" This is it! " I thought to myself. I stared anxiously out the window, searching the horizon for what would soon be my new summer home. " Aiden, your seventeen years old stop bouncing like a toddler." my mom Kelly said to me. " I can't help it I'm excited!" I said my feet tapping excitedly. We drove for ten more minutes, and the I saw it. " God, that place is huge!! " I laughed jumping from the car as she pulled into the driveway. I ran up the front steps and through the door. My mom called after me but I didn't hear her, I was already bounding up the stairs to find what would be my room for the summer. When i found it I jumped on the bed and rolled in the covers. " this is awesome." I said to myself. 

  After I pulled myself together I went downstairs and helped unpack what she couldn't lift. " Mom, you know there is a gym in there right." I joked with her. After we got everything settled I got dressed in a tank top and shorts. " where are you going all dressed up." my mom asked me as she prepared dinner. " I gotta check out the neighbourhood." I said, grabbing a bag of chips of the counter. My mom came around the island and snatched the chips from me, " You can eat those when your father and everybody else gets here." she said. I'd been so excited that I'd forgot my dad had left a few days early to get my brother, Luke, his friend, Brian and their girlfriends. " fine, I'll be back in an hour." I said as I left the kitchen. I grabbed the keys to the golf cart and sped away. 

  As I rode around the area I began to notice a flow of teens around my age heading towards the lake. " Hey, what's goin on?" I called to a couple guys on the sidewalk. " Party by the lake bro, first one of the summer!!" he said flipping his dirty blonde hair, and flashing a smile. " Cool, you guys want a ride?" I asked. They jumped into the cart and off we went. As we pulled up to the lake, I could smell the BBQ and hear the music. " oh yeah, I'm Aiden by the way. Aiden James." I said to them. " Cool bro, I'm Kane Bennett. This is my brother Jordan and my friend Hunter." the dirty blonde said slapping my hand. " so, you new to the area?" Kane asked as we walked to the waters edge. " yeah my family just bought a summer home here." I said pointing vaguely. " it had to be the Newman's old place." Jordan said. The others nodded. We talked for thirty minutes, until a black Tahoe and a black Toyota Tundra pulled up beside us. " Hey boy where you been!" I heard my brother yell from the driver seat. " Luke! " I ran and nearly jumped through the window to hug him. " hey little brother." he said squeezing me tight. He got out of the truck. " Have you been lifting weights?" he asked pushing my chest playfully. " Shut up. Luke this is Kane, Jordan, and Hunter. This is my brother Luke. " I said introducing them. 

  " And what are we invisible?" Brian said as he got out of the Tundra followed by two girls. I walked over and hugged him. " and this is my almost brother, Brian. And these lovely ladies are Tiara and Brittany." I said. After they all shook hands Luke said, " we actually came to get you, mom says we can't eat til every body is there." he said patting his belly. I turned to Kane, " how long is the party lasting?" I asked. " all night dude, call us when you come back out. " he said giving me a piece of paper with his number on it. I nodded and left for the golf cart. 

   As soon as we pulled up to the house I could smell the food wafting out the wide open front door. I ran to the washroom and cleaned my hands. My mom had cooked what our family calls " Favourites forever ", she cooks everybody's favourite dish. I sat in front of a plate of buffalo bacon ranch chicken and cheese quesadillas. As we ate my dad spoke over everyone to address me. " Aiden, I know you didn't get to bring anybody this trip and didn't have a party for your birthday, so your mother and I got you a present." he says handing me a set of keys. " honk the horn when your in." he calls behind me as I run out the door. I press the button until the lights to the tundra light up. I run and jump into the drivers seat. I hold the horn down to make sure the entire state could hear it. 

   When I finally let it go I heard my favourite song playing in the glove compartment. I open it and see a brand new I phone 5. I read the text and it reads " happy late bday son!!!" I don't know why but the first thing I do is txt Kane, telling him I'll be back at the lake soon. I went back in the house and hugged everybody. " I'm going to show it off!" I yelled running out the door. I drove quickly to the lake where Kane met me by the street. " Sweet ride! " he said running his fingers over the sleek black paint. " yeah it's a birthday present." I said locking the doors. " are you having a party, cause I can totally take the pictures for your invites. " he said. I nearly knocked him down when I hugged him. " sorry, I'm a hugger. " I said. He laughed as he held his hands around my waist. We stood there for a minute.

  I studied his face. Blue eyes, full lips, a nose that had been broken a few times, trimmed beard and moustache. He was very handsome. " Um, you can let me go now. " I said laughing a little. Not at him but at me. I never thought that I was even remotely gay, but the feeling that I had in my gut told a different story. " you can come by tomorrow and I'll do a few pics for free so u can get a feel for my work. " he said rubbing his arm nervously. " yeah, I'll talk to my parents. Um, you have my number so just txt me where you want to meet and I'll be there." I said. After an awkward silence we walked back to the party and he introduced me to a lot of cool people. At around two am I got tired and a lot drunk so Kane took me to my truck and drove me home. 

   I woke up with a slight hangover and the smell of bacon in my nose. I walked down stairs, everybody was still in their sleep ware, which meant boxers for the boys and big shirt and pj pants for the girls. " good morning little social butterfly." my mom said passing me a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon, a cup of orange juice, and two aspirin. I smiled thanks. " how was the party? " she asked. " the part that I remember was great. Kane introduced me to all of his friends." I said sipping my juice. My mom snapped her fingers in realisation. " And speaking of Kane, he asked me if you were having a birthday party. " she looked accusingly at me. I put my hands up in innocence. " well we told him you are, so be happy." Luke said beside me. " he told me to give you this." my mom said handing me a note. It read, "Aiden, meet me at the lake and I'll take it from there."

   After breakfast and a quick shower I drove to the lake. " Hey, Aiden, do you mind if we walk a little bit?" he asked. I motioned for him to lead the way and followed him to a boat house on the north side of the lake. I walked in and it was completely dark, but I could hear the water lapping under us. " It is really dark." I said. The light lifted to a warm glow. I saw pictures hanging on the wall, canvasses with half done paintings on them. " wow, are all of these yours?" I asked looking closely at the picture of him and his brother. " yeah, I like to capture life in many ways, but photography is my favourite." he said pointing to his cameras. 

  "You could definitely do professional shoots." I said pointing a camera at him. He took it from me, " I'm more of a behind the camera person." he pointed the camera at me and took a quick shot. " no, take another one, I wasn't ready!" I said rushing to get a perfect smile on my face. He took the picture and I got close to him to be able to see it. " See, I could totally do you." he said nudging me. I looked at him. His face came closer and closer, until without warning he kissed me. And instinctively I kissed him back. His big hand held my face as he tenderly nibbled my lip. I didn't fight his tongue as it slipped past my teeth. 

  As he kissed my neck, I thought " What are you doing Aj?! Your not gay!!" but my body wasn't responding to my brain, something in my heart was telling it differently. Kane's hands worked up under my shirt and tweaked my nipples, making me moan into his kisses. His hands began to pull on my belt. My hands found his zipper and worked into his briefs, feeling the warmth of his cock in my hand. He grabbed my wrist and whispered, " This is for you. " 

   As he kissed my abs my body finally listened. I pushed him off of me and retreated to a corner. " I, I, I can't do this, I'm not gay. I'm sorry if I misled you." I say as I'm buckling my pants. " Aiden, just try it . Maybe you will like it." he said crouching on his haunches. Again my heart told my body something my brain didn't. I walked over to Kane. I felt his hands pull out my 8" soft cock and lick the entire length of my shaft, sucking on the bell head and nibbling my foreskin. He bobbed his head slowly and built a rhythm. 

   He lifted my heavy balls and sucked each one of them into his eager mouth. He took my now 10" cock deeper and deeper into his mouth until I felt the head pop past his throat muscle. I held his head and face fucked him soft at first, then picking up speed. The feeling of my cock hitting the back of his throat was bringing me to the edge. " uhh, I'm gonna cum!" I said looking at him. The look in his eyes said it all, and they said what I was afraid to see. " UHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" I screamed as I unloaded my cum into his throat. 

  He sucked on my sensitive head making me shiver with delight. I hadn't even noticed that he'd stroked his cock to climax. He stood and his cock was nearly a foot long. " damn, your hung." he said to me. " Your not so small yourself." I said stuffing my still leaking cock into my boxer briefs. The effect of what id just done hit me like a train. I said bye to Kane and jogged back to my truck. I drove around the corner and shut the engine off. 

" What are you doing, Aiden?" I thought to myself, my head against the wheel. 


Dear Reader,

This is my second story and will definitely be the first story in my series " Simply Love ". Sorry it took me so long to get to the sexual, but as the title implies, the story is more about love. Please don't forget to leave a comment or write me an email to let me know what you think. 

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