I knew at the age of sixteen that I was gay although I never acted on it until I was fifteen. Justin, my best friend, and I were out one Saturday messing around in the woods when Justin surprised me by asking 'Hey, Luke, You ever jerk off?'

'Hell, yea,' I replied. 'Don't you?'

'Daily, ' he replied.

'Me too, and any guy that says he doesn't do it is a fucking liar.'

'True,' Justin said, adding 'You ever jerk off with another guy?'

'No, but I think it might be interesting.'

'Want to do it out here in the woods?'

'Now?' I asked.

'Sure,' I replied, 'Why not.'

Watching each other, we stripped, Justin faster than me. Soon we were both naked and boned. Laying on our clothes we began jerking our hard cocks. After a moment Justin suggested we stroke each other. I agreed, curious what it would be like to feel another guys cock and have him feeling mine.

Justin flipped around and got into the old sisty-nine position saying it would be easier that way. We began jerking each other and to my surprise Justin suddenly began sucking my cock. I was getting my first blow job and it felt awesome. I decided to try it and began sucking him. I soon climaxed and to my amazement when I did he eagerly swallowed my load.

After a few minutes he climaxed and filled my mouth with his thick ceramy load.

'Swallow it,' he said.

I did and found that it wasn't bad at all. In fact I thought it was good.

We sat there nude and I said, 'That wasn't your first time, was it?'

'No, he replied. 'Brad and I do it every night.'

Brad was Justin's seventeen year old brother.

'Really?' I asked. 'When did that start?'

'About two years ago. We also fuck each other in the ass as well as kiss and make out.'

'Holy shit! You take his cock up your ass?'

'Yea and I love it. It hurt like hell the first couple of times but now it doesn't. It feels great.

'Damn,' I replied. 'Brad is so well built and masculine. I can't believe he's gay.'

'Luke, we both are. I'

ve wanted to suck you for about a year now. Was that your first time?'

'Yes, it was but to be truthful I've been curious and wanting to do it.'

'What did you think?'

'I enjoyed it,' I said honestly.

'Would you like to do it with Brad and I? We could all do each other?'

'Sure, but when?'

'Let me talk to him and maybe we can bring the tent out here tonight and stay out here all night.'

'let me know.' I said.

We met out in the woods and I sucked both Justin and Brad and Brad sucked me. Later I watched them fuck each other in the ass. Before the night was over, both had fucked me.

The three of us would get together three to four times a week, with Brad ocassionally bringing one of his buds to join in. This went on throughout high school.

As I became more experienced and got my driver's license, I'd go to the park, rest area out the highway or to the truck stop and find sex with older guys.

Then, I entered college and majored in Law and planned on joining my dad's law practice. Mom and dad were divorced and because of mom's drug addiction, dad had received full custody of me in the divorce.

Upon entering college, I was living in the dorm and with another male for the first time. Drew Thomas was my roommate and, like me, he was from a smaller town. He had been the star quarterback in high school and had been recruited by State with a full scholorship to play football.

Almost immediately, we became close friends. We were both from small towns, liked most of the same things, especially country music, always agreeing on the same radio station.

Soon our shyness disappeared and we'd both parade to the showers nude with our towel over our shoulders. I loved looking at his hot body and long fat cock.

We happened to have English class together, and one evening after dinner while studying he asked, 'Hey, Luke, do you thikn Mr. Simmons is gay? He sure acts it.'

'I agree. He probably is but does it matter to you?

'No. I'm not that way but I have nothing against them. I asked because several times when he has looked at me he's given me a wink.'

'Damn!' I said. 'If he is gay give him what he wants in exchange for 'A's' on your papers.' I began laughing.

'Fuck you, asshole,' he relplied with a laugh and throwing a book at me.

'Just a suggestion,' I said.

Drew had football practice in the evenings and was never in the room before half passed six. In one of the seldom used restrooms in the library, I'd met a pair of twins that were gay. We would get together regularly.

One afternoon, I had invited them to my room about three for sex. I knew we had plenty of time before Drew arrived. We all stripped and began sucking and fucking. Later, as I was on my hands and knees on my bed in a sixty-nine with one of the twins, the other fucked my ass. It was heaven on earth.

Just as the three of us climaxed, the door suddenly opened and Drew walked in.

'What the fuck! he exclaimed, quickly shutting the door. 'What's going on here?'

The twins had already jumped up and put on minimal clothes and were heading for the door.

'I thought you were at practice?'

'Obviously! Coach got an emergency call and cut practice short.'

'Drew, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to know. I'll understand if you want to get another roommate.'

'Luke, look, If you're gay, you're gay. I just wish you had told me. We're still buddies and roommates, but I have to be honest, that was the first time I've ever seen guys in action together.'

'You don't want to get another roommate?'

'Hell, no,' he said, 'and relax, you're secret will be safe with me. I promise not to tell anyone.'

'Thanks, I appreciate that. If I can ever do anything for you let me know whatever it is.'

'I will,' he said, but let's figure out a code so I won't walk in on you again.'

'You don't mind if I bring guys here?'

'No, just as long as it's not constant.'

We decided that he'd call my cell phone when he was headed back to the dorm.

Even though he now knew I was gay, he still had no reservations about getting nude in front of me.

Three weeks later, as we returned to the room after dinner, he said, 'Luke, do you remember when you said you'd do anything for me for keeping your secret?'

'Yes, I do, and I meant it.'

'Well, Sue and I broke up and I'm horny as hell. Jerking off is getting old.'

'I bet. I've heard you almost every night after lights out.'

'Sorry,' he said. 'Maybe you won't have to hear it again.'

'What do you mean?'

'I trust you not to tell and if you're willing to do it, I'll let you suck me off. I've heard guys are the best at it.'

'You serious?'

'Yea. Are you willing to help a buddy out?'

'Sure,' I said.

I watched as Drew stripped, my heart racing.

He turned the lock on the door and lay on his bed. As he did his cock began to rise. I got between his legs and lifted his cock and began sucking it.

'Oh, fuck, yea,' he said. 'That's unbeliveably awesome. Do it.'

I sucked slowly and lovingly deep throating his eight inch cock. Soon he began to breath faster and I knew he was close. I sucked harder and faster and quickly brought him to a roaring climax.

His load was huge, thick and creamy. I took and swallowed every drop.

When it was over he said, 'Damn, man, that was fantastic. Thanks, but did yuou swallow my load?'

'Yes, I did. It's just protein.'

'Damn! Luke, will you do it again when I need it?'

'Anytime,' I replied. 'Just tell me.'

After that, I'd suck Drew almost every other night and several times on weekends. He even started fucking me.

One night as I began to suck him he stopped me nd said 'Flip around. The least I can do is jerk you off while you're doing me.'

I did and as I sucked he jerked. That became the norm when I'd suck him.

After about a month, we were in position and as I sucked his beautiful cock he slowly stroked me. Suddenly, I felt his warm wet mouth close around the head of my cock and he began swallowing. I wondered how far he'd go.

We both sucked the cocks offered us and I soon brought him to a climax. Once he'd dumped his load down my throat. I expected him to stop, but to my surprise he continued.

As I neared my climax I warned him. He continued sucking and soon I exploded into his mouth. He collected it all and as he looked at me he swallowed.

'What brought that on?' I asked.

'I just decided I wanted to try it. I see how much you enjoy it.'


'It wasn't bad at all. Actually it was erotic and exciting.'

We sat up and he said, 'Show me what it's like to kiss a guy.'

I leaned in and we kiss, gently at first them passionately ending in a hot wet tongue kiss.

'Awesome,' he said.

After that we'd usually sixty-nine but some times i'd do him as he watched then he'd suck me as I watched. A couple months later he asked me to fuck him. I did and that became part of our routine.

After several months we agreed to be roommates throughout college. He admitted to me that he was totally gay and loved it.

'Luke, you have to keep my secret though. If it get's out, I'll have no chance of being considered to go pro when I graduate.'

'Don't worry. No one will know, not from me anyway.'

He kissed me and said 'Thank you.

We were roommates throughout college and he went pro. We loved each other but knew that if we became lovers it would ruin his carieer.

However, whenever he played anywhere close, he'd send me VIP tickets and would visit my hotel room while I was there.

I also graduated, got my license and went to work in my dad's office. A few months later he moved toa larger city, which he had been considering for a year or so.

We shared a house and went our seperate ways, doing our own things. I suspected that he had a lady friend but dad was always the type to keep things private until the time was right.

One Saturday, I decided to check out an adult video store on the edge of town. It sat next to a small motel that had a large truck stop on the other side. In case I found someone really hot, I got a room at the motel.

I went in and upon seeing that it had an arcade, I paid the entry fee and went in. I found the restroom anbd went in to pee. Above the urinal was a note that said if you wanted a blow job to go to booth eighteen or twenty and put your cock through the hole.

I assumed that booth nineteen had a hole on each side wall. Nineteen was empty and I went in, and sure enough there was a nice size hole in each side wall. I sucked several cocks through each hole, some of them obviously truckers from what I could manage to see through the hole.

After a few minutes of no action, a man entered number twenty. I looked thrugh the hole to see the man dropping his jeans. He had no underwear and his semi-hard cock srpang out. My jeans were already down and as I knelt down to the hole he began stroking. I place my open mouth to the hole and extended my tongue.

Immediately, he turned and fed me his hard cock. It was about seven and a half inches long and thick. I sucked it eagerly. After a few moments, he pulled back and with his fingers motioned for me to put mine through. I did and he immediately swallowed my entire cock, massaging it with his tongue. Damn did he know how to suck cock!

When I tried to pull back to suck him he wuldn't let me. He continued sucking and soon brought me to a raging climax. As my load fired off into his mouth, I could feel him swallowing my load. Once he had every drop he pulled off and as I pulled my drained cock back and he shhoved his through. I dropped back to my knees and sucked his delicious cock dry savoring the flavor of his huge thick load. Once I had the entire load in my mouth, I hungrily swallowed.

I quickly wrote a note saying 'If you would like to continue this into the night, I'm in room 28 next door. Follow me.'

We both pulled up our jeans and stepped out of our booths at the same time.




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