Ad placed by Andre (8 slender inches) and Mike (7 thick inches) in the local weekly newspaper:

- - - -

Power Drills: GBM's, Strong, hard, silent seven- and eight-inch power drills seek tight BWM or SWM who seeks filled fantasy experience for multiple drill role play says-no-but-wants-yes bottom. Call Mike at 945-6036.

- - - -

Ad Rob saw instead in the local weekly newspaper and decided later to respond to:

- - - -

Power Drills: Set of strong, hard, silent power drills for sale. Multiple-drill set, including seven- and nine-inch power drills. Call Mac at 945-8279.

- - - -

Telephone number Rob called after scanning through the paper the next day for the number he wanted to call: 945-6036. A very friendly voice on the other end of the line told him to come right on over and gave him the address.

Mike answered the door.

'Hi, I'm Rob. I called about the power drills you have.'

'Well, hello, Rob. Come on in. God, you looked ripped, man. What a lucky day. So, you want to be drilled? Hey, Andre, com'on down here. The bottom who called is here?'

'Huh, excuse me? The name's Rob Buxton, actually. Oh, the drills. Yes, I came for the drills. Can I see them?'

'Wow, Mike, we've got an anxious one,' the beefy Andre said as he appeared at the door. 'Well, let's not keep him waiting. Com'on in, dude. Nice butt, man. Do you work out?'

'Uh, yes,' Rob answered a little confused. 'So, where are the drills? In the garage?'

'Anywhere you like it, Rob,' Andre answered with a laugh. 'God, I'll bet you are cut too. Let me see your pecs next to Mike's here. Mike, off with your T. I'll help Rob here. There. Yep, you're just about as ripped as Mike, and he's workin' out all the time. So, you want it in the garage. Come on through here.'

'So, is that where you keep the drills?' Rob managed through his confusion.

'Sure, a lot of the time,' Mike answered. 'We're always workin' on Andre's truck. Sometimes we stop doin' that and work on each other.' Mike and Andre shared a laugh. Rob continued to look confused.

'So, ever done this before, Rob?' Andre asked as they bustled through the kitchen and out to the garage. He hesitated on the way to pick up a tube of KY.

'Huh, shopped for drills, you mean?' Rob asked. 'No, not really.'

'Sweet.' Andre said, as they entered an oversized garage with a cleared area in front of a pickup truck that was backed into the front part of the garage. 'There, Mike, pull that saw horse over there and spread those old burlap sacks over it.'

'And your ad said you had an seven inch and an eight inch. Is that right?' Rob asked.

'Yep,' Mike answered. 'I've got the seven inch, but it's very thick. Andre's got a more slender one, but it's over eight inches.'

'So, can I see them and examine them.'

'Absolutely,' Mike and Andre said in unison. And they stripped right down. Rob stood there in complete shock, as Mike walked over and stripped him right down too.

'Sweet,' Andre said with a whistle of appreciation. 'God, he's beautiful. And he's got some length too. So, me first, I guess, as I'll set him up for your thickness. Here, pull him over the saw horse and get him in one of your head and wrist locks.'

Rob woke up to what was happening and started to struggle, but not early and strong enough. Andre and Mike were two strong black dudes. Mike pulled Rob over the saw horse on his belly and got a head lock on him between two strong thighs. Instead of going for Rob's hands, however, he reached under with his long arms and got a hold on Rob's balls and said he'd crush those if Rob didn't quiet down. With the other hand, he reached around and alternated exploring Rob's nipples and pecs and stroking his own cock hard.

Rob quieted down a bit, but he was objecting and whining and whimpering in fear, as, behind him, Andre, of the slender eight-inch cock, was fingering KY into Rob's asshole with one hand and stroking his own cock to KY-lathered hardness with his other hand.

'Nice job with that role playin', dude,' Andre said. 'That's really helping me get hard. The fantasy of fucking a straight white dude who didn't see it coming. And I'm going to fulfill the fantasy you had of being filled and drilled when you answered our ad right now.' And in he went up to the rim of his helmet. Here he stopped, because the hole was still too tight, and he rotated his cock just inside the hole to loosen it up.

'Ahhhh! No. Gawd, that hurts,' Rob screamed and writhed in pain.

'Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhh,' he continued to scream, as Andre managed to get in past the sphincter. And then, 'Ahhh, Ohhh, ohhh,' as the helmet of Andre's cock dragged along Rob's prostate, giving him a new, much more pleasant sensation. And then Andre was in solid, and he let his cock slide the whole eight inches in.

Rob was panting and groaning, but his ass was adjusting to the new experience. Andre pulled out to drag his cock head over Rob's prostate a couple of more times, and Rob's writhing and moaning began to have some sounds of pleasure mixed in with the sounds of pain.

Mike released his headlock on Rob and pulled his head up by the hair until Rob's mouth was at the level of his half-hard cock. 'Here, make this hard, pretty dude. I'm next in your ass.'

Rob tried to resist, but Mike pushed his cock between Rob's lips with the comment that if he didn't suck him off or if he did any damage to the cock, Rob would regret it mightily. Rob did open his mouth enough for Mike to start face-fucking him, but didn't get any more actively involved in giving him head than he absolutely had to.

Meanwhile, Andre had buried his cock in Rob's tight ass again up to its hilt and began a deep-fuck piston motion that had Rob bouncing up and down on the top of the saw horse. To keep from being bounced off the saw horse, Rob grabbed Mike's butt cheeks and held on for dear life, an act that caused Mike's cock to harden faster. Andre was holding one of Rob's hips with one hand and slapping his butt cheeks with the other one. He was loving the ride, and he spun out his drilling operation for more than twenty minutes before he couldn't hold off his climax any longer and shot his load over eight inches deep inside Rob. Mike was going slower with his face fucking, because he wanted to save his load for his own turn in Rob's ass. Rob wasn't doing much else other than whimpering and moaning quietly, waiting for the assault to stop, but having mixed feelings about being fucked deep in his ass by such a well-built black stud, never having had the sensation before, and not finding it nearly as unpleasant as he assumed he would.

When Andre pulled out of Rob, Rob was able to make a break for it. But he only made it as far as the kitchen, where Mike took his turn with him on the kitchen table. Andre held Rob's arms stretched above his head across the table, while Mike slapped Rob down on the table top on his back, grabbed his calves and wishboned his legs out, and thrust his thick cock into Rob's asshole, drilling right down to the full seven-inch mark. Rob screamed in pain, feeling his ass canal ready to split with the thickness of Mike. But Mike paid him no mind and just pumped away. After a couple of minutes, Mike dropped one of Rob's legs and turned him to his side and side split him for several minutes.

'Hey, Andre,' Mike said after a while. 'He's opened up real nice. I think there is room for you too.' Pulling Rob off the table top, Mike hopped up in a sitting position on the table himself and pulled Rob back into his lap, neatly impaling his asshole again, and sliding back to full depth. Rob was sputtering and moaning as Andre came around the table, pushed Rob down onto Mike's chest and wishboned his legs back out. He saw where there was a bit of room for another dick above the one Mike had buried in Rob's hole, and Andre worked his way in, accompanied by Rob's screams, first for mercy and then in ecstasy, and Mike's grunts of pleasure in having a cock running up beside his.

No sooner had both Andre and Mike cum again when they heard the doorbell. They let Rob fall to the kitchen floor in a heap, and Mike quickly pulled on T and shorts and went for the door. A young red-headed man stood outside the door.

'Hello,' he said, as Mike opened the door. 'I've come about the ad in the paper about the seven- and eight-inch drills you're selling. Is . . . ?'

'Sure, dude. You're in the right place. Come on in,' Mike responded with a big grin on his face.



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