Eric dipped a cloth in a nearby trough of water and came over and started dabbing my face and torso with the cool cloth. I put my hand on the back of his hand and let it slide up his forearm and across his bulging bicep, pulling his face down to mine, taking his lips in mine. I spread my legs and wrapped them around his beefy thighs and pulled him into me. Big hands, big feet, bald head, all panned out in this package. The power of him was swinging like a baseball bat between his legs.

I threw my head back and arched my back and cried out for him as he entered me with the thick, thick dick of his, and I bucked hard against him, riding hard, enjoying him as he was enjoying me in waves and waves of freely offered fucking.

I was toweling myself off after a long, languid bath in the well-appointed bathroom off the scarlet room that evening when I heard the soft knock on the door.

When I opened the door, Eric entered with a supper tray for me. I'd been told I had to stay in the room for the remainder of my stay. I moved to embrace him, but he leaned away from me, put a thick finger up to his lips and then pointed to the corners of the ceiling. I looked up and saw the small flickering of pinpoint lights. Of course. What happened in this room was being video recorded.

I let him go with regret, ate the dinner and put the tray outside the door, and then I unwrapped the towel from my waist and threw it into the bathroom and went back to the canopy bed. Stretching myself out on the bed on my back, I masturbated and writhed sensuously on the bed for the benefit of the camera for a short while and then I went into a semiconscious doze. It had been an exhausting assignment. I couldn't remember whether I had ever been as inventively and fully fucked.

When I woke, the room was dark except for the flickering light from the fire in the fireplace. One of the twins was at the fireplace, perhaps having just lit it. He was naked, facing the fire. His legs were spread and I could see his long cock dangling between his legs, picking up the light coming off the fire. He turned at hearing me stir, and I began to learn that the twins were not identical in their preferences.

He, who I later guessed was Bill, motioned me over to the fireplace.

'Kneel on the oriental carpet here and suck me,' He commanded. His voice wasn't as hard edged as it had been earlier that day.

While I sucked on his dick, bringing it to life, and fingered his balls, he poured himself a glass of wine and held the glass in one hand and cupped the back of my head with his other hand. I was pleasing him. I certainly knew how to do that well.

When he was fully engorged, he pulled my head back off his cock with his fingers in my hair. I twitched with surprise as I saw the wine bottle in his hand as I arched back. He tipped it, letting wine spill down over my chest. Then he put the bottle down, came down on his knees in front of me. Wrapping one strong, beefy arm around the small of my back as I was arched back on my knees, my head reaching back almost to the floor, he started to lick the wine down my torso, until his lips reached and swallowed my cock. I just lay back supported by his forearm around the small of my back, my arms hanging at my side and staring into the flickering fire in the fireplace as he sucked me to ejaculation.

Then he turned me onto my knees, my chest flat on the carpet, my eyes still glued to the firelight, as he opened a condom packet and crowned himself. The packet fluttered to the carpet beside my face and then he crouched over my hips and took me doggy style in long, smooth, slow strokes.

While he was fucking me, I heard someone enter the room. Eric, perhaps? And when Bill had ejaculated and pushed me down on the carpet and moved sensuously on my body with his as he kissed my neck and shoulders and we both watched the fire until we had calmed down, he escorted me to the bathroom, where a warm bath had been drawn. We went into the tub, facing each other, and then we both drank wine, while I let my toes bring his cock back to life. With a little cry of passion, he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled my hips into his pelvis. I let my legs rise out of the tub and planted the soles of my feet on the tiles on either side of his head. He held my hips with his strong hands and I used the leverage of my feet on the walls to fuck myself on his regenerated tool.

One satisfied client.

The other twin, Bob, I'm sure, was a whole other story. He silently entered the room late that night. I was barely awake as he bound my wrists over my head at the headboard. I was quite awake, though, as he was trussing up my legs in the apparatus at the foot of the bed that spread my legs wide and lifted both them and my pelvis.

He roughly gagged me with the rubber ball gag I'd seen in the nightstand drawer earlier. Then he lubed up and used a progression of ever larger, ever more knobbly dildos on my ass channel while I writhed on the bed and tried to scream around the rubber ball filling my mouth and pushing my tongue down.

That little excitement over, he jerked the gag off. He wanted to hear me when he was taking me himself. I watched him take a strap-on cock enlarger out of the drawer. It had suction cup-like knobs running around it in a screw pattern. I watched as he lubed himself, rolled on a condom, and then strapped on the apparatus. I begged him not to do this, just as I knew he wanted me to do. I trembled for him and stammered my fear. And I knew this excited him. He walked over to where I had left my riding clothes and took up the riding crop I'd dropped there.

He was flicking it as he approached me between my spread and raised legs, and I whimpered for him. I cried out as he wanted me to and arched my back up and down on the bed and struggled as best I could as he screwed his enhanced tool inside me. I grunted and groaned for him as he started stroking inside me and flicking my butt cheeks and flanks with the riding crop.

After a while, he pulled out of me, freed his long, hard cock from the enhancer, pulled off the condom, and climbed up on the bed and straddled my chest. He fed his cock into my mouth and I sucked him expertly, as I knew he expected me to. He pulled out of me and shot all over my chest with a throaty cry.

Then he moved to a nearby short-backed boudoir chair and just sat there, watching me naked and all trussed up and fingering and pulling on his cock.

I could see that he was beginning to breath heavily and getting big again, and I wondered what he had planned for round two.

But, inexplicably, he stood and started releasing me from the bonds.

'You can go clean yourself up now,' he said in a low, hoarse voice when I was free.

I stumbled off the bed, sore and exhausted from my full day of making money the old fashioned way, and started to hobble toward the bathroom.

But that was the signal for round two. Bob grabbed me by the hair from the back and propelled me to and astride the chair he'd been sitting in with a fist in the small of my back. The breath went out of me as I fell across the chair. He was at me like a thundering animal in full rut. Yanking my head back with a fist in my hair and thrusting hard between my butt cheeks with his long, hard cock. Fucking me and fucking me and fucking me.

I gave him what he wanted. Complete subservience and cries of being cruelly split asunder - which wasn't all that much off the mark.

Another satisfied client.

The next morning Eric drove me back to the airport in the Lincoln limo. I missed the scheduled flight and had to rebook for later, because Eric stopped the car near the end of the drive and joined me in the back seat, where, first, he pushed my head down between his legs for me to suck him as he sat back in the seat and spread them, and then lifted me and sat my channel down on his thick tool while I rocked back and forth on top of him to our eventual mutual satisfaction.

It was only when the plane was half way back across the continent that I realized why Leon had really been grinning. The twins had first fucked me through a slit in the jodhpurs and had at no point commented on the platinum hair, shaved chest and pits, or the V of the bush. They didn't give a flying fuck about this. Leon had told me to do that just as his own private joke. Well, fuck him - but not in this lifetime.



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