My husband and I had been enjoying an open relationship probably a little too much and despite what people think about these arrangements, it takes a lot of work to be open; and more often than not, it breeds (pun intended) a lot of resentment and suspicion. Sounds ideal right? I mean who wouldn’t want to have a relationship like that? Well, if you like raw dick like we do…this is the price of sexual freedom.

There had been some tension building and we got into an argument one night and the comment came out, “You’d rather fuck your ‘lovers’ than fuck with me.” Being the smart ass I am, I responded with, “Maybe, but then again I don’t know who you’re fucking, so maybe I should try them out first before making that decision.”

That didn’t help calm the argument.

But, fast forward a few days after things had calmed down and we were talking again, he asks, “So Is that a fantasy?”

“What?” I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Do you want to be fucked by the guys I’ve been fooling around with?”

“Ohhh, colliding worlds,” I laughed and smirking and doing a little cutesy finger suck thing while playing with my ass.

“No I’m serious,” he said, “I actually wanna see who you’re fucking around with, and you can see who I’m with, lets combine.”

I thought about it for 1 second and said, “Yeah, why not, let’s do this, why don’t you invite 3 or 4 of your fuck buddies and I’ll invite 3 of 4 of mine and let’s see where it goes.”

I liked the idea but being in a particularly bold mood I had one other stipulation, “Can we set it up so that I get each and every load either in me or on me?”

“What do you mean, you wanna be a bukkake boy?” he asked.

“Yeah, and maybe even blindfolded for the opening part to see if I can tell who is who….”

Following that comment, my husband fucked the hell out of me knowing that I wanted to play a little game of “Guess the dick.” Something about it turned him on I guess so and after we made love all afternoon, we set about to making it all happen.

It took a while to coordinate the schedules and convince the others to join but in the end it appeared that I had 3 of my fuck buddies committed to playing and my husband had found 4. I didn’t want to know anything about the guys he invited and he didn’t ask who I was inviting.

The basic rule for the night was; me in a jockstrap wearing a blindfold until the point where everyone has either cum in my ass or mouth at least once and then I could learn the identities of those attending. While I was taking dick I’d have to guess who was who.

For the night in question, we went to the local Prowler and bought all the necessary supplies; poppers, lube, some cheap rubber cock rings, box of herbal Viagra, and a new Pump jock strap for myself which made me feel instantly slutty.

The thought process behind the guys I chose to come over that night wasn’t exactly rocket science; all hung and all pigs. I had to assume that my husband’s selection criteria was similar.

We made up the bed in our room, the spare bedroom and even put some of the supplies upstairs in my office along with some toys from my collection. We figured my office and its sofa bed would be the seedy fuck room so as part of the array of toys there was the good old Tom of Finland vibrating dildo, my recently acquired 12” meaty almost real flesh suction cupped dildo, some leather harnesses, a couple of other random dildos (15” double headed one), several bottles of lube and poppers etc. And then to top it all off, computer we played one of my favourite DVDs: Treasure Island Media’s Sperm Assault.

Let the fuck fest begin.

We agreed that hubby would play the role of fluffer and host while I hid out in our bedroom as the guys arrived.

One by one the gate buzzer rang as they all came at the appointed time.

I’m sure the neighbour’s tongues were wagging at the sight of all the men arriving and at one point I thought, “Sure hope they don’t pop over for a visit!” In truth we had set up the playdate for 11:30pm so it would be unlikely that they’d just wander over but to be safe we did set the fuck music on quite low so as not to attract attention and closed all the curtains etc.

With all this preparation, I was ready to fuck wearing a brand new jock strap, some bright orange trainers and a blindfold from a British Airways First Class Amenity Kit that was about to be used in a manner they probably didn’t intend.

I could hear the sounds of drinks being poured and laughter from downstairs as my husband did his fluffer duties and then my phone binged; “I think the guys are ready,” the text from downstairs read.

I got ready and placed the blindfold over my face.

In my left hand I clutched one of the strongest brands of poppers I could find, got into position on all fours and listened as the room filled up with dick.

They had clearly been having fun downstairs because one thing I remember not hearing is the sound of guys getting undressed and then next thing I know, there are sets of hands running across my jock strapped body and shortly after that, someone’s cock was at my mouth.

I took a big hit of the poppers and started to swallow a stranger dick, was not one I knew, so clearly this was one of my husband’s fuck buddies.

While I choked on a good sized 8” uncut dick someone was spitting and licking on my asshole and all around me I could hear the sounds of dicks being stroked or sucked, kissing, groping and moaning from the guys in attendance.

My dick was achingly hard already and I could tell that the front of my jock strap was soaked with precum.

Another cock was shoved in my face and I thought I knew this one: it seemed familiar anyway and I poppered up and started to suck away while someone continued to tongue fuck my ass.

“Just remember guys, he doesn’t get to take the blindfold off until you’ve all cum in his ass or mouth at least once,” my husband said.

From there it became a bit of a popper blurr to be honest. I was fucked, gagged, kissed and moved around to the other rooms.

Initially I had tried to concentrate on who’s dick I was sucking or riding but after a while of being pinned down while riding a popper high I could hardly tell my own husband’s dick which I knew pretty well.

I do remember vividly when we all went up the spiral staircase to my office which is not that large and this crowded room of studs took turns using various toys on me; butt plugs, dildos and more.

I have a big black 4” butt plug that is like passing a fist when it comes out but by this point I was loose enough that one of the guys used it as a dildo on my while I greedily sucked a couple more dicks. At first, they had plugged me up and after poppering up I was sucking dick with abandon but my throat and ass we were so relaxed that the butt plug went flying out at one point which is why the one guy used it as a dildo.

I was on my back at one point, my legs held up by the ankles, dick in my mouth and someone was slapping the base of the butt plug in my ass which made me cry out in ecstasy. The plug was tapping on my g-spot with perfection and had my dick been unleashed from the jock, I would have popped a load from the sensation.

One of the guys put on the leather harness (or so I could hear) and it became clear that at this point in the evening, I was not the only one getting fucked.

Over the loosely worded script of the porn playing in the background it was a room of “fuck yeah,” “take it,” “suck my dick,” etc etc.

It must have been a good hour or so of orgy pigginess in the office when one of the guy’s, again, someone I didn’t recognize shouted out, “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” and the next thing I know is there is a very thick cock in my mouth pumping a load of seed down my throat.

The sight of him cumming and the energy must have pushed others over the top because at this point, the room turned into a scene from the Sperm Assault that was playing on the computer.

We had positioned the sofa so that I could be leaning, taking dick from behind and then sucking guys standing up behind it and after swallowing this initial load I found myself being fucked hard by what I think was my husband’s big black dick and about to get loaded from both ends.

I lost count how many loads I swallowed at that point, at least 4, and then one by one, I was mounted and loaded from behind as the guys took turns seeding my ass. I’m pretty sure one or two of the guys blew more than one load into me at this point.

The fucking had stopped and there were no more dicks to drain. The bottom of my nose was raw from the poppers but I remained on all fours over the back of the couch while my husband said things like “That is a loaded pussy babe.”

“Push it out,” one of the guys shouted.

I propped myself over the back of the sofa supporting myself with my chest, reached around to my ass cheeks and pulled them wide open.

The only that came into my head as I opened up my cheeks was, “so much fucking cum!!!!” which is was I apparently screamed out very loudly in front of these still stranger studs.

My office sofa was definitely going to need a professional cleaning at this point as the bubbling cum gushed out of my well fucked hole.

Still blindfolded, some of the guys scooped the cum up, fed me a little, smeared it all over my ass cheeks, pushed some back inside and talked nasty to me.

I cannot lie: I loved every second of it.

“Time for the big reveal,” my husband said as he guided me to my feet.

In the confines of my small office it felt like I was in a mosh pit with all these sweaty bodies next to mine but off came the blindfold.

In the background, Mr Marky from Sperm Assault and his big curved black dick was fucking the shit out of some bottom on the screen and the first two guys I see are two of my fuck buddies who had huge grins on their faces. “Hi,” I said while giving them both a hug and a spermy tasting kiss.

But then to my total surprise, there standing in my office completely naked were two interracial couple friends that I knew through my husband.

Truth be told, the one guy and I had sexted raunchy pics once or twice and I always thought that both couples would be hot fun. As it turns out, my husband had thought so too because they had been having 5somes for a while now.

I should have felt left out but not like I was deprived of dick of my own accord and at the very least, my circle of fuck buddies undoubtedly grew a little larger after tonight.

Smiling, I hugged and kissed each of them in turn while they played with my cummy ass and murmurmed nasty shit about my performance.

It turned out that we had all been fucking for a solid 3 hours and I was in need of a bit of a rest and more importantly a martini, so we went down the spiral stairs to the living room to relax a little, but before long there were 8 boners in the room and the pigginess continued for another few hours.

This time though, we all stayed in the living room. One of the guys used his AirPlay to broadcast some seriously raunchy bareback porn on the TV and there was a sea of 8 guys fucking, sucking, rimming, poppering up and swapping loads all over the place.

It had to have been 5am because the birds were starting to make some noise when the fuck-fest came to an end (out of complete exhaustion). One couple took the spare bedroom, we made up the sofa bed in my office for the other couple and my two fuck buds who actually knew each other and fucked around separately went their separate ways back home.

Of course the next day, after everyone was awake, I was a good host and made a hearty breakfast. The 6 of use sat around in the garden enjoying coffee and reminiscing about last night.

As I was taking a sip of coffee enjoying the throbbing sensation in my ass, the guy who I had sexted with previously blurts out laughing, “Wanna watch the video where you cry out, ‘so much cummmmm!”

All I could think of was “plausible deniability,” I mean after all, I was wearing a blindfold.

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