The door shut with a slight creak. Murdoch looked up to see J.J standing next to it. "Hi!" J.J said, pulling off his black cord, three-quarter length coat. He was wearing black jeans, tan desert boots and a plain white t-shirt. For a man in his late forties Wing Commander Justin James Lee was in good shape. The t-shirt belied a toned torso and muscular arms. A small part of a tattoo of a black celtic-design band was just peeping out from under the left sleeve and a dark brown leather wristband, again with an embossed celtic-design circled his right wrist. His hair was a deep mahogany colour, cut short at the back. Grey blue eyes shone in the half light of the room and as Murdoch approached him, the scent of spice and citrus became more pronounced from whatever aftershave he was wearing.

Murdoch stopped in front of him, smiled slightly and held him by the upper arms. Both men looked at each other for a few seconds. Murdoch's dark brown eyes met his own and J.J saw that the other man was wearing his favourite black waistcoat over the top of his uniform shirt. He had taken off his tie and the waistcoat hid his rank insignia and decoration tabs. His dark brown hair was wavy on top and as a result of what had obviously been a busy day, one side of his parting had flopped forward in surrender. Murdoch was three years younger than J.J but higher in rank. Even now, the aura of authority that Group Captain Murdoch Kershaw naturally exuded was present. Both men were silent. J.J leant forward and placed a kiss on Murdoch's lips. The senior officer sighed and slipped his arms around the redhead, falling into the older man's embrace. Murdoch opened his mouth and allowed J.J's tongue to swirl around his own. Murdoch laid his head onto J.J's chest and J.J breathed in the clean scent of Murdoch's hair.

"I'm so glad you came!" Murdoch said, not moving.

"Why wouldn't I come to you? You sounded so stressed out on the phone. I wasn't doing anything that wouldn't wait." J.J broke their embrace and looked at Murdoch. He saw the dark circles under his eyes and frowned. "You're tired. Let's sit down."

He guided the two of them over to the sofa in the corner of the office, sitting Murdoch down on his lap. Murdoch draped his legs along the length of the sofa and relaxed back against the arm of the settee. J.J ran his hand over Murdoch's face. "Where's Stanzi?"

"Out on a hen night. She's staying over with Quebec and Sheila at Samco's house tonight."

J.J nodded, "Have you had anything to eat?"

"I had some toast for breakfast and a sandwich at my desk for lunch."


"Not yet, no."

"Murdoch, it's 21:30hours!"

"I know, I just hadn't got round to it yet."

J.J scoffed in reply. "How much more have you got to do? Can we get out of here?"

"I was rather hoping not to 'get out of here' for a while yet."

J.J smiled in reply. "Oh, were you? Fancy your office, huh?"

"It has been a while..."

"It's a deal, provided that you let me get you something to eat first."

"Done." Murdoch replied.

J.J leant down and kissed Murdoch again before reaching into his pocket and retrieving his mobile phone. He called in an order to the canteen to be delivered to them as the kitchen in the Officers' Mess was closed for the night. Putting away his mobile phone again he was relieved that Murdoch remained stretched out across the settee, eyes closed and relaxing. He took a moment to indulge his fascination with Murdoch's face. He loved to run his fingers lightly over the other man's features. Murdoch's eyes were definitely the most attractive feature of his face, but when they were closed J.J still found plenty to hold his attention.

A buzzer sounded at the door to the outer office and Murdoch's eyes fluttered open. He looked at J.J.

"Our order." J.J reluctantly manoeuvred Murdoch off his legs. He collected the food and returned to the inner office carrying the tray. The food did smell good and he laughed as Murdoch's stomach rumbled. He put the tray down on the smaller of the two desks in the room. The larger desk was the one that Murdoch actually worked at but the second desk was usually kept clear. Murdoch produced two beers from the small fridge and after the food was finished, they sat drinking the beer.

"Tough day huh?" J.J asked.

"Yeah. Seems that the more work I can get done, the more I am expected to do. I've lost two support staff. We've got eighty-five more cadets this year and three hundred grand less in our budget."

J.J shook his head. "Why do you keep doing it?"

"What else should I do? I can't break up the team and all these kids, they're relying on me to keep it going. I do actually like what I do, it's just sometimes it's harder than other times." Murdoch leant against the back of the sofa and stared into J.J's eyes. Without saying a word J.J dropped onto the floor on his knees. Kneeling in front of Murdoch, he reached out and unzipped Murdoch's fly, liberating Murdoch's cock before sucking his C.O off. Murdoch stroked J.J's hair gently as J.J continued to suck hungrily and soon Murdoch felt his body responding to the stimulation. As he came silently into J.J's mouth he closed his eyes. J.J didn't even flinch, just continued to suck until Murdoch was spent. When he finally released Murdoch's cock he looked up and found himself with no time to draw breath before Murdoch lunged forward and kissed him passionately on the lips. The brunette's body carried through with the lunge and he slipped off the sofa to land on his knees beside J.J. They continued to kiss and Murdoch pulled J.J's t-shirt off, pushing him backwards to lie on the floor, flat on his back. Murdoch used his body-weight to hold J.J down as he pinned J.J's arms by the wrists, over his head. Murdoch continued to kiss all over J.J's face and body. The redhead was extremely aroused and writhed under Murdoch's body, frustrated that he couldn't free his hands. His cock twitched painfully. "Murdoch please!", he cried out.

"No, sorry J.J. It's my turn now. Anyway you started it!" J.J looked up helplessly at Murdoch's grinning face. "I really want to do you over my desk!" He sprung to his feet and pulled J.J with him. Murdoch seemed to be rejuvenated and full of energy; he delighted in the other man's acquiescence to his orders. Murdoch stood in front of his desk with his arms folded as he directed J.J in clearing the large desk. When the desk was clear of files Murdoch grabbed J.J by the hand and stood the other man in front of him, motioning his head towards the desk. "Let's see that lovely body of yours." he said.

"Yes Sir." J.J replied.

Murdoch stood and waited as J.J slowly unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed them down his legs, seeing Murdoch's eyes hover over his crotch where his semi-erect penis was straining for release against the fabric of his black satin briefs.

"Those too..." Murdoch nodded.

J.J swallowed and licked his lips, before pushing his briefs down to join his trousers. He felt exposed as Murdoch stood before him, arms folded again.

"Turn around, bend over and spread your legs." he ordered. J.J felt his cock twitch twice, betraying his excitement. He leant over the desk, resting his forehead on the cool wood and placing his hands palms down on the desk. "Oh now that looks just great! I bet you just can't wait for it, can you?" Murdoch's tone was taunting.

"No Sir." J.J controlled his breathing as he adopted the role that they had laid out for him. It was a strange connection they shared; the ability to switch roles and fit in with the desires of the other man without having to utter a word of explanation.

Murdoch ached to touch the other man and finally allowed himself to place his hand on the small of J.J's back, running his hand downwards and over the gentle swell of his lover's buttocks. J.J still had a great body, he looked after himself and his muscle tone was still well-defined but had softened slightly as he had aged.

"You're so beautiful..." Murdoch whispered into J.J's ear, before straightening up again and saying louder, "and you're such a cock-tease!" Murdoch struck J.J on his bare ass as he finished the sentence. The crack of his hand against J.J's skin, warmed the surface tantalisingly. J.J let out a small groan as the reverberation of the smack caused his semi-erect cock to jolt against the wood of the desk.

"You like that don't you?" Murdoch said, standing behind J.J. Again, Murdoch brought his open hand down with a hard smack against J.J's ass.

"Ah, yes...yes I do like it!"

Again Murdoch struck J.J, "Do like it, what?", he struck harder this time harder to mark J.J's omission.

"Sir! Yes I do like it Sir!" J.J responded just as another smack landed on his ass.

J.J felt his face heat up and closed his eyes as Murdoch continued to spank him and his cock betrayed his enjoyment of this treatment. Again and again, Murdoch struck his ass. The skin glowing redder and redder as the spanking continued. His ass was hot, his legs had parted as far as the clothing around his ankles would allow and still Murdoch continued.

"Beg for it!" Murdoch said in between spanks.

Smack! "Uh!"

"Beg for me to stop!"


"Beg for me to stop the spanking and start your fucking."

"No!" he gasped, "Ah! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Ah, please Sir!"

"Please Sir, what?"

Smack! "Ow! Please Sir, please stop my spanking and fuck me now, Sir!" J.J cried out.

Murdoch left his hand sitting on top of J.J's reddened ass-cheek. He reached into his desk drawer and opened up a little wooden box which contained a bottle of lubricant. He flipped open the lid and smeared it over the first three fingers of his left hand, before allowing a little of it to run down the crack of J.J's ass. The lubricant felt cold to J.J's hot spanked skin and he shivered as Murdoch rubbed the lubricant along the crack of his ass before stopping with one finger just pressing at his ass-hole.

"Thank me for spanking you." Murdoch said.

J.J trembled as he felt Murdoch's finger pressing slightly but not entering his ass; the pressure increasing J.J's torment. He felt his cheeks burning in shame, as red as his ass as he did what he was told.

"Thank you Sir! Thank you for spanking me." As J.J spoke, Murdoch pushed his finger into J.J's hot, tight ass, then pushed a couple more fingers in. Murdoch enjoyed watching his prone victim fighting to keep control of the physical sensations.

"Are you ready for your fucking now?"

J.J nodded "Yes Sir, I'm ready for my fucking now."

Murdoch pulled out his fingers, unzipped his fly again and freed his fully erect cock, smearing some of the lubricant onto it. He pushed his cock firmly and smoothly inside J.J's ass and then pushed J.J's head down with one of his hands, pressing the side of the redhead's face against the top of the desk as he buried the whole length of his cock deep inside J.J's ass. He held still, allowing both of them to become used to the sensation. Then he began to fuck J.J with short, gentle strokes. As J.J relaxed, Murdoch let go of J.J's head and instead gripped him by the hips. Murdoch began to thrust harder and faster. J.J was a great ride. His ass was hot and tight and he obviously enjoyed what was being done to him as he panted in time with Murdoch's strokes. The two men stopped speaking as they concentrated on the pleasure of the act they were engaged in. Murdoch could feel orgasm approaching and cried out as his cock emptied its seed into J.J's ass. He collapsed on top of J.J's back, his cock still inside J.J. Both men stayed silent for a few moments, listening to each other's breathing.

"Thank you." Murdoch murmured into the back of J.J's neck. "I don't know who needed that more - you or me."

J.J chuckled in reply and raised his head off the desk. The two men disentangled themselves from each other and set about cleaning up using two towels that Murdoch produced from the wooden locker in the corner of the room. Murdoch helped J.J to put his t-shirt back on and they both replaced the files and papers back onto Murdoch's desk.

"Can we get out of here now?" J.J asked.

"Yep. I'll just close everything down and then we can get off...uh, be off!" Murdoch quickly corrected himself, but J.J had caught the slip and began to laugh. Both men exited the Executive Suite and walked along the corridor to the stairs before exiting the Central Command and Control building.


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