Lets go down and have a drink.

We went down his stairs to his kitchen, Craig made us a drink, we sat there on the bar stools, naked as the day we were born, our cocks still wet from our sex, drinking our drinks.

Craig looked over at me and said, you know what, 'I'm ready for round two, the games was on again, Craig dropped to his knees and started sucking my quickly hardening cock, god Craig was insatiabel in his desire for sex with me, It took me longer this time but I had reloaded and filled his mouth as he gulped my sauce down like a starving hound.

I will have to say that was the beginning of a very long, sex relationship, we took care of each other and spent the night at his apartment at least once a week while I was in College, I got my degree and I now have a job in that college town, making good money, Im actually now a professor at that same university.

Craig and I have this thing that is too good to give up and as of yet we haven't.



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