The next day Simon woke up around 11 am. He took a shower, got dressed. Brushed his teeth and he was out the door to go over to Jessie's. He dressed in a t-shirt and blue jean pants that showed off his hard bubble butt.

When he got there, he wondered for the first time who did Jessie live with? He rang the doorbell and Jessie answered it. He was wearing casual clothes like Simon's except he wore brown hiking shoes.

'Hey, come in.' Jessie smiled as he made room for Simon to come in. 'I thought we would go out to see a movie. Would you like to go see a movie with me?'

'Um sure.' He was pleasantly surprised. 'Hey do you live here...' he motioned with his hands, 'by yourself?'

'No, here with my mom.'

'Oh, where is she now?'

'On a vacation with her friends from work. He grabbed his keys. 'Ready to go. I'll drive we're taking my car.'

'Wait I can drive my self. Besides, what will your mom say if she comes back and sees my car parked outside?'

'She won't care. Besides, she's coming back tomorrow.' He put his keys in his pocket. 'Come on I'm driving.' Simon walked out at Jessie's order. There was something about Jessie that Simon found it hard to say no to.

When they were close to the car, Simon said, 'I can drive I-'

'I didn't ask you if you could or not. I want to drive us there. Now get in,' he pointed to his grey Audi R8. A 2008 model. Seeing Simon's expression he added, 'My mom got it for me for my graduation.'

Simon thought it made his 2000 Toyota look like hell, In fact next to Jessie's car it did. He got in to the Audi, leaving his Toyota there. Simon seeing Jessie driving looking at his naturally tanned skin left his pants tight in the front. With a good old fashioned stiffy. With Jessie driving, they got there in no time. They went inside the movie theatre two towns away. It showed both major and minor motion pictures.

'What movie do you want to see?' Jessie asked Simon. He looked at the choices, and picked a romantic one. He seen the trailer it was about a straight college freshman finding out he's attracted to his gay roommate. Jessie told the usher two tickets. He took out his wallet to pay.

'I got it.' Simon said. Jessie grabbed his arm before he could pull his wallet out of his pocket.

'I said I got it ok?'

'Um k.' Jessie paid, and then they walked to the refreshment counter. 'Since you paid for the tickets I'll get the refreshm-'looking at Jessie's facial expression he replied, 'Um if you want to you can get them too.'

'Good, was planning on it.' They both got a soft drink, and at Jessie's request shared a bucket of extra buttered popcorn. They were the only ones watching this particular movie. When they sat down to watch the movie it just then hit Simon. In Jessie's mind this was a date, he just didn't want to say it aloud. He thought it was sweet, so Simon just relaxed and enjoyed the movie with Jessie. The movie credits started. His heart skipped a beat when he put his arm around him. He couldn't believe Jessie was being so giving and that someone so unattainable-in his mind- apparently would want to date him. He wanted to repay Jessie so much, so he did something he thought Jessie would enjoy. He rubbed his hand on Jessie's leg slowly sliding to his crotch, cupping his balls. He felt him getting harder every microsecond.

'Wha-'Simon put his finger on his mouth shushing Jessie's further words.

'Let me show my appreciation for everything you've done so far.' He smiled then went on his knees unbuttoning Jessie's pants revealing a very fully erect thick looking dick. Simon thought Jessie's cock was pretty. It was nine inches maybe ten. Tanned hardly any veins, silky feeling even hard. He rubbed his shaft up and down. Jessie lifted his butt out of his seat so he could pull his pants down giving Simon better access to his dick. Simon licked the head, kissing it with affection.

'mmmm. That feels good Jessie breathed. He nuzzled his face to his balls lightly nibbling them. 'Aww...oh.' He twitched. Simon knew he was making him feel good.

Simon enjoyed his Smooth and shaved balls-actually his dick and pelvis were shaved as well. He sucked his dick even more eager than the day before Jessie took Simon's virginity. He nibbled and sucked then went back to his cock doing the same. He moaned with pleasure. Simon made sure he used his tongue when he sucked it. Jessie grabbed the back of Simon's head signaling that he wanted him to deep throat it. And deep throat it he did, relaxing his throat muscles he took It inch by inch finally feeling his hairless crotch. Simon's already hard dick got even harder feeling tough guy Jessie's smooth crotch. He pulled up slowly sucking the head. He sucked harder then backed off, trying to work him up. He massaged his large balls, hoping he liked it. He did.

'I'm gonna cum if you don't quit.' Jessie said playfully masking the fact that he did indeed want to cum. It was a sort of test to see if Simon actually would make him cum in the movie theatre. Simon knew, and sucked harder with the intent on downing his sweet cum. 'Aww...ahhhhhhh.' his body shot up pushing his dick deeper in Simon's throat. When Jessie was done Cuming He pulled back swishing his man juice in his mouth. He opened his mouth so Jessie could see his own cum in his mouth by the light on the giant screen. That made his still hard-on burn with lust. He swallowed.

'Fucking Sexy as fuck.'

'I know that's why I did it.'

'Did you like the taste of my cum?'

'Yeah. I love the taste of your ball batter.' That made Jessie smile.

'Well there's more where that came from.' He pulled Simon to stand him up. He started to unbutton his pants when Simon's hands stopped him.


'Yeah. Relax.' He pulled him close to kiss him then finished unbuttoning his pants. He propped his pats and boxers and pulled him down on his slick sperm covered dick.

'Now this might hurt more than yesterdays pounding.' He pushed him on his dick not rough, but he didn't coddle him either. Simon muffled a scream as he sat on Jessie's dick. Slowly with a forceful thrust, he was balls deep in Simon's ass. He pounded him in even forceful thrusts making Simon scream in the empty theatre.

'Ahhh... oh god... it feels so big!' he screamed like a banshee in heat.

'Does my dick make that tight ass fell good!?'

'Yeah!' He moaned and groaned as Jessie was beating his harder with his man meat. Simon saw on the movie screen the main character slowly kiss his roommate. Simon saw the scene not taking it in for the pleasure he was feeling, if he would've paid attention to it at the beginning he would've known the movie was running for around 30 minutes. Simon closed his eyes taking in the pleasure Jessie was giving him, Jessie also received some as well. Simon tightened his ass around Jessie's dick when he lifted him up

'Fuck! That's a tight ass!' Jessie bellowed through out the room. After a few more minutes of ass pounding Jessie yelled,

'I'm about to cum!'

'Do it in my mouth!' Simon said it quick with lust. He pulled himself off his dick, since Jessie heard his request and let go of his hips. Simon swallowed the head and sucked his dick like a lollipop. He stared deep in Jessie's passionate eyes.

'Ahhh! Are... you going... to swallow... my cum?' Jessie asked breathlessly.

He mumbled 'mmmhmmm' the vibration triggered Jessie's ejaculation. He came in hard spurts. Cum leaked out the sides of Simon's mouth. The more he swallowed it the more cum filled his mouth. Jessie eventually stopped Cuming long enough for Simon to pull the dick out of his mouth to repeat the process of swishing it in his mouth. He opened his mouth to reveal the cum and swallowed.

After a few moments, Jessie recovered, pulled him up, and kissed him. He put Simon in the seat beside him letting Simon's head rest on his shoulder. Jessie rubbed Simon's knee. He loved cuddling with Simon, although he didn't tell him he figured it showed. It did. They sat in silence finishing the movie. When the end credits appeared they put their clothes on gathered the empty sodas and half-full bucket of popcorn. They threw the empty cups away, taking the popcorn with them. As they left to Jessie's car not one of them thought of the ushers routine theatre check to make sure no one snuck in. they had absolutely no idea that he watched them fuck, and liked it.



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