Dana moved across the small campus sweating profusely in his long sleeve shirt, tie and dress pants, required attire at the Christian college he attended in this small city along the Gulf Coast. He was a freshman and was here because his mother and father plotted and schemed and ultimately said if they were to pay it was where he had to go. Moving along with the other students he would glance at some of them wondering if they felt like prisoners, isolated, removed from general society, and if they also felt afraid.

He did.

The curriculum was insane and he struggled with the primitive archaic notions taught in some of the classes, things he knew not to be true and he wondered what his future was going to be like.

The worst was how he felt when he looked at some of the other guys, those with muscular arms and strong broad shoulders that not even a long sleeve shirt could hide. He tried to look at the girls with some sense of longing, some attraction toward them but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get past his attraction to other guys. He struggled, fought the urges he felt and squirmed in his chair in classes whenever an instructor went on a rant about homosexuality. He felt some relief that so many of the guys were skinny, pale and effeminate in a way that was not sexual, but broken somehow, an aspect of their masculinity crushed under the weight of the college's dogma. Even so he had tried to get close to some of the other guys and get to know them. They were suppose to keep a Bible's width between them and any girl but it was the unspoken rule that kept the guys further apart. The very notion of expressing anything sexual in nature was seen as the purest form of evil and thus even finding a place to masturbate, to find some sense of release from this sexual frustration was damn near impossible.

It was his outings in the city that he found the greatest temptations. The city was an old port city, one with a military base, and young recruits were everywhere with their short cut hair, muscular bodies, often on display as they wore tank tops, flimsy t-shirts and shorts. At the mall Dana would often find himself just sitting on a bench watching the men come and go. He watched the way their asses moved in their tight jeans or shorts. He looked at the bulging arms, some tattooed, something so forbidden to him and he felt his own frustrations tear at his insides. His heart would race and his stomach would knot up so tight he had to make himself eat something.

The college discouraged it but he found himself taking his laptop off campus and going to one of the coffee shops in town, one he had found far from campus where he was sure no one who knew him would ever appear. And he began to do searches that let him see men in various states of undress, nothing pornographic, usually some movie star or athlete at a beach or pool and he would wonder what it was like to live so freely. His searches became more sexual, nothing to advert and he stumbled across blogs on places to meet men, places where they hooked up and Dana was shocked to see this small city listed. There were so many places he couldn't take it all in but there were a couple that caught his eye. One in particular for it was an old mall on the west side of town, a place that hadn't seen redevelopment or renovation in thirty years. A place that seemed to repel customers in lieu of luring them in but Dana knew the place for it had the only hobby shop left in town. A place that sold scale models of automobiles, ships and planes. A place he had actually gone finding some sense of his old self, the kid who had liked to build models, and he had wandered among the narrow aisles looking at shelf after shelf of model cars, boats and planes. He also remembered how a lot of military boys were there too, browsing the military models, especially the large scale remote control planes.

Dana had found the site on a Saturday afternoon and time was running out on the curfew freshman had to maintain. He packed up his laptop and made his way back to campus driving his old Corolla through the traffic with the a/c blasting out air not nearly cold enough. That night he lay in bed staring at the ceiling fantasizing about what those men were doing at those places he had read about online. The hook ups, the going off somewhere for sex, real sex, and he felt his cock stir in his pajamas and he rolled over on his stomach to conceal it. Blaine, his roommate was the most pious person he had ever met. Dana wasn't sure he even had a penis the way his cheap suit pants fit around the crotch. All night he found himself pushing downward pressing his cock into the mattress, it so hard he thought he'd cum and he lay like this most of the night.

It would be next Saturday before he could get off campus with enough time to go check out the place. And he knew the hobby shop would always provide him cover. All week he went to morning prayers, to each of his classes, lunch in the cafeteria and evenings in one Bible study or another all the while planning, scheming on what he would do and fantasizing about what would happen.

Friday evenings they were allowed off campus for a short time and Dana went to the main mall nearby and made his way into one of the department stores where he searched for the clothes he wanted for the next day. He couldn't be seen on campus in them so he hid them under the passenger seat and went back to campus where he would eagerly await the next day. He faced the wall so Blaine couldn't see his face afraid it would somehow reveal his thoughts.

The next morning Dana slipped away from campus as soon as he could, avoiding everyone he knew. He drove away heading east as if he was going to the main mall but half way there he turned south and drove down to the next main highway that let him go back west. He stopped at a fast food restaurant for a late breakfast and to change. He ate slowly feeling the nervousness of what he was about to do and when he finally finished he tossed the waste and went into the men's room. It was one lavatory, one urinal and one stall and inside the stall he locked the door and started stripping out of his clothes. He was down to his boxers and about to slip on the shorts he had bought when he looked down at the cheap white baggy boxers and was embarrassed by them knowing they even had his name on the inside of the waistband. He slipped them off before putting on the shorts. They were loose fitting, the type he saw guys wearing all the time and he tightened the belt that came with them to keep them from sliding down his narrow waist. He pulled out the tank top and slipped it on.

He felt oddly still undressed with the tank top, the way it fit so loosely over his lean frame. He thought about changing back into his clothes and going back to campus but then this sense of longing rose up and he put his clothes in the bag and put on the sandals he had also bought. He took a deep breath, opened the stall door and moved in front of the mirror. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up and it fell over his forehead in a way he thought looked normal. His reflection showed his lean body with its pale skin which looked even whiter with his light blonde hair. His arms looked twice as long as normal with their lean form and bare smooth skin. He kept telling himself he would be nineteen in a month, that he wasn't a kid anymore but the image in the mirror looked like someone years younger.

"Shit" he uttered, the profanity one he heard his uncle use all the time and it somehow felt good to say it, gave him a sense of rebellion and he left the toilet room and headed to his car.

The parking lot was nearly empty, only a few cars at the hobby shop where its main entry faced. A large portion of the mall was closed off and at the other end was a furniture outlet. The place was definitely dying. The only portion of the mall remaining was a section the hobby shop abutted within where a few small shops struggled to remain open. Inside the hobby shop it being only a little after ten it wasn't busy, only a few customers milling around. He browsed along the narrow aisles building up his courage working his way toward entry on the mall side. Glancing around afraid someone was watching him and would know what he was doing he saw everyone was busy shopping and he walked out.

He headed toward the far end down toward the closed off entry to a department store long since gone bankrupt not even sure it was the right direction but down at the end of the mall he saw it, the men's room down a corridor. He hurried down the corridor wanting to get out of sight. The door opened to a foyer area and he moved around the wall and saw it was three sinks and two urinals on one side and four stalls on the other. The mirror over the sinks was broken giving a fractured reflection of the dimly lit room and the urinals were open to each other with only rusted bolts between them where a partition had once been located. As he moved along the front of the stalls knowing he was going to the last one, the one furthest away he looked inside each one as he passed noticing the graffiti, the rough condition of each one and when he got to the last one he went in and pushed the door closed intent on latching it. The latch was missing, as well as the catch and the door swung out into the room, noisily squeaking on its hinges. He pulled it back around and started to move to the next stall when he heard the door open and two men talking in hushed hurried tones came in.

He moved back quickly holding the stall door in place. He stood quietly, not making a sound as he heard two guys move into the main room, sniggering and whispering. They went into one of the stalls at the other end of the row from Dana and he listened to them, the way they made out, banging around inside the stall. He heard belts being undone then one of the guys moan just before saying how good it felt and to suck harder.

Dana eased down on the toilet listening to every sound coming from the two guys. He quickly noticed the large hole in the stall wall and he leaned over to look through hoping there were holes in the other stall walls enabling him to see the guys. He looked through the hole and saw all the way through to the first stall, and he saw a small area of a man's thigh, saw it move back and forth and he knew the guy was pushing his cock into the mouth of the other one. He felt his own cock begin to stretch out and he sat up so he could tug on it, shift it around in his shorts till it could keep growing erect.

The guys were recklessly noisy and it made Dana feel more and more aroused listening to them. They went at each other so aggressively that within fifteen minutes they were getting their clothes back in place and were soon going out the door.

Dana sat in the silence, a silence so pronounced now that he was alone again, and he wondered if he should leave. He was still so nervous and listening to those two guys go at it he wondered if he could really do it, really let another man see him naked, take his cock out and let them touch it and he leaned over staring down at his feet letting the swirl of ideas confuse him. He sat up and tugged on his cock feeling its aroused state despite his nervousness. Slowly, aware of every sound he was making he unfastened the shorts and lowered the zipper till the shorts fell open revealing his growing erection. He let his fingers move along the thickening shaft and as it rose up he leaned back and spread his legs as best he could with the shorts positioned at his thighs.

The door squeaked open and he sat still, quiet as possible, listening to the soft footfalls approaching. They moved into the stall right next to him where he saw the guy's feet. The running shoes were vivid colors, such a contrast to everything in the toilet. Running shorts fell on top of them and the guy sat down. It was quiet for a moment but then he heard it, the quiet sound of masturbation, barely audible then he heard the guy grunt. He was about to look through the hole, his curiosity getting the best of him when he saw the guy turn, drop to his knees, his cock sticking up underneath the stall partition. The guy was at the hole.

"Come on...let me have...I'm in a hurry" the guy begged, literally begged and he knew what the guy wanted. He saw the guy look through the hole, then put his mouth to it, tongue out wagging around, hungry for his cock. He eased up and faced the partition, his heart racing in his chest, nervous, aroused, feeling confused with this desire for this anonymous mouth. He moved up close, his cock right at the hole and the guy's tongue snaked out and lapped at the head.

He gasped at the feel of the guy's tongue on his cock and as if pushed from behind he moved to the partition feeling his cock sink into the mouth. He moved forward till his body was pressed against the partition and he felt the mouth on his cock move back and forth, felt a hand take the shaft and jack it as the mouth worked the head. The guy wanted his load, wanted it so bad he worked furiously to get him off. He found himself grabbing the top of the stall pumping his cock into the mouth on the other side of the hole. As his aroused state increased the force of his thrusts increased till he was banging against the stall. The sound of the stall squeaking mixed with his moans and he suddenly felt his cock grow thicker, become so sensitive he could barely keep his rhythm and he felt the guy sucking on it harder.

He slammed into the stall shoving his cock into the suctioning mouth as hard as he could as cum surged through it. He came hard, wad after wad ejaculating into the anonymous mouth. When he was spent he felt the guy hold his cock and lick the head.

"Thanks" the guy uttered as he left the stall with his footsteps going toward the door and out.

Dana sat on the toilet his cock hanging down half hard and he heard someone enter the stall. He hadn't even heard them come in and realized they had to have sneaked in when he was getting sucked and he leaned over to look through the hole. As he did so a cock was pushed through it.

"Suck me off, man. I'm in a hurry...come on...suck me off" a voice urged from the stall.

He looked at the long thin cock that was curved up through the hole. It had an arrow shaped head and it was so hard it was flexing up and down, waiting on the stimulation that would bring it off. He looked at it for a moment, afraid of being caught, worried what would happen if he was found sucking some guy's cock but he let his hand come to his own cock and stroked it slowly feeling his own arousal return and he realized he wanted to suck this cock, to take it in his mouth and work on it till it ejaculated cum into his mouth. He eased off the toilet and down on his knees facing the cock, where he bent to it running his tongue over the head and down the shaft. He licked back upward along the curved shaft till he felt the soft head on his tongue and he let it slip into his mouth. Pushing downward he let his mouth follow the curve of the cock till he couldn't take it any further.

He worked on it as best he could, never able to get into rhythm but the guy must have liked what he was doing for the cock began to piston in his mouth. He held his mouth over the cock and let the guy fuck, let him thrust at the rhythm and pace that would get him off and soon enough the guy was grunting and moaning, his hips slamming into the stall and he took it, every thrusts and soon his mouth filled with cum. He swallowed and pulled back watching the last ejaculations spurt from the head hitting him in the face and chest.

The guy pulled back and he watched him tuck his cock into his jeans, zip up and head out. When the door was closed he leaned out of the stall and saw the room was empty this time and he moved up onto the toilet.

His shorts were half way down his thighs and he held his legs as far apart as they would allow with his cock hanging heavily between them. He looked down at it and gave it a couple of strokes with his hand realizing how aroused he still felt. He glanced down at his tank top and saw the wet spattering of cum on the front. Without thinking about it he slipped the tank top over his head and the feel of being so exposed made him both nervous and aroused. He laid the shirt over the old tank of the toilet and reached down for his cock again. He pushed his shorts down his legs till they feel loosely around his ankles allowing him to spread his legs. He was naked, totally exposed and the door to his stall kept creaking open. Daringly he let it swing outward till it lay back against the wall. His cock hardened within his grip and he slowly moved his hand along the shaft.

He wanted more, wanted someone to come in and help him get off and he leaned back fantasizing about someone being in the room, standing at a urinal looking back at him fully exposed. His pale skin seemed to glow in the dim light. He slipped one leg free of his shorts and spread his legs all the way. His nuts hung loosely in their sac swinging gently with the ministration of his cock.

'The next person who comes in will be for me' he told himself and he wanted it to be true so bad he knew if had to happen. He kicked his shorts off his other foot intending to kick them just to the edge of the stall but he was so anxious, so nervous, he kicked them out into the open room. He gasped at what he had done and was about to get up to retrieve them when the door opened.

He could barely hear the footsteps of someone approaching and he wanted to reach out and close the stall door but it was too late and he sat back with his hands over his cock futilely trying to conceal its fully erect state. Then he saw the guy come to the last urinal and within seconds the sound of piss hitting the bottom of it. For a moment Dana forgot about his predicament and stared at the back of the man before him. Broad shouldered, arms exposed from the skin tight tank top he was wearing. He was muscular, dark skinned with short black hair. Dana's eyes moved down the tall body, down to the narrow waist and the round ass with its form so pronounced in the tight jeans. In a perfection of his look he had on military boots. To Dana the man was a god, so perfect, so masculine, he felt his lust for him mix with his fear.

The guy turned his head slightly as if he heard something and Dana wondered if he had made some sound and he sat holding his breath afraid the guy would turn and see him, and more afraid he wouldn't. The guy stood for what seemed like an unusually long time when he finished and Dana sat staring at him watching the guy's right arm flex, move ever so slightly and he knew the guy was playing with his cock and Dana found himself slowly stroking his own in rhythm with the guy.

The guy stepped back and turned and for a moment Dana saw the surprise on the guy's face then a mischievous smile formed. He was stroking his cock, its dark skin such a contrast and the way it stood straight out, showing his aroused state made Dana spread his legs a little as he stroked his cock. To Dana this man was a god, with dark eyes that stared at him with desire and Dana wanted him, wanted to do whatever would please him. His god looked young but so much more mature than himself with a five o'clock shadow that perfectly outlined a strong square jaw and eyes so dark, mysterious, that he couldn't take his own off of them. He felt his cock rise up with his ministrations and the god's eyes stayed on him. For what seemed an eternity they stared at each other, each slowly stroking their cocks. Dana grew bold, leaned back and spread his legs far apart exposing himself completely to this god. He would do anything for him.

"You're a bold fuck, aren't you?" the guy said breaking the silence between them and Dana loved the sound of his voice, the husky, deep tone of it and he waited wanting to hear him speak again.

"Why don't you bring your naked ass over here and suck my cock" that voice came to him again and he quickly realized what this man had said, the commanding tone to his statement and slowly, nervously, he eased up and moved to this god. He moved up close to him, so close he could see the guy's dark brown eyes, the very hairs of his facial stubble, and he felt the guy's presence in front of him, the way the guy was taller, so muscular that for Dana this god filled the room, totally, nothing else mattered and he kneeled before him, slowly easing down on his knees.

He was facing the god's stomach with the t-shirt hanging loosely over it. Dana moved closer and felt it, the guy's cock, touch his shoulder and as he moved closer he felt it slip upward and rub along the base of his neck. He pressed his face into the guy's stomach and felt the firm flat stomach beneath the t-shirt. He also felt the guy's thick cock lying on his shoulder and he reached up and took in his hand, his fingers and thumb not quite touching and he let his slide slowly down the thick shaft as he pressed his nose into the guy's stomach breathing in deeply. Hands touched his shoulders pushing down and he eased down sitting down on the back of his legs as he brought the cock he held in hand to his mouth. He ran his tongue over the head and pressed his lips to its head.

"Come on, suck it" the deep voice commanded and he let his lips slip over the head and opened his mouth wide letting the first few inches slide inward. Struggling, he did his best, taking the first few inches of the thick shaft, slobbering over it, sucking on the head and dragging his tongue over it till it thickened up more, the head flared out wide and it was flexing within his grasp.

"Get up" his god commanded and Dana felt himself being helped up. On his feet he never had a chance to get his balance as he was roughly moved to the counter and shoved up on it. He was turned toward the corner as his legs were brought up to the guy's chest. Dana was scared, fearful for being out in the open and this guy obviously wanting to fuck. And he was aroused too.

"I'm going to fuck this ass" his god said and he felt the thick cock press against his hole. Grabbing the edge of the countertop with one hand and the nearby faucet with the other he braced himself, fingers so tight the knuckles turned white. He felt the cock pull back and he watched this god spit on his ass and rub it over his hole. The finger moved in circular movements then suddenly penetrated him.

"Ohhh" he moaned and this big huge muscular god looked at him smiling wickedly.

"Damn, you're tight. You are going to be a fun fuck."

The cock touched him again, firmly pressed to his hole and he felt the full weight of this god press against him. He felt his hole stretch open, painfully, slowly, the cock slipping in fractions of an inch at a time. He held his breath, kept his eyes closed afraid to watch as he felt that cock stretch him open penetrating him. It went on forever, this slow penetration, till suddenly he felt his hole loosen and the cock slid inward the last couple of inches. It filled him, literally, for he felt it deep within his body, so impossibly deep and the god pushed forward with his upper body folding him over more and began to fuck.

The god fucked him slowly, pulling out so slowly then easing back in he felt every inch of the shaft, felt the way it tugged on his stretched opening. He moaned and felt himself push back to the inward movement. He wanted it, all of it and his god rose up holding his legs firmly against his massive chest and began to swing his hips faster, to fuck with a rhythm that made both of them grunt and moan and cry out, their voices echoing in the toilet room.

"Jesus...FUCK..." he heard his god utter as the pace of their fuck increased.

He rocked roughly against the wall, his head bent forward and his hands still gripping tightly to whatever they could hold on to as he took it, every stroke, every deep penetrating thrust. The feel of the god's t-shirt rubbing the back of his legs, the way he felt every smack against his ass when this god drove inward hard and he had to let go with one hand forsaking his sense of stability to take his own cock in hand, to feel the stimulation his hand provided as it moved up and down the shaft. He soon was in rhythm with his god's fuck.

The door opened and for a moment he thought just maybe his god would stop so he could race to a stall, but the fuck continued, in fact, his god fucked harder.

"John, what's taking so...oh shit" someone said. "Damn you're tearing up that ass"

"Get over here and suck his dick" the god commanded.

He watched as this guy came into view, someone normal like him, average build, short brown hair and he saw the guy smile at him as he came up and ran a hand over his chest and stomach.

"You like John's cock fucking ya, don't ya?" this new guy said and he turned and watched the god's cock pump in and out of his hole. "Shit...it does feel good don't it?" and he felt the guy reach down letting fingers rest at the edge of his hole feeling the way his god's cock moved in him, stretching his hole inward then outward, over and over.

"Dammit Andrew...suck his cock" the god demanded and he watched this Andrew lean over to him, moving in close, face to face and give him a quick kiss on the lips. Then Andrew moved down and quickly took his cock and he felt it slip deeply into the warm slick mouth. Then it was eternity, a sense of time stopped as he lay back, head pushed up against the wall rocking back and forth as John, this god of a man fucked him, pumped cock in his hole with a rapid aggressiveness as his own cock felt the vigorous manipulation of tongue, lips and the wet slickness within Andrew's mouth.

"FUCK...not yet" and he felt the cock fucking him slip free. His hole felt stretched open, his insides exposed to the cool air of the room. Andrew stood up and John pulled him up roughly dragging him across the room to the last stall. He watched John slipped his shirt up and over his head exposing his broad muscular chest, the skin glistening in the dim light from the heat of his exertions. Then John pushed his jeans and boxers down, eased down on the toilet and reached out and grabbed him by the wrist.

"Sit on it...sit on my fucking cock" John commanded as he was turned to face outward and pulled back over John's lap. He wanted it now, the feel of that cock filling his hole and he eased down on it. Even after the fucking he had taken he still felt his hole resist the thick shaft but he let his weight drive him downward till he was sitting in John's lap. He leaned back, legs spread, and John hugged their bodies together. He knew Andrew could see it, John's thick cock buried in his hole and he moved up and down, worked his ass on John's cock letting his own flop up and down with his movements.

Andrew stood in front of him, watching while tugging on the crotch of his jeans, then working frantically to open them up to take out his own cock. Dana put his hands on either side of the stall for balance and rode John's cock, moved up and down faster and faster. He felt the exertion of his body, the way his lean arms and legs strained with his movement. John's hands rested on his waist, warm, the grip firm, as he fuck himself, drove his body down filling his hole then rising up, over and over and over again. The stall panel squeaked and John and he were breathing hard within minutes. And Andrew watched stroking his own cock.

John's cock tore through him, banging his insides till his own cock grew completely erect, the head flared out and leaking. Andrew went down on his knees in front of him and he slowed for a moment letting Andrew take his cock once again. Then he began to ride John again, rough, fast, rising upward sinking his own cock in Andrew's mouth and dropping down taking John's cock. He did his best to keep rhythm, to keep up his pace but he was overwhelmed, too much happening at once and he fucked roughly, sloppily, and John grabbed him by the waist holding him still.

He leaned back feeling John's warm breath on his back and waited, waited for what seemed like a long time but suddenly John was pumping upward, fast, driving cock into his hole while Andrew sucked, ran fingers over his balls, tugged on them, let the fingers move underneath and feel the way John's cock moved in and out of his hole. Even with John doing all the work, thrusting upward with such force, he was breathing hard, every breath a gasp for air. He worked his hips what little he could pushing downward to take all of John then pushing up trying to get every inch of his cock into the sucking mouth that was engulfing it.

"Oh...oh...oh" he cried, his voice getting weaker, diminishing to nothing as he felt his cock swell thickly, felt the cum surge though it and soon he felt every ejaculation, every wad spurting out and Andrew sucked harder, held his shaft at the base and milked every drop from his cock sucking him dry.

"Fuck...he's tight" John grunted pulling him back hugging them tightly together and he felt John shove upward, hard, as he was pushed down. It didn't seem possible for the cock to go deeper and he felt John thrust upward, short hard jabs.

"Take it...fucking whore..." and he felt John bite him on the neck.

When John finally fell still he leaned forward and saw Andrew looking up at him stroking his own cock.

"Get up...get UP" John demanded and he stood up only to have John spin him around and pull him over. "Clean me off" John demanded and as he took John's slimy cock he felt Andrew move up behind him.

"Hold him" Andrew commanded and he felt Andrew's cock at his hole. It slipped in easily, all the way and Andrew fucked, hard, fast, abdomen slapping ass cheeks.

"God I love fucking an ass you've busted open" Andrew grunted and he felt the way Andrew piston cock in his slick hole till he felt John's cum trickling down his thigh.

Andrew didn't last long, never could when he got to fuck a hole after John, for he loved the feel of his cock sliding in John's load, slick, slimy, soothing to his cock as it thrust inward, and he soon was holding Dana by the waist pumping wad after wad deep inside his hole.

John and Andrew got their clothes back in order and were quickly gone. Dana was sitting on the toilet feeling Andrew's load leak from his hole. He held his shorts and tank top in his hands telling himself to get them on before someone came in. The stall door was standing wide open and his own cock was standing up erect. He leaned back and began to stroke it, to feel his own hand move along the shaft making his arousal more intense. He closed his eyes lost to the way his cock felt, the sensitive skin, so alive, stretched to its fullest with his erection.

The door squeaked open.



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