I had never really given much thought to how I would die nor did I expect it to happen when I was only 19. What others would call an act of insanity, I would call the end of a truly magnificent love story that never really got to start.

Before I begin, let me catch you up to speed...

My name is Charlie or Chaz as I was better known as and I am a practicing Wiccan. I am the north of my coven and the other three spots consist of my three best friends Katya, Lenka and Farah representing the East, West and South respectively. As the North of my coven, I was basically the head of the coven and also the strongest.

My coven got together once a week to discuss our days and summon our deities to gather power, knowledge and wellbeing among other things. Other than that, we hadn't really cast any serious spells of any kind.

That was until I set my sight on Adam Theos, Katya's brother's best friend. He was everything I had ever wanted in a man; tall, dark, handsome, mysterious yet friendly and all of the above, but because of his heterosexuality, he was never interested in me the way I was interested in him. It drove me insane at night when I would think about him and dream about him loving me and then I would wake him knowing quite well that that would never happen.

After giving it much thought, I had come up with an idea; a Love Spell. I looked through my Book of Shadows and saw that despite the jovial and free-spirited spells we had in there, we didn't have a love spell, so at my next coven meeting, my sisters and I gathered together to construct a spell we would cast on the next full moon to get full benefit of its power.

Lenka was the poetic mastermind behind most of our spells so she wrote one down on a piece of paper and passed it around to get everyone's approval. Her work was amazing and everyone had approved straight away.

Now finally it was Friday the 13th. My sisters and I gathered together at our secret meeting place within the woods outside of Farah's home and drew a ritual spellbinding circle and lighted two red and two pink candles and placed them on the lines of the circle. We each took our place behind a candle at our respective places and lit one white candle and placed it in the middle of the constellation.

'Do you have the tool?' I asked them.

Katya pulled out a picture of Adam that we had printed out previously and placed it within the circle. After making sure that the full moon was at its highest, we joined hands and chanted our spell:

'We call upon the ancient power, to bring to us that which is love; bestow it upon the north of we and bind it for eternity.'

I let go of Katya's hand and reached into the circle and burned the picture of Adam. The picture burned in an eery purple-coloured smoke and finally everything had been completed. I re-held Katya's hand and we all closed our eyes and meditated on what aftermath of this spell and what would happen.

The next morning, I woke up happier than usual. Not that I was expecting rose petals on my bed and Adam standing next to my bed with an engagement ring, I was still a bit disappointed that I had not noticed any big changes. Reassuring my complete faith in Wicca, I approached the day like normal and continued my general day-to-day events when suddenly I had a call from Katya.

'Brother, I need help. I feel sick and need your guidance.'

And so I made my way to Katya's house and found her on her bed with a very high temperature. After tending to her and insuring she rest, I heard the front door being knocked on. Knowing we were the only two home, I went to it and answered it and nearly fainted when I saw Adam.

'Hey Chaz,' he greeted me with a much warmer smile, 'is John around?'

'No, he's out,' I replied, 'can I do anything for you?'

I saw the emotion drain from Adam's face and a wave of sadness washed over him. He turned around to leave but I grabbed him by the wrist and asked him what was up.

'Don't worry about it,' he assured me.

'No, it's okay, I'm a great listener,' I insisted, cherishing the physical contact we had right now.

After giving it much thought, Adam gave in and followed me into Katya's house where we sat at her dining table across from each other. In my head I pictured a romantic dinner set for two with candles and rose petals everywhere, but this would have to do.

'What's up?' I asked him.

He looked up at me, his penetrating gaze making me melt instantaneously.

'I'm in love,' he said as if he was insinuating something.

Could it be that the spell had worked and he was in love with me?

'Continue,' I said, my heart beat racing already.

'I don't know what to do about it or how I should approach the situation, I mean, we've never really spoken to each other before,' he said quietly.

'Well,' I said as my hopes started to build up, 'what do you think you should do?'

'I think I should go up to them, sweep them off their feet and kiss them,' he said simply.

I licked my lips at the thought and watched him as he beamed at me and stood up out of his chair after I told him that I thought it was a good idea.

'I'm going to do that now actually,' he said, 'thanks Chaz. I love you for this.'

My hopes and dreams were shattered when I watched Adam walked right passed me as if I wasn't even there. How could this be? We had executed the plan perfectly. Everything had gone accordingly. What went wrong? I thought about the placement of the ritual circle, the candles, the picture of Adam, the lock of hair.

I followed him out and saw that he had gone upstairs.

It felt as if a bus hit me when I realised who he was talking about.


The spell had specifically said the North of we which obviously meant me as I was the North of the coven, so how did the spell backfire and hit Katya instead of me?

And that's when it hit me. On a geographical scale, Katya was sitting at the north which meant that the spell which wasn't specifically worded enough worked for her benefit. The spell that bound their love for eternity.

Not only did that backfire, but the threefold rule had kicked in and I was even more dangerously in love with Adam. 'Whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times', which meant that I was in love with Adam three times as much as before.

But he was bound for eternity with Katya, my sister.

There was only one real solution to this. I disappeared into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher's knife with steady hands. I looked down at it and thought about my one true love...

'I love you Adam.'



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