The rest of the day goes by quickly. Class after class, hour after hour. It's all a blur to me. With it being the first day, we only received handouts and lectures about how this year was going to go, but my mind was elsewhere.

No matter how hard I tried, my mind wouldn't stop replaying what happened a few hours ago. I couldn't stop thinking about him. The was his face looked, the way he smelled, how big his dick was. Damn. It was huge.

My mind snaps back to reality as Dalton grabs a fistful of my shirt, pulling me out of the road right before a car drives by us. My eyes start to focus back to where I am and what I'm doing.

Dalton: Dude, what the hell? Did you not see that car coming?

Me: Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something.

Dalton: I see. Who is she?

Me: What?

Dalton: The girl. The one you're thinking about. Who is she?

Me: Who says I'm thinking about a girl?

Dalton: Look down.

I place down and stare at my jeans in embarrassment. I'm completely hard and anyone could easily see that. I cover up and pick up the pace towards the parking lot.

Me: Oh, uh, you don't know her.

Dalton: Well, whoever she is, she must be fucking perfect to get you walking into traffic.

Me: Yeah, well, I've got to, uh, get home and finish up some stuff. Later.

I reach my car and sling my backpack into the trunk. As I reach the drivers door, I notice someone standing a few feet to my right. It's him. Derek.

I freeze. My whole body shudders at the sight of him. What the fuck is happening to me? I barely know this guy, and he's all I've thought about today.

He walks over towards me as I reach for my keys. I've got to get out of here. I unlock the car and quickly open the door. Just as I sit down and reach to close it, his hand stops it.

Derek: Hey, man.

Me: H-hi. I'm l-late.

Derek: Late to what?

My mouth opens, but no words come out.

Derek: Thought so. I won't be long. I just wanted to give you this.

He hands me a sticky note and I reach for it. The moment our skin touches my heart pounds in my chest. I get a chill over my body and take the note from his grasp. I look down to read it.

'Here's my number. Don't be a stranger.'

I look up and he's gone. I click on my seatbelt and rush to get home. I take all the shortcuts I can think of, and reach my house in half the time I usually do.

I burst into the house, and head upstairs. I'm thankful mom and dad are gone, because I couldn't explain why I'm in a rush.

I open my door and lay on my bed. My mind spins and spins until I can't take it anymore. I scream a frustrated yell and close my eyes. I notice some pressure in my jeans and stare at my boner. This isn't happening to me. I like girls. I like girls. I like girls. Not guys. This is just a mistake. Not real. This can't be.

I head to the kitchen and grab the closest alcohol bottle I can find. I drink until there is no more liquid running down my throat. I ignore the burn and find another bottle, repeating the process until the liquor is gone. 

I head upstairs and sit on the side of my bed. I can already start to feel the effects of the juice. My head feels heavier and heavier until I feel nothing. I remember laying back, and then I remember nothing.

I awake to the voice of my yelling parents. I lunge my body forward, unaware of what's happening. I try to focus my eyes on them, on the sound of their voices, but I can't. Everything is mixed together. There voices blur into unrecognized sounds. I pick out the words 'disappointed' and 'punishment'. I lie back down and hear my bedroom door slam shut.

My brain feels like it's too big for my head. I groan as I roll over and my arm touches something rough. I reach my hand for it and grab a crumbled up piece of paper. It's the note from Derek.

I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone. I unlock and enter the number into it. I start typing a message and hit send.

Me: It's James.

I wait a few minutes, but there's no reply. I try to sit up again and instantly regret it. I rush towards the bathroom and vomit into the toilet. I rest my head on the tile floor as darkness takes over my vision.

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I sit up a little easier than before, but my senses are still a little fucked up. I reach for my phone across the bathroom floor and see Derek wanting to video chat.

I stare at the screen, unsure whether to answer now that the alcohol is starting to loose its grasp on me. I slide the phone to answer and his face pops up.

Derek: Damn, you look bad. Are you drunk?

Me: Possibly.

Derek: I would've replied to your message, but I was at practice. Why didn't you go?

Me: Shit, I completely forgot about it. Coach is going to kick my ass.

Derek: Nah, I told him you had something come up at home. He seemed to believe me.

Me: Why would you cover for me?

Derek: Why not? You're cute and I could see you were a little freaked before.

Me: You think I'm cute?

Derek: Oh, yeah. Your face is perfection, and you have a killer body from what I've seen.

Me: Look, I don't know what this is, but it's got to -

Derek: It's two guys talking. What else would it be?

Me: I don't know, but I'm not -

Derek: Gay? Yeah, I know. You looked like you were about to shit yourself after what happened.

Me: Are you?

Derek: Am I what?

Me: You know, gay?

Derek: I don't like to label myself.

Me: You liked what happened, though?

Derek: I didn't mind it, you seemed to like it.

Me: No, I did not like it.

Derek: Your dick seems to think differently. You were completely hard when we touched, and you were hard when I saw you by your car. I've been on your mind.

Me: Uh, n-no. You haven't -

Derek: Chill, dude. I'm not going to tell anyone. What happened between us stays between us. You've been on my mind, too.

Me: I have?

Derek: Yep. Especially that dick.

Me: Dude, I'm straight.

Derek: You ever been with a guy?

Me: No, and I don't plan to.

Derek. Nothing wrong with experimenting. Look at this.

His camera goes down and I get a look at his body. He's laying in bed and he's shirtless. I can see his entire chest and stomach. The view cuts off right below his navel. I stare in a daze. His chest is well defined, with no hair on it at all. His abs look like rocks and I can see the top of his v-cut. The camera goes lower until I can see his pubes.

Derek: Should I stop?

Me: Please. I can't do this.

Derek: Can't do what?

Me: This. Whatever it is.

Derek: What is it?

Me: I don't know.

Derek: Whatever it is, I don't want to stop.

The camera goes back up to his face. He closes his eyes as a moan escapes his lips.

Me: What the fuck are you doing?

Derek: Jerking off. What else? You make me so horny. Just looking at you gets me hard.

Me: Well, stop.

Derek: Can't. I'm about to cum.

I hear Derek grunt. He moans louder and louder as shot after shot of his white juice hits his face. I can't take my eyes off the screen, and I notice his eyes directly on mine as he spews his load. His moans start to quiet down as his breathing goes back to normal.

Derek. That felt great. Your turn.

Me: No. I'm not doing this.

Derek: You will. I don't care how long I have to wait. See you later, stud.

My phone goes black as he hangs up. I look down and see my dick hard as steel. Am I getting turned on by him? No. I can't be.


Coby Haller

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