Murdoch started to lock up his office for what would be the last time...he couldn't quite bring himself to say 'ever' but he knew that if he ever did lock up his, no, this office again, it wouldn't be for quite some time. The knot in his stomach was a constant presence now and he couldn't recall what, if anything, he had actually eaten in the preceding twenty-four hours. The only relief from the dread feeling was the time he had spent with J.J. Murdoch was now going to head over to J.J's to spend what would be the last few hours that they would both be on Base, together.

Outside, the night was fairly pleasant. Murdoch breathed in the scent of the air and looked carefully at all of the buildings and his surroundings as he walked, trying to impress every detail into his memory. He walked up the drive of his own house on base which was next door to J.J's. He went in the front door, changed out of his uniform, unlocked and exited by the back door, locking it again behind him. He hopped over the fence in the back garden and unlocked the back door to J.J's house with his key.

The back door opened into a rear vestibule and that in turn led into the kitchen. The door to the kitchen was ajar. Murdoch could see J.J standing at the cooker stirring something in a saucepan. The kitchen was warm and J.J was singing along to the music that he had playing in the room. Murdoch padded across the kitchen and came up behind J.J, slipping his arms around the redhead's waist. He leant forwards and placed a kiss on the side of J.J' s neck, sucking the skin gently and inhaling J.J's scent deeply. J.J jumped at Murdoch's touch and then smiled as he felt Murdoch's arms hold onto him more tightly.

"Hmm, smells good!" Murdoch said.

"Me, or the food?" J.J asked.

"Both." Murdoch mumbled into J.J's neck. He reached down and turned the ring off under the saucepan, grabbed hold of J.J again and turned him around, pulling him closer. He ran his hands over J.J's back and kissed the side of J.J's neck again, tasting and smelling the skin as his mouth moved along J.J's jaw-line. J.J groaned and tried to grab hold of Murdoch.

Murdoch batted J.J's hands away. "No! You can look, but you can't touch!"

Murdoch pulled J.J into the living room. J.J felt the back of his legs hit against the back of the sofa. Murdoch's hands were all over his body, firm in their touch but gentle. The type of rough that J.J liked. Over the years, Murdoch had perfected the ability to be firm with him, demanding, pulling and pushing him, but still with an underlying tenderness. J.J groaned again and once more tried to grasp at Murdoch. This time Murdoch grabbed J.J's arm and spun him around. He used his other hand to quickly undo J.J' s jeans and then pushed him, bent forwards, over the back of the sofa. J.J's briefs had come down with his jeans. Murdoch brought his hand down hard on J.J's bare ass.

"I told you that you could look, but you couldn't touch!" Murdoch said as he struck J.J again, another three times in quick succession. J.J writhed under him, in pain and in pleasure. Murdoch continued to use his right hand to spank J.J's ass. J.J closed his eyes. He could feel Murdoch's other hand on the small of his back, pressing him into the back of the sofa. His cock was trapped between his belly and the sofa. He could feel his erection and the brush of the fabric against his cock. His ass was beginning to heat up and his face also started to colour as he felt the humiliation of what was being done to him.

"I'm the only one who can give you what you need. You'd better not forget that!" Murdoch paused for a few moments.

"I know. I won't." J.J replied. His eyes were closed and his head was down.

"I'm going to spank you some more. Then I'm going to have you suck me off." It wasn't an order, simply a statement. J.J breathed in sharply as Murdoch started to spank him again. After a few minutes more J.J was turned around and without a word, he sank to his knees. He unzipped Murdoch's jeans and freed the brunette's cock, sucking it into his mouth.

Murdoch sighed in pleasure and stroked the top of J.J's head. "That's right. Take my cock in deep baby." he said.

J.J responded by opening his mouth a little wider and letting his lips slide down Murdoch's cock until it was all the way in and his nose was buried in the warm, musky nest of Murdoch's pubic hair. "Oh! Wow!" he heard Murdoch say. He continued to work Murdoch's cock, felt the approach of ejaculation as a salty tang in his mouth and was rewarded a couple of seconds later by a hot stream of come in his mouth. He swallowed until it was all gone then swirled his tongue once more around the end of Murdoch's cock before pulling away. He looked up at Murdoch and the two men smiled at each other.

They re-dressed and wandered through to the kitchen again. Murdoch stood with his back against the kitchen work-top next to J.J who had turned the cooker back on. J.J asked Murdoch to assemble the salad and dressing. A few minutes later dinner was served and they sat down at the kitchen table. They carefully avoided bringing anything up about the topic that was weighing most heavily on their minds as they ate.

After dinner they cleared the plates from the table. They adjourned to the lounge and stood next to the sofa. J.J kissed the brunette tenderly. Murdoch had just removed his shirt when there was a knock at the door. Murdoch looked at J.J who shrugged his shoulders.

"J.J Lee, we know you're in there - get over to this goddamn door!" Both Murdoch and J.J recognised Oggy's voice. Murdoch started to laugh. J.J hurriedly handed him his shirt back.

"You can't be seen here Murdoch - they'll never believe our plan otherwise!" J.J said, trying not to laugh also.

"Get rid of them!" Murdoch said.

"I will. Go and hide upstairs. I'll tell you when it's all clear!" J.J whispered to him. Murdoch set off up the stairs.

"Coming!" J.J shouted, quickly walking over to the door. He opened it and greeted Oggy and Doc, who were both standing on his doorstep.

"About bloody time!" Oggy said, stepping past J.J into the hall.

"Come in." J.J said, rolling his eyes. Doc stepped into the house also and J.J shut the door.

"What took you so long?" Oggy said.

"I was doing the dishes." J.J said. "What can I do for you guys?" disappointed to see that they had sat down on the sofa.

"We wanted to talk to you about Murdoch." Doc said.

"What about him?" J.J asked, standing in the middle of the room.

"He is leaving tomorrow J.J." Oggy said.

"I know that!" J.J said. He desperately tried to think of a way to get rid of them; getting conspiratorial with them would not help the plan he and Murdoch had one little bit.

J.J turned his head as he heard his mobile phone ringing on the window-sill. He walked across the room and picked it up, forcing himself to remain expressionless as he saw Murdoch's mobile number displayed on the screen. "Hello." J.J said.

"Hello, is that 'Sexy Stud For Hire'?"

J.J shook his head slightly and looked at the floor, "Um, no, I don't think so."

"You sure? I really could do with finding one."

"What are you up to?" J.J hissed into the phone, then smiled across at Oggy and Doc.

"Nothing much...I'm just lying here all on my own thinking about your naked body."

"Uh, that sounds interesting..."

"It would be much more interesting if your naked body was actually lying here with me."

"I'm afraid that I can't do much about that just now."

"Oh but you can! I think that you might have a burning need to leave the house and go to your office."

"My office?" J.J repeated, swallowing as he tried to work out what was going on. He looked over at Oggy and Doc again who were now watching him.

"Have you got their attention?"

"Oh! Yes."

"Good...I need you to do something for me, okay?"

"Well that rather depends on what it is you need me to do."

"I just need you to say a few things for me...out loud."

"Oh, okay." J.J sat down in the armchair across from the sofa.

"I need you to say, 'I'm not sure'...then 'I think that's right'...'of course I'll come and help you'...'I'll be right there'...'goodbye Air Commodore'...have you got all that?"

J.J smiled as the penny dropped and nodded, "Yes, Sir, I think I have...I'm not, I think that's right." J.J paused and then stood up. "Of course I'll come and help you! Yes, Sir, I'll be right there...okay. Goodbye Air Commodore." J.J hung up the phone and looked over at Oggy and Doc.

"Air Commodore up to something?" Doc asked.

"Yes, seems like you guys are not the only ones looking for some hope. He wants me to go and help him." J.J said.

"We'll let you get on then." Doc said as he and Oggy stood up.

"Call us if there are any developments?" Oggy asked. They walked over to the door with J.J.

"Of course!" J.J said. He opened the door and watched as they walked down the drive. He shut the door, leant his back against it, shut his eyes and sighed deeply.

"All clear?"

J.J opened his eyes to find Murdoch standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was barefoot and naked from the waist up.

"That was so awkward!" J.J said, stepping forward and walking into the lounge again. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!" He lay down on the sofa. "Who am I kidding? This was never a good idea at all!" he sighed and then looked over at Murdoch, who was now standing behind the sofa. "I don't think that I can go through with this." he said.

Murdoch shook his head and moved around to climb on top of J.J. He sat astride J.J's thighs, looking down at him. "We have to!"

"No we don't! There must be some other way."

"You know that there is no other way! Please, don't back out now!"

"We'll just have to think of something else, that's all." J.J closed his eyes. Murdoch put his hand on J.J's cheek. J.J opened his eyes and Murdoch looked straight at him.

"There isn't time! Please!"

J.J sighed and looked up at his C.O. He knew that he was right. Even if the idea they'd had wasn't the best, even if it was risky, it was all they had. There simply wasn't enough time to come up with a different plan.

J.J sighed, "All right! I'll do it."

Murdoch smiled at him and leant forwards, his head was above J.J's, their lips millimetres apart. "Thank you." he said. As they kissed J.J kept his eyes open and looked straight into Murdoch's eyes. He trembled at the intensity of his gaze. He realised that he would do anything for Murdoch. He could feel Murdoch's breath on his skin.

"I love you. I'll do whatever it takes Murdoch. I'll do whatever I have to do to make sure that we get you back. But you have to understand that if we do this...if we get you back and it, us...all works out - you can't ever leave me!" his voice dropped to a whisper. "I've let you do things to me that no-one else has ever..." his voice faded away.

"Hush! I know. I won't ever leave you, I promise. I feel the same way." Murdoch ran his hand through J.J's hair. "I won't let anyone else hurt you ever again."

Murdoch kissed J.J deeply and run his hands all over the redhead's torso. He lifted J.J's top off and kissed along the older man's collar bone, working his way lower. J.J closed his eyes and sighed as he felt Murdoch's hands tugging at his jeans and then slip inside J.J's underwear once his jeans were open. J.J could feel his cock hardening quickly at Murdoch's touch and then twitch in excitement as the brunette's fingers curled firmly around the shaft. The redhead put his head back as he felt Murdoch move lower down and then start to suck the redhead's cock.

After a few minutes, J.J felt his balls ache and he wanted to slow it down. He didn't want to come yet. He did want to strip Murdoch naked and fuck him long and hard. He pictured the brunette's magnificent, shapely ass. He couldn't wait any longer. J.J put his hands down and moved Murdoch. The brunette lifted his head and looked up at J.J. The redhead smiled in reply and sat up on the sofa.

"Take your clothes off." J.J said.

Murdoch moved off the sofa and stood on the floor facing the redhead, unable to take his eyes off J.J's hard, sensitive cock. "All of them?" Murdoch asked.

"Yes. I want you naked."

Murdoch complied with the request, putting his clothing in a neat pile on the floor next to the sofa. When he was nude, he finally made eye contact with the redhead.

"Turn around." J.J said, "I want to see that sexy ass of yours."

Murdoch did as he was bid and turned his back to the older man. J.J gripped his throbbing cock tightly in his hand as his eyes raked over the curve of the brunette's ass cheeks. He wanted to plunge his cock straight in but he knew that wouldn't be fair. J.J gripped Murdoch by the hips and manoeuvred him so that he was bending over slightly. Murdoch put his hands onto the coffee table a little way in front of the sofa to steady himself. J.J stroked Murdoch's ass cheeks and teased the puckered pink entrance to the brunette's ass with his index finger. He reached into his jeans' pocket and pulled out a small pot of lubricant gel. Murdoch stirred and reacted slightly as the cold gel on J.J's finger-tips made contact with his own warm skin.

J.J hushed him and sat a little further forward on the sofa. He set about spreading the lubricant onto the entrance to Murdoch's ass and then started by inserting his index finger.

Murdoch closed his eyes as he felt the redhead's finger slip inside his ass. The finger probed gently inside of him, twisting slightly and moving from side-to-side. J.J changed tack and slid his finger more deeply in and out of the brunette's ass. It was a slow but deliberate movement. Murdoch responded with a groan and couldn't help his urge to move backwards slightly, happy to invite the probing finger deeper into his body. He felt J.J reach around Murdoch's hip with his other hand and grab hold of the brunette's cock. He swiftly started to bring Murdoch off with one hand as his other hand continued it's determined probing of the younger man's ass.

A few moments later, Murdoch found himself struggling to hold back. J.J sensed the tension and slipped onto his knees on the floor, turning the brunette around quickly and slipping Murdoch's cock into his mouth. A few moments of determined sucking and then a few swirls of his tongue around the tip, and he was rewarded with a stream of hot, salty come which he eagerly swallowed down. As soon as it was over he stood up again, turned Murdoch back around again and bent the brunette over slightly. He rubbed the remnants of the lube over the shaft of his cock and took Murdoch's ass cheeks in his hands, parting them slightly and then smiling at the sight. He quickly and firmly brought his cock up to the brunette's waiting, prepared hole and then firmly and smoothly pushed his cock inside Murdoch.

The brunette moaned slightly in response to the penetration and then gasped as the redhead started to fuck him hard. J.J held onto Murdoch's hips tightly and pushed the brunette deeper onto his cock as he thrust it firmly home, then pulled out, almost to the entrance before plunging back in again. Murdoch opened his eyes and panted as he tried to keep a hold of the sensations that were assailing him. He couldn't explain why he was enjoying the sustained drilling from the redhead's long, thick cock. At that moment he was happy to let the older man have his way with him. He felt J.J shift his weight slightly and then heard the redhead groan which he knew was a sure sign the J.J was close to orgasm. He closed his eyes and remained still as J.J's cock finally came to rest deep inside him and he felt the warm, wet sensation of the redhead's come filling his ass.

Immediately afterwards Murdoch found himself spun around again and opened his mouth as the redhead kissed him deeply. Both men enjoyed the moment, tasting each other and then holding each other close. After their love-making they retreated upstairs and climbed into bed. J.J curled up in Murdoch's arms and in the dark Murdoch tried to savour every detail of the sleeping man. Over the years Murdoch and J.J had learned to trust each other completely. J.J confiding in Murdoch about his sexually and physically abusive father and Murdoch disclosing his issues with his scarred back. Now, lying in the dark cradling J.J in his arms, Murdoch felt such a strong and deep connection that he wondered if he would even be able to get on the plane tomorrow, never mind leave J.J alone and be unable to even speak to him. Murdoch rested his head on top of J.J's. Sleep finally took hold of him and he drifted off.

The alarm rudely woke both men from their slumber. J.J rolled over and switched the alarm off. Murdoch yawned and looked over to him, "What time is it?"

"07:00." J.J replied. Eleven hours...The thought slammed into Murdoch's brain and woke him up properly. He sat up and grabbed hold of J.J, holding him tight. J.J could feel the anxiety flowing through Murdoch's body. He lay back down on his side and kept hold of Murdoch. He pulled the duvet over their heads and in the semi-light under the blankets they kissed deeply. Half an hour later they were up and dressed. J.J went downstairs first and made breakfast. Murdoch appeared a few minutes later and they ate in silence. At 08:20 Murdoch picked up his keys from the kitchen table and put them in his pocket. He stood up and walked over to where J.J was standing by the sink. "I've got to go baby. I have to get ready for work, finish packing the last of my stuff."

J.J nodded. "Okay. When do you want our thing?"

Murdoch smiled at the expression and thought for a few moments. "With Mead coming at 11:00hours and then the last stuff to finish at the office, it'll probably be late afternoon before I'm done. The guys said they'll wait for me at suppertime in the Officer's Mess when we're all due to be off-duty, so I reckon that's our best bet. I'll get there at around 16:30, or just after. Do you think that you'll be able to pitch up for around 17:00hours?"

"Yes. I'll be there."

Murdoch frowned and then slipped his arms around J.J's waist. "I know that it's not going to be pleasant, but we know that it's not for real."

"I'm going to have to be horrible to you!" J.J whined.

Murdoch smiled and held him closer. "I know! It's okay. Just do whatever you have to do to make it seem real to everyone else." He kissed J.J on the cheek, "You know a lot of people would kill to get to be horrible to their boss, with no fear of recrimination!"

"No fear from the boss anyway." J.J mumbled.

"I'll tell you what, I'll go to the toilets just before 17:00 and meet up with you just before you go in. How would that be?"

J.J nodded and Murdoch leant down and kissed J.J full on the lips, enjoying the feel of being so close to him. "I've really got to go now. I'll see you later!" With a last smile he kissed J.J once more and exited the kitchen. J.J kept his head down and his eyes on the floor as he heard the back door closing and the lock turning. The sound seemed to echo through his house. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This was going to be one hell of a day!


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