The door unlocked, and Anton looked up from the tv, and turned his head to see Zachary enter the apartment, and loosen his tie. "Hey you." Anton smiled. "Hey." Zach replied closing the door and heading over to the couch; sitting down next to Anton with the bag of Chinese takeaway. "I got lo mein." He said passing it to Anton. "How was your game?" He said stuffing his face with a dumpling. "It was ok. Adams got red carded because he's an imbecile. But it was good; tired though." Anton said as he opened the box and took a bite. "I shouldn't be eating this, it's so bad for me."

"Awwwh come on, Anton, you're a pro athlete, you'll burn it off." He said grabbing Anton's shoulder with a firm grip. Anton inhaled sharply as Zach continued squeezing his shoulders. Anton put down his lo mein and began to fall back on the couch. Zach sprang up from the couch and behind Anton; digging into Anton's shoulders more sensually. "That feels so good, Zachary..."

Sexual need overcame Anton, so Anton pulled Zach over the couch again and began to suck his face off with a series of kisses. Zach kissed Anton just below the ear, causing Anton's dick to grow, as well as his horniness. The room got hot as Anton wrapped his strong legs around Zach's waist as Zach slid his hands up Anton's shirt; over his six pack abs, and running his fingers over each nipple. "Top or bottom tonight, Anton?"

"Fuck me as hard as you want, Zach. I need it." Anton said as they both wrestled each other's clothes off; Anton reaching below Zach's legs, grasping his dick, feeling the warmth of it as he slid his hand up and down the rigid shaft. Zach moaned in Anton's mouth as Anton stroked him to full hardness in a matter of seconds. "Oh god you make me so hard so easily, Anton." Zac said as Anton and Zach started to grind on each other; dick pressing against dick, pecs on pecs, and that's when Zach's cock found its way to Anton's opening, Teasing the head of Zach's cock.

"Ugh put it in...!" Anton whispered kissing Zach again. Zach entered Anton slowly, putting his dick in and out; driving Anton crazy, Anton grabbed Zach's cock and slid it in, filling his hole. Zach began to fuck slowly, feeling the velvety sides of Anton's ass, how it's so warm and slick. "Uuuuggggghhhhh!! Ohhh... Mmm yeah.." Zach said as he thrust faster and harder, stifling Anton by kissing him as he fucked. Anton was off in space as pleasure rushed through his body, causing him to dig te back of his head into the couch as his boyfriend fucked savagely. Anton ran his hands along Zach's strong back as his chest heaved and puffed as he drilled his boyfriend. "Ugh... I'm gonna shoot one...." Zach said as he dug his head in between Anton's neck, and left shoulder; gripping him tightly as if forcing him to wait until he finished cumming. Anton nibbled on Zach's ear as Zach shot up into Anton, sending Anton over the edge, and blasting a load all over Zach's face.

"Let's go take a shower, and get into bed." Zach said climbing off of Anton. Anton smiled and put one arm above his head, revealing a small tuff of underarm hair.

Anton and he took a hot shower, and before he forgot, Anton went back to his duffel bag, and pulled out a little something he had gotten before the game. He returned and got down on one knee. "Open your eyes." Zach opened his brown eyes, and saw Anton on one knee. His heart fluttered. "Be my husband, Zach. Won't you do me the pleasure of being my husband?" Anton said opening up the box to reveal a ring. Zach got down on knee as well. "Anton, nothing in this world would make me happier than to marry you. So my answer is Yes!" Zach said as he grabbed Anton's face; tears of happiness streaming down each other's face.


Anton's eyes slowly opened as he looked at the incoming call on his cell phone. 'Rene?' He said sliding the answer button. "Rene? It's 4:30 am, what's up?" He said in his native tongue. "It's mother, she's ill and requested to see you Anton." Anton began to think of his mother; the only one out of his parents to embrace his sexuality, she was always there for him when she needed him. "I'll be on the next train." And he hung up and shook Zach lightly. "Zach... Zach?"

"What's wrong?" Zach said groggily; rolling on his side. "I have to go, my mother is sick." Zach shot out of bed and immediately got dressed. "What are you doing?"

"Going with you."

Anton scrunched his face. "I don't know... My father already doesn't approve of me, and I don't---"

"I'm going with you and that's final, Anton. Get dressed." Zach said as he got into some fresh clothes and fixed his hair. Anton still sat shirtless in the bed; not knowing how to react to Zach's forcefulness with the subject.

The two soon got ready, and headed off to Waterloo station to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Anton tried to get there as fast as possible, and he soon reached 90mph on the M40. Cars were honking at him, but Anton was focused; shifting up and down on the gears, swerving around cars at nearly 100 mph. "Anton, slow down babe." Zach said gripping the door handle until his knuckles were white. Soon the turn for downtown London came and went. "Anton, you missed--"

"We're driving to Paris. We're going to take the sea cat to Calais and drive from there." Anton said as they thundered towards the ferry terminal in Kent.

"Driving? Anton think for a minute, the train is faster; why don't we just turn around--" he was interrupted by Anton's glare and Zach knew that Anton's mind was made up. Once they got on the ferry, Anton and Zach watched the boat depart from the outside deck as their car was secured to the deck. Anton started to think; all the times his father screamed at him in a drunken rage, names rang out; faggot, queer, homo. He started to bite his nails out of nerves as the boat sped to Calais. His face started to sting from the water splashing him in the face; bringing back memories of his father hitting him, leaving a bruise on his left eye. An arm draped over his shoulder, Zach pulled him in tightly as Anton began to cry with the sun peeking up over the sea. Zach didn't know what to do as Anton cried into his chest; seeing the man that he thought was so strong, so unbroken, do exactly that: break. Zach pulled him in closer, and tugged him into an embrace. He ran his fingers through Anton's soft hair, kissing him on his forehead as he felt Anton's hands on his back, pulling him in almost as if needing him close. The door opened; causing Anton and Zach to jump back from each other. "So sorry to interrupt, we'll be docking shortly." Said a balding man wearing a navy blue uniform. "Thank you." Anton said keeping his face hidden. The two made their way back to their car, and prepared to de-board into France. The tension in the car was tense as the two sat in silence. Zachary out of fear due to Anton's insanely fast driving, and Anton out of shear focus. The sun came into view, and so did other vehicles; causing Anton to slow. Zach felt relaxed now that Anton had finally slowed down; he hated driving fast ever since his father and him were in that car accident when he was a boy. Thinking about it scared Zachary, as did driving insanely fast.

The two soon reached their destination; flashbacks soon flooded Anton's mind; Anton saw his father; 'you disgust me!! Get out of my house!' His father threw things at him on the floor; beer bottles, shoes... Anything he had in his hand. Glass shattering filled his ears as an image of his father filled his eyes. Tears began to fall as Anton gripped the steering wheel. 'I fucking hate you...' His feet began to grind together. "Anton?" Zach said watching from the passenger seat. Anton didn't hear him; his anger and fear began to boil over. Anton felt a hand on his shoulder; out of his daydream. They both climbed out of Anton's Cadillac, and headed towards the door, Zach's hand in Anton's. The two talked up to the door, and Zach felt Anton shaking; he squeezed tighter. They knocked on the door, and Anton looked at the bottom of the door as it opened, revealing big feet. Anton looked up to reveal Rene; his big brown eyes filled with sorrow as he pulled Anton in for a hug. Anton's hand slipped from Zach's and he returned his brothers embrace.

"Hello, Zachary. It's great to see you again." Rene said letting go of Anton, and shaking Zachary's hand. The familiar scent of his home filled Anton's nose as he made his way upstairs with Rene. Zachary followed. Anton made the corner down the hall, and stepped into his parents room. His mother was lying in bed looking frail and tired. "Rene? Who is that you are with out there?" Anton heard his mother say as the bed creaked a bit. Anton was waived into the room by Rene, and Anton's heart pounded as he entered the room, and saw his mother for the first time in 5 years. His mother smiled as tears fell from her pale face. "Oh... My baby.." She said wiping her tears. "Hello mother." Anton replied choking on air a bit. He hugged her lightly as if not wanting to break a delicate object. "You're all grown up now..." She said kissing his cheek. She noticed Zachary standing outside the room. "Anton, whose this?" She asked pulling away from Anton. "Oh, mother. This is Zachary My... My fiancé." He said in his mother tongue as Zach walked into the room and took his hand in Anton's. "Pleasure to meet you." She said embracing him. "Treat my baby like a prince; he's special." She said looking at Anton causing him to blush. "Yes ma'am." He responded. Anton helped his mother walk downstairs for she is unable to on her own due to her illness; and Anton sat her on the couch comfortably, and took a seat next to her. "Mother, what is wrong? How ill are you?" Anton said taking her hand in his. "I'm afraid it's lymph node cancer, my sweet baby..."

"Won't... Won't you go to the hospital for treatment?" Anton said as he began to cry. "Oh.. I'm too old for that, Anni, I'd rather just let it run its course." His mother said kissing his forehead. "But, mother... Don't give up so easily... I'll miss you too much.. Just please... Please---" Anton's mother placed her hand on his cheek as tears fell from his blue eyes... This same eyes as his mother's. "Shhh Anni... I know you are afraid, but it'll be ok... You have such a long life ahead of you... Don't worry about me, my boy... God will soon take care of me, and when I'm with him, I'll be with you every step of the way; I promise."

Anton sniffled and looked at her faded blue eyes. "Ok, mother.. Ok." He said resting his head on her shoulder. The front door opened; Anton looked to see his father enter. His mother kissed his forehead, "go ahead dear.."

His father turned to the living room to see Anton, his youngest looking back at him with puffy, red eyes; Evidence of him crying. He stepped closer to him, squinting at him; observing him. "Anton..." He said. Anton observed his father's expressionless, cold face. Searching for any sigh of happiness to see him, but he couldn't. In a flash, he was trapped in his fathers strong arms, holding him close to him. Anton was shocked; unknowing what to do so he embraced him back, both squeezing the other tighter and tighter. "Father... I'm so sorry---"

"No, it's my fault... I should have been there for you... I'm sorry Anton... I'm just so happy to see you...." Anton's tears began streaming like a river, so much emotion in one day. "Father" Anton said as they unlocked from each other. "There's somebody I'd like you to meet." Anton said as Zachary came over and stood by his side. "This is my fiancé, father. His name is Zachary." He saw his father still adjusting, but he smiled nonetheless. "It's great to meet you, Zachary." He said shaking his hand. "The pleasure is mine, sir." Zachary said shaking his hand in return.

Anton headed upstairs to use the bathroom, but on his way, he passed what used to be his room; something pushed him towards the door, and as he stood in front of it, he ran his hands over the dent he had left in it when he kicked his football at it. It gave him a laugh; he thought about how much he had changed since when he was a boy. So rambunctious and free, now quiet and reserved. Something drew him in as he turned the doorknob. The door slowly creaked open, revealing a dark yet unchanged room. Even the glass from the broken mirror was still on the ground scattered like mines on the battlefield. Visions of him being slammed into it by a drunken father filled his mind as he stepped inside; feeling cold and exposed. He looked at his bed, the place where he had sex for the first time when he was 15. Clothes were still scattered on the floor, CDs and DVDs just stacked next to his tv. "I still think about what I did to you, Anton..." Anton shot around; expecting his father to hit him again now that they were alone. "And I still feel so sorry about it... Ever since I.... Ever since I hit my own son, I knew I needed to change... It was about 15 minutes after you left that I immediately regretted it; I stopped drinking that evening." Anton's father said as he approached him. Anton's throat tightened, so many instances where it resulted in a punch, or a push to the ground, and a kick to the gut. But this was different. Instead he felt the tender touch of his fathers hand against his right cheek. "I know that nothing I do now will be able to take back what I did to you, son. Although it will take time for me to get used to it; I know that I have to, but it's your life, you can't change the hand you are dealt, and it was so wrong of me to try and change you Anton... I know now that... T-there was nothing wrong with you to s-start with..." His father said as tears began to fall from his strong green eyes. Anton couldn't believe it... His father has changed. "I've learned now Anton that as I've gotten older, things you have wanted in this life escapes your grasp all too often, so son, if you truly love that boy downstairs, don't take it for granted; live a life you will remember."

Anton's response was simple: a hug.


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