Anton was still in shock as he walked out of Brandon's dorm and back towards his own. 'Why would he want to have sex with me?' He thought. He arrived at his door and found another tube sock on the door. He groaned and slid down the wall in frustration. He cracked his notebook and began studying the best he could with all the shouting and the moaning coming through the door. Many guys snickered at it as they walked by, others gave Anton a sympathetic look; as if they have been sexiled before as well. "FUCK!!!" He heard through the door. 'Must have been Jasper...' Anton said to himself. Soon the door opened and out stepped Jasper and his woman. "See you later, big boy!" She winked as she kissed him and felt his crotch before she left. Anton got up and followed Jasper into the cum-smelling room. "It's a shame your a fag, Anton. She's good in bed, dude." Jasper said laying down on the bed; cock still half hard. Anton blushed as he shut the door. Anton couldn't help but glance at Jasper's cock; the head slightly larger than the shaft. Slightly purple it was as well. "You like my cock Anton?" Jasper said groping himself with two of his fingers. "Come'ere" Jasper said looking into Anton's eyes. He knew Anton liked what he saw, and his cock surprisingly grew. "Don't be shy, come here Anton." Jasper said looking at how Anton was blushing. Anton tentatively approached Jasper and got down on his knees next to Jasper's bed; Jasper smiled. Anton looked at Jasper's body; he liked it. He had pecs not too bulgy, fit his body perfectly. He had nice arms, and a very defined six pack to boot. "Go 'head. Suck it, Anton. Put it in your mouth." He said bucking his hips towards Anton. Anton looked at Jasper's penis; almost felt compelled to put it in. Jasper grabbed Anton's hand and placed it on his thick shaft. "C'mon, Anton." He said placing his hand on the back of Anton's head; slowly lowering it to where Anton's lips were only inches away from his dick. Anton got the message, and slowly lowered his lips around Jasper's cock. Jasper bucked his hips upwards; forcing his cock in between Anton's silk-like lips. Anton began gagging slightly; he had never sucked a cock before and he isn't sure what to do, so he just improvises. He starts moving his tongue around the head which caused Jasper to groan. 'This must feel good to him; maybe if I put more in my mouth and keep doing it, he'll like it better' Anton thought. He did just that, which caused Jasper to breathe in sharply, and grab Anton's head. "Oh shit that's good..!" He said as Anton kept it up. "Do it faster...!" He whispered, and Anton picked up a little speed. "Fucking shit, bro..!" He whispered as Anton started to get the hang of it. He soon took a bit more, and felt it hit the back of his throat; causing him to gag and pull off. Just as he did so, Jasper grabbed his head before he could withdraw completely. "It's ok. Try again." He said holding Anton's head still as he pushed against his throat again. Anton felt like he was going to throw up due to him gagging and the cock snaking it's way past the uvula. "Ssssshh... It's ok. Relax, breathe through your nose and you'll be ok." Jasper said as Anton got all of his cock in his mouth. "Oh.... I'm gonna cum...!" He said holding on to Anton's head as he started to pump his cock into his mouth. Jasper's eyes squeezed shut as cum filled Anton's small mouth, and Some dribbled down the side of his cock as well. "Fucking shit that's good!" Jasper said as Anton withdrew with the cum still in his mouth. Anton spat out the cum, and sat down on his bed. 'Jasper must of liked what I did to him. I'm not sure what Americans call that, but it seems that the person I'm doing it to must like it very much.' Anton looked back at Jasper; he at this point had fallen asleep from all of the sex. Anton smiled a bit, and opened his laptop.

Brandon sat quietly on his bed; still reeling from the encounter with Anton not too long ago. He knows now that this isn't just some attraction, it's a full blown primal need for this boy and he doesn't know what to do about it. Sure he'd like, no needs, to fuck him; he doesn't want to rape him or anything, he just can't wait anymore. "What am I going to do? Do I actually love Anton? How will I explain this to dad?" He said to nobody. He soon put his thoughts in the back of his mind as he headed out into the hallway, only to see Anton coming out of his room. 'Shit!' Brandon thought as his cock swelled in his pants; his primal urge to fuck and dominate Anton--no his prey-- became stronger; Anton was turning Brandon into an animal with urges that need to be satisfied. Anton turned to look at Brandon and he smiled warmly as he looked back down at his phone. Without realizing, Brandon had grabbed him and pulled him into his room; locking the door. "Brandon? What do you want?" Anton said as the earlier events between the two resurfaced in his mind. Brandon jumped onto his bed; with Anton pinned underneath Brandon's body; Brandon grinding his hard cock into Anton's fully clothed ass. The sensations were overwhelming as Brandon tugged at Anton's waistband of his pants, desperate to get them down. Anton at first was frightened. Desperate to get away as Brandon tried to sexually violate him; but there was something in the way Brandon touched him; he wasn't violent or forceful, but it was more of a longing touch, one full of admiration and care. Anton knew now, what Brandon wanted and he knew he wasn't going to hurt him, so he began to relax and melt into Brandon's kisses. Brandon eventually got Anton naked as well as himself, and he quickly found some lube which he slathered all over his cock. Brandon lined his slick cock with Anton's waiting hole, and bliss overcame him, letting off a gasp and a grin as he breached Anton's ass. Something he has wanted to do for a long time. He started to slowly buck his hips as Anton began to moan.


December 19, 2017 3 years later....

Anton and his teammates of Chelsea FC celebrate the big victory over the top team in the Barclays Premier League: Swansea City; Pushing them ahead into 1st place, and first in group G of the UEFA Champions League. At the tender age of 23, Anton is one of the young bucks of Chelsea's starting 11, and he certainly isn't the tallest either; but as his manager says: "by the grace of God, he can fly." Anton now is one of the fastest forwards in Europe; with only a handful of footballers topping him, the market is limited, but lucrative. It cost Chelsea more than a pretty penny to steal away Anton from Tottenham, who in turn found it especially difficult to remove him from Arsenal's roster the year before; the team that ultimately Anton chose 3 years prior. Since college back in the United States, Anton's english speaking ability has greatly improved; but of course not without growing pains.

Brandon and himself still talk on a regular basis, and Anton now owns a flat in Buckinghamshire just off the M40 which he shares with his boyfriend Zachary whom he met while walking through Waterloo station in London one day on his way to see his brother Rene in Paris 2 years ago. Rene also plays football, at 28 years old, he has reached his prime in the football world. He currently plays as a Center Midfielder for Eintracht Frankfurt; at 6'3" he towers over little Anton and as a boy, he often picked on and teased Anton about his height. Both Anton and Rene are the sons of PSG great: Darcy LáPeddite. Growing up, Anton often played football with his Father and Rene in the back of their house. Anton always tried to play differently from what his father and his coach on his youth team taught him; he always wanted to score the goals and that was it.

As Anton left Stamford Bridge through the player entrance, he felt exhausted and his whole body ached even after his ice bath. As he scanned the player parking lot; looking past the Rolls Royce Phantoms, the Mercedes SLS's, the Aston Martin DB9's, and Ferrari 458s he finally found his cute little car; his Cadillac CTS-V. He lugged his duffel bag into the trunk of his car and climbed into the drivers seat. The pressure on his feet immediately lifted when he hit the soft leather seats; he felt enveloped in comfort as he sat there just for a brief moment, absorbing the quiet sounds and cool air of the night; just resting. He soon started the engine, pushed on the clutch and headed home. Anton loved the M40 late at night; nobody on the motorway, and he can just let loose with his 6.2 liter V-8 engine; sending 556 horsepower thundering down the road. nought-to-60 is 4 seconds, and with a top speed of 201mph, Anton could keep up just fine with any other one of his teammates in their cars. Anton loved his car; pressing on the accelerator, hearing his engine push faster and faster ahead as the light posts turned into blurs.

He watches the speedometer ascend; 65, 70, 75, 80, 85... Anton gripped the steering wheel tighter as his car went faster and faster. Anton flipped on his iPod to hear Yankee Rose by David Lee Roth; his favorite driving song. A smile creeped across his face as he pushed at almost 125 mph. Anton loved driving fast. He soon slowed, and while traveling down the M40 at 85 mph, Anton began to think about his surroundings. He had never thought he would get this far; playing this well, and being this successful but never having any time for fun. So as he pulled off the M40, and onto the street his flat is on, Anton thought about his boyfriend Zach and how he and him have to remain secretive due to the possibility of a morality clause in Anton's contract. This scared Anton, for he did not want to lose his job and not be able to support himself or his soon-to-be husband. He knew he needed to act a certain way, and adhere to certain guidelines in the contract he himself signed. He stepped out of his car and headed into the front entrance; listening to hear the alarm beep as he pressed the lock button. "Good evening, sir. How are you this evening?" The doorman asked with a smile. "Very well thank you." Anton said as he handed him a tip. He lugged his bags over his shoulder and pressed the button to call the elevator. Looking straight ahead as the gold colored doors parted and out stepped a boy with blond hair which was spiked in the front, a set of crystal clear blue eyes and had a smooth complexion. Anton stared for a moment as the guy walked by. "Wow..." He thought as the guy flashed him a smile. Anton quickly regained composure as the doors closed before he got on; embarrassing him and calling the elevator again. Once he reached the 7th floor, he couldn't wait to crash down on the bed next to Zachary and go to sleep. His flat was dark and he didn't really hear anything, usually Zachary falls asleep with the tv on and Anton would know he was home, but he heard nothing. "Zachary? Are you home?" He called into the darkness. He flipped on a light and set down his bag at the door. 'Where is he?' He thought. He began to move about the dimly lit house to find something on the floor by the refrigerator; it was a note.

"Anton, I'll be home late tonight, I had a late marketing project I needed to get done. Sorry I couldn't go to the game tonight. I'll be back around 1 am with some Chinese takeaway. I love you! - Zachary."

Anton smiled as he slipped off his clothes, and into something more comfortable.


Aaron Heights

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