We're going to tell a story, a story that unfolds on one floor of a college dorm for men. This story set among a diverse group of guys, different ages, different races and different backgrounds. Those who play sports, those who are studious, those who just want to party and a lot of other stereotypes of college guys one could find on any campus, anywhere. But our story only involves three guys. Three guys who will come together, not by some criminal act, or some catastrophic event, or some dramatic occurrence. They'll come together by a series of small events, minor occurrences hardly noticeable to anyone else. But for the three guys it'll be something that will change their perspectives about life.


Charles Xavier Randall III was still seventeen when classes began. He wouldn't be eighteen until four weeks into the semester. For Xavier there were times it seemed to matter a great deal, to finally be eighteen like the other freshman. But there were other times he figured it would not matter for what difference could it make for when he looked at the other guys, those with muscular builds or those with a full beard coming in or those that just seemed to be more mature in the way they acted he felt like he was still fourteen.  He was five five and last time he weighed himself he didn't weigh one hundred ten pounds. He had fair skin and light blonde hair and he only had to shave a few hairs from his chin every few days. When he looked in the mirror he saw himself as he was at fourteen, the age he began to notice how the other boys were starting to mature.

He had watched the other guys in high school, the way their bodies filled out and he wondered why his own wasn't following suit.  And his disappointment was made manifest in the way his own father treated him. A man who got what he wanted when he wanted. A man who stood  six foot three and had a muscular body who was active, physical in his pursuits while Xavier was not. Xavier noticed as he got older his father had less and less to do with him, and he resented it and at the same time was glad his father left him alone.  He had hoped college would give him some avenue of escape but every morning in the bathroom getting ready, or every afternoon when he was studying and the guys on his floor paraded by his door, some half naked, some goofing off, making crude jokes, he felt as trapped as he did at home.

But their teasing wasn't about his looks but about his name. All his life he had been Charlie, to his parents and his friends, but on the very first day in the dorm room his roommate saw his schedule printed out with his full name across the top. ''Xavier! Is that really your name?" Todd had teased and soon the whole floor was calling him Xavier. It didn't seem such a big deal until a few days later he overheard one of the guys saying it sounded queer. The idea of his name sounding queer terrified him for he did have those thoughts, had given it consideration only to let his fear of his father cause him to conceal it.

But the feelings remained and he found himself struggling not to check out the other guys, diverting his eyes constantly till he knew some thought he was stuck up, a snob living up to his name as Charles Xavier Randall III. His eyes were captured by the guys with muscular bodies who paraded around in just gym shorts or a towel. He wondered what it would be like to have such a body, to have such strength. A body that made others want to be with them. Then there were the guys who were just attractive, those with outgoing personalities. Keith McKenzie was the one who captured his attention the most. Keith was tall, lean in build, but graceful in the way he moved. And Keith was one of the few guys who would always speak to him, always pleasant to be around. Xavier found himself listening for Keith's return from classes each day, waiting for the sound of him coming down the hall joking around or talking loud enough for him to hear.

He sat back in his chair and stretched his arms over his head taking the stiffness from his back. He was twisting his back when he heard them, several guys coming down the hall, laughing as they joked around, and among the voices was Keith. He straightened up and pretending to be reading, his eyes glancing toward the door every few seconds as he waited. The voices grew closer and closer and as the first couple of guys passed, not bothering to look in Xavier's door, he felt comfortable keeping watch as they passed.  Keith was last, hands in his pockets, and as he came into view Xavier was looking out while holding his breath.

"Hey Xavier" Keith said, nodding his head as he passed.

"Hey...Keith" Xavier stammered realizing Keith was gone before he finished his reply. He wondered how he could get Keith to do something with him, even if it was just to run down to the deli on the corner at Magnolia and Third. Could he just casually go up and ask him to tag along as the others did or would his attraction toward Keith show on his face making for an awkward situation?


Keith didn't think anything of speaking to everyone, felt it was natural to be pleasant, to say hello. He loved being around people, loved to hang out with the guys, flirt with the girls, compete in sports or some game and he found the responses back from most made it all worthwhile. He found very few of the guys on his dorm floor to be of a personality he could not feel comfortable being around. He never wanted to be alone, wanted the company of someone for everything. He checked who had the same schedule in the mornings for someone to have breakfast, at lunch he found a few classmates in his history class who would join him in the cafeteria and each evening he got a group together for dinner. He found the company of men as comforting as the company of women.

Keith never gave it much thought how he could associate with anyone who he liked to share time together but now that he was in college, on his own away from his parents, his siblings and friends from high school, he found himself considering the relationships with the other guys, wondered what it would be like for it to be something more, something more intimate: something sexual. He could never really let the idea formulate till an image developed thus causing it to seem like a foolish thought for to do otherwise would admit something he wasn't sure he was ready to do. He knew the term, had heard it in high school when one of the girls had made the admission, labeling herself bisexual.  Bisexual was something he wasn't sure he was ready to label himself for he knew how his parents would react. The notion of something of a sexual nature always being something perverse, not to be discussed, something the church demonized, made evil. He had accepted such condemnation prior to college, but now that he was around others who were much more liberal, open to ideas without judgment he began to reconsider the possibility.

This possibility was made manifest in the flesh by one of the guys on his floor, someone he would have never considered being his type. He wasn't sure what his type was but he knew the one guy he found himself attracted defied what he assumed it would be. It surprised him how he found himself going out of his way to speak to him even though he seemed at times aloof, but Xavier always spoke to him and Keith wondered if Xavier was just terribly shy. He knew Xavier had to feel like an outsider for he saw how most of the guys ignored him, or worse, made fun of him. He had such a slight build and he was so androgynous in appearance.  A male with features slightly feminine. Keith had seen Xavier in the bathroom one morning shaving just his chin and he found himself looking at Xavier in a new way. The line of jaw, the way Xavier's nose wasn't prominent and slightly upturned with eyes vivid blue. Then there was the fair skin, such a natural glow to it, the way he did not see any blemishes anywhere, not on Xavier's face or neck, down his back or chest, or down his legs. He looked like a young boy, or a young girl, and this attraction confused Keith, made him wonder about sexual identity and what it meant.

When he passed Xavier's door with the guys he had wanted to stop and talk to him but he had been with Allen who could be belligerent, especially when it came to Xavier. Allen considered Xavier a snob and wanted nothing to do with him, but Keith wondered if there was something about Xavier that made Allen uncomfortable. He wondered if it was the same thing that made him feel an attraction to Xavier. It seemed so complicated, these responses to other people and the way they interacted with each other. He wanted it to be simple, wanted it to be acceptable to like who you wanted to like and not be made to feel ashamed of it.

When he got to his room he saw his roommate was gone. He actually closed the door when he went in wanting a minute to himself to think, to scheme of a way to get to know Xavier. A knock at his door as it swung open and a head moved around it.

"Hey Keith, we going to grab a pizza. You want to go?" John who lived across the hall asked.

"Nah, I'm not hungry yet so I'll pass."

"Okay...catch ya later" John replied pulling the door shut.

'No big deal' he thought of his refusal to go as he looked at the closed door. First thing was to pass on going with any of the guys for dinner then see if he would have an opportunity to catch Xavier. He knew Xavier always went around 7:30 and always alone.


Jack Lancaster had found college so intimidating the first few days but after getting his bearings on campus and finding his classes it was not nearly as difficult as he was led to believe and he found himself relaxing. He was the first person in his family to go to college. His mother and father had pushed hard for him to do well and prepare for college wanting him to escape the hard life of the farm. He knew they were right seeing how his mother had to work in the nearby town as an insurance agent and his father worked long hours farming trying to make ends meet. He had helped when he could after school, weekends and during the summer but it was still a struggle. He wanted to find a different life for himself, wanted to escape to a place he could feel free. He wasn't sure what he wanted but since arriving on campus he had managed to go to one of the frat parties then last weekend he got invited to some private party thrown by an art student that was at an old house just off campus.  Jack found the diversity of people at the party exciting. To actually see gays and lesbians, people in attire expressing themselves. He found himself watching the others, working his way into their conversations so he could get a sense of their characters. He realized how weird it was to be around people who would be considered outsiders back in his community but here in the college atmosphere he suddenly felt as if he was the outsider.

In the dorm he had the room at the end of the hall opposite from the bathroom at the other end. It gave him a quieter room but also made him feel like he was missing out on some of the things the guys on his floor would get into so he constantly kept his door open so he could hear if anything was going on. He also found the walk to and from the bathroom a good way to check up on the others and see what was happening. He found his way into video games, watching movies, sharing in pizzas and getting invited to some party somewhere off campus. He also was able to check out the other guys, see what type of personalities he was surrounded by on the floor.  He became friends with John, Ryan and Bryan next door. There was also Keith, whom he liked to hang out with but it usually involved Allen, who for some reason he just could not stand to be around.  Then there were others he tried to get to know such as William  who was majoring in Architecture and was therefore rarely around, Chad who was in business who he found intriguing being from the state of Oregon and finally there was the one that intrigued him the most, the one he couldn't figure out, that made him uneasy in some ways but in others enticed him to get to know.  It was Xavier in room 321.


Keith saw Xavier come out of his room, head down looking neither left or right as he locked his door. Keith knew Xavier did not hang out with any of the guys on the floor so his posture, his lack of interest in his surroundings was not surprising.

"Hey Xavier, you going to dinner?" Keith asked coming up closer. Xavier jumped, startled that someone was addressing him, and it made him even more nervous it was Keith. He looked at Keith with a confused look on his face as if Keith spoke another language.

"Huh...yeah" Xavier replied in such a low voice Keith barely heard the response.

"Well, I'm going into town to this new diner; you want to go?"


"You want to go?" Keith repeated as he gave Xavier his most innocent smile.  "Come on, my treat if you go with me. I don't like to eat alone."

"Why didn't you get one of your friends to..."

"Oh those idiots were going for pizza again; I'm sick of pizza. So what do you say?"

"Well..." Xavier hesitated, his defenses telling him to say no.

"Oh hell, come on" Keith interjected as he put a hand on Xavier's shoulder and turned him toward the stairs. "I'll drive."

The diner was in the Williamston district, all the way across town from the college. A place Keith knew none of the guys would be found.  They had to wait for nearly an hour for a table, time Keith used to talk about himself, tell Xavier of the small town he grew up in, what it was like at his home with his parents and siblings. He told of mundane events, silly asides and how he viewed college as his opportunity to finally do things he wanted to do. As he talked he watched Xavier's expression, the way he stood before him, watching for signs Xavier was finally relaxing in his presence. 

"The thing about finally being here at college is..." Keith suddenly stammered,  unsure at first how to state what he was trying to say. He looked at the people around them wondering if anyone was listening to him talk and he leaned toward Xavier a bit closer, lowering his voice, "...I mean, well...I thought it would be easier. I thought the opportunities to...explore things would avail themselves almost without trying. You know what I mean?"

It was the first time Keith really stopped talking. The first time he asked Xavier for a response and he watched Xavier's face, a concentration of forming a response, the words formulating the ideas.

"I guess...well yeah, I thought..." Xavier began then looking down trying to find the right words as Keith waited patiently. "I thought college would be this place so big, with so much happening, I could slip through it without..." Xavier stammered, coming to a stop, unsure or afraid to say what he was thinking out loud.

"Without the guys bullying you?"

Xavier just nodded his head in reply.

"Excuse me, your table is ready" the hostess interrupted making them realize how close they were standing to each other, almost intimate in the way Keith was standing so near to hear everything Xavier had to say.

It was awkward at first. The two of them silent as they looked at the unfamiliar menu. Keith wondered if he had gone too far, worried he was pushing too hard to get Xavier to open up. As they waited for their food Keith began to talk about his classes, the professors he found amusing or troublesome in some way. This seemed to break Xavier out of the shell he had retreated into a few minutes earlier. Xavier told Keith of his class schedule, so similar to Keith's only with different instructors giving him a different opinion of some of the courses. By the time the food arrived Xavier seemed to finally find a comfort zone with Keith for he actually leaned back in his chair and sat in a relaxed posture.

When the food arrived Xavier seemed to find the act of eating a time he could let down his guard, and that actually being with Keith at dinner didn't seem so surreal. He began to tell Keith of his own home life, the expectations he knew he could not live up to and how he knew he disappointed his father.

"Oh we all disappoint our fathers" Keith interjected trying to lighten the mood for he saw Xavier slipping back into his shell with the mere mention of his father. Keith moved the subject to movies asking Xavier he had seen the new action flick playing at the cinema. Their conversation grew more casual, each relaxing back in their chairs when they had finished their meals.

Keith didn't know how long they had been talking but he knew the waitress would be over soon with the check and he felt anxious about the meal ending and having to head back to campus. He stretched his legs out till he felt his right foot brush up against Xavier's foot, determined to make some sort of contact with this person in front of him. This person who intrigued him so.

Xavier jumped, sat up quickly in his chair pulling his feet back literally underneath him.

"Oh sorry man, I didn't mean to kick you" Keith stated in false apology feeling foolish as he did so. 'Why couldn't he just be honest with Xavier' he wondered as he too sat up.

"It's okay" Xavier replied but his posture, the way he sat showed someone displaying some innate fear.

They drove back to campus in silence, any ideas of prolonging the night by suggesting some other endeavor no longer seemed to make sense. Near campus Xavier shifted in his seat, finally turning to look over at Keith.

"Thanks Keith. I appreciate you inviting me to..." Xavier hesitated then looking out the side window again he continued, "I'm sorry to be so jumpy, it's just..."

Xavier let his voice trail off, his sentence unfinished, as he wondered what he should have done differently.

Back at the dorm they entered the stair, Keith following Xavier, watching the way his body moved as he climbed the stairs. The floor was quiet, most of the guys still gone, Keith knew more than likely at some bar after grabbing pizza. They moved down the hall not talking and as they passed the few doors that were open they looked inside to see one or two guys watching television or playing some video game.  When they got to Xavier's door Keith stood behind him, watching the way he fumbled with his keys then worked to get the door open. Xavier pushed the door open and as he stepped inside he turned to Keith.

"Thanks again. I guess I should get some studying done."

"Yeah, okay" Keith replied. "I'll catch up with you later?" he added as he turned to go to  his own room.

"Yeah...that'll be nice" Xavier said as he watched Keith move away. He pushed the door closed so no one could see how confused he felt, the way his insides felt tied up in knots wondering if he had messed up, if Keith would have anything else to do with him.

Keith moved down to his room and as he unlocked the door and started inside he felt eyes looking at him; sensed someone's stare. He glanced down the hall and saw Jack standing at his door looking back his way.

"Hey Jack."



'Why is Keith suddenly doing something with Xavier' Jack wondered as he heard Keith's door close. He stood wondering why he felt angry, why it bothered him so. It was dumb to be worked up over two guys, especially Keith and even more so with Xavier. But he was and it dawned on Jack that what he felt was jealously. It embarrassed him to realize it and he went into his room and fell back on his bed. Staring at the ceiling he tried to push the whole situation from his mind, tried to think of something else. But he couldn't get around it, no matter how hard he tried. Maybe he just needed to do what Keith had done. Maybe he just needed to approach Xavier about doing something together.

But what?

Xavier showed no interest in sports, as far as he knew Xavier didn't even own a bicycle. 'Why ride a bike when you have a BMW in the parking lot' he wondered to himself remembering the dark blue convertible in the student lot that he had seen Xavier get out of on numerous occasions. It was odd how Xavier seemed to take great pains to conceal the fact he had the car,  parking it two lots over and in the back. He knew because he parked there to hide his vehicle. It was a twenty year old truck, once used on the farm, the body battered with scratches, a couple of dents and the painted finish long since gone, the blue faded to a dull hue. He knew his accent gave him away as being from the country but he didn't want to add to the image by being seen in his old truck.

He stretched then folded his hand together resting his head in them as he tried to think of some way to get in with Xavier.  Maybe he liked playing video games, or watching movies or going to listen to bands. Xavier had been keeping to himself so much Jack had no idea what any of his interest could be. 'Fucking pussy' he uttered, referring to himself and he knew it was silly to scheme, to think of some angle to get to know Xavier. Why didn't he do like he had done with the other guys and just knock on his door and ask him if he wanted to hang out. 

But he knew the answer, for up till now he was afraid to be seen talking to Xavier. He'd heard so many of the guys call Xavier a homo, a fag, queer, joking about how they were nervous to be in the showers when Xavier was around. The usual numbskull jock banter but he had let it get to him. It had made him hesitate to even speak to Xavier, much less get to know him. But Keith just went off with Xavier, probably to dinner somewhere and if Keith could do it why not him he wondered.

"Fuck it" he uttered out loud as he stood up and look in the mirror. His dark brown hair was messed up but in a way he thought looked good, somewhat fashionable if he did say so himself. His white t-shirt was all wrinkled and a food stain on the front from lunch earlier that day. The white contrasted well with his dark skin tone but it was too messed up. He slipped it over his head and tossed it on his bed. In the mirror he saw his lean body, one muscular from work on the family farm, not bulked up like the guys who go to the gym. He ran his hand down his chest and over his stomach feeling the smooth firm skin as he closed his eyes imagining it was Xavier doing it, Xavier who was touching him making goose bumps rise up. Opening his eyes he looked at the way his beard came in, such a definite outline along his jaw, over his mouth and around his chin with the small gap below his lower lip. He ran his hand along his jaw feeling the two day stubble wondering if he should shave, wondering if Xavier would find him more appealing clean shaven or would Xavier like him to have a five o'clock shadow.

The debate rambled around in his mind as he reached for the door to his small closet. On a shelf over his hung items he pulled down a white tank top, one that was cut larger than most and fit him loosely. He slipped it on then combed his hand through his hair and smiled knowing he was not going to shave. He stood back from the mirror so he could see more of his body in the mirror. He put his hands in the pocket of his jeans and pushed downward letting them slip down till they looked to be hanging from his hips and the short tail of the tank top set a bit above the waistband. He was going to see if he could push Xavier's buttons.

The corridor was still quiet as Jack moved toward Xavier's room. He noticed Keith's door was still open and he passed it quickly and quietly, glancing in to see if Keith would notice him going by. Keith had been sitting on his bed watching television and didn't appear to notice him.  At Xavier's door he stood at staring at the plastic '321' on the door. 'Don't be a pussy' he told himself and knocked. It seemed forever before he heard the lock being undone. 'Come on Xavier, open the door' he repeated in his mind worried some of the guys would come back any moment.  The door opened a couple of inches and one eye came to the gap.


"Jack, my name is Jack."

"Jack. Sorry."

"It's okay man. It's not like we've been introduced or anything" Jack replied giving the corridor a quick look each way. When he looked back at Xavier he saw the door was open a bit more, enough to allow Xavier's whole face to be visible and Xavier's eyes were moving back up from scanning his body. He suppressed the urge to smile as he raised one arm, propping his elbow against the wall as he leaned in toward Xavier.

"Hey, I can't sleep and this place is dead as hell. I saw you come in just a few minutes ago and knew you might still be up. You up for some gaming...or something?"

"Well...I was playing a game now. You want to come in and play?"

"Oh hell yeah. Anything to not be sitting in my room bored."

They had been playing for nearly two hours, Jack sitting on the floor leaned back against Xavier's bed and Xavier sitting on it, each working their fingers frantically trying to best the other.

"Damn, you're a hell of a lot better than most of the other guys" Jack uttered as the sound of his man dying in yet another explosion came from the television.

"Well, I probably play too occupy my time" Xavier admitted as he hit the reset button. He kept his eyes on the screen, his mind occupied by the game for to do otherwise would find his eyes locked on the exposed shoulders just down to his right. The smooth dark skin he wanted desperately to reach over and touch. He had noticed a light freckling along Jack's shoulders, had noticed the way Jack's hair had some slight curl made more obvious by being messed up and the way it lay over Jack's neck, had noticed the curve of Jack's ear, and he had noticed the line of beard growth along Jack's jaw and the way it curved up to the sideburns. At times Jack's movements made the tank top pull away from his body and Xavier would find himself looking down along Jack's chest seeing the small round nipple and for him it was as erotic and teasing as it must have been for the guys when looking at a woman.  He couldn't believe a guy's body, something regularly on display with so many going shirtless all the time, could seem so tempting when he only had partial views of it.

"We should call it a night after this game. I have an early class in the morning" Xavier said as he started the game again.

"Yeah, I do too" Jack replied actually sounding disappointed.

They feel into the rhythm of the game, working against each other, one trying to best the other. They moved their fingers deftly from button to toggle switch as they made their characters in the game do their bidding. Jack began to move his body more, to lean one way or the other as he tried to make his character move faster. Soon his arm was brushing up against Xavier's leg. The contact was too distracting to Xavier and he messed up. The sound of his character dying came from the television.

"Well I'll be damned; I beat you for once" Jack bragged as he moved around on the floor to face Xavier. "This has been fun. We'll have to play more often."

"Yeah, I liked playing with you" Xavier replied as he busied himself with putting the game away as he avoided looking at Jack.

Jack sensed Xavier's nervousness and he leaned back telling himself to back off for now. He watched the lean body of Xavier move before him and he wondered how long it'll take to make a play on him, or even if Xavier would be remotely willing. He stood up, stretched his arms out and twisted his torso taking out the stiffness and he saw Xavier stop what he was doing and stare at him for a moment, just the briefest of moments before turning away. Jack smiled at how he had gotten Xavier's attention.

"Well I'm heading back to my room. I'll see ya tomorrow."



"Thanks. It was fun."

"No problem man" Jack replied as he told himself the fun hasn't begun.


Xavier came from class, sweat trickling down from his hair and down his sides. He felt exhausted, not from fatigue but from the unusual heat for the middle of October. His clothes even reflected the way he felt, his shirt tail half tucked in and half out. Arriving at the dorm he breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the cool conditioned air hit him when he opened the door. He staggered up the stairs to the third floor and actually struggled to open the corridor door. He moved slowly down the corridor, head held down looking at the floor not bothering to see what was going on in the rooms that had their doors open with the laughter and the banter, music blaring from some and televisions playing in others. He was almost to his own door when he heard his name called out.

"Xavier. Xavier!"

Xavier turned and saw Jack standing at one of the open doors behind him. He nodded his head in acknowledgment, wondering what Jack wanted.

"Hey, toss your stuff in your room and come on over. We're short a player."

"What?" Xavier asked, not sure he heard right. Jack smiled at him, shaking his head at the way Xavier was confused by such a simple gesture.

"Throw your shit in your room and get your ass down here. We need another player" Jack said sarcastically.

"Oh...okay. Give me a minute."

Xavier went into his room and tossed his backpack on his bed. He raised his right arm and looked at the way it was so sweat stained under the arms. He couldn't stand the feeling of the shirt and he pulled it off and pulled out a t-shirt. He ran his hand through his damp hair as he glanced in the mirror quickly, grabbed up his keys and headed out.

When he arrived at the room he knew was Ryan's he saw John and Jack sitting on the bed and Ryan in a chair getting the video game set up. Xavier was relieved to see Allen was not part of the group.

"Hey Xavier, come on in" Ryan called out as he kept getting everything set up. It was amazing to Xavier to see Ryan treat him as one of the guys and he moved into the room, pulled the one other chair over to the foot of the bed so John and Jack still had a view of the television.

"You're playing with Jack" John said handing over controller. "He says you're good and for his sake you better be" he added looking up at Xavier smiling. Xavier knew John hoped he was not very good at the game thus letting Ryan and him to beat them. Jack gave Xavier a knowing look shaking his head and Xavier knew Jack wanted him not to say anything.

"What is the game?" Xavier asked and when Ryan held up the game box he struggled to suppress a smile. It was one of his favorites.

They played till it grew dark outside and the noise of a typical evening in the dorm came in from the corridor. Different guys stuck their head in from time to time to make some comment or ask a question, most giving Xavier a surprised look. Ryan and John refused to stop for they refused to accept how often Jack and Xavier were beating them.

"I'll order a couple of pizzas" Ryan said at the end of a game, pulling out his phone to call in an order for delivery. Xavier reached for his wallet to give Ryan some cash. Ryan shook his head no whispering past his phone he'd get it.

"Damn straight you'll buy...loser" Jack joked as he pulled a soda from the mini-frig next to Ryan's desk. "Everyone ready for something to drink?"

It was after ten o'clock before Ryan and John finally gave up and everyone agreed to call it a night. Xavier stood up and was the first to head toward the door.

"Hey Xavier" John called out.

Turning Xavier saw the three guys looking up at him.

"Good play."

"Thanks" Xavier replied and he turned quickly and walked out so the guys wouldn't see him smile. It was the first time he felt like one of the guys on the floor. He didn't notice the way Jack watched him as he left the room, watched the way his body moved, with thoughts on things other than gaming.


Keith rubbed his eyes and leaned back stretching his back. He had been with a small group of classmates studying for an exam coming up till each one said they couldn't do any more. They had used their classroom with permission of their professor where they had been at it since three o'clock that afternoon and it was now after nine. Keith lifted his backpack from the floor and began stuffing his books and notebook into it as he listened to one guy go over a set of principles one more time making the others groan.

"Give it a rest man, we're too tired to focus and need a break" Keith said as he stood up and slipped his backpack on. He didn't wait on any of the others. He wanted a break not only from the material but from his fellow classmates. He came into the corridor and instead of taking the nearest stair decided to walk around the corridor to the far side and go down the stair there. It would put him on the side of the building closest to the dorm complex and it would let him avoid the others. His footsteps made a soft squeaking sound as he walked along the deserted corridor. The rooms were dark on each side with their doors closed.  When he rounded the last corner and could see the stair door at the far wall in front of him he picked up his pace.  About half way down he saw a door open, light spilling out into the corridor. 'Another study group' he thought as he got closer. He was about ten feet away when he saw the sign by the door announcing the LGBT support group meeting and it made him slow almost to a stop. He wondered if he would recognize anyone in the room. He could hear them stirring around, desk sliding on the floor and people talking. He eased up closer to the door  and was about to look in when a couple of guys came out. They were clearly together, their bodies nearly touching, their heads slightly angled to each other as they talked to each other. Keith stopped letting them pass in front of him and he found himself glancing back watching them walk together down the corridor wondering what it was like, two guys together like that.

He turned to continue to the stair and ran into someone before he could perceive anyone was there. They literally bounced off of each other and he heard books crash to the floor.

"Oh...I'm sorry" Keith uttered as he got his balance. He suddenly realized it was Xavier who was stooped down frantically trying to get his books and notebook picked up. "Xavier?"

Xavier stopped suddenly recognizing Keith's voice. He looked up slowly as he stacked his books and picked them up. He looked at Keith with a panicked look, eyes wide and mouth hanging open slightly but not making a sound.

"Hey man, you..." Keith began but Xavier jumped up and ran for the stair. "Xavier...wait!" Keith called out but Xavier ran on, pushed through the door and disappeared. Keith started to run after him but something told him to hold off, to give Xavier some distance. He looked into the room and saw several guys gathered at the door giving him a judgmental look.

"I didn't mean to scare him...I..." Keith stammered not sure what to say and he looked back at the door to the stair aware of the sudden quiet in the corridor. He turned back to the guys in the doorway, "I'll talk to him when I get to the dorm. I don't know why he...I mean, I don't care if he'" he added, letting his voice trail off as he started walking away even before he finished talking. He felt a sudden need to get back to the dorm and talk to Xavier.

The floor of the dorm was the usual scene of guys moving from room to room, doors open with music or the sounds of gaming coming from them. Keith moved quickly down the corridor till he was standing in front of Xavier's door not surprised to see it securely closed. He knocked, this knuckles rapping against the wood door three times. He waited and heard no response from within. He knocked again then leaned in close to the door. "Xavier?" he called out just loud enough for Xavier to hear.


"Come on Xavier. It's okay, open up" Keith asked. When he saw someone walking toward him he moved back breaking the closeness he had had with the door allowing him to talk to Xavier without others hearing.

"Hey Keith?" Mark said as he walked by, one of the guys Keith didn't know very well and he wasn't surprised to hear the questioning tone in Mark's voice nor the look he gave him for standing at Xavier's door. Keith watched Mark walk down the corridor then go into Tom's room then he turned back to the door and knocked again.

"Xavier" Keith whispered again.

"Go away" Xavier replied, his voice sharp, curt and Keith backed away and knew he wasn't going to get Xavier to open the door at this time. Heading on to his own room he saw Jack at the door of his room.  'Xavier was with Jack the other day. I wonder if he can get him to open up?' Keith thought as he went into his room, tossed his backpack down and headed for Jack's room.

Jack was no longer at his door when Keith came out into the corridor and when he finally stood in the open doorway he saw Jack was at his desk reading a text book. He knocked on the open door as he came in getting Jack's attention.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Keith asked moving into the room and sitting on Jack's bed right across from him.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"I was're friends with Xavier, right?"

"Xavier? I guess...I mean he hangs out with you more than he does me. What is this about?"

"I sort of upset him. I didn't mean to he want open his door."

"How did you do that?" Jack asked and Keith knew he was at the point where he had to find out if Jack could be trusted.

"This has to stay between us. You can't go telling any of the other guys. Okay?"

"Okay?" Jack replied in a questioningly tone obviously wondering what Keith was driving at and at the same time having a suspicion what this was about.

"I ran into Xavier on campus and..." Keith looked over at the open door and even though Jack was at the end of the corridor away from the others he still felt too exposed. He got up and eased the door closed and leaned back against it taking a deep breath. He moved back into the room sitting on the bed again. "I saw Xavier coming out of a gay and lesbian support group and he panicked when he saw me."

"Oh" Jack replied sitting back. After a long moment of silence Jack looked over at the wall, what he was looking at Keith wasn't sure, but when he started talking he sounded tired, his voice lower than usual. "I don't know why it still matters, why some of the guys have such a problem with it...but I've seen the way some treat Xavier and imagine the fear he has on being found least I..." Jack suddenly stopped.

"So you'll not say anything?"

"I might say a lot before long but no, not about Xavier."

Keith looked at Jack and wondered what he meant but he didn't say anything.

"Can I ask you something?" Jack asked breaking the silence.


"Have you ever...thought about what two guys do?"

'Was he joking?' Keith wondered but when he looked at Jack he knew he was serious. "Well...I guess I've wondered how it is...different."

Jack just nodded his head then sat up in his chair. "What time is it?" he asked Keith even as he picked up his phone to look. "It is nine twenty. Have you been to that diner over on twenty-third that is open all night?"

"A couple of times."

"Let's go see if we can get Xavier to come out and if he does then we'll go there. It's far enough away that we shouldn't run into anyone."


Xavier lay on his bed, berating himself for not opening the door when Keith had knocked. He didn't know why he ran or why he was holed up in his room but there was some innate fear he couldn't suppress. He kept imagining his father or some of the guys on the floor coming at him with their accusations and condemnations. But there were so many guys who were openly gay on campus he didn't understand why it was so hard for him. Tears streamed from his eyes and trickled down the side of his face as he lay there. He hadn't moved since coming in.

The usual noise in the corridor had died down till he could no longer hear anyone moving about letting him finally relax. His room was perfectly quiet, no noise of any kind and he lay staring at the ceiling with his jumbled up thoughts. He jumped when there was suddenly another knock at his door.

"Xavier. It's me" Jack whispered through the door.

'Jack?' Xavier was surprised to hear his voice then wondered if Keith would actually get Jack involved. Would he tell Jack?

"Come the door" Jack said.

Xavier eased up swinging his feet to the floor. He stood up and moved to the door easing it open to reveal Jack standing right in front of it.

"Yeah?" Xavier asked.

"Xavier" Keith said stepping out and moving behind Jack, "we should talk."

Xavier looked at Keith then Jack nodding his head, knowing Jack did indeed know Keith had seen him at the LGBT meeting. "Okay" he finally said stepping aside to let them come in.

"Get your shoes on; we're going to that diner over on twenty-third" Jack stated as Keith and he stood at the door in the corridor.

Jack led the way, Xavier following closely behind with Keith bringing up the rear as they made their way to the stairs, down to the ground floor and outside.

"Keith can you drive? I have an old pickup."

"I can drive" Keith replied.

"No, I'll drive. My car is in the first lot" Xavier said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out his keys. "It's a nice night and we can put the top down."

"You parked in the first lot?" Jack asked.

Xavier smiled at him realizing Jack knew he typically parked in the back lot. "I didn't feel like the walk last night when I came back."

Keith climbed in back and Jack settled into the passenger seat as Xavier started the car and lowered the top. Xavier drove out of the parking lot and turned toward town. Within a few blocks they were in town.

"Cut over to Garden Street and take it south till we come to twenty-third" Jack said as he reached for the stereo. "What do you listen to when you drive around?"

Music began to play and Xavier seemed to relax, his body posture settle into a comfortable position. Jack slide down low in his seat with his knees propped on the dash. Keith moved to the center of the back seat leaned forward, arms resting on each seat back.

"Nice car. Birthday present?" Keith asked.

"More like a bribe" Xavier replied his facial expression very serious.

"Seriously?" Keith asked.

"Yeah. My fucking father wanted me to stay home last summer when he and my mom went to Europe for a month."

"A month?"

"Yeah. So I stayed home and got a new car."

"Well I would have stayed home too for a nice car" Jack stated as he looked over at Keith and Xavier. "I mean fuck, go to Europe on your own later...better yet take me instead."

For a moment only the sound of music filled the silence but Keith, then Jack and finally Xavier began to laugh.

Xavier pulled into the parking deck across the street from the diner that occupied the corner space of the building, the interior so brightly lit it made everything around it seem even darker. The diner wasn't busy and the three of them soon had a booth up front at the window. Xavier sat near the window with Jack next to him and Keith on the opposite side.

"So you guys expect me to confess all or something?" Xavier asked after the waitress left with their order.

"No...we just wish you would be honest with us and not freak out about it" Keith replied.

"What about you guys? Have you always been straight with me?" Xavier asked and he saw Jack look down for a moment and Keith grin, the kind of grin of someone hiding something. "Well?"

"Feel the tension in the air" Jack whispered and he looked up smiling shaking his head. "Okay Xavier."


They drove back in silence, each lost to his thoughts, the previous conversation coming back to each one in its own way. Jack had admitted to being gay, to struggling with how to make that first step from living a lie pretending to be straight. He admitted how he worried about how some of the guys on their floor would react and he admitted to checking out some of them, including Xavier. The conversation had made Xavier emboldened but also embarrassed. Xavier talked of how he felt, what it was like on the dorm floor for him being left out all the time until recently but at the same time worried about being included, afraid he would give himself away, reveal his sexuality to the wrong person; Allen in particular.

When Xavier finished Jack and he looked at Keith, wondering if he was going to join in, admit to being gay. Keith had smiled mischievously back at them then laughed. When he finally leaned forward, his expression slightly more serious he told them he still liked girls, but he admitted to feeling an attraction to guys too. He talked of the confusion he once had about it, this duality of his sexual desires but now he just felt cautious about it, this need to keep this aspect of himself hidden from those like Allen who are belligerent in their response to such things. And he had not explored this attraction with another guy although he admitted he wanted to do so.

For a moment Jack and Xavier sat silent as Keith sat smiling back at them having nothing more to say. The waitress appeared suddenly and brought them back to their surroundings and Xavier pulled out a credit card to pay the check as Jack checked his phone for the time.

"Jesus, it's late. We should head back" Jack stated as he slipped the phone back into his pocket.

They rode in silence on the drive back, Xavier trying to focus on his driving, making the right turns and shifting smoothly as he drove. Jack leaned against the door and for most of the ride let his hand move in the swift currents passing around the windshield. His hand moved up and down with the slightest shift in its position and Jack watched it with dulled awareness.  Keith sat in the back leaned back to one side watching Xavier drive then over to Jack, watching how he was playing with the wind. Each knew the other had to be thinking about their conversation earlier, each knowing they were being themselves for the first time.

The dorm was fully lit up, and on their floor guys were coming and going from room to room. There was the usual chaotic nature of horsing around and groups gathered in one room or another. It made Xavier, Jack and Keith self conscious, aware of how they felt so different from these guys, none more so than Keith. Having admitted to being bisexual suddenly seemed very real, something tangible that could be acted upon, and he felt a difference from the guys on the floor he'd not really felt before.

"I guess I should just call it a night" Xavier said as they came to his door first.

"Yeah, me too. We'll catch up later?" Jack said to Xavier as Keith and he moved on down the corridor.

"Okay" Xavier replied as he went into his room.

It had been awkward, their return to the dorm as if something had been left unsaid. Keith found his roommate and three other guys playing video games and he slipped in behind them and onto his bed to watch. Jack eased into his room where, like Xavier he had managed to have one to himself. Xavier's roommate had gotten another room and no one had to say why, for it was obvious how the guy was afraid of Xavier. For Jack it was different. His roommate had fucked up and gotten kicked out.

Jack lay on his bed staring at the ceiling knowing this night ended all wrong. He knew it should have been different. He looked at his phone, dismissing the missed  calls and looked at the time. He had time to review the material for an exam one more time. He turned and dropped his feet to the floor. At his desk he opened the book, let his eyes move over the material but he had no comprehension of what he was looking at on the pages. He closed the book and stared at the wall. 'Tomorrow night' he thought.


Keith leaned back setting his fork down and looked over at the long line that still existed waiting to get served. It amazed him how many people came through this particular cafeteria. He had twenty minutes before his last class of the day. He pulled his phone out and pulled up a game he had been playing between classes. His fingers moved over the screen rapidly as he work his way through another level of the game. He was almost to the end when his phone beeped with an incoming text.

"Shit" as he messed up losing the round due to the distraction. He switched to the main screen and saw it was Jack. He tapped the message bringing it up.

          My room - 9:30 2nite

Keith closed the message and leaned back wondering what Jack was planning. And he wondered if Xavier would be there.


Jack's phone beeped and he saw Keith's reply. 'ok' was on the screen and he smiled, wondering if Keith had any inclination what he was up to in inviting him over tonight.  He leaned forward to get back to his studies but struggled to maintain concentration.  It was Xavier he was worried about and not having taken the time to get his cell phone number he had no way to contact him except by the note he slipped under Xavier's door when he got back from his day's classes. He didn't want to come face to face with Xavier until tonight for he wanted to avoid any questions about what he was up to with his invite. He had even closed his door and was listening to music with his earbuds. He only had ten more problems to do and he took a deep breath and refocused his mind to the task.

It took over an hour to work through the problems and he leaned back stretching his arms upward. He twisted his head back and forth and when he was looking toward the door he saw the white paper on the floor just inside his door. He jumped up quickly and snatched it up. It was a half of a page of notebook paper neatly torn and folded in two and he knew it had to be Xavier's reply. Opening it he saw the neat print in black ink.

          I'll see you at 9:30. Xavier

Smiling, Jack nodded his head at the positive response knowing Xavier and Keith agreed to arrive at the appointed time. He ran his hand through his hair now wondering exactly how to get things going, whether to take a direct approach or something decidedly more subtle.


Xavier looked at the clock and it was only two minutes since he had last looked at it. He had been doing this for over an half hour and finally it was nearly nine thirty. He stood up and looked in the mirror. His hair was too perfect for he had combed it half a dozen times. He ran his hand through it messing it up slightly making it look more natural. He eased his door open, almost expecting someone to jump out when he did so. He stuck his head out and looked both ways. The corridor was actually empty with only a couple of doors open. He could hear the music coming from the closest one.

Door closed Xavier made his way toward Jack's room. Keith's door opened just before he got to it. Keith stepped out and nodded his way closing his door.

"You heading to Jack's?" Keith asked.

"Yeah. You?"

Keith nodded and the two of them fell in beside each other as they made their way to Jack's.

"I wonder what game he wants to play" said Keith.

"Or movie he wants us to watch" Xavier replied, although neither felt convinced Jack would want to do either.

Keith knocked as Xavier stood just behind him. They could hear music playing inside and then the sound of the door opening.

When the door swung open Jack stood to one side. He was wearing a shirt completely unbuttoned and a pair of jeans that hung low on his waist. Keith and Xavier couldn't stop from looking at Jack in a sexual way, especially Xavier. The smooth torso with the small trail of hair from the navel down to the waistband of the jeans. The open shirt just made it a tease, the partial exposure that was more enticing than if Jack had simply been shirtless.

"Come on in" Jack said. Keith moved in and sat in one of the two chairs and Xavier took the other one. Jack moved between them, his hand lightly touching Xavier on the shoulder, as he went to his bed and lay back on it. He put his hands together behind his head causing the shirt to spread open completely. Xavier kept glancing at Jack's body and looking away and Keith just stared, his eyes first on Jack's chest then moved down along the flat stomach and to the crotch of the jeans that bulged upward, so masculine in the shape of it Keith imagined he could see how Jack's cock lay beneath the fabric. Keith wondered if Jack had on underwear for none were evident along the waistband of the jeans which sat so low he just knew underwear should be evident.

They were silent, Xavier and Keith waiting on Jack to say something who just stared up at the ceiling for a moment.

"You feel the tension between us? All of our talk yesterday of sex, a question of what to expect" Jack uttered in a low voice, his eyes still locked on the ceiling. "Why? Why do we care what someone else thinks? Why are we worried about this sexual...desire between us.?" Jack added then fell silent. Keith started to say something but stopped while Xavier waited.

Jack sat up on the bed, eased to the edge of the mattress and reached out with each hand putting them on Keith and Xavier's thighs. He slowly rubbed up and down their thighs. "You guys know you want to. You've thought about it, haven't you?"

Keith nodded his head.

"Yes" Xavier replied in a hoarse low whisper. Jack sat up pulling his hands from their thighs and leaned back on them, his lean body coming into view with the shirt falling open. Keith moved first, eased over next to Jack on the bed putting his left hand on Jack's chest as he stared him in the face. The hand moved across Jack's chest slowly, rubbing over each erect nipple and Jack responded with a smile that gave Keith the encouragement to continue.

Keith leaned to Jack till their lips touched then parted and Jack pushed into Keith's mouth. Xavier watched them kiss, watched as Keith's hand moved over Jack's chest, down over the flat stomach. It was too intense, the opportunity held out so willingly by Jack and Xavier eased off the chair and down on his knees and up between Jack's legs. His hands rubbed along each thigh from knee all the way up to within inches of Jack's crotch. Xavier leaned forward, eyes closed, till his lips touched bare skin, skin that undulated with Jack's breathing. Xavier felt  the smooth firm surface with his lips, let his tongue snake out and drag over it. He moved upward and found the recessed navel, moved his tongue around its perimeter and down into its little recess. Jack moaned as his stomach heaved with each breath. Not stopping, Xavier moved downward, dragging his tongue over every  inch of flesh, feeling the smooth surface till he felt the denim of the jeans. He snaked his tongue along the waistband pushing as far as he could underneath, his tongue always touching flesh. 'No underwear' Xavier thought as he rose up and began to fumble with the button, then struggle with the zipper working it down allowing the jeans to open up till the hard column of Jack's cock slipped free right in his face. He took it in hand, felt the girth within his fingers, the hardness of it, the way if flexed in his hand. Xavier leaned forward once again, this time brining his lips to the head of Jack's cock, feeling the spongy surface at contact as he lick around it then slipped his lips over it and pushed downward sinking the hard shaft into his mouth.

Keith looked down and watched Jack's cock sink into Xavier's mouth. He saw Jack's stomach heave for breath as each inch disappeared in Xavier's mouth. Keith put his hand on Xavier's head and pushed down feeling Xavier give in to him taking the last inch of cock. Xavier sucked Jack's cock, took it over and over till  out of the corner of his eye he became aware of Keith, the way his body was right next to them and he reached over and ran his hand over the front of Keith's jeans feeling the hardness within.

Xavier pulled up off Jack and reached over undoing Keith's jeans till they were open. Keith's cock slipped free and Xavier moved to it, put his lips to the head then slid down its length. He worked on Keith until a hand was pushing him off. Keith's cock was so close to release it bobbed up and down and drooled from the slit.

"Not yet...please stop" Keith begged.

Xavier moved back to Jack sinking his mouth down his hard cock. Keith stood up and stripped then moved down behind Xavier pressing their bodies together. He felt the heat of Xavier, the smoothness of his skin as he moved against him rubbing his cock along Xavier's ass. Keith looked up and saw Jack nod at him and he knew what it meant.

Keith stood up pulling Xavier up with him. He worked Xavier's shirt open and slipped it off his shoulders while Jack sat on the edge of the bed undoing Xavier's jeans then working boxers and jeans down. Working together Jack and Keith stripped Xavier till he stood naked between them, his cock angled up fully erect, the head wet and drooling. Jack moved to it and licked the drool from the head making Xavier gasp. Keith held Xavier's arms pulled back as Jack took Xavier's cock. Jack sank his mouth as far down the shaft as he could then he worked his mouth along the shaft till Xavier was pumping his hips. Jack pulled back and ran his hand up along Xavier's lean body feeling the softness of his fair skin, the warmth of it, watching how it gained a slight rosy color by his mere touch. Xavier leaned down and kissed Jack as Keith moved around and lay on the bed watching them, the way the kissed roughly, passionately.

Jack and Xavier parted and looked over at Keith and they way he was lying on his stomach. Their eyes followed the curve of Keith's back and over the round ass cheeks. Jack rose up and sat on the bed at Keith's head, legs parted and his cock sticking straight out.

"Suck me Keith" Jack whispered and he watched Keith move around between his legs and take his cock. Keith's head moved up and down slowly, Keith trying to find his rhythm as he got accustom to Jack in his mouth.

"Xavier" Jack uttered nodding his head toward Keith.

Xavier climbed on the bed and moved over Keith's legs. He ran his hands over each cheek feeling their firmness. He pulled them apart and let the fingers of one hand graze over Keith's opening. Keith bucked upward, pushed his ass up against the fingers. Xavier rubbed the tight opening, moved one then two fingers over it till Keith was pumping his hips up and down. When he sank both fingers into the tight opening Keith cried out around Jack's cock.

"Yeah...loosen him up" Jack whispered as he fought the urge to pump his own hips as he held Keith's head. His hands combed through Keith's hair as he watched Keith pump his head up and down.

Xavier fingered Keith, worked his fingers in and out and twisted them around till the opening no longer felt tight around them. He pulled them free and shifted forward, moved up till he could align his cock to Keith's entrance and he pushed forward, slowly, sinking inch by inch into Keith. He felt the tight ring of the opening squeeze his cock as it slid through, felt the way it milked his cock, made him harder.

Keith shivered beneath Xavier and when Xavier was half way into his hole he pushed upward taking the remainder of the shaft. He moaned with the penetration, the way Xavier's cock stretched him open and filled his hole.

"Fuck..." Jack whispered at the sight of Xavier sunk all the way into Keith. He watched Xavier pull back, thick cock sliding out till only the head remained in Keith then watched Xavier push it back in, slowly, inch by inch making Keith moan around his cock. Jack leaned back and began to work his hips pumping his cock in Keith's mouth in rhythm with Xavier, the same pace which grew faster and faster. Keith took them both, let them fuck him harder and harder till he gagged on Jack and had to pull up for air.

Xavier shifted position slightly and began to drive his cock into Keith with powerful thrusts, his hips bouncing off Keith's ass rocking the bed and making Keith cry out too loudly. Jack held Keith by the head as he pushed his cock to Keith's open mouth sinking the slick wet shaft all the way in. Once again Keith took both of them this time Jack allowing him his own pace.

Jack closed his eyes and focused on the way his cock felt as it slid through Keith's lips and into his warm mouth. He focused on the sounds of their sex, Keith's moans, Xavier's grunts, the sound of Xavier's body coming down on Keith's ass and the squeak of the bed. It aroused him till his cock swelled with his release and he fought the urge to shove upward hard. He came, ejaculating wad after wad in Keith's mouth. He felt Keith hold still with the head of his spurting cock lying on Keith's tongue. He shot wad after wad till Keith's mouth was filled then he felt the suction, Keith swallowing his load and sucking the remainder from his cock. Jack fell back and let Keith milk his cock till he was totally spent and pushing Keith to release him.

Xavier saw Jack cum, saw the expression on his face and the way his body shivered with release. He saw the way Keith held Jack's cock then sucked on it harder and he smelled it, the scent of their sex. It aroused him and his body ached for release, his skin glistening from his exertions and he rose up and piston his cock rough and fast, smacking his abdomen off Keith's ass.

"Fuck" Xavier cried out and he thrust inward all the way and came. He worked his cock slowly inside Keith as he did so, thrusting forward with each ejaculation. When he was spent he pulled back and fell against the wall heaving for breath. He felt the sweat trickle down his face and torso.

Keith rolled over and took his own erection in hand. Jack and Xavier watched him stroke his cock, watched intently as the hard shaft glistened from Keith's hand smearing the pre-cum till the slick sound of his masturbation filled the room. Xavier moved first, knocking Keith's hand away. He straddled Keith and reached back to hold up the slick cock. Easing down Xavier took it with inch by inch disappeared into his body. Keith and Jack watched as the slim body still wet, glistening in the dim light, moved downward till it had all of Keith. Xavier didn't hesitate to start fucking himself on Keith, didn't need to relax to the penetration and he soon was moving at a furious pace. Keith rested his hands on Xavier's thighs feeling the flex of muscle as Xavier rose up and dropped down. Xavier was rougher than before, more physical in his movements and Keith, already so aroused couldn't hold back.

"Fuck... Xavier, I'm gonna cum" Keith uttered as he pushed upward. He came hard as Xavier continued to ride him, the bed squeaking noisily underneath them. Keith felt each ejaculation, the way Xavier milk each wad out of him till he was spent and he begged Xavier to stop, too sensitive for any further stimulation but Xavier kept riding him, kept his cock painfully hard.

"Please....Xavier....stop....stop" Keith begged as he reached up putting his hand on Xavier's chest.

Xavier finally stopped and blinked hard looking down at Keith and then up at Jack. He sat on Keith breathing hard, sweat pouring from his hair and down his body. He was burning up and exhausted.

"Shit...that was hot" Jack whispered as he looked at Xavier wondering when how soon Xavier could go again.


Xavier had fallen asleep wedged up against the wall next to Jack and Keith. Jack and Keith had their eyes closed and lightly touched each other, fingers gliding over the curves and lines of each other's body. The room was silent and no sound came from the corridor either, for it was late.

"I need to go?" Keith whispered as he eased up.

"What? Why? Stay" Jack replied.

"I have an early class and besides, I'm not the one you really want" Keith replied as he nodded his head toward Xavier. "He's been the one all along...for you and me."

Jack looked over at the sleeping form next to him then back to Jack. "And you still like girls" he said smiling up at Keith.

"Something like that" Keith replied.

Jack watched Keith dress then slip out the door easing it closed. Jack settled back down lying on his back. He smiled as he remembered everything they had done that night. He looked over at Xavier, rolled over and snuggled up next to him. He slipped one arm around Xavier and spooned up tight. Xavier stirred and wiggled up against him. He felt the heat between their bodies and the undulation of Xavier's breathing.

"Feels good" mumbled Xavier and he pressed his ass up against Jack. He moved seductively against Jack, moved his ass in a way that manipulated the quickly growing cock nestled between its cheeks. He reached back and laid his hand on Jack's hip, a light touch, fingers grazing over the bare skin. "Fuck me" Xavier whispered as he twisted around and got Jack to slide over. He moved onto his back next to Jack and reached up taking him by the back of the neck pulling their heads together till they could kiss. Xavier pulled back till their lips barely touched. "Fuck me" Xavier whispered.

Jack moved over Xavier slipping down between the legs that rose up on either side of him. His hard cock stuck straight out and he moved his hips till he was pushing against Xavier's ass. He felt Xavier take his cock and hold it in place and he pushed with his hips and felt his cock squeeze into Xavier, felt Xavier open up to him. He kept pushing forward sinking inch after inch into Xavier till their bodies came together.

" feel so good inside me" Xavier uttered as he wrapped his arms around Jack's neck. "Now fuck me" Xavier commanded.

Jack swung his hips upward and eased back down, slowly, over and over. Xavier took it, every thrust, his body undulating beneath Jack, pushing up to take his cock, back arcing pressing their bodies together, skin rubbing skin. For Jack the contact was hot and the way Xavier moved, rubbing along his body, arms and legs tight around him drove him to piston his cock faster and faster. Jack felt lips on his ear and tongue swirling around and he bucked inward harder.

"Yeah..." Xavier whispered, "fuck me harder."

Jack rose up on his hands, looked down at the prone form below him, watched the way it moved as he drove his cock faster using his whole body, every muscle to swing his hips and sink deeply into Xavier. He felt his own skin grow hot, felt the droplets of sweat that trickled down his face and body and it made him feel looser, his body able to move with greater abandon as he hammered his cock into Xavier. The bed rocked and squeaked, as Xavier was grunted and moaned beneath him.

Jack saw Xavier take his own cock and begin to stroke it with a furious pace. Xavier's cock was fully erect and the head wet. Xavier began to move more, his body undulate roughly against him as he swung his hips. Their bodies smacked together on every inward thrusts.

"Oh fuck...fuck" Xavier cried out and Jack felt the hot spatter of cum on his chest and stomach. He looked down and saw the thick pools lying across Xavier's own chest and he watched Xavier milk his own cock bringing a final droplet to the slit. Jack couldn't take it; feeling Xavier cum, the smell of it mixed with the scent of their overly exerted bodies. He thrust forward hard sinking all the way in Xavier and came. He pumped his hips with every ejaculation till he was spent and too sensitive to continue.

Jack eased down on top of Xavier, both breathing hard from their exertions, the contact between them hot and slick. Jack felt Xavier kissing him on the neck and he rose up and brought their lips together. After what seemed like a long slow time Jack rose up and looked down at Xavier.

"Can I stay tonight?" Xavier asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Jack saw the hesitation in asking, the fear he was going to say no and he smiled at Xavier.

"Of course" Jack replied, "I don't want you to leave."



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