Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, sure was a great life style and certainly was an eye opening experience for me. When we first moved back from Canada my parents bought a house in City Beach and for me was my education in Gay Sex.

For some reason and I don't know why but nearly all nudist beaches are located near military facilities in Australia or in a very secluded spot.

As with all beaches there is a gay section and non gay section.

After I got my first dog I used to take him for long walks along the beach and always south as there where long stretches of dunes where he could run and play. It was how I discovered a nudist beach near my home called Swanbourne.

As this was in the late 70's and early 80's sex was sex and no one ever considered condoms which could make for some fun times with coconut scented oil slick cocks and well let's put it this way some of the oil sure got used for more than just tanning!

As I discovered the beach I became more confident and started to spend all my free weekends and free summer days at the nudist beach as much as I could and found the wonders of the dunes above to be the most fun and to this day is one of my favourite memories to jack off to.

One memorable occasion actually involved one of my father's employee's boyfriend and she never knew that her boyfriend was bi-sexual.

So as usual with every warm sunny and hot day I made my way down to the nudist beach and as it sometimes happened then, there where red flags meaning that the army was using live ammunition for target practice.

This meant we could only go on the fringes of the nudist beach and actually not travel any further South to the main nudist beach. Didn't bother me much as this was the gay section of the beach anyway. So stretching out on my towel I made myself at home with frozen water, a book and radio to relax and soak in the sun's rays.

Probably not more than five minutes had passed when this muscular and tall good looking guy in his early 20's arrived and started to set himself up across from me. Lying on my stomach I was able to lie there and watch him get naked through the crook of my arm without being to obvious.

This was always the best part watching them undress and flaunt their muscles as they made themselves comfortable. Not long after, this amazingly handsome guy got settled he reached into his bag and pulled a bottle of suntan lotion. Looking across at me he asked.

"Hey mate you mind putting some lotion on my back?"

"Sure no problem happy to help." I scrambled up to assist him.

I noticed he looked at my uncut cock which wasn't unusual as most Australians are cut and they always seem interested in a foreskin.

"Names Grant" he muttered as I rubbed the lotion in.

"Tim here" he looked back at me "Hey do I detect a bit of an accent?"

"Yeah from Canada although mostly lived here but we just moved back to Oz after being back in Canada for two years."

As we eased into conversation etc we discovered that his girlfriend's boss was actually my father. He mentioned we looked a bit like except my eyes are hazel compared to my father's blue ones.

The midday sun slowly moved across the sky and by this time we had moved out towels closer to each other and took turns swimming. Grant offered to put some lotion on my back and being the youth that I was at the time and his incredible ministrations and the massaging he did on my ass cheeks caused me to get hard in no time.

Although we were at what was considered the gay section of the beach in those days you had to be careful, as someone could take it the wrong way. So lying on my stomach I could feel my cock hard as nails underneath me pressing into the sand under my towel.

Of course being such a horny pup I was producing a hell of a lot of pre-cum which was making my cock head very slippery within my foreskin.

After Grant had finished he lay down next to me and I could swear his cock was a little thicker and longer or was it just my imagination?

I reached up to get at my back pack and grab another bottle of water also taking advantage to free my sticky cock from the towel. Grant was lying on his stomach facing me and was wearing sunglasses so I was unsure if he saw my hard cock.

Getting back down and trying to discreetly make myself comfortable Grant asked me if he could try and find a good station on the radio. I passed it to him to which he slightly rolled over exposing a hard and incredible thick cock discreetly to me. A long string of pre-cum went from his thick mushroom head to the towel glinting in the sun.

He smiled at me and said looks like we have a mutual condition. I laughed and looked more openly at his cock now. Finally finding a good station he settled the radio down and we both listened to the Casey Kasum (sorry not sure on that spelling guys) Top 40.

As I looked down the length of Grants body I realized he was very subtly dry humping his towel and the way his ass slightly clenched was an incredible sight to me.

As it always does the afternoon sea breeze started to slowly come in and people began to pack up their beach gear and leave the beach.

Grant rolled over more openly now displaying his cock which was still very hard and now slightly red from the hatch pattern of his beach towel.

"Hey you want to find a more protected spot up in the dunes?" I agreed already knowing where this was going to lead to, and we started to gather our things together.

Although our cocks softened they were still thick and puffy from our erections. With the sand starting to bite into our legs from the wind we slowly made out way up to the protected dunes.

Finding a very quiet and secluded spot, Grant insisted on applying more lotion to my body except this time with the two of us protected by the bushes and the dunes there was no pretense of hiding our hard cocks.

Grant grabbed the bottle of coconut scented suntan lotion and poured liberally down the front of my chest. As the oil slid down my body Grant lowered himself and pressed his lips to my throat nuzzling my neck. In doing so for the first time I felt his strong thick cock resting next to mine and is he started to rub it back and forth in my groin for the first time he brought his lips to mine and we really kissed.

The feel of the sun beating down on us as our tongues fought for domination of each other's mouths was hot and fierce but heightened our sexual energy in turn we where both thrusting hard against each other and our pre-cum with the scent of coconut and sweat was over powering.

Grant lifted himself up and slid up my chest bringing his cock mid way up my chest and I could see the incredible thickness and length as it throbbed to the beating of his heart, slowly he slid down my stomach until my cock was caught between his ass cheeks.

This set him into motion of sliding my cock up and down his crack more forcibly with each thrust and every time I felt my cockhead touching his asshole I knew something was about to happen.

Finally with a little repositioning of his back my cock on the next upward slide hit his hole hard and I felt a tightening pressure on the head of my cock.

It was then I knew where this was going as he forced himself onto my slick suntan lotion and pre-cumed cock hard until my balls where mashed up against the cheeks of his ass.

Stealthily he rode my cock groaning and moaning about how long he had waited to have his ass filled and for me this was new territory to feel my cock in another man's ass for the first time. It felt like putting a knife into butter as you pulled it out the suction would make it difficult to draw it out and the feeling was the same as my cock slid out as he rode upwards.

With a ferocity that surprised me he continued to ride me playing with his nipples as he rode my cock. Bringing his legs down to the side of my thighs he wedged his feet under my thighs and the next thing I knew we were rolling over into the fine white bleached sand with him on the bottom and me on top riding him.

The action of rolling had knocked off his sunglasses and for once I looked into his sex crazed blue eyes and knew once and for all the power of being a complete top. One that with each thrust reached that point where the bottom felt like little pins where running up and down each limb of their body as my cock hit that spot that only true bottoms know how to enjoy.

I looked down at his cock and like a leaky faucet the pre-cum was dribbling out making a puddle that ran down to his belly button as he wrenched his ass up to feel my cock digging deeper into his guts.

The heat from the sun beat down on my back and I loved the feel of his hands grabbing my ass cheeks as they flexed with each thrust into his body. Pushing myself up on my two arms straight up I started deep thrusting into his now loosening ass and for the first time I realized we were not alone.

A shadow passed near us and I looked up into the face of a blond surfie watching us fuck like two rabid dogs in heat, looking down I saw him beating his long thin cock with sparse blond pubic hairs visible below his fist.

This was way too much for me and unable to hold back I started to erupt into Grant's hot supple ass. With my sudden freeze and swelling of my cock Grant knew I was coming and it was enough to push him over the edge.

Thick streams of white hot cum splashed out between us onto his bronzed belly joining the pool of precum. With that, Grant in a state of utter exhaustion fell back onto the sand his muscled cheat heaving as his eyes shut tightly against the sun.

I looked back up to where the blond surfie had been except for the foot prints and wet cum patches in the sand he was gone.

With the sea breeze way too strong to consider taking a swim we used what water I had left to clean ourselves off of sand, cum and lotion.

After that things became an awkward silence and Grant made some excuse about having to leave.

Sadly I never did meet Grant again he was an amazing man. He did marry the girl from work and unfortunately died in an oil rig accident a year and a half later. Grant thanks for teaching me the real act of male to male sex and I still keep thinking of our one and only time with a great memory and sadness that it will never happen again.



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