Pete swung into the gym with a big grin on his face. "Fleet's in and I've already talked with Javier. His ship will be in early, on Thursday. Says he can get a three-day shore pass. Time for a special weekend."


"I'm game," Todd answered, but he was looking up at the man spotting him on the bench press and asked, "How about you, Dan?"


"Every weekend's special with you, babe," Dan answered. His idea of spotting was to have his hands on the inside of Todd's bare thighs and stroking them.


Pete was standing in the middle of the gym room at the Air Force base near San Diego, one of several workout rooms scattered around the base for airmen's use, this one being one of the most remotely located ones. He was toweling himself off after his run to the gym. He, like the other three men, Todd, Dan, and Bill, was wearing only a jockstrap, gym shorts, and athletic shoes. All four men, all Air Force officer pilots, were cut superbly. Pete was black; the others were white.


"I'll arrange the BOQ room at the officers' club," Pete said. "But I guess Bill better be the one to go down to the harbor to meet up with Javier and do the hunt. He's the prettiest of the bunch."


Bill grunted his assent at the assignment without losing count in the leg lifts he was doing on another apparatus. Bill indeed was the best looking of the four, although all of them looked great, especially the way they'd developed their bodies. Bill was tall and sultry dark, with some intriguing curling body hair on his forearms, pecs, and in a trail down his sternum, across his belly, and into the waistband of his gym shorts. Broad shoulders and slim waist. Big biceps, washboard abs. The face of a movie star, with a perpetual five o'clock shadow.Bedroom eyes.


"Money for the meals, liquor, and condoms and for Javier's tip go to Todd as usual," Pete said. "Five hundred each should do it, but if it's not enough we all agree to kick in more, right?"


Grunts of agreement were heard all around.


"Make sure you have a good supply of the rubbers," Bill said, turning to Todd."We almost ran out last time."


Todd was doing his own count of his bar lifts, but he stopped in mid cadence."Dan! You'll make me lose count."


All he heard in answer was a slurping sound, as Dan had pulled Todd's gym shorts off his legs, pulled his cock out from the jock pouch, and was giving him head.


Todd and Dan could almost be twins-Siamese twins-hooked at the crotch. Both reddish blonds of medium height, and, though well muscled, both on the wiry side. Not an ounce of fat on either one. Both with buzz cuts. Todd was the younger and more handsome of face of the two. Dan, who usually took the lead, as he was doing here, was distinguished by the veins that stood out between his muscles and the skin on his arms and legs, the veins having no fat at all to sheath them. His facial features were more rugged than Todd's. He didn't smile much, and he was more demanding and a bit cruel and rough. He'd had his dick inside Todd most of the time since Todd had come on duty at the air base. Todd, preferably a top, accepted this from Dan but from no one else. What mostly the two had in common, though, was that they liked to share another guy between them-at the same time.


"Could you spot the door for us, Pete?" Dan growled.


Pete picked up two twenty-pound hand weights and moved to where he was standing in front of the door to the corridor, staring through the small window in the door.


"Oh shit, oh fuck," Todd exclaimed as, hunched over him, Dan worked his cock into Todd's hole. Todd's ankles were on Dan's shoulders and Dan was lifting Todd's buttocks with palms that spread the butt cheeks, opening the hole that now hungered for and fit his cock like a glove, and fingers that moved the jock straps out of the way. He revolved the cock head to remind Todd's channel who was boss and then dove deep and began immediately to pump as Todd, gripping the pillars of the weight rack with white-knuckled fists, began to groan and move his hips to the rhythm of the fuck. Dan was thick; Todd was long. Bill, the hunkiest of the four, stopping his leg lifts to pull out his cock, start stroking, and to watch, was both thick and long. The black Pete, the bulkiest and most muscle bound of the four, standing spot at the door and feeling himself going hard at the sound of the fucking, was thickest and longest of the four.


Although not watching, except by way of a faint reflection in the window in the door, Pete could hear the stroking as marked by Todd's groan and Dan's grunt with each thrust and by the sound of the slapping of Dan's big balls on Todd's inner thighs. Pete raised the hand weights to his shoulders. Thrust and groan, up with the right weight; thrust and grunt, lowering the right weight; thrust and groan, up with left weight; thrust and grunt, lowering the left weight. Thrust and . . .


The four Air Force officers were a close-knit group, having discovered their mutual interests in jockeying jets, keeping their bodies hard, and fucking young sailors.


Sailor Tim


Tim stroked down the front of his Navy whites and turned this way and that, looking at himself in the mirror on the back of the cabin door of the dorm-like space he shared with nine other sailors on his destroyer. The clothes were tight on his small frame, with a trim, but well-muscled, torso and legs, but they really looked good on him. The jerkin was tight, showing his definition and his small waist, and the white trousers were tight at the thighs and across the crotch and flared at the hem. It was the first time he'd worn them. His first shore leave on his first naval cruise. He was barely nineteen and fresh out of the Iowa cornfields, getting his first taste of the greater world.


His brother was a sailor too, but he'd done everything he could to deter Tim from joining up, saying that with his blond, pretty-boy looks and small stature, he'd be eaten alive on board a naval ship. That had titillated Tim more than scared him, although now that he actually was in the Navy and had just been on the sea on a tin can with mostly randy men, he better understood what his brother had talked about.


The hedge on the men who had initially circled around him like sharks on the prowl, however, was sitting on a bunk beside him, watching him dress and admire himself in the mirror.


Big Ralph, named that for many reasons, including his bulk, his scare factor on board, and his seniority in the naval enlisted ranks, had become both Tim's oppressor and his protection. He was oppressing enough, though, that Tim was elated that he'd gotten a two-day shore pass in San Diego-and that Big Ralph hadn't.


It had been four weeks since Big Ralph had made good on his pledge to protect Tim from the sailors, including a senior ship's officer, who had been chumming ever closer around Tim as he moved around performing the deck duties of a bottom-of-the chain swabbie.


He just hadn't set up the protection the way that Tim had imagined he would. He'd done it by staking his own claim and staring down the competition. Big Ralph had managed to get Tim reassigned to a top bunk in his own cabin and in the darkest hour of one night, had climbed up into Tim's bunk, naked and already crowned and with a bottle of lube.


Tim woke up on his belly, with a heavy body on top of him, a hand smothering his mouth and nose, and thick, greased fingers inside his channel entrance. He had struggled, but to no avail, with the big man. He managed to bite the hand of his assailant in reaction to the surprise and pain of a hard cock entering him, and, when the hand was taken away, he screamed for help against the attack. But he writhed ineffectually, while Big Ralph laughed and pumped his ass with increasing speed and depth. There was no indication that anyone heard him struggling or, if they did, that they cared.


Tim, who had been curious about what it was all about before coming into the Navy, now knew exactly what it was about. No one came to his aid that night, because every other man in the cabin was under Big Ralph's protection as well. They had all had their first night with Big Ralph.


And Big Ralph, indeed, did protect them from others, as long as they were willing to put out for him.


After spending the night on top of Tim and fucking him again in the morning, with Tim realizing that resistance was both futile and a little late, Big Ralph whispered the rules of their relationship to him. Since then Big Ralph had fucked him as many as three times a week, and, as promised, kept all other takers at bay.


Tim came to accept this as just another aspect of the routine of life aboard the destroyer. But he was looking forward to this two-day shore leave in San Diego for a change of pace.


Sailor Javier


"The USS Halsey. My second year aboard. And you?"


"I'm on the Shoup," Tim answered. He looked away and nudged in closer to the table as another older sailor drifted by close to him in the bar and smacked his lips suggestively. "Just four months, though."


"Ah, four months." The guys would be pleased, Javier knew, if he landed this one. The guy was perfect. Probably only eighteen by the looks of him and just the right bod. Javier was judging this on his own body; he'd obviously been just right for the four of them last year. And this guy and he were almost identical in style and body style. This one was a lot prettier than Javier had been, though, he had to acknowledge. The major differences between them were that this guy was a blond and Javier was Hispanic-and this guy seemed so shy and a little skittish of the attention he was getting in this bar loaded with sailors off the ships. Javier wondered if he'd been this shy last year at this time and decided that he'd never been that shy. He'd known the score for as long as he could remember. And the almost palpable fear of the sailors swimming about the guy-he said his name was Tim-could, Javier thought, be put to his advantage.


"That means you've gone through all the hazing on ship then, I guess."


"Yeah, I suppose so." Tim wasn't acting like he wanted to talk about it. Bingo, Javier thought. That means you've been nailed already, little buddy. That's helpful.


"As bad as mine, I guess. Mine included being turned. Which is OK now, I guess, but it was really something at the time. But I got myself a protector and then it was mostly OK. Guy with a face like yours, and your size and conditioning, I bet you've had a really rough time."


"Well. . . it's OK now."


"So, you got yourself a protector too."


"Yeah. . . I guess."


"Makes a lot of demands, does he? Cock too big to handle?"


"No, not really." This given with hesitation. "He's got several sailors he's protecting, and he isn't too big."


Well, baby, you're in for a real surprise then, Javier thought. But with an ass that's still tight, you'll be a hit with the guys.


Tim was looking like he really wanted to change the subject-like he might even jump up from the table and bolt, so Javier changed the subject. He didn't want to lose this one. This pigeon looked like the mother lode as soon as he'd walked into the bar, all glassy eyed and looking like he was lost and might just back out again. The older sailors had seen him immediately and started jockeying for position. It had been Javier's luck that, to Tim, he looked like the most similar, familiar kind of guy and all Javier had to do was motion to him and pull out the chair next to him to get the pigeon roosting in his cage. He'd just come straight to him. Javier wouldn't tell the guys it had been this easy.


"So, this being your first shore leave, you bring enough cash for two days?"


"I've got $200." Tim said it as if he was rolling in cash.


"Well, shit, that ain't enough to get you through supper in a town like this."


"It isn't?"


"No.Did you ask anyone on the ship how much you needed? The prices get jacked up when the fleet's in. Two bills ain't even enough for an hour of pussy. And forget getting a room. You'll have to go back to the ship for the night."


"I will?" The prospect was crushing. Two days shore leave but he'd still be going back under Big Ralph's control for the night.


"'Course there's a way you can avoid that."


"There is? How?"


"I got a friend that would really go for someone like you. And he's an officer. I bet I could get him to feed you and take care of your room for the night. You could go back to the ship at the end of your leave with the two bills still in your pocket."


"For what?"


"He'd want to lay you, of course. But I'm telling you that he's a real hunk. You'd enjoy him. You've said you get fucked regularly on the ship."


"Not all that much," Tim answered. "And I don't know. I-"


"You go back to the ship tonight and your protector is going to fuck you, ain't he?"


"Well. . ."


"And is he a looker? I'm telling you that my friend is a real hunk. And he's an officer. An Air Force officer. He'd treat you right."


"I didn't really come on shore-"


"The hell you didn't. You sayin' you got all outfitted in those tight Navy whites and came into a sailors' bar at 11:00 in the morning just to have a couple of meals on shore and spend a night in a dirty hotel room all alone? You come out to get a little pussy from a dirty whore? You ever even had any pussy?"


He'd lost Tim half way through that. What had Tim come on shore looking for? It wasn't a woman. Javier had struck home there; Tim had never been attracted to women. It had always been men who had turned him on, although he hadn't done anything about it until it was forced on him. But why did he make such a fuss with his dress? And how did he plan to use his shore leave? Wasn't it more not to have to be on the ship and at Big Ralph's beck and call?


"Tell you what. Let me make the call. Maybe the guy's busy and won't even come. And if he does, you can scope him out for yourself. Think about it. A hunk who will pay for everything and all you gotta do is let him fuck you once. If you go back to the ship, you'll have the same old guy layin' you. At least you'd be tryin' out someone new. Have a little adventure on your shore leave; somethin'to remember it by. I've been laid by this guy. It was heaven."


Javier didn't wait for Tim to reply and Tim wasn't moving real fast in providing a reply. Javier was already pressing the buttons on his cell phone. He winked at one of the sailors hovering around when Tim wasn't looking and the guy came in closer. Tim shuddered, which is exactly what Javier wanted him to do. Bill, who had been waiting for a call, picked it up on the first ring. Javier managed to convey through prearranged signaling that he had a hot prospect and that it would help if Bill came in like a knight on a white horse.


Javier pointed Bill out as he hit the door and let Tim see for himself that the man really was a hunk, and that he looked spiffy and commanding in his closely tailored Air Force officer khakis. Tim also saw that as Bill entered and strode straight to the table, all smiles and in-charge authority, that he gave side looks of staking his territory that had the sailors who had been hovering around Javier and Tim-and had been egged on a bit by Javier when Tim wasn't looking-backing off.


The overall impression was of protection arriving, which placed Bill in a niche with Tim that was just what Javier wanted. Protector/fuck master. It was what Tim understood.


Bill, who liked the looks of Tim immediately, was all smiles and sultry sensuous looks, and touching Tim's arms and, once, his cheek, and, later, his thigh, while he guided a discussion about Tim's life up to this point and moved into everything they could be doing in the next two days other than fucking. No, Tim had never been to an officer's club. No, Tim didn't know they had bedrooms an officer could check out for a guest's use right in the club, something called a bachelor officer's quarters, a BOQ. And that Tim could sleep there in a real nice room if Bill reserved it. Yes, Tim was hungry enough for lunch. Yes, Tim had thought of touring the USS Midway Museum, a decommissioned aircraft carrier open to the public, while he was on shore leave. No, he didn't know that they had one of the world's best zoos right here in San Diego.


Tim was completely disarmed. Bill, indeed, was a hunk. Dark looks; black curly hair;an open, friendly smile; a magnificent physique in that Air Force shirt, with curly black hair peeking out of his neckline and on his forearms. Biceps that pushed his shirt sleeve up to his shoulders. A commanding demeanor that held back the sailors who had been zeroing in on the table. His conversation put Tim at ease. The occasional touch of his fingers on Tim's arms and hands sent chills right up the young sailor's spine. And he didn't once mention that going with him would require that Tim let him fuck him. Before long Tim was catching glimpses under the table of Bill's basket-and wondering.


Let the Games Begin


The air base was on a plateau above the city, and as they drove there, Bill told Tim how convenient the officers' club was. Everything was right there together.A dining room that served good, hearty food-all to be put on Bill's club tab, of course-a well-stocked bar, and the wing of bachelor officers' quarter rooms that were well used during the week but more or less deserted on the weekend.It would be no trouble putting Tim up in one of these. It wouldn't cost him a dime. Bill, who indeed loved using the officers' club for the purpose he had for Tim, didn't mention that the club officer was a good friend to Bill and his friend and that he ran a back bar as well as a front one-that the back bar was more for Bill's kind. Nor did he say that because of the nearness of the airstrip and the concern that visiting pilots get good sleep, all of the BOQ rooms were soundproof.


They had steak sandwiches and piles of French Fries and a couple of beers-to add to the two Tim had already had at the bar with Javier-for lunch in the club dining room.


Afterward, Bill suggested that he show Tim the BOQ room he'd booked.


Bill stood and so did Tim, but Javier remained sitting.


"You coming too?" Tim asked.


"No.I'll sit out here a while," Javier answered. And then in a lower voice that at least pretended that Bill couldn't hear, he said, "I think this is where you pay the rent."


Tim shuddered, but he turned and followed Bill back down the corridor leading into the BOQ wing.


He was sitting in Bill's lap on the end of the bed, feeling the hard cock under him through the material of the trousers they both still were wearing. They both were shirtless, though. They were kissing and Bill was working Tim's torso with a hand, while holding him in an embrace with the other arm. He was working slow. All of this was new to Tim. Big Ralph always just went for the fuck and he always did it in the dark. Bill was preparing him, making him moan and sigh.His kisses were making Tim breathless. What he was doing with his hands was driving Tim crazy. Tim felt the bulging of the biceps and also of the man's pecs. He ran his fingers through the man's chest hair. It was silky soft.


Bill unbuttoned Tim's fly, flared the opening, pulled Tim's cock out, and started to slow stroke it. This was attention Big Ralph had never given him. He quivered and felt his hips start to go into a motion that pushed his cock up through the encircling hand and then down again. Up and down. He was fucking himself in the cupped hands. Bill refused to let his lips go and pushed his tongue inside Tim's mouth and flicked it in and out. Tim began to writhe in ecstasy. Bill, much larger and meatier than Tim, just held him fast and continued kissing and stroking until Tim came with a shudder and a long sigh.


"Now me," Bill whispered, coming out of the kiss, and turning Tim and pushing him down on his knees on the carpet between his thighs. Tim moaned as Bill unbuckled himself, pulled down his zipper, and pulled out a half-erect cock.


It was bigger-both longer and thicker-than Big Ralph's was. Tim gasped and groaned at the sight of it-and then at the feel of it as Bill stroked his cheeks with it, always returning to pressing it at Tim's lips. Although he'd never done this before, it had been going on around him on board ship for weeks and Tim had seen several examples of it, so he opened his lips to the cock and did what came naturally in sucking and engorging.


Everything was new to him. He had no idea that sex with a man could be like this. Later he would go over all of it in his mind again-to consider what he liked and what he didn't like. For now he'd do whatever was demanded of him. He'd pay the rent and it would be over.


He was laying at the foot of the bed, with his butt on the edge. He was staring straight up at the ceiling and was arching his back and then releasing, arching and releasing, bunching up wads of the bed spread and releasing. Bunching and releasing. Gasping and groaning, every neuron of him concentrating on his cock and balls being sucked, on the tongue going to his channel entrance, on the lubricated fingers invading his ass.


Bill then was standing over him, between his thighs. Naked. A magnificent, slightly hairy body. Long, thick cock standing out and curved up from his black, curly bush. A smile on his face. Rolling a condom on his cock.


Tim trembled and began hiccupping deep in his throat, as Bill gripped and lifted and spread his thighs, rolled his pelvis up, and placed the bulb of his cock at the entrance.


"Oh, shit, oh fuck!" Tim cried out as the bulb pressed in a bit and revolved, seeking entrance.


"You've never had one this big, have you?" Bill asked.


Tim shook his head.


"But you have been fucked before?"


Tim nodded and covered his face with his arm.


"No don't do that," Bill said. "I want to watch your eyes while you take it. I'll go slow and be gentle, but don't deny me the view of you taking it."


Bill was slow and gentle-at least until he was in and Tim had opened to him and was moaning how good it felt, how filling it was, how he'd never had it this good before. And then Bill started pumping and Tim started writhing and crying out a commentary on where the cock was-everywhere-and what it was doing to him-sending him over the moon.


"That was great. You're so sexy. A natural," Bill said after he'd withdrawn and rolled the condom off his cock. "Now, why don't you go get a shower and then I'll take you out and show you some of the sights of San Diego. We'll do something with your shore leave other than spend it here, fucking." He pulled Tim off the bed, turned him toward the connecting bathroom, and gave him a slap on the rump to get him going.


Tim spent the shower trying to decide whether he really wanted to see the sights of San Diego or just stay here and be fucked by Bill again. All thoughts of doing it once to pay the rent and that was it had floated out of his mind and desires. Javier had said he'd only need to do it once-or at least had strongly hinted that. Tim wasn't sure that he didn't want to do it constantly over his two-day pass. Where would Bill spend the night, he wondered. He lived here and had his own place, of course. But was this room for just Tim or for both of them? He now wanted it to be for both of them.


He walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around him and stopped dead in his tracks. Bill was sitting on the side of the bed, still naked, but, most tellingly, with another condom rolled on his erect cock.


"I decided there is plenty of time for sightseeing. Come here." He reached over and pulled the towel off Tim. "Unless you don't want to."


Tim quickly showed that he wanted to. Bill marked this as a done deal for his friends' plans for the weekend.


This time Bill fucked Tim on his lap. Tim was sitting in his lap, facing Bill. His torso was laying back, supported by Bill's long, strong arms, with Bill's hands hooked over Tim's shoulders. Tim's legs were stretched out on the bed behind Bill. Bill's long torso was hunched over Tim's chest. Bill pulled Tim's channel back and forth on his cock. Bill was looking down intently into Tim's eyes, watching them come alive and flash and burn as Bill increased the pushing and pulling. Faster and deeper, ever fast and deeper, until both men cried out, coming nearly together.


Two hours. Paying the rent had taken two hours. Or so Tim thought. They showered together then, Bill making a joke about conserving water in drought-ridden southern California, and Tim almost wanting to be taken again from the arousal of Bill soaping up and rinsing off his body.


Javier wasn't there when they came back to the main part of the club, so the two of them drove off in Bill's Mustang convertible. Bill drove Tim down from the plateau and through the old, historic part of the city to the docks, where they toured the USS Midway Museum. Tim was like a little kid in his need to explore everything, and the actual little kids present all wanted to ask Tim, dressed in his Navy whites, about ships and sailing-and he stood with many of them for the photos they wanted. More than one of them asked Tim if he was a museum guide, and Tim almost wished that he was. Standing by, Bill nearly laughed, at what the parents of these kids would think if they'd known that Tim had been riding his cock just an hour earlier.


From the ship, they checked out Balboa Park, and then Bill took Tim to the San Diego zoo and watched him revert to a young child again. Bill had to keep telling himself that Tim wasn't a child, that he was a delicious young man with a sweet ass that was going to be reamed beyond his wildest imagination over the next two days. The thought didn't make him apprehensive, though; it made him go hard. He wanted nothing more than to pull Tim behind the monkey house and bang him again right there. He settled with buying Tim a stuffed monkey toy, which Tim accepted with a big smile and held close to his chest as, in the gathering twilight, they drove back up onto the plateau and to the welcoming arms of the officers' club.


Dinner and Dance


Javier was at the dinner table when Bill and Tim entered the dining room. But he wasn't alone. Pete and Todd and Dan were there too. They were drinking, waiting for Bill and Tim to arrive. They were all smiles for Tim when he was introduced to them. He was everything they had hoped for. Their smiles broadened as Bill went around to his friends to whisper how much greater than they anticipated Tim's ass was and how much the innocent he played while he was being played. While Bill was making the rounds, Tim was telling Javier what he'd seen that day and, with a blush now that he thought about how immature having the stuffed monkey was, still couldn't resist showing Javier the prize Bill had given him at the zoo. Javier beamed at the news, contemplating a bonus on his finder's tip.


Tim contemplated Bill's new friends while they were eating dinner. Dan and Todd didn't bother him. They obviously were into each other. Pete worried him. He was a hulk, and a black hulk at that. Tim didn't think of himself as prejudice, but there weren't all that many blacks in the Iowa town he came from, and he had learned to be wary of them since he'd entered the Navy. On ship they seemed to move in packs, and they'd give him the most worrying looks. He'd been warned about their interest in gangbanging sailors they could isolate in hidden compartments. And in the shower room, he'd seen that, to a man, they were lower hung than the whites and Hispanics he saw. They both made him shudder and fascinated him. And this Pete was no different. He seemed to be the Alpha Dog of this gathering of friends. All of the other men deferred to him, and, although he didn't say much-just sat there with an inscrutable half smile on his face most of the time-when he did speak, everyone stopped what they were doing and listened. And when it came to developed bodies, although all four of these guys were built like tanks, he was the awesome one.


After dinner, Pete led the way toward the back of the club. There was activity in the front bar, but they found that there was even more going on in the back bar.One wouldn't have known it before opening the doors into the bar. Although they were met with raucous noise from a DJ sound system, they heard practically nothing before opening the doors. The building had really good soundproofing.


The back bar was all guys and most of them were shirtless-which all of Pete's crew, including Tim, were in short order. Guys were out on the floor dancing with each other. The DJ was up on a platform, at one end of it. In the middle of the platform was a pole going up to the ceiling. The guys all bellied up to the bar and Bill took possession of Tim. Bill perched against a stool, facing out into the room, and just pulled Tim's butt into his crotch and embraced him with his arms. He played Tim's bare chest with his hands, letting one glide down occasionally to cup and squeeze Tim's basket. When he did this, Tim would turn his head and they'd kiss deeply. Tim was getting the idea he wouldn't be sleeping in the BOQ room all by himself, and he had warmed up to that idea. Bill's fucking was nothing like Big Ralph's was.


A couple of more loud songs with a strong beat and Javier was on the platform, dancing on the pole, and slowly shedding parts of his Navy whites. Dan and Todd were at the end of the bar, on stools, and kissing and touching each other with their hands. They also, though, were watching Javier dance. Pete was sitting in the stool next to Bill and Tim. He was turned toward those two and was watching him. Again the little half smile. Every once in a while he'd take a swig of his drink, but Tim got the impression that he didn't look at the drink-that he continued watching Bill play Tim's nipples, suck on his ear lobe, and cup his basket with his hand.


Tim could feel how hard Bill was for him-and that aroused him too-and he was beginning to wonder if Bill was going to fuck him again right there on the bar stool-with the black bruiser, Pete, watching. It seemed possible. Some of the other guys in the room were fucking. The party was getting pretty wild.


Tim didn't know if he cared or not. This wasn't costing him anything. This certainly was different from life on the ship. And this certainly was some shore leave. Bill was such a hunk. Tim couldn't wait to be alone with him again.


They went into a long kiss, with Bill stuffing his hand under the waistband of Tim's Navy whites, which wasn't an easy thing to do as tight as the trousers were.Tim's balls were now being cupped flesh on flesh, and he'd gone hard. He was panting. If Bill stripped his trousers off and put him on the cock right here, right now, Tim would have been happy.


When they came out of the kiss, Tim looked at the platform. Javier had been down to his briefs when they had started the kiss. Now he was gone. Gone too were Dan and Todd, and Tim assumed they had gone off to some corner to hump. They practically had been doing it there at the bar. He didn't know where Javier had gone off to, though.


Bill pressed another beer on Tim. This was, what? his eighth or tenth beer of the day? He'd lost count. Bill made him chug it, though. Then Bill moved his lips to Tim's ear so that Tim could hear what he said over the noise of the crowd and music, and growled. "It's time to go to the room."


As they were walking down the silent, dark corridor of the BOQ, seeming like a cemetery in contrast to the noise of the party room, with Bill guiding a somewhat dazed Tim with a hand on his buttocks, Tim was not unaware that Pete was following behind them.


** * *


Fifteen minutes later, Tim was lying on one of the queen-sized beds in the room on his side, cupped into Bill's chest. Bill was holding Tim to him with an arm around his chest. He was lifting Tim's upper leg with a hand under his knee. And his cock was slow-pumping Tim's ass. Tim was moaning through a slack jawed mouth.His attention, through glassy eyes, was riveted on the other queen-sized bed.


Todd was lying on his back, his arms embracing Javier's chest. Javier was lying on top of him. Todd's thick cock was stuffed up Javier's ass. Todd's legs were laced through Javier's, holding them imprisoned and spread. Dan was kneeling between the spread legs, crouched over Javier's chest, his arms stiff-armed on either side of the chests of the men below him. His hips were cruelly punching at Javier's hole, pistoning his long cock inside Javier and on top of Todd's stretching and hard, but dormant, cock. Javier was squirming and breathing hard at the double invasion.


As Tim watched, Dan slowed down his thrusts, but Todd's movement came to life.Javier was crying out. Some of it was expressing unbounded pleasure. Some of it wasn't. But Javier was a trooper and knew what he was being paid by these men to take.


As if the atmosphere was turning up the lust dial, Bill started pistoning his cock inside Tim as well and Tim buried his face in the bedspread, groaned . . . and ejaculated.


Pete, naked, was sitting in a chair, watching, and pulling on his cock.


Twenty minutes later, Tim was lying back, cantilevered over the surface of the bed.Pete was kneeling, his knees pushed under Tim's buttocks and gripping his sides to hold his torso off the bed. Tim's legs were stretched out beyond Pete's hips. Tim's torso revealed that he already was spent-and, now, was overpowered, nearly overstretched. He was just lying back, his arms dangling at his side, his head flopped back, staring at the headboard, jerking just a bit at every long push of the channel off the monster cock and then a tired gasp at the long pull of his channel back onto the shaft. All of Tim's fears and anticipations were being realized. A black man's cock that was thicker and longer than anything Tim had ever seen hanging between any man's thighs, white or black. A fuck that was both horrendous and glorious. A filling that surely would split him, but somehow didn't.


Tim hadn't been asked if Pete could fuck him too. But Tim was no dummy. Six men in this room with two beds, two of them small, young sailors and four of them big, hulky Air Force officers. Tim knew that he'd found the gang bang that he'd been avoiding on board the ship.


On one side of the bed beside him, Javier was on all fours and Bill was crouching over his hips pistoning him hard. Next to them, pointed in the opposite direction, Dan was in the same position on top of Todd.


Alone but still moaning at Pete's taking, Tim was dozing. Bill was sitting next to him, stroking his cheek with his fingers. He lowered his mouth to Tim's ear."You were really hot with Pete. If you can take Pete's cock, you can take any man's. It's good preparation."


Preparation for what? Tim wondered. He heard growling and grunting in the room, beyond the beds. The room reeked of musk and the smell of sweat and cum. Pete was stalking Javier on the other side of the room. Both were in a crouch and Javier was feinting this way and that, testing Pete's reactions, while Pete was moving from one side to the other, trying to figure out the smaller man's pattern.Pete's gigantic cock was waving out in front of him. Freshly crowned. Tim knew it was a new condom, because he had felt Pete fill the one he was fucking Tim with. When he had pulled it off his cock, it was thick as a sea slug, filled with cum. It was a slight thrill to Tim that he had caused Pete to cum that much for him.


Bill moved Tim to his back and was sucking on his nipples and lacing fingers in his balls and tugging on them. Dan and Todd were lying on their backs next to each other on the other bed, resting. Tim dozed off.


He woke again to the feel of hands on his ankles, pulling him toward the foot of the bed. It was Todd's turn to fuck him. Tim groaned. Dan was still on his back on the other bed. Pete had caught Javier. Javier was suspended, horizontally in the air over the floor. He was gripping the arms of a chair in both hands. Pete was behind him, between Javier's legs with them spread out from his hips like Javier was a wheel barrow, and he was slow-fucking Javier's ass. Javier was sweating like a pig and groaning deeply.


The shower was going. Bill was missing, so Tim assumed he was the one in the shower. For some reason, Tim felt a loss of his protection, although he had a flash of anger in the realization that Bill hadn't protected him from anything and was unlikely to.


"No, please, enough," Tim murmured, but Todd wasn't listening to him. He gathered Tim up in his arms and turned him as Todd sat on the end of the bed.Tim heard a roar from the other side of the room. Pete had come again. Dan stirred and sat up in the other bed. Todd lowered Tim's channel on this thick cock, with Tim sitting in his lap, facing the room. Javier was on the floor in front of the chair, curled up, and Pete was standing over him, rolling the condom off his still-hard cock. Once again, the spent condom reminded Tim of a sea slug. Todd was raising and lowering Tim on his cock and murmuring in his ear how tight and sweet he was. Pete walked by the bed and dropped the spent condom in a waste basket and peeled another packet off a string of them on the bedside table. A tired Tim, eyes slitted and seeing everything as a blur, leaned his head back into Todd's shoulder as Todd, his arms crossed under Tim's diaphragm continued to lift and lower his channel on the thick cock.


Tim opened his eyes to the feel of a hand on his shoulder. Dan was standing in front of him, holding his cock up in his other hand. Tim took the cock in his mouth and started sucking it hard.


"Lower and stretch him," Dan said, and Tim felt himself being lowered on the surface of the bed on top of Todd's chest. Todd's legs were pushing on Tim's, raising and spreading them. Dan was crouching between the spread legs and Tim felt the bulb of the long, now-rehardened cock at his rim above the root of Todd's buried cock.


"Noooo,"he moaned weakly. They were moving in to trap him in a double penetration.


Pete voiced some sort of command, though, and was brushing Dan aside and reaching down and pulling Tim off Todd. He pulled Tim out into the center of the room.Tim was just about to voice some form of thanks when Pete bent him over at the waist and started entering him from the rear. Tim groaned weakly. When Pete started pumping him, Tim's legs went to jelly, and Pete put an arm around his waist, pulling his feet off the floor, and went into a balancing crouch. He continued pumping, faster and deeper. Tim ejaculated weakly, shortly before Pete did so more strongly. Then Pete just let Tim sink to the floor in a heap.Javier wasn't far from him, also still curled up on the floor.


Bill had come out of the bathroom and stretched out on the bed. Dan and Todd took their turn in the shower. Pete went and sat in the chair. When Dan and Todd had showered, he nudged Javier and told him to go clean himself. With a groan and a grunt, Javier slowly raised himself and went off to the shower. When he was done, Pete rose from the chair, picked Tim up, slung him over his shoulder, and took him into the bathroom. Tim just stood, weakly in the shower as Pete soaped both of them up roughly and let the shower rinse them off. He tossed a towel to Tim, who was on more sure legs now, and went into the bedroom with a towel to dry himself.


When Tim came out of the bathroom, the lights were off in the bedroom. In the light from the bathroom, Tim could see that Dan and Todd were in the far bed, with Javier between them. Pete was in a chair with his heels on the bed where Bill was stretched out. The level of snoring indicated that maybe they all were asleep.


His ordeal was over, he decided. Was this worth free room and board during his shore leave? Whatever it was, it was something he'd never forget. And it wasn't necessarily bad. Now that it was over, he could concentrate on the pleasure of it. What Big Ralph gave him wasn't fucking. This had been fucking. Lying under Big Ralph from now on would be no big deal.


He switched off the bathroom light and went and collapsed onto the edge of the bed Bill was on, seeking whatever privacy he could get. Bill's arm came over and pulled Tim into the curve of his body as he turned toward Tim.


In the middle of the night, Tim woke. Bill also was awake and saw that Tim's eyes were open. "Have you ever been fucked like that before?" he whispered.


"No,"Tim answered honestly.


"We enjoyed you. Like Javier, we'd enjoy doing you any time you come in on shore leave. You won't find a cock like Pete's anywhere else. You're spoiled for it now."


"We'll see." Tim was suddenly mortified. He'd meant the "we'll see" to be finding any better fucking than Pete did. Bill probably took it as an answer that he wanted it again the next time he had shore leave. He was right in that.


"Good,"Bill murmured. "When I take you back to the ship, I'll give you contact numbers. Next time, we'll pay you the same we pay Javier-$500 for the weekend for unlimited access."


Unlimited access, Tim thought. What a strange way to express it. He was on the verge of laughing about that, but his attention was arrested. Bill was moving him.


"It's late," Tim whispered. "We should be-"


Bill laughed. "We got you for the weekend, little buddy. You're going to be fucked all through the night."


Tim moaned. Bill was on his back, pulling Tim over on top of him on his back. Bill was getting his legs between Tim's and lifting and spreading Tim's legs. His cock was sliding into Tim's channel and his arms were lacing through Tim's and stretching and trapping the young sailor's arms over his head.


Tim woke up laying on his belly diagonally in the bed. Dan was saddled over his hip and fucking down in him. Pete was doggy fucking Javier in the other bed. Tim's head was hanging over the side of the bed and he was staring down into a waste basket half full of spent condoms.


Todd and Bill were nowhere to be seen or heard.


Dan filled his condom and got off Tim and went to the shower. Tim was moving to get off the bed when strong, brown hands gripped his waist and pulled him down to the side of the bed, moving his feet to the floor. Tim was bent over on the bed on his belly. Pete entered him and began a strong stroke.


Javier got off the other bed and went into the bathroom, and, presumably into the shower. When both Dan and Javier came out of the bathroom, they stood there, toweling off, and watching Pete stroke on inside Tim.


Tim was moaning and panting and gasping. He had been a bit premature in thinking it was all over the previous night.


Dan and Javier continued watching as they dressed. Pete stroked on.


After the two had left the room, Pete shot his load, pulled out and went to the shower, tossing his sea slug of a spent condom in the waste basket on his way to the bathroom.


He hadn't said anything at all to Tim. Tim was just there for their special weekend.


It was nearly noon when Tim struggled into the dining room, so he ordered a hamburger and shake with fries. Pete and Javier were gone. Bill was there. He'd finished eating, but he said he would wait around and take Tim to see something else of San Diego after he'd eaten and then take him back to his ship.


Dan and Todd weren't there, but they came into the dining room as Tim was finished eating.


"Want you back in the bedroom after you're done here," Dan said. "We got interrupted doin' you together last night. We're not done." Then they walked on toward the corridor to the BOQ rooms.


"No,"Tim said to their departing backs. "No," he said, turning to Bill."Please, no. I've had enough. You guys have had enough of me."


"It's still the weekend," Bill said.


"No,"Tim said, starting to rise from the table.


Bill stood, gathered him up, tossed him over his shoulder, and started walking down the corridor.


Dan and Todd took him the way they had started to do the previous evening. Todd was under Tim on his back, Tim's back on him, Todd's cock buried up Tim's channel.He was embracing Tim's chest with his arms and pushing Tim's legs up and out with his. Dan crouched between Tim's legs, forced his cock in over Todd's, and did most of the pumping.


Tim lay there, whimpering and trapped between them. It wasn't as bad as he had imagined it to be. Pete had reamed him well for it.


Back to the Sea


Before taking Tim back to the ship, Bill drove him up the coast in the Mustang to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. They parked in a lot right next to the cliffs, and Bill pulled Tim over toward him, wrapping an arm around his neck and took him into a deep kiss. He moved the other hand under his jerkin and rubbed his nipples and glided his hand over Tim's chest. They were looking out over the Pacific on a beautiful, rugged section of the Pacific. He unbuttoned Tim's Navy white trousers-not that Navy white anymore-fished out his cock and slowly stroked him.


"You were terrific, baby," Bill murmured. "Can't get enough of you."


You and three others, Tim thought. But he was melting to the man. He was such a hunk and he had such a beautiful smile and a soothing voice. Tim could almost believe him.


"I'm sorry if it was a bit taxing . . ."


A bit!? Tim thought.


".. . but it's because your body is so beautiful and yielding. You are a natural.We must have you again."


Tim's hips were moving, thrusting up inside the hand encasing his cock. Was this what he wanted too. Would it be pabulum with Big Ralph from now on? Maybe this was what he wanted after all.


Bill's tongue was inside Tim's mouth, swabbing it. He took Tim's tongue in his mouth and sucked on it. He was pulling on Tim's cock harder. His thumb was pressing into Tim's piss slit, slicking around the precum Tim was producing.


This was more than fucking. This was fully arousing, more attention being paid to Tim's needs than anyone had done the previous day. He could lay under Bill and fully enjoy him. Of them all Bill had done him best. And he was the best looking, the hunkiest, the best talker. The kindest.


Both of them were aware that Tim was tensing. Bill withdrew from the kiss and moved his mouth down to cover Tim's cock and to suck until Tim came.


No one in the previous day had cared when and how Tim had come. Just now, here with Bill. Only Bill cared. He'd been given a telephone number. Was it Bill's.He could call the next shore leave and meet him again if it was only Bill.


Bill came back up and went into another kiss on the mouth. He had been holding Tim's cum in his mouth and it rolled around between their mouths. Tim moaned deeply.This was a new sensation. Not all that unpleasant. The most intimate sharing he'd ever done with a man.


"Come let's walk," Bill said, rebuttoning Tim's fly.


They got out of the car and, arm and arm, walked alongside the cliff. A hundred yards along the cliff the foliage got to be denser, trees and bushes came closer to the pathway.


Suddenly Bill lifted Tim off the ground and dragged him into the bush. He was pawing at Tim like a wild man. Tim was struggling against him, but it was no use. Bill pulled off his trousers and briefs and forced him onto all fours in the scrub, thrust inside him, and pounded, pounded, pounded his ass.


Tim sobbed and writhed under Bill's thrusts, the most brutal that Tim had had all weekend. With a yell, Bill pulled out of him and shot off across the small of his back. Tim rolled over onto his side and Bill stood, crouching over him, panting.


"Get up."


Tim whimpered something neither one of them could understand.


"I said get up."


Tim didn't. Bill kicked him in the ribs. He still couldn't rise.


Bill reached down, pulled him up, slung him over his shoulder, marched back to the car, and dumped him over the side of the convertible into the passenger seat.


As they drove back into the city, with Tim curled up in a ball in the passenger seat as far away from Bill as possible, Bill spoke only once. "$500 for the weekend plus room and board. We don't make love; we fuck. It's good money.Think about it and call us your next shore leave. You're going to find that you don't want vanilla any more after us. So you'll call."


At the dockside, he stopped near the gangplank to the USS Shoup, reached over and opened the passenger door, and nudged Tim out onto the blacktop. He reached over and pulled the door closed and then drove off without giving another look.


A couple of sailors passed Tim as he was struggling to stand up. They'd seen drunks coming off of shore leave like this, though, so they just passed him by.


Tim was happy for three weeks. Big Ralph kept the other men off him and fucked him three times a week. Bill had been right, though. After Pete and his friends Big Ralph's fucking was bland. Tim started to let the occasional bruiser fuck him without letting Big Ralph know that he was doing it. He found two guys who wanted to fuck him together, but Tim discovered that what they had in mind was one after another, but at the same time. And it was pretty bland.


One twilight he arranged to be standing near the hatch doorway to a rope locker, apparently unaware of a group of black sailors moving around him, ever closer, but knowing they were there. When they fucked him on coils of rope in the dark, one after the other as several hands held him down, all big dicked and heavy pounders, Tim felt about as close to the thrill he now associated with his Air Force officer weekend as he'd ever gotten.


Three months later, the Shoup was pulling into San Diego again to let its sailors go on shore leave-and Tim was looking around in his kit bag for Bill's telephone number.



[email protected]


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