It was a late November Friday night, about eleven thirty to be exact. I was standing behind the counter at the diner watching the clock, looking out the window, noticing the weather getting rougher by the hour. It had started lightly snowing, and had been steady getting worse as the night progressed. I was hoping it wouldn't get really bad before I got to close up and head for home. I only lived about six blocks from the Diner, but I walked to and from work.

It had been especially busy for a Friday night, Since we were the closest town to an Army Base, we ususally were full of soldiers coming into town for a evenings pass, or weekend pass.

We had done a whopping business that night and my ass was dragging.

I noticed the diner had finally emptied, and the streets were sort of clearing out for the night, not much traffic. Gary, the dishwasher in back was finishing up and mopping the floors, and when he finished he said, 'Hey, Del', I said 'yea Gary', 'Im shutting down the grill, you want anything before I shut it off?' he asked.

I said 'yea throw me on a couple burgers to take with me home, I didn't get to eat supper tonight', He said 'you got it'. I said 'I'll take care of them and shut the grill off when they're done', he said 'O.K. I'll see you Sunday afternoon'. I said 'Have a good night Gary' he said 'you too' and he left for the night.

I finished making the burgers, put them in a take home bag, and got me a couple little bags of chips and My travel mug full of fresh coffee, and I locked up the diner and started walking home,\.

I live in a second story apartment, and I got to the apartment house and I was fucking cold, the wind was blowing and it was still spitting snow, and I felt chilled to the bone, after walking six blocks to the apartment.

I was unlocking my apartment door entrance, and I looked across the street, it was deserted and at that time of the night it was almost like a Ghost town. I looked up and there across the street at the bus stop station, a little closed in waiting cubicle station, was a soldier setting on the bench in his fatiuqes, and he looked like he was about to freeze, He had a light looking coat, not what you would need to survive in this kind of weather and he was all bundled up, had his arms wrapped around his body, blowing into his hands to keep them warm and putting his hands over his ears to keep them warm, I was sort of touched with his plight. I went on up to my apartment and turned on the light, and made my self comfortable, Damn the warmth of the apartment felt awesome, I set down and was drinking my coffee, looking thru my mail for the day, and I got up to put my coat in the closet, I looked out the front window and there, still in the bus waiting cubicle was that soldier, I felt a real lump in the pit of my stomach, and my inner feelings took over, I remember being down an out myself before, and no one was there for me.

I put my coat back on and walked down the stairs, and went onto the street, I walked across to the other side and went into the waiting cubicle, and I said 'Hey Man, there are no more busses until tomorrow at six a.m.' He said 'yea I know, I guess I'll just set here untill then' I noticed his mouth was studdering from the chill and I knew he was really cold, I just said 'Man, I can't stand to see you like this, come into my apartment and stay inside and get warm, and you can catch your bus in the morning' He said 'You mean that?', I said 'Of course, Man I have been there myself' He started to say something, and I stopped him and said 'Man we can talk in the apartment, it's to fucking cold out here, lets go'

He grabbed his little gym bag of his personal things and followed me across the street, and into my apartment.

We set in the living room and he told me how he and three other guys had come into town on a weekend pass and was doing the ususal, I said,'looking for pussy' he smiled and said 'Yea'.

he sat there and was still shaking from the cold, I said 'whats your name?' He said 'Scott Abrams'

I'm stationed at the base about six miles up the road, I said 'Yea I sorta thought you might be'.

He said he was a Private First Class, and was with a couple buddies, who went to the local watering hole looking for women and they all got lucky and made arrangements to meet back at this bus terminal and go to a motel together, they never showed at the appointed time. I noticed he was still studdering from being chilled to bone, I said 'Scott You need to get out of your clothes' He said 'What?' I said 'don't worry, Im not a sicko pervert or something, you need to take a hot shower and get warmed up, your deep chilled, and a hot shower will warm you up, just let the hot water run over your body for a while'. He said 'That makes sense' and he started taking his clothes off, He was down to his skivies, and I noticed the visible head outline of a nicely thick cock, but being really chilled thru his body, well you understand what happens. He stripped off his undershorts and I noticed his ass, it was gorgeous, I felt the cock in my trousers start filling out, and getting hard, He was built like a true warrior, and soldier. He walked with a very studly looking walk with his arms sort out and his chest muscles were awesome, his abs like a true soldiers, he just had a gorgeous, body. He had been in the shower letting the water running over him for a while and I heard him shut the water off, I walked to the bathroom, the door was opened, and said 'Im sorry man, I forgot to get you a towel', He pulled back the curtain of the shower and man, my heart almost stopped, his cock was leaning out at an angle stiff, about eight inches of thick beautifull cut cock. I just swallowed and stared at his cock, I said,'Man Scott, some gal got cheated out of a really good time tonight by missing the opportunity to have that.' He just smiled, and said 'Yea, Its back to the old Rosie palm again for a few more weeks'

I just smiled and said, 'there are alternatives to Rosie you know?' He said, 'Alternatives?' I said 'Yes Alternatives' He said 'I don't get your meaning' I said 'oh just forget it, it ain't worth talking about' he said 'no man, I'm interested in what you have to say', I said, 'Lets just get ready for bed, we will sleep together in my bed and that will help warm you some more', He said, 'together'? I said 'Yes' He said 'well o.k.'

We got ready for bed, and we crawled into the queen sized bed, I was on the back side of the bed and He pulled the covers under his chin and said 'Blurr, its friggen chilly tonight', I said, 'Scott, come over here', and we layed in the spooning position, He said 'man this is cool', and after about ten minutes we rolled over and he was behind me I cold feel his cock against my ass cheeks, and I said 'man is that a bannana in you shorts or do you just like me?' Scott started giggling, and said, 'I'm sorry Del, but nothing has touched my cock but me since before I left home for basic training, and even your ass feels awesome', I said, 'Scott, I know it ain't pussy, but you can have it if you want' He said, 'What?', I said 'My Ass, you can fuck it if you'd like, I like to get a cock up my asshole every now and then' He said, 'Your kidding right?' I said 'No, Scott, I'm gay, and I would feel honored if you used my ass to take care of your needs' He said 'Man, this will be a first' I said, 'Lay on your back' and he layed on his back and I started kissing his chest and he just said 'Oh Fuck Man, I don't believe this is happening', I started with his chest, and then his nipples, he was relaxing and letting me have my way with him, I said, 'do you like getting sucked off?' he said, 'Oh Hell yes', I slid his boxer shorts off, and his cock was standing at attention like a true soldier, I started stroking it and then took his nutsack into my hand and started rubbing them and he started squirming, he was getting into the feeling I was giving, and He was wimpering and grunting and making all sorts of appreciative sounds as I worked his cock, I felt the clear liquid of pre-cum start to leak out of the head of his cock, and I started to slather it all over his cock, he was grabbing the sheets of the bed and pulling as I was taking him to the ceiling, 'AWE Fuck, I never knew a man could make me feel like this'. Scott was just shoving his hips upward as I stroked, and then I leaned in and took his cock to the pubic hair, into my mouth, and I started sucking, moving up and down on his cock, he let out a load groan, and just said 'Oh Fuck' He had pulled the sheets loose with his clenched hands, and I was sucking like there was no tomorrow, I felt it as he started to building up to a cum blast, HIs cock was getting harder, His breathing was getting harder and he was as tense as if his muscles had all locked up, tense and tight, and then I felt the shot as it took place, his cum filled my mouth as his cock jerked and pumped, I was in hog heaven, eating his cum as it flew out the head of his cock.

After about ten minutes as he calmed down and started beathing normal, he said, 'God Man, I never did get to the fucking part', I said, 'Scott, the night is still young, we don't have to get up early, do we?' He said, 'No, He said 'I can go again in a few minutes,' I said, 'Awesome'

We layed there for a few minutes, and He got to rubbing on my chest, and he said, 'Man, Del, you feel sexy', I said 'I'm glad you approve'

It took Scott about twenty minutes and his cock was as hard as concrete, sticking straight up, I got up and slathered some lube on my asshole and then on his cock, and layed over and said 'now Soldier boy, show me how you use your GUN', And God did he ever, I felt a very hard, thick, throbbing, hot, cock slide up my turd tunnel, and I grunted as it his my prostate, I just started a steady fucking motion with my hips, Scott was almost humming as he fucked and grunted, and just moaned Aw Fuck man, this is awesome, and he just hammered away at my ass and I was feeling awesome, I said 'Is this what you came to town for, Soldier Boy? He said 'Not exactly' but It makes a hell of a 'second choice' I just smiled and went back to fucking his cock. It took him all of about ten minutes of constant hammering and then, in one Final shove his cock went to the hilt as it exploded into my intestine and I felt that awesome feeling of cum as it unloaded into me.

I had unloaded my load just before Scott came, and had a mess on my stomach, he layed over and looked at me and just gently and nonchalantly says.'Del, I'm not cold anymore', I started laughing and so did he.

We ended up spending one hell of a wonderful weekend together and he spent the weekend at my apartment, and went back to base Sunday morning, I saw Him again almost every time he got a pass and came into town. I think He like the second choice in his line of options. Any way He and I did our thing for almost six years, I still hear from him on occasion.



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