I was born to a Farm family, raised on this huge farm, mostly Dairy farming, but some cattle for meat and selling at the nearby stockyards.

I was the middle son of three children, My older brother was called Sandy, he was a hunk, me I was a nerdish dude, always made almost straight A's in school, but I was not that stupid, black rimmed glasses,penciled pack in pocket, stereotype of nerd, I was fairly nice looking. having worked hard on the farm, I was well built, or at least I thought so.

My brother Sandy was always picking on me like most older brothers do as we grew up, but I could out swim him, so I was on the swim team at high school, he was always on the baseball team, but we both lettered in sports in our respected fields of sport.

Mom had passed away from cancer when I was ten, my baby sister Kim, was just eight, and Sandy was twelve, he was two years older than me.

Although we fought like cats and dogs, Sandy and I were brothers and quite close.

I shared an upstairs bedroom with Sandy most of my life and as I got older I began to notice my brother's body, he had one beautifully shaped ass, and since we both wore the white briefs, I would see his cock bulge, sticking out and laying to the side thru the white cotton of his briefs, I could clearly see that head outline with the ridge of his thick cock, It was nice, very nice.

But he was my brother, I never tried anything with Sandy, even tho I would have loved it, truthfully I wanted to see a guys cock hard, and maybe feel one, even at school I was beginning to notice guys in the dressing room, I was beginning to really enjoy the view, and see the difference in guys, how the are all sizes and shapes.

One of the biggest things to me was the difference between some guys cocks having this foreskin hanging over the heads of their cocks, Sandy and I had been circumcised when we were babies I guess.

I can't tell you how many nights from the time I began to notice Sandy's body getting handsome, sensual, and muscular, that I would lay in bed at night in our bedroom and pretend to be asleep, and I would watch Sandy slip his briefs down to his knees, and began to stroke that awesome cock of his, Damn it looked like it was twelve inches long from where I could see,and as thick as a radiator hose, it was fantastic.

I would watch him, getting a boner of my own and listen to his sounds as he beat his meat and shoot out a load of cum, I would watch his cock belch out his semen and his body would jerk and he would make those sensual sounds of a fantastic climax.

I would usually end up gently jerking off to his stroking too, and would end up with a wad of very thick, sticky cum in my briefs or on my hand.

Well as things on the farm got more hectic, Dad hired this single man about twenty five or six, to help take the load of running the farm off his shoulders. He was a handsome mildly latino looking dude, that wore cowboy boots and a straw cowboy hat, he would wear those tank topped shirts and his chest muscles were outstanding, he was one hell of a hard worker. And damn, he was good looking.

I was about seventeen and Sandy was nineteen when

Mark came to work for us, he was so outgoing, friendly and just a great guy, many nights I would go out to his bunkhouse, it was like a big three room cabin, that had been built with a little kitchenette, living room area, with cable t.v. and a large bedroom, and full bathroom, it was nice.

Sandy or I or sometimes both of us would go out and enjoy the evening sometimes playing poker with Mark, and maybe drink a beer.

I know he was an older guy, but I was beginning to have feelings for Mark, everything about him was a turn-on for me, seeing him in the barn, working, covered with dirt, sweating, seeing his muscular arms bulging as he lifted the big bags of cattle feed, taking care of the Dairy cattle, throwing bales of hay, he was awesome looking.

I guess the thing that I noticed the most was that bulge between his legs. Heavy, thick, it looked like he had a pair of white socks stuffed in his shorts, I know that's an exageration but It was a huge bulge in those tight faded Levi's.

How many time I would lay in bed at night, not quite as interested in my Brother Sandy anymore, but rather fantasizing about Mark, wondering what it was he had there, his beautiful tight ass in those blue jeans. he was mesmerizing.

Then that afternoon, god what a day that was! I got to experience the most awesome thing of my life, it was truly a dream come true.

Well it started about seven that morning I watched as my dad and a friend of his took off in our big cattle truck, full of cattle, heading about a hundred miles away, going to that cattle auction at the Stockyards, where he always took the cattle to be sold, or to buy new ones.

I knew that they would not be back untill late tomorrow afternoon or evening, so It was just Sandy, Mark and me here at the farm.

I had made a nice pot of coffee, and I decided to take a nice mug of coffee to Mark, seeing it was really early and I knew he liked coffee, black coffee.

It was early summer and it was a warm morning, I walked out our back door and up the walkway to the bunkhouse and the door was already standing open.

I pulled open the screen door, and walked in with the coffee, and as I got inside, I saw Mark come out of his bathroom, naked as a newborn, with a towel drying his black hair, I froze, and started ogling his beautiful body, his abs were amazing, like a washboard, not an ounce of fat anywhere on his hairy body, he was outstanding looking.

I noticed that special part too, his awesome cock.

Holy Shit, His balls looked like they belonged on a Bull, hanging down low, and his cock looked like it was at least eight inches, it was about half hard, just leaning outward, and so thick it was unbelievable.

I just stood there with my mouth opened, I saw Marks face when he noticed me starting at him, he just stopped, looked into my eyes and smiled, 'hey kid, sorry about being naked,' he said.

'I Just smiled and said, 'Hey man, I'm not, your awesome looking, and that cock, holy shit, its the biggest cock I have ever seen, and you still have your foreskin too, Wow.'

Mark smiled and reached down and slid that foreskin back, exposing that beautiful bluish browish pink cock head, and looked up at me and winked, then dried the head of his cock off, and slid that awesome foreskin back down over the head of his cock and smiled as he stared at me. I was in heaven just admiring his gorgeous body.

Well I just watched as he pulled his briefs on and Levi's and a pull over shirt, took the coffee from my hand and winked at me again, and said, 'Thanks man, I need this to start my morning.'

We went on out and I went back to the house, it was about eleven that morning that I saw Sandy walking out to the barn, I knew that Mark was out there working on something, he had already fed the cattle and put out hay for them in the fields.

I just watched as Sandy disappeared into the barn door.

I guess it was about an hour later that I realized Sandy was still out there, and was just wondering what was happening.

I slowly walked out to the big barn and quietly walked in, I didn't see anyone at a glance but i heard this funny sounding noise in the back of the barn, in the stalls.

Not wanting to seem nosey about things, I snuck back to the back of the barn not wanting to be noticed, and I looked thru a big crack in a board of a stall wall, that's when I saw the most amazing thing I have ever seen before in my life.

Now I must admit I was not prepared for what I saw.

I noticed that Mark was leaning against the stall dividers, with his arms hooked back over the top boards of the divider, his shirt pulled up and off, and his Levi's were down around his ankles too.

Sandy was kneeling down with his pants around his ankles, on his knees, and he was sucking on Marks nuts, and rubbing his asscheeks with his hands. I watched as Sandy worked his mouth upwards and finally engulfed Marks huge cock into this mouth and took it into his throat like he had been doing this a long time. Altho this was a shock to witness I just stood there and got very turned on as Mark began to twist his nipples and rub his stomach, his face was showing a very pleased and happy sign, he was enjoying what my brother was doing to his cock, and My brother was stroking his own cock as he sucked Marks big cock, it was the most astounding visual I had ever witnessed.

I realized I had my own cock out and was stroking myself and enjoying the feeling right along with them.

I must say I was really jealous of Sandy, I wanted to taste that cock of Mark's for myself. And truth was I would have loved to taste Sandy's cock too.

So friggen what if he was my brother, I feel like this, a cock is a cock.

I got lost in watching them and for some reason I let out a slight moan as I stroked my cock, they heard me, and Mark just smiled when he realized that it was me, 'Come here Kent' he said.

I walked around from behind that stall wall, my cock still in my hand, embarrassed, and so turned on that I thought that I would shoot a load of cum any minute.

'Hey Kent, let's see what you have there,'

Mark let go of what he was doing and Leaned down and took my cock into him mouth, Sandy was still working on his cock, and I was in outer space, it was the most awesome sensation I had ever felt.

We all three stripped and began to enjoy each other, I found my self sucking my brothers thick cock and totally enjoying it, but the real kicker was when Mark let me do him and I got to suck Mark's cock and at the same time got to feel my brothers cock slide up my virgin asshole, it fucking hurt like hell, I thought my asshole would split open when he finally got it all in to his balls, but I wasn't going to be swayed, I just held on, gritted my teeth, and finally it started to give me awesome pleasure and I felt my brother fuck me untill I began to feel his intensity pick up and he began to really ramming and battering my asslole with his cock, but by this time I was feeling no pain, I began to feel something up inside me that felt like a fire, it brought me to a 'ball shattering' cum too, and as I felt Sandy's cock filling my intestines with his hot seed, I began to taste Marks warm, creamy load filling my mouth, god he came a lot, like a fucking horse, it was hot and tasty and I wanted it all.

Sandy just grunted and groaned and held his cock deep inside my asshole, 'Fuck Kent, that was the best fuck I have ever had, Holy Shit I'm drained.' He said.

I felt so awesome, it was one fantastic sex fest, we all got to shoot our loads that afternoon, I shot mine as Sandy fucked me and I felt Marks load filling my mouth, there was a big spray of cum all over the stall floor, but we just all three enjoyed each other and laughed about what had just happened.

Well I can't tell you the nights we spent with Mark when Dad was away, always ended up being a sex filled awesome night.

I got to fuck my brother in our bedroom a few times too, that is one awesome feeling, His asshole is so hot and tight, fantastic, and sixtynining is great too, but my favorite times are the ones We share together with all three of us.

This relationship has been going on now for almost five years and don't show any sign of stopping, or slowing down.



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