Walking through the mall 20 year old Simon loved how quiet and uncrowded it was midmorning at 10:12 in the morning. he had black hair and brown eyes. He went to the department store where other men, women, -straight, gay- went to shop. It was stylish and somewhat reasonable in the price department of their wallets. He went to pick out some pants and heard his name being called. 'You remember me? It's Jessie.' He instantly knew who he was. He needed not to say his name. The bully who played gay to make everyone laugh at Simon's expense.

'Gee I don't remember.' He found himself quickly blurting out.

'Yeah I don't blame you for being that way. I was an ass to you when we were in school. And I do apologize.' There was real sincerity in his voice, which Simon noticed. his blonde hair brought out his blue eyes.

Though he was shocked, he managed to accept. They started talking, one thing led to another, and Jessie invited Simon back to his house. 'We can hangout.' Jessie tried to convince Simon. It worked. They went to their on cars and as it turned out, they parked near each other. Simon followed him to his house. When they got there, he led him to his bedroom to show him his stash of smokes. During there smoke session Simon felt him rub his hand up and down his leg. It tingled with excitement. Not to mention that certain part of his body usually tucked safely in his pants. Before he knew what he was, doing Simon ran the back of his hand on Jessie's face. Jessie then gently kissed his hand, then suddenly grabbed Simon's head and kissed him right on his soft, luscious pair of lips. Jessie then threw him on the bed ripped off his own clothes then Simon's. Then he took his hands and using his muscles which he had been developing since freshmen year of high school, and flopped Simon on his stomach. 'Are you a virgin?' Jessie asked. Obviously not masking the desire from his voice.

'Yes.' Simon said weakly.

'Good. Now relax. I'm gong to make you feel so good and filled up. You will finally be complete.' Simon loved how the sheets felt so soft, cool, and comfortable. It rubbed his skin so softly. He loves the way Jessie rubs his back.

'Are you a virgin?' Simon could not help asking.

'No. I'm more seasoned than you are. Experience is a plus. Don't you think so.' Before he finished his last sentence, he pressed the center of his back adding a touch more pressure making his spine shiver in excitement. He moaned something unintelligible. His masculine yet feminine self-manicured hands were slow in steady Careful not to miss an inch of his smooth waxed back. His hands then start to do a little exploring... he moves them gently down to the center of his back from their position on top.. slowly to the bottom of his back.. using his hands he explored Simon's ass- More specifically using his fingers- making Simon's pulse/heart races. Then Jessie went to his hole and Simon jumped and giggled. It tickled so delightfully. Then Jessie slapped his ass kind of hard. Simon squealed clearly liking it. He told him he liked it rough but wanted his first time to be gentle. Jessie lean forward to his ear and whispered 'ok. But you need to relax a little more.' He moved his head and lightly bit his neck and kissed him. Then he went back to lightly massaging the back of his neck then moving to his spine. He moaned slightly. After awhile he decided to ask, 'Can you teach me how to suck dick Jessie?' He said he would be more than happy too. Simon put his mouth on Jessie's cock. He then decided to kiss and lick it. He then put it in his mouth ready to deep throat it. He went down to deep and gagged on it. Jessie told him to take his time and enjoy it. So he pulled back and started again. He looked him in the eye to see the look of pleasure on his face. He started at the top then slowly went down halfway, then back to the top then halfway down it again. He lightly nibbled on it. Jessie enjoyed it although it was a bit amateurish. He even groaned a little. He came and Simon swallowed it. It was warm and oddly a bit sweet. He had always thought cum was supposed to be salty, but since he enjoyed it he decided not to mention it to Jessie. Jessie pulled Simon's head off his dick and kissed him. Simon kissed back. He noticed Jessie was still rock hard. He could swear he felt the heat off his alluring cock.

'Ready for anal?' Jessie asked in a pleading voice. To be continued soon...



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