Josh has just got a job working for Salem news paper as a reporter, He had just turn 24 and just bought his first small house on Mill Cove Road. The town was having a lot's of issue concerning people been bit by vampires and a man so called Mr Mason who had just arrive a few months before from the country of Romania. Mr Mason was a very good looking for someone who is well over 60 years of age. He stood well over 6 feet and was a solid 170 plus with short dark hair and has a 70's Porn Star Moustache. The hole town only saw Mr Mason after sundown each night.

Josh got to visit Mr Mason at his Antique Shop just before Halloween Night , The Antique shop had many different and very valuable items along with a very Gothic them items that were in a back room of the place. The interview with Mr Mason lasted well over 2 hours before Josh felt sluggish a bit. He open up his eyes and notice that he was in some form of a dungeon  strap down on a padded folding medical table. He also began to notice that he was totally naked and had a small black bed sheet covering his body. Josh stood just around 5'9 and weigh just under 140 pounds along with his smooth Pretty Boy body that he has.  

 Josh was very scare when he heard a door open and saw Mr. Mason walk through wearing a black dark robe has in was chanting some Gothic evil prayer as he approach Josh body. " Please my son don't be scared you are about to join and meet your new family " Josh was terrified by now when he notice around 20 men and laddies walking all around the room chanting  in their dark black hooded ropes and rubbing their hands all over his body.

Mr Mason just put Josh into some form of a trance before he bite his nick and made him a new family member. He also stood in front of the table and took of his robe off and let a few members of his family pour some type of oil and sent all over his muscle hairy body before he push the button on the table for the front of it to fold down.

The whole room chanted as the room began to fill up with dry ice to make it foggy so the ceremony ritual to start .  Mr Mason and Josh were both deep into a trace when Mr Mason began massaging Josh naked body in his oil and body sweat before he fuck his Virgin Hole. Josh always had a huge fantasy about having a sexual relationship with Dracula around the age of 18 since he was a huge  Horror and Science Fiction fan.

Josh was now screaming of sexual please as Mr Mason huge 8 inch cut dick was moving up his tight small hole. It was a good 10 minutes that Mr Mason was in full throttle as the Gothic Fuck became more intense and aggressive has his cock was pounding  Josh harder and harder as the chant became more louder. 

 " Here is my load of love potion Josh "

" Please cum Sir "

" Please cum Sir "

Josh then felt his body erupted and shake as Mr Mason started to orgasm in his ass and began to scream of sexual climax has his cock shot off 2 loads at once. He then withdrew his dick as they were both totally exhausted  from the Gothic Love making ritual. Josh was now a full member of the vampire family and quit his job at the papers to be Mr Mason companion the rest of his life.

Mr Mason and his family left the town of Salem and move on back over to Romania shortly after Josh join the family around the Thanksgiving Day weekend. As for Josh he became second in command and took over Mr Mason duties while he was out recruiting new member though out Europe.

The End.




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