Kyle followed Evan up the marbel staircase to the master bedroom. It looked like something out of a Barbara Stanwick or Jean Harlow movie. Huge four poster bed, white walls, plush blue carpet. Kyle saw a fire had already been lit here as well. Maby the servents really were here, working behind the scenes. Evan turned to him and smiled.

"Come here!" Kyle went to him and as Evan pulled him into him, he could feel the hardness of the muscles on his body. Evan placed his hands on both of Kyle's firm asscheeks. "These are mine now!" he exclaimed "And as my property, I shall do whatever I wish with them." Kyle smiled. "Oh, you think so!" Evan slapped His left buttock whick made him gasp. "Quiet please." Evan ordering him around in this way was making him hard as steel. "Sit!" he said motioning to the edge of the big bed with his chin. Kyle sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Evan slowly unzipped his pants. He did this clearly to torture him but Kyle didn't mind. He watched as Evan pulled his tight jeans down past his narrow hips and kicked them off.

He wore a pair of light blue briefs and Kyle could clearly see the outline of his cock as it stretched the soft fabric. He stood infront of Kyle. "You can feel it if you want to." Kyle smiled as reached between Evan's legs and massaged the soft cloth. He could feel Evan's hard cock through the material of his briefs. It was long and hard. He guessed 9 inches or more. His own cock was rock hard and leaking precum. Evan looked down at his cock and smiled. "Ok, I think you've been good for long enough and deserve a reward." He moved away from Kyle and slowly slid his briefs past his hips. His cock bobbed up and down like a coil as it was freed. Evan smiled as he kicked his briefs at Kyle. Kyle caught them and held them to his nose. They smelled clean and slightly musty. Not disgusting. He had read stories online about guys who liked other mens underwear to smell like piss or worse and he just wasn't into that.

Evan stood there in all his naked glory, a playful smirk on his thin, red lips. He climbed up onto the huge four poster bed and laid down besides Kyle. "You know, I've wanted you ever since the day I first saw you." Kyle laughed. "Well, why didn't you say anything?" Evan shrugged. "I didn't know if you felt the same." Kyle stroked the side of Evan's face. "All you had to do was ask!" He leaned down and their lips touched. Evan opened his mouth and Kyle slipped his tongue in. They french kissed while they manipulated eachothers hard, precum slick cocks. "MMM! You'd better stop or I'll cum." Kyle warned. Evan smiled. "We don't want that do we?" Kyle grinned and shook his head. They wrestled around on the bed, their hard, naked bodies pressed against eachother and then Evan became serious.

Without saying another word he laid his body ontop of Kyle's. He ground his cock against Kyle's while they kissed. Their mouths sucking at eachothers lips like two men who were starved of love. Evan sat back on his haunches and smiled. "You want this?" he said wiggling his fat cock. Kyle smiled and nodded. Evan moved up and sat on Kyle's chest. His cock pointed at Kyle's parted lips. Kyle stroked it a few times before taking it into his mouth. It felt smooth and slick. Evan closed his eyes and held onto the headboard as he thrust into Kyle's mouth, his low hanging balls slapping against Kyle's chin. "Yeah! Work that cock!" Evan purred as Kyle's head bobbed back and forth. Evan reached behind him and began stroking Kyle's cock. Soon both men were panting and sucking eachothers dicks frantically like their life depended on it. "Oooh! I'm gonna cum!" Evan warned. Kyle didn't stop. He sucked harder and felt Evan's body tense above him. "Oh yeah! Do it! Make me cum!!" Kyle felt Evan's cock twitch in his mouth as his hot, salty spunk shot out over his tastebuds and down his throat. "UUUUHHHHH!!!!" Evan moaned, his ab mucles tightening as he climaxed.

When Evan's cock stopped twitching he climbed off of Kyle and flopped down next to him. "Wow, I needed that!" Kyle smiled. "I noticed." Evan swatted his chest playfully. "Shut up bitch!" Kyle tickled Evan until he begged him to stop. "Will you fuck me?" Evan asked. Kyle smiled. "I thought you'd never ask." He got a pack of condoms and a tube of lube from the nightstand next to the bed. Evan rolled one of the XL condoms onto his long, fat shlong and slicked it up with the lube. He positioned himself above Kyle's cock and slowly lowered himself. He gasped when he felt the head of Kyle's cock push through his hole. It didn't really hurt so he kept going until he sat on Kyle's balls.

He looked down into Kyle's beautiful brown eyes. "You ok?" Kyle asked. Evan leaned down with Kyle's cock still up inside him and kissed him. He began moving up and down. Slowly at first then a little faster. "Yeah, fuck my tight ass!" Evan exclaimed, his eyes closed and a grin on his lips. Kyle grabbed his smooth cheeks and pulled them further apart. Whenever Evan went down on his cock, he'd thrust deep up into him. "Yeah, fuck me!" Evan whimpered. He felt Kyle's cock hitting his love nut. "Yeah! Make me cum with that big cock!" In one fluid move, he rolled Evan onto all fours and fucked him doggie style. From this position he could thrust deep inside Evan. His balls made a slapping sound as they ht Evan's ass. "God, Fuck!" Kyle grunted. He felt himself getting close. It was like he was right at the edge of a high cliff. "Yeah, You want me to cum all over you baby?" Evan smiled. "Yeah, cover me in you're spunk!" Kyle pounded his ass like a jackhammer. He felt his balls draw up and his body begin to convulse. His cock popped like a cork and his hot seed erupted deen inside Evan's insides. "AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!" he growled as his cock twitched and his body convulsed.

When Kyle's cock stopped twitching he rested against Evan's back. "Damn baby!" Evan laughed. "That was great". Kyle smiled. "Now it's you're turn." He pulled out of Evan's ass and lifed his legs to his chest. He began licking his cum out of Evan's ass while he reached between Evan's spred legs and jerked him off. "Yeah, make me cum!!" Evan moaned. Kyle flicked his tongue across Evan's ass. "Oh shit! Here it comes!" evan whimpered. Kyle felt Evan's anus twitch as he came. "UUUUHHHHH!!!" Evan squealed as rope after rope of his thick, white spunk shot out and plopped on his stomach and chest. They kissed, their bodies pressed together, slick with their combined cum.

"I guess we should get cleaned up." Kyle smiled. "Yeah, I guess we should." They held eachother as the hot, steamy water ran down their chisled, muscular bodies. Now clean and fresh smelling, they got under the covers. "I love you!" Kyle said kissing Evan on the forhead. He smiled. "I love you too my sexy man!" They turned the lights out. The moon cast a white glow over the sleeping lovers as they dreamed happy, content dreams.

The End

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