We stepped out of our booths but with only the black light in the hall I couldn't make out his features. He stepped close and whispered, 'I'll follow in a few.'

I left and walked back to my motel room. I went in and left the door slightly cracked abd stripped. I entered the bathroom and pushed the door almost closed and began freshening up, brushing my teeth and washing my ass in case he wantted to eat it.

As I did, there was a knock at the door.

'It's open,' I called out. 'Come on in and get confortable. I'll be right out.'

I heard the door close and the deadbolt turn. I finished what I was doing and turned out the light and stepped out. There was just the light from the TV illuminating the room and I turned toward the bed where the man was laying totally nude and boned.

When I saw him I froze and exclaimed 'Oh Fuck, No!'

'Luke, you?' he asked.


'Shit,' he said, 'this can't be happening.'

I finally got the strength to walk to the bed. 'Dad, it looks like it already has.'

'Son, I'm sorry. I never meant for you to find out. Can you forgive me?'

I sat on the bed next to him and took his hand.

'Dad, there's nothing to forgive. I love you regardless of your preferences. How can I be upset with you since I enjoy the same thing. I'll remember the experience in the arcade for the rest of my life.'

'Luke, son, I love you too, now more than ever. We've never had secrets and we shouldn't have had this one. We should have been honest with each other like we have with everything else.'

I gently leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips.

'Luke, we should stop this right now. You're my own son.'

'So what? We're both well above the legal age and we've already become part of each other. We both enjoyed it or I wouldn't have invited you here and you wouldn't have accepted. So why not enjoy each other more?'

'I just don't know, son.'

Again I leaned forward and kissed him this time pushing my tongue between his lips. He slowly parted his lips and we exchanged tongues, kissing passionately. As we did I reached down and grasped his stiffening cock.

Once it was fully erect i whispered in his ear. 'Fuck me, please.'

There was no conversation as I lay on my back and pulled my legs up. I slid my hand under the pillow and retrived the lube I'd hidden there before going to the arcade.

Dad lubed his cock as I lubed my ass. He got into position and slowly began his insertion. As the head slipped in, I grabbed his hips and pulled hard, driving his cock into me balls deep.

'Oh, fuck yea. I love your cock up my ass. Fuck me, Dad, fuck me.'

Dad began pistoning in and out. As he drew near his climax, he said, 'Damn, Luke, you're the hottest ass I ever fucked.'

'I'm glad you're enjoying it but fuck me hard and deep.'

Dad did and I loved it. Seconds later his big hard cock exploded sending huge torrents of hot thick creamy cum up my ass.

'Oh, fuck yea. I love feeling your cum shoot in me. Dad, I love you. Please fuck me every day.'

He slowly pulled out and said, 'We'll see.'

My own cock was rock hard and dad lubed it and I knew what was coming. I expected him to lay on his back for me but instead he quickly straddled me and sat on my cock, taking it all in one motion.

He began bouncing on my cock as I looked at him and said 'Yea, ride 'um, cowboy.'

He smiled and after a few moments rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up.

'Fuck your old man, son. Give me your seed. Fuck your dad's hot pussy.'

I did and soon filled his hole with my load. We kissed passionately.

'Son, since you were born when I was only sixteen, we've been more like brothers than father and son. I believe this will bring us even closer.'

Afterward we talked about how we both got started with guys. He'd started at thirteen sucking his older brother. He said they sucked each other nightly and eventually started fucking.

'Uncle John is gay?'

'Bi. Your aunt has no idea. John and I get together about once a month.'

'Can I join in and make it a three way?'

'I guess it wouldn't hurt,' he said. 'I'll set it up but not tell him who the third guy is.'

Dad spent the night with me in the room, kissing, making out, rimming, sucking and fucking.

The following weekend he had told my Uncle John that I was out of town for Friday and Saturday nights and why didn't he tell Sue, we were going camping for the weekend, but actually spend it at the house having sex.

Uncle John said it sounded great.

Uncle John came with his camping gear to make it look good and arrived shortly after five. I was in my room naked. Dad and I had started living that way after our coming out. I waited for the code phrase to make my appearance. It was to be 'He should be here shortly.'

John stripped and i peeked into the den and watched them kiss and make out. Uncle John asked what time the guy would be there. Dad said proably about six-thirty.

'Good. I have time for a snack then.'

John knelt and I watched my uncle suck my dad to a climax and eagerly swallow his load.

They each got a beer and sat in the den.

'Is the guy hot?' John asked

'oh fuck yea. He'd about Luke's age and hot as hell. He's got a hot velvety ass. It's awesome.'

Talking about it gave them both a boner and dad suggested John suck on him some more. As John began slowly sucking dads cock again, dad said, 'He should be here shortly.'

I came out and walked up behind Uncle John and said, 'You two ready for that three way?'

Uncle John jumped from surprise and when he turned and saw me he exclaimed,'What the shit Don? What's going on?'

'Relax, John. Luke is our three way partner.'


We filled him in on the previous weekend and everything that had happened.

John was still a little skeptical until I kissed him then knelt and started sucking his now soft cock.

'Oh fuck yea! John said.

That was the ice breaker. I got John's load and swallowed and as John sucked me to a climax I sucked dad.

The weekend was fantastic with loads of fucking and sucking. Cum flowed frequently. John said we'd all have to 'go camping' more often.

Dad and I were strictly business at the office but let loose at home and went to gay bars and the arcade on weekends.

That summer, Dad decided to give his employees and their families an all day picnic. There were inflatables and rides for the kids, adult games, and plenty of food. Dad had chartered a couple of buses and picked up each family at their home. The buses would take them back to prevent anyone risking a DUI.

It was at a private park that dad rented and things were going great. There was a young paralegal that I had had my eyes on for quite a while. He was in tight shorts and tank top. My mouth watered.

After a few hours I walked across to the restroom and stood at the urinal trough. When I was halfway done peeing Jay, the paralegal walked in and stepped up beside me.

'Great party,' he said as he opened his shorts and whipped out a beautiful long cock.

'Yes it is.' I replied as I glanced over at his cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at mine. Out of control, my cock began to stiffen. As he watched, his did the same. He began to very slowly strok his.

As he did he said, 'Looks like we're both in the same shape.'

'Yea,' I replied

'Maybe we should do something about it.'

'What do you suggest?' I asked.

He turned, looked around, and stepped into one of the stalls, motioning me to follow. I did and he closed and locked the door.

He stepped up onto the toilet seat then squatted down so only one set of feet would be seen if anyone else came in.

'I might get fired for this but I just can't resist,' he said, leaning forward and swallowing my cock. He sucked on my cock and soon brought me to a climax and swallowed. As he stepped off the toilet I said, 'My turn.'

We traded places and I began sucking him. After a few minutes, another man entered and went to the urinal and pissed. He seemed to be taking longer than necessary as I slowly and quietly continued sucking Jay's long hard cock. He eventually left and I got Jay off swallowing his huge load.

We quickly exited the stall and before leaving the restroom he said, 'Luke, I never dreamed you sucked also.'

'Well, I do,' I said, 'pluss more, but whatever happens between us stays between us.'

'Thanks,' he said.

We left the restroom one at a time.

Later, Carl Bradley, dad's lead attorney, came up to me when I was alone and said, 'Luke, your private life is your business but you need to be more careful where you do it.'

My heart began to pound. 'What do you mean?'

'I wasn't spying but when I went to the restroom earlier, the stalls aren't real private. I saw you and Jay and what you were doing. Does your dad know anything?'

'No sir, and I hope you won't say anything.'

Carl was in his late thirties and was married. He looked at me and smiled saying, 'I won't say anything. I'll keep your secret but feel free to come by my office sometimes when I'm working late.'

He turned and left. I felt as if I had just been propositioned.

Dad and i always took seperate cars to the office and a week later I told dad I had some things to do after work. He said fine and left. I hung around in my office until everyone left. I walked around and the only persons there were me and Carl. I walked to his office door.

'Working late?' I asked.

'Hey, Luke. Come on in. Got a few things I'm trying to wrap up.'

I went in and sat on his sofa and asked 'Anything I can help with?

'Not as far as these cases are concerned,' he replied.




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