Senior Year

Part 1

I wake up to the blaring sound of my alarm. I groan in annoyance as I look over and see the clock reads 6:00am. I hop out of bed and shiver as my feet hit the wooden floors. If only I did't have to leave the warmth of my bed.

I walk into the bathroom that's attached to my room and get a good look at myself in the mirror. I stare at my body, looking over every inch and not complaining at what I see. Looks like these past few months of football conditioning have done my body a favor, and I was loving it.

Let me introduce myself. My name is James Huntington. I'm the only child of Max and Sarah Huntington. I am 18 years old and a senior at Wilson High. This year makes my fourth year playing football. I love the sport. Something about knocking a guy on his ass really helps with the stress and bullshit that comes with high school. I'm currently single, but that's because of my choice. I've dated a few girls, fucked more than that, but nothing lasted more than a few months.

I'm 5'10 and weigh about 180 pounds, which is mostly muscle thanks to all the football conditioning. I have light brown hair and green eyes. I keep most of my body shaved, besides the happy trail and the usual hairy legs. I keep my pubes trimmed, I'm not a fan of the bushiness. As for my dick, well, I haven't had any complaints. I'm cut and 9 inches seems to shock most girls I've dated. My balls hang low, but not too low. I'm bigger than most, even my best friend Dalton. We've done the usual 'see who's bigger' game, and I had him beat. We're close, Dalton and I, and I consider him more as a brother than a friend. We always hang out and hardly anything is kept a secret between us.

My father is the founder of Huntington Enterprises, which happens to be the brand of nearly every home in the city, and soon to be state. He set out to make a difference in the world, and that he did. After many late nights and some stressful meetings, my father made the first smart house, which happens to be the home that we currently occupy. Basically any item (stove, fridge, door, shower, ect..) in the house responds to the sound of your voice. It's a dream come true, but enough about him.

I glance at my iPhone and see that it's already 6:15. I've got 45 minutes until school starts, so I better get going. I take off my underwear (briefs, hardly ever boxers) and hop in the shower. I soap up my body and momentarily enjoy the hot water running down my chest. I love showers. Once I'm out I pick out my favorite underwear (their black, mid-thing length, and they've got a pouch for my junk), light blue jeans, and a grey shirt with a light blue bird on it. I'm ready and out the door by 6:40.

I reach my car, a 2016 Mercedes Benz, and throw my books into the trunk. The car was a gift for my 18th birthday, and I fell in love the moment I saw her. I start up the engine and shift into reverse. I back out of the driveway and start the 5 mile journey towards school. My stomach turns as I start my last year of high school. Hopefully there will be some great memories this year.

I pull into the senior parking lot, the one closest to the school, and I park in the first spot I can find. Just as I'm getting out I see Dalton a few feet away. I shrug on my backpack and head towards him and Vanessa, a close friend of ours. I greet Dalton with a quick bro hug and smile a Vanessa.

Dalton stand 6'2, weighs a solid 210 pounds from his years of weightlifting. He has blonde hair and dark blue eyes. His skin is tan, but not too tan. He lives a few houses down from me, and we party regularly because of it. Vanessa stands 5'5. Not really sure how much she weighs, but she's got a nice body. She has black hair down to her juicy ass and hazel eyes. She's got dark skin, and if we weren't so close, my dick would constantly be inside that.

Dalton: What's up, bro?

Me: Hey, man.

Dalton: I've got Johnson first period. You remember the first time we saw her freshman year? I would hit that so hard. Fuck.

Me: Not before me. That ass is practically begging for my dick.

Vanessa: You two are disgusting!

The three of us bust out in laughter as we head into the building. We part ways as we step inside and out first day of senior year begins.

I walk into my first class, which happens to be math. It comes easy to me, so hopefully this will be a breeze. I go towards the back, saving the front seats for the students that need it, and take a seat.

Class begins a few minutes after I'm in the chair, and time goes by slowly, but the bell finally rings. It's not until I'm in the hallway, walking towards my next class, that I realize I forgot to piss this morning. The urge hits me and I head towards the restroom.

There's only two urinals and one is occupied, forcing me to stand next to someone. He's got the one closest to the exit, so I'm left with the farther one. I look and see if I recognize the guy, hopefully making it less awkward, but all I draw is a blank image even though he looks like I've seen him around before.

He's got short hair from what I can tell from behind. It's brown, but darker than mine. He's caucasian, like me, but he's got a darker skin complexion. Probably from being outside. You can see the muscles in his back while he's standing, probably from some kind of sport he plays. His clothes tell me his family doesn't struggle.

I walk over to the other urinal, trying not to bump into him as I pull my dick out. It only takes a few seconds before I let out a sign as I give my bladder some release. As the stream starts to slow down I glance over and see the guy next to me watching.

Me: Dude, what the fuck?

Him: Sorry, man. I just glanced over and noticed your pubes, I've never seen someone shave them down like that.

Me: Uh, yeah. I don't like the hair. Besides, a lot of guys shave them down.

Him: Not me, at least not that short. I like the hair, makes me feel like a man. No offense.

Me: Okay ..

Him: My names Derek, by the way. I just transferred from England this year. I've seen you around on the field.

That's where I've seen him from. I could tell now that he had a small accent.

Me: Oh, okay. I'm James.

Derek: I know who you are. You're quarterback on the team, and with that body it's kind of hard not to notice you.

Me: Uh, thanks?

Derek: Believe me, it was a compliment.

Me: Okay. Well, I better get to class.

I turn quickly and my shoes lose traction from the piss on the floor. I fall towards Derek, knocking us both on our ass as I land on top of him. He lets out a grunt from the impact and my nose connects with his chest. I lay there for a second, dizzy from what just happened. It's not until I feel something below my waist that I come back to reality.

Derek: Looks like we've both got big cocks.

The comment surprises me. I lift up my chest as I look down. I was in such a hurry to get out that I didn't tuck my dick in before I fell. Our bodies were pressed against each other, and so were our dicks. They were both hard.

I stared in shock. Between the two of us, I was the smallest. I've never felt small downstairs in my life until this moment. He easily had the bigger tool. He was right about not trimming much, and it tickled where his pubes touched me.

Me: Fuck .. I'm sor .. sorry, man ..

I struggled to get up, as our legs were sort of twisted together.

Derek: I'm not.

Me: Huh?

Derek: I was curious what a hot stud like you had between his legs, and now I know. I'm a little bigger, but you're thick as fuck, man.

Me: Th .. Thanks ..

We both stood. I tried to put my dick inside my pants as quickly as possible, but right before it was in Derek grabbed it and I froze.

Derek: Damn. I bet you've destroyed many pussies with this. Do they moan your name and cry out in pleasure when you put the head in?

I stare at him in shock as I brush his hand away. Within seconds my dick is back in and I'm out the door, leaving Derek behind me. The halls are empty, which means I'm late.

I barge into my next class, all eyes on me as my face turns a blood red. I head towards the back and sit down quickly, hoping the attention is back on the teacher.

What the hell just happened?

(end of part one)


Coby Haller

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