Come here, unbutton my shirt and run your hand down my belly and below my waistband. Feel that? It's all for you. Let it free; let it breath. There, ahhhh. Your warm hand feels so good wrapped around my cock. Feel it growing, getting longer and thicker? That's for you. That's because I love the way you look. What great shape you're in; the way you take care of your body; the movement of your body as you approach me. How you look at me when I enter the room. Ah, yes, I love the feel of your lips on my nipples. No, don't stop stroking my cock while you tongue my nipples. Such hot lips, following my downy trail. Ah, yes, put your tongue in my navel like that again. Yes, just go ahead and strip my pants off my legs. Your hands holding my hips tight, skin on skin, your face buried in my belly. I feel you taking possession of me. Taking control. I love that. You know just what pleases me. I'm falling back onto the edge of the bed now, you supporting me and holding me to your searching lips with strong hands, the heels of your hands dug into my hips, the palms flat out, cupping my butt mounds. Oh, oh! Yes, your lips encircling my mushroom cap, your tongue darting in and out of my piss slit. Mooaaaannnn.

Oh, oh, Can you take it all in? Oh, yes, yes you can. Moaannnn. I love the velvety softness, the wetness of your inner cheeks caressing all sides of my cock as you slowly pull me into your mouth, to the back of your throat. Your fingernails are digging into my butt cheeks, trying to pull me in as close as they can. Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh. Sliding that luscious warm, soft mouth up and down on my rod. Ohhhhhhh! Yes, that was me lurching and yelping a bit as you applied pressure with your teeth at the very root of my cock. So pleasing. You are giving me so much pleasure. What can I do in turn? What can I do to relieve the pressures of your day? If I could reach those strong muscles of yours, I would massage you.

WHAT are you doing? Oh, Gawd, that humming you're doing. It's vibrating my cock as you hold me close. Oh, stop! Yes, I love it, but I'm going to cum, and I don't want to cum yet. I want to give you pleasure as well. Oh, yesss. The balls. Suck those balls! Oh, oh, you're holding them both in your cheeks and pulling away from me, extending them. Ahhhhhhhhh! And the humming. Humming there too. The vibration! I can't take any more. Please, let me help relieve YOUR tension. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Transfer all of your pent-up frustration and anger at life's challenges and unfairness to your cock. Let it grow thick and long in frustration and then assault me. Plow me. Fuck me. Punish me. Make that cock run all the way through me like an avenging sword and come out in my mouth. Use me! Take your pleasure in me. Take out your anger on me. I am your frustration and tension. Show me who's the boss. Fuck my lights out.

Ah, yes, slide that tongue down my perineum. I open my legs to you. I throw my legs wide for you. Yes, lodge your thumbs on either side of my hole, just like that. Spread me wide. Ahhhhh, yes. Your tongue. Warm wet, invading me. An angry, frustrated army attacking me at my most vulnerable spot. Oh, oh, oh, SHIT! Breaching the walls, storming the gate, the tongue invading, sweeping away all defenses.

I'm defenseless to your attacking tongue. My walls are widening for you, tumbling down for you. I want you now. Take me now. NOW! Plunder! Rape! Put me to the sword! I wrap my hand around the sword. No, the battering ram! No. A whole invading army! My gate is open to you. I'm pulling you into me. OH, GAWD that hurts! No, don't stop! I want to feel your fury! I want to take your frustration and your tension from you. Invade me! Plow me! Relentlessly to the end. Ahhhh, ahhhh, ggrrooann, moaaan.

Take no prisoners. Search every nook and cranny of me with that bludgeoning weapon of yours. In. Out. In. O-u-t. I-n-n. Inoutinout. Searching to this side. Rotating your bulbous cap, your piss slit a searching eye, looking for new victims in the darkness of my ass passage. Dispatching them with a thrust of your powerful hips. Pushing into the corners at that side. Taking, pillaging, raping. Paying no heed to screams for pity. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Longer, deeper, slower, faster . . . faster . . . deeper . . . fasterfasterfaster. YESSSSSSSSS! I feel the tension and the frustration spouting out of you now. Flooding my insides. Let me take your tension deep inside me!

Ahhhhhhhh, yesss!

Now, lay your head on my breast as we regain our breath. Yes, I love your warm, moist lips there. I can tell from your breathing that much of the tension is gone. But not all. Here, come up on the bed with me. No, don't pull your cock out of me. We can manage. No, I don't care that it is softening. I want it to stay in me until I can release more of your tension, until it gets big and angry again and wants to fuck something hard with thundering thrusts. I want to be that something. Here, let me wrap my calves around your thighs, holding you deep inside me, while I encircle my arms around you and massage your shoulder and back muscles and your butt cheeks. There like that. You're sighing for me. That's good. Your tension is flowing out of you now.

Oh, you like that? You like my finger moving around the rim of your hole like that? Ha, made you lurch when I inserted it. Bet you can take this one, and this one too, and this one. Ah, yes, I can tell that you like that. Your battering ram is moving inside me again. Ride me. Fuck me. Fuck me again. Rough and Hard! Yessss, just like that!

And kiss me, your eyes open to mine as our lips meet, my fingers inside you, your rejuvenating cock inside me, getting thicker and longer, stretching my walls, filling me, pumping me, possessing me, punishing me and bathing me once more in your sweet nectar.

Now sleep on my breast. Close your eyes and sleep in my arms. Tomorrow will be better. And if it isn't, I know just what to do.



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