Blake pulled his Jeep down to the water's edge and parked. Owen and he climbed out and began to unload their gear. The canoe was strapped on the cargo rack and once it was untied they slide it down and carried it to the river's edge. It took only a few minutes to load their gear; tent, tarps, food, camp stove, lanterns, and all the other items they would need for their four day paddling trip down the Roanoke River. Owen's SUV was parked at the landing they would work their way down to in four days. The would paddle down with the river's current, and along the way they would camp on the platforms built in the swamps, bayous, and along the river's bank. It was forecast to rain in the afternoons a couple of days so they had the tarps to tie up over the platforms to try to keep everything in the dry and not be relying on just the fly over the tent.

The pushed off and began their journey late in the day, having spent five hours on the road, and another two hours getting Owen's car to the pull out point. The canoe was packed between them and they paddled a slow casual pace making their way down river to the first platform, one they should arrive at before dark.

Owen and Blake had become friends in college and after graduation both had gotten jobs in the same city, continuing their close friendship. They double dated, worked together with some of the volunteer groups and even took weekend trips together going fishing, hiking in the mountains, or just heading to beach to hang out. Owen had over the last four years since getting his degree dated only a few girls, the last one for two years, telling himself she was the one, but in the last couple of months things just didn't seem right, he couldn't imagine living with her all the time and when she began to try to get him to change instead he broke up with her. The last couple of weeks were tough, this suddenly being single again and he hated it, but couldn't bring himself to try to find someone for he wasn't interested in going out right away. Instead he planned this trip, just Blake and he, for Blake was the one person he truly enjoyed spending his time.

Blake was no closer to settling down, for he dated a different girl constantly, never more than a month or so with anyone one girl. He just wasn't interested in the whole settling down thing and creating a family, couldn't imagine having a house full of small kids. When he was alone, lying on his bed or staring at his reflection in the mirror, he saw someone who dated for the sex. He just wanted to enjoy the sexual stimulation, the feel of another, the touch, the warm embrace and the feel of his cock locking his body to theirs. But when it came to hanging out, to actually doing things such as cook outs, or going to a concert or sporting event, or planning a weekend getaway, he realized the one person whom he wanted to do those things with was Owen. He had jokingly told Owen several times it was a shame he wasn't a woman.

They paddled out and began their journey looking at the birds of prey that circled overhead and for an hour it was quiet on the river, a few boats passing on occasion this early spring day, the temperatures warm. Owen and Blake talked quietly, almost reverently as they moved down the river, pointing out ancient cypress trees towering over the other species and after a while they began to have long periods of silence, just moving along to the sound of water lapping softly along the canoe.

The first platform they had reserved sat back into the trees in an area of swamp surrounding a bayou that was a quarter of a mile in length and about a couple of hundred yards wide. The waters were calm, very slow moving coming out of the swamp as they moved toward the river. The platform was twenty by twenty-four feet, large enough for their tent and all their gear. The skies were clear and the rains were not due to move in until late the next day, so they tossed the tarps to one side letting them have a view of the sky up through the cypress trees that surrounded them. Owen got out the portable shower and began to set it up at one corner, hanging it from the post that extended upward for tarps and lanterns to be secured.

"You're going to shower off?" Blake asked as Owen hung the bladder for the shower.

"Yeah...after the long drive and the couple of hours paddling I just want to clean up before we crash for the night" Owen replied.

Blake sat on the edge of the platform, legs dangling over the side, his feet only inches above the slow moving water. He looked out through the trees back to the bayou watching an eagle lift off from its nest high in a cypress tree. When he heard the cascading water from the portable shower he looked around at Owen under the small circle of spray. He'd seen Owen naked before, but it had been a couple of years and he noticed how Owen had filled out some, was no longer skinny, but he still had the smooth brown tone skin and practically no body hair. Blake let his eyes roam down his friend's body, the curves, the smooth skin, the way his shoulder blades moved or how his ass rode high and round and when Owen turned to rinse his back Blake watched his cock swing back and forth, slightly erect, loosely hanging over the sac and Blake wasn't turned off by seeing his friend naked, instead he felt an intrigue, some sense of curiosity, and he had to acknowledge the simple beauty of his form and his mind went from the idea of masculine beauty to sex, sexuality and he wondered what it would be like to do something sexual with another something sexual with Owen.

Owen knew Blake was looking at him, watching him shower off and it was odd this time, the way Blake's eyes roamed up and down his body, but he didn't really care and he kept on soaping up and once lathered up completely, he rinsed off. He finally felt clean and he stepped away from the corner picking up his towel from top of a cooler and dried off. It felt good, this cleanness and the feel of the natural breeze over his body and he was in no hurry to get dressed as he ran the towel over his body. He cock thickened up, rose up slightly and he wasn't embarrassed about it and proceeded to dry his hair again rubbing the towel over his head as he felt his cock move freely in the open. He tossed the towel over a rope they had strung up and moved to the tent to get something to put on.

"Damn, I feel better" he said as he squatted down, unzipped the tent and leaned in to dig into his bag.

"I think I'll go ahead and shower too" Blake said as he got up, his eyes still on Owen, looking down his long lean back, his round ass and the way his cheeks parted as he squatted down. Owen held a towel out to him.

"Here's your towel" and Owen stood back up holding his shorts in his hand as he let his eyes scan their surroundings. "You think anyone will come up in here this late in the day?"

"Nah...we've have the place to ourselves. Why? Are you going to stay naked?" Blake asked jokingly.

"Maybe" Owen replied, a mischievous smile on his face, "it does feel good."

"Well fuck it, go naked" Blake dared as he pulled his shirt off. He pushed his shorts and boxers down and stepped out of them and laid all his clothes aside. Under the shower he let the small spray run long enough to wet his body. Grabbing up the soap, he began to lather up, running his soapy hands through his hair, over his face, around his neck and downward till his entire body had a thin lather of soap.

Owen watched him from the corner of his eye as he sat on the edge of the platform leaned back on his hands stretching his torso out to let the warm evening breeze blow over him. His eyes roamed up and down Blake's body, its muscular form, broad shouldered and narrow waist with clearly defined pecs, the flat stomach, arms and legs bulging with muscle. Blake had a mat of hair on his chest which trailed down his stomach in a line down to his crotch where it fanned out over his cock. Owen couldn't help but notice how Blake's cock had thickened up, began to stretch out over his sac and he watched how Blake ran his soapy hand over it, tugging on it slightly making it begin to rise up and he turned quickly back to his view out to the bayou trying hard not to think about how seeing Blake naked was making him feel his own nakedness and his cock felt like it going to get erect at any moment.

Blake rinsed the soap off and for a brief moment let the cool water run a little longer enjoying the fresh clean feel of his skin. He glanced over and saw how Owen was staring out, obviously trying not to look over and Blake also noticed how his cock had rose up enough to hover over his sac, the shaft thickening and the head beginning to flare out. He turned the water off and roughly dried off, not caring about some water droplets still on him deciding he would just air dry the rest of the way. He walked over to where Owen was sitting and eased down beside him about an arm's length away and the two of them sat there silent for a while, Owen still leaned back, the front of his body fully visible and Blake sitting up concealing his cock from Owen's eyes.

"It really is nice out here" Blake said in a low voice.

"Yeah...feels good too" Owen replied, "ya know, just to sit here."

Blake kept glancing over and watching Owen's cock slowly rise up. He looked at the lean body, his low waist and long torso and the way his smooth skin was tight to his lean frame. He felt his own cock thicken more and suddenly his position seemed cramped, his cock and sac pinched and he leaned back on his arms, stretching out his torso like Owen and the sunlight from the sinking sun, low on the horizon and filtering through the trees moved over them warming their skin.

They watched each other's cock, not saying anything as both of them got an erection, their cocks thickening, rising up, rolling around to the side then moving upward. Their cock thickened up, the heads flared out as they pointed upward till both of their cocks hovered over their stomachs.

"Jesus, it's like we're fourteen and horny all the time" Owen whispered sounding out of breath.

"I am horny all the time" Blake replied laughing nervously.

"It has been a while for me" Owen said as he gave his cock a light tug and let go watching it bob up and down.

Blake looked over at Owen sheepishly and shrugged as he reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times slowly. Owen watched his hand move down the shaft, the vein covered shaft thicker than his own and he wondered how it would feel to the touch, if it would feel the way his own feels, the smooth skin over the rock hard shaft.

"Owen, now that I'm hard I won't go down...not until..." and Blake stammered till Owen interrupted him.

"Fuck it, we both know we jack off and right now we both need too" Owen replied and he reached down and took his cock and began to run his hand up and down the long shaft. Blake watched Owen stroke his cock as he took his own and did the same. They moved at the same pace, slowly at first, hands moving up their cocks and rubbing over the sensitive heads until both of them were wet and slick and their pace increased with the movement of their hands faster, stroking their cocks harder.

Owen suddenly liked Blake watching him, actually spread his legs some giving him a better view of his long hard cock and his sac hanging loose between his legs bouncing up and down with his strokes and he watched Blake keep pace, stroke his fat cock till he was pumping upward slightly with his hips. It didn't take long, the two of them naked, aroused by each other's visual display, this need to cum, and Owen watched how Black suddenly leaned forward, spread his legs wide and jacked his cock with it pointing outward over the edge of the dock. Owen leaned up some, enough to see Blake's hand and cock, the fast furious pace of his strokes and he heard Blake moan, short grunts, as he rocked his hips back and forth. Then Blake shoved forward, his hand slammed down and a thick wad of cum shot from the head of his cock landing a few feet out in the water. The second wad went half the distance then the third till Blake was smearing the last dribbling cum down his shaft till he was spent.

Owen had watched how Blake came, shooting the thick wads out and he felt his own need rise up and he leaned back till he was lying on his back and he threw his free arm over his head stretching out as much as he could, his stomach concave and his ribs plainly visible and he stroked his cock hard, his hand a blur. Blake watched him as he leaned back on his arms again, his cock no longer visible between his legs with it now flaccid. Owen glanced at Blake, saw his eyes were watching him stroke his cock and he came, hard, thick wads shooting out hitting him in the face, ropes of cum landing over his chest and stomach, three, four and five times thick wads shot from his cock till he too was stroking the last dribbles of cum down his still hard shaft. He knew his cock wouldn't go soft right away, that it would slowly shrink back to size as his cum dried and flaked off.

"Shit you come a lot" Blake finally commented; "You're covered in it."

Owen ran his slimy fingers through one puddle of cum after the next, smeared the rope of cum over his chest then held up his hand looking at his cum get thinner and drip off of them. For a brief moment he considered putting his fingers to his mouth and tasting it, thought of letting Blake seeing him do it, something he hadn't done since he was a teenager when curiosity got the best of him.

Suddenly the mood changed, their nakedness with their slimly spent cocks sitting out here in the open and they both got up and quickly rinsed the cum off with a refilled shower.

"I guess we better get dressed in case someone comes along" Blake said knowing the chances of anyone coming to their platform were slim.

"Yeah and we should prepare something to eat for I'll be ready to crash soon" Owen replied.

Once they had food cooking on the camp stove their mood lightened up and they began to joke around and talk about what some of their mutual friends had been doing, all the while avoid any conversation of sex or their masturbating in front of each other. The ate and locked everything down for the night and climbed into the tent, the night still warm enough for them to just lay on top of their sleeping bags.

During the night, the early spring night cooled down till both worked their way inside their sleeping bags and drifted off into a deep sleep. The sky got light, then the sun broke the horizon somewhere behind them and they watched the trees on the far side of the bayou light up top to bottom. It didn't take long to eat and pack up their gear and soon they were on their way down stream. They knew the weather forecast for a front to blow through late in the day so they had reserved a platform they could get to by mid-afternoon hopefully having time to set up their camp and paddle around exploring the area before the rains came.

The trip was easy, paddling with the current of the slow moving river and when they were hungry they would just let the canoe drift along as they ate a sandwich or snack. They arrived at the markers for the next platform around two thirty and the eased the canoe along the edge of the swamp the river was making its way through and within a few minutes they came upon the platform. They worked steadily getting their gear out and setting up, putting up a tarp over the top and one on the east side of the platform to block some of the wind if the storm was a little severe. Soon the tent was up underneath and their gear stowed away or secured.

"Okay, let's paddle around awhile" Owen said as he pulled out his small water proof bag with his camera.

Blake grabbed up the small cooler they brought for these small excursions with a couple of drinks and some snacks and they soon pushed off and made their way back to the main river. There was a small creek feeding into the river, and they paddled to it and began to work their way upstream. It was a narrow creek, not more than thirty yards wide with cypress towering over head. The water reflected the surroundings perfectly, its smooth slow moving waters mirroring the landscape above.

Owen and Blake lost track of time as they moved along the narrow creek. They spotted eagles, hawks, cranes, even a few deer splashing through the water's edge and snakes either swimming across the creek or sunning on a log floating in the water along the bank. They had started back noticing the sky clouding up but they were too late and the sky quickly darkened and the winds picked up making paddling difficult with the winds hitting them at one angle then another. The temperature began to drop fast, the air getting cool. They were only a few minutes from the platform when the first few drops of rain fell on them and they renewed their efforts paddling as fast as they could. When the rain fell hard they were cutting into the swamp following the markers and by the time they got to the platform they were soaked. They pulled the canoe up on the narrow landing platform and flipped it over tying it down. Under the tarp they stood, arms out, letting the water cascade down their bodies.

"Shit, its cold" Black uttered as he began to strip off his wet clothes.

"We need to get out of these wet clothes...damn I'm freezing" as he removed his t-shirt, shorts and boxers. Their skin showed their coldness all covered in goose bumps and shivering with the drastic change in the temperature that quickly dropped down into the low fifties. They dried off and slipped on boxers and climbed into the tent and into their sleeping bags. Neither was hungry and the exertions of the day and the sound of the rain made them sleepy and they drifted off to sleep while they watched the rain hitting the water's surface.

Owen slept restlessly, his sleeping bag too light to keep him as warm as he wanted and he tossed and turned. Then he felt Blake next to him. Neither sure who had moved against whom, but they found themselves pressed together.

"I can't get warm" Blake mumbled and he shifted in his sleeping bag again.

"Neither can I" Owen replied. "I started to throw a blanket in with our gear and thought it was dumb to add more to our packs."

"So it's your fault" Blake said lightly as he turned toward Owen. "Unzip your bag."

"What?! Are you trying to punish me or something?"

"No...don't be silly, just unzip your bag and let's get close enough to share some body heat."

"Oh...okay" Owen replied agreeing it was a good idea and troubled by it too.

They lay close enough together to feel their arms and legs touch and it allowed the sleeping bags to overlap some in the middle. They drifted back to sleep, the warmth of their bodies making them more comfortable. Sometime after dark, the rains stopped and only the dripping water from the trees continued in its random tapping on the tarp, Blake moved up next to Owen, pressed his chest and hips to Owen's back and ass, the curve of their bodies spooning tightly together. Owen felt the warmth of Blake's body, the soft body hair tickle his skin when one of them shifted, and he felt Blake's cock hardening against his ass. Blake wasn't aware of what he was doing at first, this snuggling up to Owen but when his mind awakened enough to know what he was doing he didn't pull away, didn't want to, and he pressed his body tightly to Owen's.

"This feels good" Blake whispered.

Owen only moaned his ascent as he pushed back feeling Blake's hardening cock nestled against his ass. Blake wrapped one arm over him hugging their bodies tighter, his hand rubbing over Owen's chest. Owen leaned his head back resting it against Blake's shoulder and soon he felt the warm breath, then the lips on his neck, felt them as they moved over his neck and around his ear with Blake's tongue rimming it slowly, both of their movements slow, their eyes closed.

Blake ran his hand downward, slipped it within Owen's boxers and grasped his hard cock, giving it a slight squeeze before his let his fingers trace along the growing shaft. Blake eased backward and pulled Owen over on his back so he could lean over and kissed him on the lips. Owen accepted the kiss, lips tight together, with tongues dueling, and Owen slipped his into Blake's mouth. Blake pushed Owen's boxers down and grasped his hard cock, stroking it, feeling the shaft swell in his fist. Owen moaned at the sensation and he ran his own hand up blake's thigh and over the crotch of his boxers feeling the hard cock within. Owen slipped his fingers through the fly and touched the soft warm flesh of the hard shaft, his fingers gliding up and down its length.

Blake pulled his boxers off, kicking them down into the bottom of his sleeping bag as he moved on top of Owen. Owen wondered if Blake was going to try to fuck him, if moving on top meant he was suppose to be 'bottom' and he wasn't sure he wanted to do that, wasn't sure he'd like taking this role in their sex but Blake didn't kick his legs apart, instead he pulled them together, his own straddling them as he ground their cocks together.

Blake had always considered sex just sex, that someone should do what they liked and now he was faced with his own lust, his own desires, and it involved Owen, another man, his friend and he wondered if he could take this to its natural conclusion and he wondered if Owen would want the same thing. He shifted into a sitting position, their sleeping bags falling back from them exposing their heated up bodies to the cool night air, as he ground his ass down on Owen's cock, feeling it slide over him, touch him down there, the sensation immense. He stroked his own cock as he moved his ass back and forth.

Owen couldn't believe how it felt, the way Blake was rocking back and forth on top of him, Blake's ass rubbing over his cock making it leak its natural lube and smear it over the two of them.

"I just want to see if I can...okay?" Blake whispered as he rose up and took Owen's cock, holding it up. Owen felt Blake ease down as he rubbed his ass over the slick head and then he felt Blake press downward, his ass pushing against the flared head of his cock till Blake cried out and his ass opened up letting Owen slip inward.

"Oh fuck" Owen grunted as he felt Blake's tight ass slide down over his cock, inch by inch he moved down till he was sitting on Owen's hips.

" feels....good" Blake whispered as he moved up, slowly, letting inch by inch slide out of his tight hole and Owen held his breath, fought the urge to pump his hips, slam his cock through the tight ring of Blake's hole and bury it inside his hot tunnel. Blake rode him slowly, moving up and then easing back down till his ass was stretched open and the sensation felt good, this stroking of his hole.

Owen knew his role now, knew what Blake wanted, and he reached up and pulled Blake's body down on top of him, chest to chest, and he kissed Blake passionately, roughly, the rough stubble of their cheeks rubbing over each other. He wrapped his arms around Blake and rolled him over on his back, his cock still buried in Blake's ass and he shifted into position, pushed his body between Blake's legs and began to pile drive his cock into his hole, full swings of his hips, drawing his cock nearly out then slamming it back in burying it all the way into Blake's hot tunnel, the soft velvety feel of it wrapping his cock as the tight ring of Blake's opening milked his cock on every thrust through it. Blake grunted with every push inward, moaned when he pulled back, and Owen built up his pace, as he threw the hardest fuck into Blake he had ever done, his hips slapping down on Blake's ass.

"Fuck....fuck me Owen...fuck me hard..."Blake urged as he took Owen's fuck, took every thrust. He couldn't believe how it felt the way Owen's cock sank into his ass giving him this full stuffed feeling and then there was that moment when Owen pulled back, his hole open, empty feeling, and he wanted to feel Owen's cock push back into him. Owen's pace was too much and as he hammered his cock into Blake he felt his need to cum rise up quickly and he began to shove his cock into Blake in short jabbing thrusts until he felt it, his cock swell up larger, and he pumped his cum into Blake, wad after wad, till he was spent, every drop he had pumped into Blake's hole and he fell still on top of Blake, both breathing hard.

"Jesus..." Owen uttered between breaths.

Owen felt Blake's hard cock underneath him and he slide to one side of Blake and took his cock in hand holding it up. He wondered if he could do it, wondered if the taste of it would stop him, and he leaned over and put his lips to the head, let his tongue wipe over its wet slickness tasting the pre-cum smeared over it and it tasted sweet to him and he shifted his position and let Blake's cock slide into his mouth as far as he could take it. He wasn't particular good at it, letting his teeth occasionally scrap over the head, and he gagged himself a couple of times when Blake's cock pushed into his throat, but Blake didn't care, found it more than just erotic for he found there was something special about it, it being Owen and he found he was so close, the stimulation too much and he quickly pumped his cum into Owen's suctioning mouth where he took each wad, felt it push to the back of his throat where he swallowed as fast as he could, taking Blake's entire load. He licked the head clean making Blake jerk away, his cock too sensitive now to be touched.

"Fuck, that" Blake said as Owen lay down beside him.

They laid still for a few minutes, neither saying anything, just watching the moon hover over the treetops back toward the river and the stars twinkling in the night time sky. Owen rolled up on his side and lay against Blake who put his arm over Owen's back, lightly rubbing him for a minute before they pulled the sleeping bags back up and over them and settled down, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Blake woke in Owen's arms and for a moment he wanted to jump up, but he laid there asking himself why, letting his mind run through what happened and wondering why he should be freaked out. He lay there asking himself if he could be gay, then dismissed the notion for he knew he liked sex with women too, but he considered how he viewed it, his relations with women. It had always been just about the sex and now with Owen, it seemed different and he let his mind wander over the image of Owen and him having some kind of relationship, one where they enjoyed doing the things they always did with the added aspect of a sexual relationship, and had to ask himself over and over 'would it be so strange'?

Owen woke up and rolled over on his back and stretched asking Blake if he was alright.

"Yeah...I am."

"Me too."

They paddled down the river and like the day before arrived at the next platform mid-afternoon. With their tarps in place, tent set up and tied down, their gear secured, they once again set out to explore the immediate area. They paddled up small bayous, cut through the edge of swamps and paddled up a tributary of the river. It was getting late, the sky darkening as the sun dropped down low on the horizon when they got back to the platform and they prepared their dinner under the light of their lanterns. Their talk was casual, the conversation of two close friends, and when they finished eating they sat on the edge of the platform and looked up through the trees at the star filled sky.

"Okay, time for me to shower off" Owen said and as he stood he bumped Blake on the bicep. Blake knew what it meant, didn't need to ask and he stood up too. Owen pulled his clothes off, moved under the shower head hanging from a corner post and ran enough water to get his body wet. He turned to pick up the soap and Blake was standing there naked, the soap in his hand and Owen smiled at him.

"You gonna wash my back for me?" Owen asked.

"Yeah..." Blake whispered as he moved up and ran his hands over Owen's chest, rubbing his soapy hands over the smooth skin. "...and the rest of you too." Owen watched Blake's soapy hands move over his body, felt their slick warm touch as they rubbed his skin. Over his chest, down over his stomach and then Blake took his hardening cock and stroked it with his slick hand making Owen brace himself on his shoulder. Blake eased down on to his knees and ran his hands down Owen's legs, slowly soaping them up as he rubbed the soft skin and when he got to Owen's feet he had him lift each one up so he could run his hands over them completely, rubbing the toes, the soul of the foot and the ankle. His touch was massaging the lean muscle and the soft smooth skin.

Blake had Owen turn around and he began to move upward, rubbing the back of Owen's legs, massaging the back of the knee and feeling the strong muscular form of his thighs. He ran his hands over Owen's ass cheeks, rubbing and massaging them, spreading them apart and daringly touching him along the cleft between his cheeks. Blake ran his fingers up and down, rubbed over Owen's hole, massaged its tight opening and when he leaned forward and kissed Owen on the right cheek he breached the tight opening and sank his finger into Owen. Owen cried out and couldn't stop himself from pushing back sinking Blake into him all the way. Blake worked his finger back and forth as he ran his other hand up Owen's back. Owen moved his hips in short swings back and forth feeling Blake's finger loosen his opening till Blake was able to sink a second finger into him.

Blake worked Owen's hole open till he could easily slide three fingers into him and then he stood up and began to run his soapy hands over Owen's back, over his shoulders and around his neck. He wrapped his arm around Owen's neck and pulled his body back against his own and he kissed Owen on the side of the face, moved his lips over the soft soapy skin till he came to the ear and he tongued the curvature of it and nipped at the lobe as he felt Owen shiver against him.

Blake reached over and turned the shower on and used his hands to push the cascading soap down Owen's body till he was clean. When he stood up Owen had the soap, twisting it around in his hands soaping them up.

"Your turn" he whispered to Blake.

Owen ran his hands over Blake, running them over his hairy chest, his fingers combing through the hair. He ran his hands down, one following the trail of hair down to his crotch soaping the thick hair before running it over Blake's cock and tugging on it encouraging it to stretch out all the way, thick and hard. He tugged on Blake's sac making him moan. Owen eased down on his knees and ran his hands over Blake's legs, the hair soft to the touch, as he moved down. When he finished with Blake's feet he had Blake turn around and he moved upward, his hands sliding over the muscular legs, the curve of the calves, the indention behind the knee and up over the strong thighs till he moved up to Blake's round ass and he rubbed them, spread them apart and he ran his soapy hands down between them his fingers searching, probing till he touched Blake's opening and he rubbed his soapy fingers over it, massaged the tight opening till he felt Blake push back, wanting it, wanting to feel his finger slide into him and he pressed his finger against the opening and penetrated. For several minutes Owen worked Blake's hole open, pumping one finger, then two and finally three into him, stretching him open and sinking them deep into his warm soft tunnel. Blake was leaned over and holding his cheeks apart giving himself to Owen as his hole was finger fucked. Owen pulled his fingers from Blake and looked at his hole, the way it closed slowly, and without thinking he leaned forward and touched it with his tongue, raking it through the soap as he licked over the closing hole. Blake jerked with a start at the intimate touch. Owen pushed against the opening and probed its edge as he rimmed Blake, his tongue touching him in ways he had never been touched before, intimate, private, sexual.

Owen stood up and massaged and soaped up Blake's back, ran his hands over the broad shoulders, under the arms through the thick hair under each and he ran his hands over Blake's neck and up through his thick hair, his fingers massaging the scalp. Owen's cock was hard, pre-cum drooled down from the head and he moved up behind Blake, pushed him to lean over as he pressed his cock to his hole. Blake pushed back, wanting it, wanting to feel Owen penetrate him and Owen pushed in, speared his cock into Blake and eased all the way into him. He held Blake by the hips as he began to pump his cock into the tight hole, his need, this desire to be in Blake driving him to fuck, to pull his cock almost out and then drive it all the way back in. Soap cascaded down Blake's back and pooled temporarily at Owen's cock as it piston in and out of Blake.

"Fuck...fuck...Jesus..." Blake moaned as he pushed back to take Owen's cock, trying to get it deeper, feel Owen move inside him. Owen couldn't hold back, couldn't keep his pace under control as he moved faster, driving his cock into Blake harder and harder till his hips slapped up against Blake's ass, rocking him back and forth.

"Fuck me...Owen..." Blake stammered, his cries beginning to echo through the trees.

Owen drove his cock into Blake till he felt his need to cum rise up, his cock enlarge, the head even more sensitive and he drove deeply into Blake dumping his cum into him. He slowed his thrust, pumping his cock through his load that filled Blake's tunnel till he was spent and he leaned over Blake's back and rested on him, the two of them breathing hard. Owen pulled out and noticed his cock was still hard, his desire for sex with Blake still strong and he turned his back to Blake leaning over.

"Come on me...stick it in me" he pleaded, wanting to feel what it was like to have a cock in his hole, pumping through its tight ring and pushing deep into his tunnel. Blake turned to him, his thick hard cock leaking cum, with its head shiny in the dim light and Blake stroked it a few times smearing the pre-cum along the shaft making it slick. He moved up to Owen pressed the head of his cock to him and pushed. The wide flared head breached Owen, stretched him open making him cry out. Blake held still for a moment, let Owen relax to the penetration, then he bore down on him, drove his thick cock deep into him, inch by inch, he eased it all into Owen till his hips pushed up against Owen's ass.

"I'm all the way in" Blake whispered as he leaned over and wrapped his arms around Owen's chest hugging their bodies together.

"I know...fuck me, Blake" Owen replied.

Blake pulled his hips back and drove forward at a slow pace, worked his cock through the tight ring of Owen's hole feeling it milk his thick shaft. Over and over he pumped his hips till he felt Owen loosen up, felt his body relax in his hug and he began to drive his hips faster, to sink his cock into Owen harder. As he hammered Owen's hole he slid one hand down and grasped the hard cock bobbing up and down with his thrusts and he stroked it to the rhythm of his fuck; faster and faster till the two of them rocked back and forth against each other roughly, their moans and Owen's cries echoed through the swamp. Blake eased upright and held Owen's hips as he drove his cock with hard fast strokes till he felt it, the need to cum. His body tightened, his cock became so sensitive it ached as he drove it into Owen and he felt it flare up bigger, stretch Owen open a little more and he blasted his cum into him, pumping it into his tunnel as he slammed his cock back and forth through it.

When he pulled out he saw his slimy cock was still hard and when Owen stood up and turned toward him his cock too was still hard, with pre-cum drooling from the head again.

"Jesus...look at us, we're still hard" Blake said.

"Yeah. Let's shower off the soap and get into the tent" Owen replied.

It was late before they finally settled down, their cocks finally spent and flaccid, cum leaking from their holes and drying on their lips and cheeks. There was no pretense in their settling down together as Owen slid up next to Blake, their bodies warm and soft to each other, comforting and secure. They soon drifted off into a sound sleep, both knowing they had two more days alone on this river.



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