When I first got onto the internet I spent a fair amount of time in chat rooms, being fascinated with the technology and of course the various possibilities out there. One night in the local chatroom I met up with this guy who was looking for someone to dominate him. He had a couple of pictures on his profile that showed a young asian guy in his early twenties taking a dildo up his ass in a couple of hot positions, mostly on his knees. He looked like he had a nice smooth ass.

I was pretty turned on by this, and we started to heat the conversation up. I asked him about the dildos, and he didn't say much at first, but when it became clear we might get together, I got it out of him. He had a couple of them, one larger than the other, and he would let me put them up his ass, but not when we first met. This was turning me on, and I was pretty strict with him about this. He was ready to listen to me as his top and master at this point, and I managed to convince him to bring them when we first met only by pulling rank on him. After a little hesitance on his part he agreed.

The interplay between us was hot in the chat, and we set up a meeting in the local cruise park, since neither of us had a place to go. I met him there the next night, and he was a nice looking guy, with a shaved head and a tattoo of a dragon on his ass. I had seen it in the pictures, and as soon as we got into the private part of the bushes I told him I wanted to see it. He took his pants down, and I saw it there on his smooth ass. I reached out and ran my hand over it.

He was looking up at me, and in the darkness I could see the whites of his eyes there. I put my hand on his jaw, and told him to take off his clothes. It was early fall, and although it was a cool night, it wasn't so cold as to make him uncomfortable for too long, especially since I had plans to warm him up pretty quick.

He stripped himself down, and then I told him to bend over. I got down on my knees behind him and explored his ass slowly with my fingers. It was smooth and hairless, and he trembled slightly at the touch. I stood up straight and then undid my own pants, taking my penis out. It was hard, and I pointed it towards him.

'Meet my cock', I said, 'you're going to answer to it tonight, bitch.' He shuddered, and I reached around to underneath him. His penis was quite small, but it was completely hard. There was precum drooling out of it, and so I told him not to touch it unless I told him he could. He nodded his understanding, still bent over in front of me.

I pried his mouth open gently with my hand, he yielded quickly to my wishes, and put my hard cock inside there. He felt so warm and soft, and he moaned uncontrollably as he began to suck on it. His tongue worked it expertly, exploring almost greedily, and he took it all inside him with a proprietal air. It was clear this was how he liked it to be.

I balanced myself against him, letting him take all of it, and pleased at what had gone down so far. This was where I wanted to be at the moment. I kept him sucking me for a while, and he never slackened in enthusiasm or vigour at any time. His hands rested on his knees, and I reached forward and stroked his ass.

Pulling my penis out of his mouth, I checked his reaction to stand, with a firm hand on the back of his neck. He had agreed before we met to obey my instruction and I hadn't let him stand up. He moaned again at being stopped and reminded of this, as if it really turned him on. After leaving him down there for a couple of minutes I walked behind him and then told him he could stand.

He did, and to his credit he didn't turn around. I stood there behind him admiring his ass. This was what I wanted, and he knew it. He moved his legs slightly so that his hips were thrust that much farther out towards me. This was turning me on, the fact that he wanted me to see what he had to offer.

I got down, and examined his ass more closely. It was shaved smooth, though I doubt there was much there in the way of hair to start with. I pushed my fingers against his anus, and he sighed. My tongue was soon exploring him also, and he loved that, as did I. He pushed back against me with hise body weight, and my face buried as far as possible in his sweet ass.

I licked him for quite a while, enjoying every last moment of it, and oblivious to the outside world. There was only this and that was all. At length I stood up and pushed a couple of fingers from one hand up inside him, and with the other touched his shoulders in such a way as to indicate to him I wanted him to bend over. He did so intuitively, which was nice, and rewarded him by probing more deeply into his ass. His legs spread farther apart, and I could feel the tightness of his ass relax somewhat. He was doing all he could to accomodate my desires.

I told him in a quiet voice to turn and look at me. Since I was kneeling to one side of him at this point he was able to do so, and when I had held his gaze for a few moments I told him that 'I own your ass right now, bitch'. He told me he thought that was 'really hot', and spread his legs a bit farther open for me to play with his anus. I continued to probe him, and to make him spread his legs a little wider still for me. I wanted to fuck him with a dildo, since that was what had turned me on in the first place.

It wasn't so much the physical sensation of fucking I was after tonight, but rather to enjoy watching him savouring the humiliation of getting dominated and fucked. I wanted to hear him admit that was what he wanted, and to tell me he was a little bitch. With my fingers still up his ass I reached under the pile of his clothes for his bag, and soon found the dildo and some lubricant. It was black and of a fair size. I lubed it up, and his waiting hole as well. He wasn't expecting it, so I shoved the dildo into his mouth, holding it open by the jaw as I did so. He moaned, and sucked the hard rubber penis as I instructed him to do.

After a while of watching his face looking back at me with the dildo stuck into his mouth, I pulled it out and pushed it up against his waiting ass. I could feel his legs trembling under him, and he was of course still bent over. I wanted to keep him in this position since it made him appear more submissive to me, and that of course was just what he wanted to feel like.

I slid the dildo up his ass, which was able to take it quite well. It was so hot to be fucking him this way, and to have him completely naked there before me, ready to do my bidding while I was mostly dressed, with just my cock exposed. I knelt behind him and started to fuck him harder with the dildo. He moaned softly, and I knew I was on the right track. Once I put my hand close to his small penis and felt precum dripping out of it in great quantity. I spread his ass open wider, and fucked him faster.

At one point I let him stand up, and told him to hold the dildo in his ass. He tried to do so, but it kept slipping, so I kept my hand on it. I wanted to look right in his face and make him admit he wanted to be my little bitch. At first he hesitated a bit, but then he told me he was a 'bitch'. I started to fuck him again with the dildo while he stood there in front of me, and kept my face really close to his own in order to see every detail of his reaction in the darkness.

Then I made him bend over again and suck my cock while I continued to fuck him with the rubber penis. He moaned and groaned, and it was clear he wanted this more than anything, so we stayed doing that for quite a while, until I couldn't hold back from coming any longer. I pulled out of his mouth and came on his face, still fucking him. Then I got down behind him again, and stroked his tiny penis a couple of times.

It really didn't take more than half a minute before he came, and I could feel his ass tightening around the dildo inside him as he did so. I fucked him for a few more minutes, just so he could be mindful of who was in control of the situation, and then pulled it out of him. It was really warm from being inside him. I handed it to him and zipped my pants up. He had come prepared, since he had a towel in his packsack ready to wipe the lube off his ass and the dildo.

He wanted to kiss me at this point, but I would have none of it. I really am not into kissing guys who I don't know very well, though that may sound pretty strange considering what else we were doing. There is sex and intimacy however, and I have found in my time it's best not to get them confused. We parted, though he didn't want to let me go, asking if he could walk me to my car and etc. I told him I was taking a bus, and walked in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go in case he followed me, which he did. As soon as I rounded a corner out of sight I walked into another alcove in the bushes and waited until he passed me.

Once he was out of range I headed back to my car. That had been a really hot time, and I knew that while it would be hot to do it again, that this person was wanting more than a good fuck from a stranger, and that it couldn't happen again. What we had experienced was part of a game best played among strangers, and I was going to leave it at that. I walked to my car feeling satisfaction in a job well done.




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