I remember back in high school two girls talking about Casey, giggling and whispering, as they made a game of it, challenging each other for the one word to describe him. I stood around the corner listening intently as they tossed out their first few suggestions, words that anyone would use: sensual, seductive, erotic. The giggled at their choices then continued and I listened as the words changed in tone. Bawdy, arousing, raunchy, raw. I could imagine them blushing for I had felt it myself, the warmth in my skin as I knew my own face turned red. One of the girls said ‘arousing’ causing the other to squeal and laugh as she tossed out the word ‘vulgar’.

They were right. Each word was descriptive of Casey. I could see it, how every one of those words could apply to him for he was the most uninhibited person I have ever known. And at seventeen he scared me. I avoided him, kept my distance all through school, for he made manifest the way I felt and worse, I felt sexually attracted to him.

Casey was average height, average slim build, with light brown hair he kept a bit long, making him appear androgynous, sexually ambiguous. He was cute, knew it too, with full lips and high cheek bones and small arcing eye brows over the most vivid blue eyes. There was something about him, the way he carried himself, always friendly, that made him popular, seemingly friends with everyone but I had noticed, for those last two years of high school, how the guys seemed almost afraid of him at times, unsure how to respond to some of his comments. And for the girls? I saw how they acted afraid of him, pretended he was too forward, to lustful. But they wanted him, chased after him constantly. They had parties just to get him to their homes, schemed up scenarios that brought him to darken movie theaters or to the lake for a swim. And me made out with them, hands moving everywhere, under sweaters or blouses, up skirts and down jeans. He was bold in the way he didn’t hold back. He would even undo his own jeans getting them to put a hand down them, to fondle his cock, to make him hard. We’d seen it, the bulge in those tight jeans he wore, usually snaking down the left leg. He didn’t even pretend to be embarrassed about it.

The guys loved to talk sex with him, brag about their own conquest, some I knew were greatly exaggerated. A move further than second base, a blow job instead of the hand job it really was or the fuck that was really masturbation later in the night. Casey didn’t talk about what he did. He didn’t brag either, never, instead he merely told them he had a good time and enjoyed himself immensely. Casey knew how to keep some mystery to it, to leave them guessing. To keep it erotic instead of pornographic.

And there were rumors of Casey messing around with some of the guys. Nothing anyone ever admitted, but I heard them too, sought them out, pretending I wasn’t interested, could care less what Casey was up to. But I egged it on, the telling of these rumors by my apparent noninterest. I listened intently as one boy in our class or another was rumored to have been at Casey’s house, how they had spent the night and the next day they acted differently, skittish as a deer. The rumors of boys getting home not wearing their underwear with lame excuses as to why. Or worse, there was the rumor of an occasional hickey on their neck. As much as the other boys seemed to want to rag them about it there was some unspoken rule, something agreed to among the boys that kept them in check, never really assailing one of the others for anything they, themselves might have done with Casey.

Through it all I stayed on the periphery, never one to bring attention to myself, for to do so was to invite inquiry, the asking of questions I could not answer. I ran those questions I heard asked of others in my head and the answers floated to mind: still a virgin, no I didn’t, no, I didn’t like girls, I would mess around with Casey. If ever asked I was afraid the answers would appear on my face, some reveal I wouldn’t know how to control. So, I kept to myself, hung out with everyone and pretended we were close friends when we were not.

Of course, in our small school we knew each other, been to many of the same parties, hung out at mutual friends, but my reticence kept a barrier between us. Looking back I realize Casey created the opportunities and the memory of those times is amusing now, the way he made insinuations, would catch me alone and in an apparent ruse would ask me such mundane things as how was it going or did I have the biology homework done, as he moved close, so close our bodies nearly touched. I had stared into his eyes as I stammered my answers. At times, I felt his hand take me by a wrist with a gentle hold, his fingers lightly pressing against my skin creating this contact between us. ‘Was I going to Mary’s party?’ or ‘You want to come over and play video games?”. I went to those parties but never to Casey’s house, not while in school, not when the idea of being found out, of being labeled mattered more than anything else in the world.

But being eighteen and still a virgin I fucking wanted to go.

During those weeks leading up to graduation and right after there were Senior trips to the lake or a dance on campus and I found myself doing what I always did. I watched. At the lake, I tried not to stare, but time and time again I would find myself looking at Casey. Other boys looked more mature, with thick underarm hair or hair on their chest and stomachs. Several had bodies filled out, muscular, manly, and when they rose out of the water with their swim trunks clung to their bodies it revealed their manhood, the bulge of cock lying over its sac. Casey didn’t look so mature, his body almost devoid of hair, but he exuded more sexuality than any of the other guys. He brazenly wore a bikini, the lowest cut I’d ever seen. It hid nothing. When Casey rose out of the lake it not only clung to his body but the bright yellow color turned transparent as well. I saw the girls stare, some blushing, all pretending shock but like myself lusting for what they saw. His cock hung over the sac heavily, thicker than seemed normal. One time it was lying to the side, stretching out, appearing twice as long as normal. It should have been obscene the way he revealed himself. But like myself, I think everyone else wanted to witness it too.

One weekend there was a party at Robert’s place, a large farm just north of town. We had a large bonfire in the back yard with their older barn as a backdrop. I remember seeing Casey standing behind some low hedges just close enough to the fire to be dimly lit from the front. We all saw how his right arm was moving, the flex of muscle that we knew was him playing with himself. Brazenly he stroked his cock right there, the girls squealing and telling him to stop while the guys egged him, making fun of it, pretending it was no big deal. Some acted as if they didn’t really believe he was doing it and went over to look only to make some exclamation and step back after a moment of looking that last just a bit too long. I wanted to go over and look too, wanted to see how big his cock got when erect and to watch how he manipulated it. But I kept my distance, pretended not to care. But right before he came, for it was obvious when he did so, he looked over at me sitting on a picnic table and as he smiled my way he winked. I jerked my head around and pretended not to notice, pretended he had done that toward someone else, but when I dared to look again he was staring at me as he came, his whole body shaking and small grunts escaping from his clinched mouth.

I felt my own erection within my jeans, painfully confined and I shifted around trying to get my cock to move sideways, give it the room needed to stretch out, some position that would give me comfort. I glanced around and saw some of the other guys quickly tugging on crotches, manipulating their cock to ease their own discomfort. The girls sniggered at us, the way Casey seemed to get to us more than to them. When he came back within the circle there was the usual banter, the playful laughter, some of which had a nervous reflection.

After graduation, we seemed to drift off in our own directions, each toward their new future. I worked with my father at the veterinarian office he ran in town, taking care of animals that had to stay overnight or longer, and some of the miscellaneous jobs anyone could do. I didn’t go out much, the loose connection I had had with my classmates quickly severed, and in hindsight it was as much my fault for not calling them to do something as it was theirs. As hard as I tried to move on, think of the future, leaving in the fall to study to be a vet, the past kept surfacing, reminding me of those times I hid, skirted the truth, avoided conflict. And avoided the one person I was drawn to the most.

The summer was a hot one, made worse by drought conditions. Animals suffered as well as people and we stayed busy at the clinic. By the time August arrived and finally the rains, I was feeling beat down, some anxiousness or restlessness I couldn’t name. The weekend was arriving and dad must have sensed my mood and told me to take the weekend off. I had been working six days a week helping where I could so when he told me to take off for the weekend I realized how tired I truly felt. Friday night, exhausted beyond belief, I ate dinner and went to my room. Lying on my back staring up at the ceiling I had no energy. Not for a video game, not a book, nor the energy to even get up to turn on music or the television. I just lay there till I drifted off to sleep.

Saturday arrived with the morning cooler than it had been in weeks, the week’s rain taking some of the heat out of the air. I put on shorts and a tank top, grabbed my bike and took off. I was only going to ride ten to fifteen miles but the mindless peddling, the moving of my legs as I stared ahead at the road was soothing, and I rode all the way to Hartford. In the small town I eased up on my pace and cruised through downtown looking at the changes that occurred since my last visit. I circled out to Helena Drive where the grocery store and small department store were located. Traffic was heavier and I picked up my pace. Turning on Sutton Road just past the shopping center I headed back to the main highway and back toward home. I sensed a vehicle behind me, sensed it slow and make the turn as well. I kept to the right anticipating a pass as I checked my mirror. A brief glance and I saw the grill of an old Mustang. I wanted to make sure they were not riding on my tail as I kept up my pace. After about a hundred yards with no pass I sat up and looked back. I saw the wave then the smiling face and nearly ran off the road. It was Casey behind me in his old Mustang which I now recognized. He sped up and pulled along side, lowering the passenger side window.

“Fuck Avery, what are you doing all the way over here?” Casey shouted as he drove along at my slow pace.

“I’m just out riding” I replied thinking it was obvious.

“Your twenty miles from home.”  Again, the obvious.

“I’ve not had the chance to ride in a while since I’ve been busy helping dad. This is the first weekend I’ve had off and I’m just out enjoying it.”

“Weekend off?”

I saw it, the wheels of his mischievous mind turning.

“Your screwing with traffic and going to get me killed” I said as a car blew past us blowing the horn.

“Pull over up on the next street.”

So, I did it, I turned on the next street, Magnolia Lane and stopped on the apron of a drive. Casey pulled up beside me and killed the engine. I sensed it, this opportunity that I had let pass so often in the past. I knew Casey was going to have something planned for tonight. A party, or cookout, or maybe just the guys over to watch television or play video games. Or maybe I was wrong, Casey was just going to talk a minute or two and be on his way, leave me on the side of the road wondering if I would ever have another opportunity.

“What are you doing all the way over here?” I asked Casey giving me time to think and to keep our conversation going a bit longer, now more afraid I read too much into Casey’s expression and in a minute, he was going to drive away and I’d have to ride back home with plenty of time to think about it.

“I had to come get a belt for the lawn mower. Fucker broke yesterday and I have to get the grass cut this afternoon or mom’s going to lose it.”

Every time he spoke some word with sexual connotations came out of his mouth, mostly the word fuck. It was a constant reminder of his sex, this bawdiness that he threw out, carelessly and without concern.

“So, you have work to do today?”

“Just finish mowing. Want take long once I get that fucking belt replaced. Hey, what are you doing later today?”

There it was, the opening.

“I uh…nothing. Why?”

“My folks are going to Atlanta this afternoon to visit my sister. Come over around five and I’ll grill hamburgers. We can watch movies, or something.”

This was the most direct invite he had ever done with me and I sensed there was something different about it. The way he said ‘or something’. Maybe I was just reading too much into it.

“Sure” as casually as I could, adding, “who all is coming over?”

He started the engine and put the Mustang in gear.

“Just you” he called out as the passenger window began to rise. “See you at five” he added just before the window closed. I watched him do a u-turn, wave and speed away. For a moment I just stood there, frozen in place trying not to think about what could happen, or more to the point, what I wanted to happen.

The ride back seemed to be quicker, before I knew it I was coasting down the drive to the rear of the house. Dad had just arrived and mom and he were standing in the screen porch.

“There you are; how far did you go?” asked mom.


“Hartford?  That was some ride” said dad.

“Well, we’ve decided to go to Mobile for dinner and stay the night. You want to come?”

I could tell they wanted an evening to themselves and there was no way I was going with them.

“I’ve got plans; going over to Casey’s for burgers and probably play video games.”

Mom smiled and touched my arm, a typical connection she liked to do when pleased with something I did. “Okay.  We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”

And that was that. No scheming required.

At ten till five I was driving over to Casey’s, slowly, trying not to arrive early. I had put on a new pair of jeans and a white shirt, the top button undone, trying to keep it casual. I had put on several different shirts, tried on cargo shorts, gym shorts, old ratty jeans, till my room was a mess and it took twenty minutes to put all the clothes away. I tightened and loosened my grip on the steering wheel, nervously trying to focus on driving. I switched the radio half a dozen times, nothing I wanted to hear playing.

Finally, I pulled up to Casey’s house, a long low ranch style house his parents had bought from his mom’s aunt. The open carport on the right end had an empty spot then his dad’s SUV. Casey’s Mustang sat to the side of the drive. I pulled in behind the SUV and killed the ignition. Taking a deep breathe I climbed out and headed toward the door under the carport. Casey had texted me to go through that door and come on in when I arrived.

It was a mudroom and through the next door I saw the kitchen. All the lights were off and the only sound was of a television coming from beyond the kitchen. I eased into the kitchen and saw hamburger buns and chips lying on the counter but no preparation underway. At the next door I saw Casey’s head over the top of a recliner, leaned back, in front of a large screen television. A movie was loading and I saw Casey’s hand holding the remote aimed at the television.

“Avery, is that you?”


“Come on in.”

I moved to a sofa to Casey’s right and sat. Casey was stretched out wearing just a pair of cut off shorts. His skin glowed softly in the dim light of the room and I struggled not to stare at his body, the skin so soft looking, sensual, with the rise and fall of his breathing, the shift or movement of his arm, the flex of a leg.

“W-w-when are we going t-to eat?”

“Oh, in a little while. It won’t take long to cook the burgers. Relax Avery. I thought we could enjoy a movie first…a little distraction” said Casey looking over at me smiling. He raised his free hand and combed the hair off his forehead revealing the sparse underarm hair. The movie came on and I knew as soon as the cheesy music started and the garish titles appeared it was going to be porn.

“This is one of my favorites. Kick off your shoes and lay back and enjoy” said Casey with a humorous tone.

I hesitated for a moment, stunned at the daring, the blatant sexual nature of what was about happen. I looked at Casey lying prone on the recliner, how his cutoffs fit loosely around his narrow waist, so loose I knew my hand could easily fit beneath the waistband. I watched his stomach move up and down then scanned my eyes upward till I saw him staring back at me, smiling.

“Sit” he whispered and I moved to the sofa.

I kicked off my shoes and leaned into the corner of the arm and back, one leg bent lying on the sofa, foot dangling over the side while I kept my left foot planted on the floor. The movie began and within minutes the scenario was obvious. Two men and a woman. The men pleasured her, using their mouths and hands. Her body undulated between the two muscular men. I watched the men slowly undress, first their shirts, then the shorts they wore and finally the briefs. Their cocks were hard, one sticking straight out and the other curved upward. I looked at their bodies completely ignoring the woman between them then over at Casey. His right hand was down inside his cutoffs and I watched the way the front moved with the manipulation of his cock.

“Watch this…” Casey uttered, his voice trailing off quickly as if out of breath.

I turned back to the screen to see one guy between the woman’s legs pumping his hips. He fucked her while the other guy watched, head down at the woman’s hips, eyes glued to his buddy’s cock as it piston in and out of her. Then he moved behind his buddy, head resting on the other’s shoulder as he encouraged him, urged him to fuck her harder. I felt my own cock, painfully trapped in my own jeans, as I watched the guy at back push his cock down and put it to his buddy’s hole. I watched mesmerized as the cock sank into the other guy’s hole, watched how that hole stretched open to take every inch.

“Fuck…that is hot” Casey uttered causing me to look over. He had his cutoffs undone, the front spread open, stroking his hard cock. It was curved, the head arrow shaped capping a thick shaft and I watched as his hand moved up and down the shaft then at the head I watched how Casey used his thumb and forefinger to work the head, slipping his fingers around the head a few times before stroking his way back to the base of his cock. I watched Casey, then the two guys on screen, the woman now slipped out from beneath them watching one take the other. I grew bold undid my jeans, worked them open and for the first time openly played with my cock. I knew Casey was watching me, could feel the stare of his eyes as I shifted down and pushed my jeans and boxers down my thighs completely exposing myself to him. I let him see my erection. I wasn’t as thick or as long as his but I saw how Casey stared at it, the way he seemed to be as engrossed with me as I was with him. I slowly stroked myself feeling the wider flared head then the ram rod straight shaft slide through my fingers. I was leaking already, more than usual, and used it to slicken my cock till my hand moved easily up and down.

“Nice” he uttered and I glanced over to see him continuing to watch me. He kicked off those shorts leaving him completely naked. “David…take off your clothes” he whispered and I automatically obeyed him. I rose up and removed my shirt. I pushed my jeans down and worked each foot free, then kicked off my boxers. Naked, I lay back on the sofa.

At first, I just held my cock, straight up, letting Casey see it. I was so hard, harder than ever before. The vein that snaked down my shaft was prominent and my cock continued to drool keeping my hand wet. Then I began to manipulate it, to stroke it and I found myself staring at Casey, watching him stroke his own cock and realized we had fallen into rhythm. Neither of us paid attention to the television, instead focused intently on each other.

“Avery, can I come over there?”

I watched Casey’s hand move over that long thick cock and swallowed hard. “Yes.”

He stood, cock curved up pointing at the ceiling and he came over to me, sitting between my legs. He placed a hand on my thigh and moved it upward till I felt it graze my sac then the base of my cock. I let go of my cock and lay back, ready for whatever Casey was going to do.

“You know the others had to be coaxed into doing something, but you…” Casey whispered as he took me in hand stroking my slick shaft, slowly moving up its length then working the head. I sucked in a deep breath and fought the urge to pump my hips upward. “But you’re different…like me in a way” he uttered in a low voice as he moved over me. He put his own cock next to mine and held them together, fingers manipulating both of us as he leaned down to me. He kissed me, gently at first, then with more passion, an urgency to it, mouth open, his tongue working inside of my mouth. He pumped his hips working his cock along side of my own, this hand keeping them held tightly together. Soon I couldn’t control myself and began to pump my own hips, to feel the way our cocks rubbed together. It stroked something within me, made me hot, sweat literally breaking out on skin.

Casey let go and I felt that hand move along the underside of my right leg, downward to the back of my knee. He raised my leg, brought it up and then pushed it back down till I was folded in half. I was scared, fearful of this first penetration, especially with Casey. He moved to me slowly, rubbed that cock along my ass, up and down. Every time he moved over my opening I moaned. He rubbed upward raking his cock over my sac and along the side of my own cock then back down, slowly along my ass till he raked over my opening again. Over and over he teased me, stroked my desires till I was moving beneath him, pushing with my hips trying to increase the feel of that cock.

“Can I fuck you?”

I looked up at Casey and touched his face, traced a finger along his jaw and down his neck. Using the back of my hand I dragged it down his smooth chest over one then the other hard nipple.

“Yes...fuck me.”

He put his cock to my opening and pushed gently. I felt it breach my tightness, felt the way I stretched open accepting the head of his cock.

“Fuck yeah…take it” he uttered as I felt him ease inward slowly. I lay back, eyes closed and pushed to take it, to take every fucking inch. I wanted him in me, wanted to feel that big fat cock sunk inside of me. I wanted Casey to fuck me.

He eased inch after inch into me till I was quivering beneath him. I put my hands on his hips and tugged.

“Fuck me…please…”

Casey looked me in the eye, smiling, as I felt his cock sink further into my hole, felt the stretch of my opening to take him as inch after inch squeezed through.

Then everything was a blur, just the sensation of touch and sound. He had lifted my left leg and had me pinned to the sofa, knees either side of my chest with my ass turned upward taking his fuck. He began slowly, pushing inward and pulling outward, working that cock through my opening. I felt my tightness subside, my opening loosened to his fuck, the piston of cock through it.

“Fuck…you’re hot” Casey whispered as he increased his pace. The sofa squeaked and I rocked roughly with his every thrust inward. I watched the way his flat stomach grew pronounced, the muscles straining against the skin. I rubbed my hands over his chest and along his sides.

“Avery…pinch my nipples” Casey demanded.

I would do anything he wanted so I reached for both of them and pinched the hard nub in the center of each one.

“Harder…twist them a little.”

Pinching down harder, twisting as I did so and he began to fuck me harder, slamming his hips down against my ass. I wanted it, this hard fuck, and continued to manipulate both nipples. I felt his body quivering, felt how his whole body tensed up, and when he began to fuck me in a ragged rhythm, short thrusts that kept his cock buried in me I knew he was coming.

“Oh fuck” Casey cried out as he jammed his cock inward over and over.

He collapsed on top of me breathing hard, his hot breath hitting my neck. Eventually I felt him ease his hips back slipping free, leaving me feeling empty. I didn’t want it to end, this connection between us. He rose and took me by the hand, pulled me to the floor, easing down on his back as he guided me to move between his legs. He reached between us and took my still hard cock and I felt his hand move wetly over it. He pulled on it, causing me to move down between his spread legs till it was touching his opening. I felt the way he rubbed me against his own hole, the up and down movement that made my cock grow so sensitive I didn’t think I could take much more. Then he held me to his opening.

“My turn…now fuck me.”

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