Dear reader, I have made some changes. Nothing big and since this is only the second story in the series it won't make much of a difference. Thanks for understanding. 

  Love and Grace, 

   Prince Fin

I stared of into space as my phone rang again. Part of me wanted to pick up and tell him to come over. But the other part of me wanted to tell him to leave me alone. These two parts fought within me as I thought back to the boat house. Thought back to Kane and how he looked at me while my cock was buried in his throat. The look was something I'd only seen once before. A look I never thought I'd see from another guy. It was weird. I reached out to turn my lamp on. It was 6pm. I'd been locked in my room for almost four hours. I told my family I was sick and didn't want to he bothered. 

   Again my phone rang. This time I picked up, " Hello?" I said pretending to just wake up. " hey, Aiden, can we talk?" Kane said. Just hearing his voice made me shiver with excitement. I really didn't want to be gay, but the more I thought about it, I might have been gay for longer than I thought. " yeah, sure, I guess." I said " You can come by the house, everybody is spending the day on the lake, the door should be unlocked." I said hanging up the phone. 

   I thought back to middle school, the night of Alex Barker's party. Every cool kid was there. I had made out with the girls in seven minutes of heaven. But it was when the party was over and all the boys were spending the night, when the things that I'd blocked out for so long happened. Alex's parents had went out of town and left his brother in charge of us. It was about 2 in the morning, Alex and I couldn't sleep so we were going to watch a movie. When we walked into the living room there was naked men on the tv. We stood in the shadows and watched, alex standing behind me. 

  As we listened we heard his brother moaning. " Yeah, you like that dick in your ass, don't you." he growled. We dared to step closer. What we saw was Alex's brother buried balls deep in his friend Mark. " You might as well come and sit on the couch little brother. " he said still pounding away at Mark's ass. Alex pulled me forward and we sat on the couch.  " you wanna try it guys?" he asked us. Alex looked at me and shrugged, he'd always looked up to anything his brother had done. 

  His brother, Matt, stopped fucking Mark and pulled out of him with a pop. " Go ahead little brother, get hard and fuck his ass." he said. Alex looked at me. " What?" I said. " Will you jack me off?" Alex asked me. " No!" I said jumping off the couch. I tried to go back down the hallway, but Matt was in front of me, blocking the hallway. " Don't ruin the fun." he said. 

  My phone ringing brought me back. I knew it was Kane and walked down stairs to meet him. When I got there he was standing by the door with a bag beside his feet. I motioned for him to follow. As he walked behind me I could feel his eyes on my butt. " Close the door behind you. " I said sitting at the foot of my bed. He sat beside me. " Look, I'm sorry, for the boathouse and everything." he said " I didn't mean to force you into anything." he said grabbing my hand. I looked down but didn't pull away. " Why me?" I asked looking into his deep blue eyes. " I can show you better than I can tell you. " he said taking me to the mirror on the back of my door. 

  " The way your hair flips up." he said, running his fingers through my light brown hair. " The way your eyes are like green sea foam, the way the freckles are stronger across your nose than your cheeks." he ran his hand down the side of my face. " the way you bit your lip when your nervous, the way each muscle ripples your skin when you breathe." he said bringing his hand under my t-shirt. I sucked in a sharp breath as he twisted my nipple. 

  I grabbed his hand, " We're here to talk." I said going back to sit on the bed. He held onto my wrist and pulled me back into a bear hug. I could hear his heart beating loudly. " I really don't think I can go another second with you avoiding me." he said making me look up at him. " Your only hear for the summer, why not enjoy the sex. Your gonna leave at the end and go back and no one will know." he said pulling he shirt off.

   " Put that back on!" I said pulling away. I tried to be as serious as I could but, I lost my conviction looking at his chiselled body. " I think we both know what you really want. " he took a step closer. I put a hand on his chest. He pulled my shirt off. " I, I , don't know." I said, but my words were lost in his kiss. 

  I kissed him back, letting him pull me closer. " it's my turn." he said, taking his belt off and pushing his pants down. His briefs hugged his bulging crotch tight. He pulled my gym shorts down and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. As we made out, he rubbed his crotch into mine so I could feel his hardness. He pulled my hand to his crotch. " Jerk me off." he said kissing my neck. His cock was firm in my hand. I jerked him until it was at it's full seven inches.

  " I want to be inside you." he whispered in my ear. I pushed him away. " I can't do that!" I yelled pulling my shorts up. He looked at me, surprised I suppose. " what's your story? " he asked. " What do you mean?" I asked my voice back to normal. " I mean every body has a story, where you came from, who your best friend is. Stuff like that." he said, his shorts still bulging with his cock. " I'm from westville, Texas. My best friend is Rodger jones." I said pointing to a picture. " Cute." he said tapping Rodger's face. " ok, that was fun. Will you just kiss me? You don't have to give me everything right now." he said leaning in for a kiss. 

  This time I really didn't have to push myself to hard to kiss him back. He pulled me on top of him, one hand on my back and the other on my butt. He stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes. " Am I allowed to cuddle, spend the night maybe?" he said brushing my cheek with his thumb. " we can cuddle, yes. But I'll have to see about spending the night. " I said getting under my blanket with him pulling me close enough to his shirtless body to feel his heartbeat. 

  The heartbeat that skips a beat every time I touch his skin. The heartbeat that speeds up when I kiss him. The heartbeat that plays in my head when I'm asleep. The heartbeat that confirms what I know. He loves me. He felt something the day we met two days ago. And maybe I did to. Because right now, with his head resting in the crook of my neck. One hand caressing my stomach, the other playing with my hair. My heart is beating 110 miles per hour. My heart is telling me something my brain is still having trouble processing. I love him.

  After two days love each other, a modern day Romeo and Julian. 


Dear reader,

I would just like to inform you that, just because Aiden admitted to himself that he loves Kane, it doesn't mean that he is going to be in love with him. Though my brain tells me that he will fall in love after a few ups and downs. 

   Love and Grace,

  Prince Fin


Sneak Peek: Simply Love: Part 3

Kane's POV

Out on the lake, everything looked more beautiful. I could see the people on the shore, the houses in the background. I saw the reflection of the sun on the waters surface. It also shone off of the well oiled contours of Aiden's stomach. I leaned over and kissed his navel. I worked my way up to his lips. He'd gotten so comfortable with our new summer love. I wondered if he had the slightest idea that I was in love with him. This was the thought that ran threw my head as I looked past his sensual eyes and saw black. 

  Black smoke billowed into the sky, almost high enough to black out the sun. Ashes filled the air. I spotted the source of the fire. " My boathouse!" 



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