Kyle stood in the wings and watched as the dancers went through rehearsal for the upcomming show at the New York Ballet. The women in white leotards and tutu's and the men in white, form fitting leotards. He watched as they jumped and pranced around. Their world and his were quite different. While they went out on the town and had fun, he went home to his lonely one bedroom apartment with his cat and sole ownership of the remote. Kyle was part of the set up crew. He helped build the sets once they arrived from the designers and helped take them down after. It was a thankless job but in today's economy, he was thankful to even have a job. So many people out there didn't. Kyle was tall with short brown hair, brown eyes and a lean, wirey frame. He did have some muscles from lugging around heavt pieces of equipment but he wasn't built like some of the other guys. They were built like tanks. They stood off to the side leering at the women dancers. He heard one of them exclaim to his pals "Oh, she's a nice piece!" Kyle looked at the woman his co-worker was drooling over and thought she looked like an "ice queen" her beautiful face set in determined look. Most of the women were self-important bitches and most of the men were randy horndogs. Everyone was sleeping with someone else, everyone except Kyle that is. No one really paid him much attention.

He watched one of the dancers, who's name was Evan as he danced and flitted around the stage. The white loetard accentuated his lean, toned, muscular build and his muscular legs. He was about 5'3 with short blond hair, blue eyes and good looking. At 22 he was the youngest of the dancers. Kyle had taken quite a fancy to him. He often fantasized about being alone backstage one night when Evan just came up behind him and took him right there on the floor. Kyle smiled. He knew it would never happen. People like Evan who were handsome and rich didn't accociate with people like him. The music ended and the players moved off to their dressing rooms. Kyle saw Evan as he walked past. Suddenly their eyes met and Evan's thin, red lips turned up in a smile. Since there was a show tomarrow night, Kyle didn't have anything else to do so he climbed the stairs to the roof. It was lightly snowing and he could see the lights of the nearby shops and theaters. One of Kyle's favorite plays was the Phantom Of The Opera. He thought Gerard Butler did a fantastic job as the Phantom in the movie version and looked hot as hell too. The scene where Christine and Raul are up on the roof of the Opera house in Paris. That's what it felt like now to Kyle. He wished he could sing "No more talk of darkness, forget you're childish fears, I'm here". He always thought of Evan when watching that part. It made him tear up because he knew the one man he loved and wanted to love him more than anything in the world, didn't.

He walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. Cars and other traffic sloshed through the snow as the bright lights from the theaters lit up everything like it was daylight. He watched as a couple walked by below holding hands. He smiled. At least someone was in love. When he turned around he started. There standing in the doorway was Evan. He was wearing a leather jacket over a dark blue t-shirt, faded jeans that showed off his muscular legs and firm, toned ass and boots.

"I thought I'd find you up here!" Kyle felt his pulse quicken. "What are you doing up here?" he asked. Evan smiled revealing perfect white teeth. "You think you're the only one who comes up here." Kyle nodded. "It's a good place to think." Evan nodded as he moved closer. "I was just going to grab some dinner and wondered if you'd like to join me?" Kyle blinked. Was he halucinating? Was Evan really standing there asking him out? Evan, sensing Kyle's confusion grinned.

"Yes, I did just ask you out. I've been meaning to for a long time but I didn't know if you'd want to." Kyle laughed out loud. He felt his heart swell with happiness. "Of course I want to." Evan nodded. "Good! Let's go, it's cold up out here!" They went downstairs and got into Evan's huge, white SUV. He put turned on the radio and cranked up the Lady Gaga song Aura. "You like Lady Gaga?" Evan shouted over the music. Kyle smiled. "More than life itself!" They drove to a chinese restaraunt. They ordered and talked. Kyle learned that sometimes when he was setting up the stage and he thought no one was around, Evan would sit in the back row and watch him.

"You were...are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Kyle smiled. He felt his face grow hot and he knew he was blushing. "I bet you say that to all the boys." Evan laughed. "No, I really mean it." His blue eyes sparkled as he looked into Kyle's. "Will you spend the night with me tonight?" Kyle wanted to, more than anything. "I don't know." Evan reached across the table and put his hand on Kyle's arm. It felt warm. "I want you so bad. Sometimes I can't even keep my mind in what I'm doing when I know you're watching." Kyle had never heard a guy admit something like that to him before. He smiled and nodded. "Alright then!"

They drove along the road, trees lining both sides. "Wait until you see the house!" Evan exclaimed "It was willed to me after my parents passed." Kyle frowned. "I'm sorry." Evan nodded. "It's ok. My mom and I were close." Kyle nodded. "And you're dad?" Now it was Evan's turn to frown. "Not so much." They turned off a side road and when the trees cleared Kyle's jaw hit the floor. It was a mansion! built in the Tudor style with real led windows. "You're parents must have been loaded!" Kyle exclaimed as they got out. Evan chuckled. "Sort of."

They went inside and Kyle stared open mouthed at the front entry. There was a staircase that was shaped like a horse shoe and met in the middle. The floor was white and black marble and there was a huge chrystal chandalier above their heads. "Wow!" was all Kyle could say. Evan smiled. "Impressed?" Kyle nodded. Evan took off his coat. "This way." Evan lead the way to a huge living room with a marble walk in fireplace that had been lit. The room was warm and inviting. "What, no servants?" Kyle asked jokingly. Evan laughed. "There here. I just asked them not to disturb us." He went over to the fireplace and poked it with the poker. The orange and red flames shot up and it got warmer.

"Would you like something to drink?" Evan asked. Kyle shook his head. "No, I'm good." Evan sat on the white bearskin carpet and patted the place next to him. Kyle sat next to him. They gazed into the fire for a few minutes, neither of them saying anything. Finally Evan turned and looked deep into Kyle's eyes. "We don't have to do anything tonight if you don't want to." Kyle smiled. "I want to." Evan smirked. "You sure?" Kyle laughed. "Shut up and kiss me!" Evan leaned in and when their lips met, Kyle felt him put his hand on his neck. Evan moved closer and his kisses became more passionate and urgent. Kyle felt his tongue press against his lips and he opened his mouth. They frenched for a few minutes, their tongues like two horny eels dancing together.

Finally Kyle had to pull away. "Whew!" he exclaimed breathlessly. He watched as Evan pulled his shirt over his head. His smooth, sculpted pecs with two dime size nipples and flat, ripped stomach. He crooked his finger, beckoning him closer. They kissed again. Kyle felt himself being pushed gently onto his back. Evan covered his body with his. "God I want you so much!" he exclaimed looking down at Kyle. Kyle could feel Evan's hardness through his jeans. His own thinner cock standing up like the Washington Monument.. Evan pulled Kyle's shirt up and began licking and sucking on is nipples. Kyle closed his eyes and moaned softly. Evan pulled his shirt off and threw it off to the side. He leaned down and kissed Kyle passionately. He grinded his crotch against Kyle's "MMMM!" Kyle purred.

Evan kissed and licked his way down Kyle's lean chest and stomach till he came to his zipper. He smirked as he gently unbuttoned his fly and slowly unzipped his fly. He reached inside and felt Kyle's warm, soft cock laying flaccidly against his stomach. Evan pulled it out and began kissing it lightly and licking the sponge like head with his tongue. Kyle squirmed and panted. "Yeah, suck me!" Evan pulled his jeans past his narrow, boney hips and yanked them off. Kyle laid there completely naked, the light from the fire, making his smooth, white skin glow. "God! You're so beautiful!" Evan said sitting back on his haunches. Kyle smiled. "You're pretty damn sexy you'rself!" Evan stood and held out his hand. "Where are we going?" Kyle asked. Evan smirked. "To the bedroom."

Will Evan and Kyle spend a magical night making hot, passionate love? Find out in part 2 cumming soon!

Hey guys!! I'm back! I've been gone for awhile cause I thought no one liked my stories anymore but now I write them purely for the enjoyment of it. I am a big man and haven't really had alot of luck snagging a hot, young stud so these stories are my way of living out my fantasies. Send me a e-mail if you liked this one or if you just wanna shoot the breeze :) . More to come soon. Love to all gay men in the world!!!





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