Dredging up from my foggy memory are the continuation of more stories at Swanbourne Beach. 

My education during my early visit’s to the beach I think where mostly voyeurism.

There is one episode in particular that certainly comes to my mind that won’t be leaving my jack off fantasies anytime soon. Where as this was a case of voyeurism, certainly was an eye opener for me as it involved one of my Physical Education Teachers from school, whom to be honest I had one hell of a crush on.

For this reason I will call him Mr Peterson cause I really do not know if he ever was openly gay or not. Those of you reading this may already be from my Alma Mater or from my year and already guessed what College I attended. And you would remember his name which is very similar.

We had two Physical Education Teachers at my school one was an American, Ex Marine and when you use the term built like a BRICK SHIT HOUSE it sure referred to him. He had an ugly scar running down the side of his face but only added to his masculinity. His wife actually worked at the library and where he was so outright a masculine handsome man she was very plain Jane.

However I digress here this reflection actually is about his assistant Mr Peterson, being in a private school all the teachers where referred to by their surname or to as Sir. I used to fantasize about these two men together until I saw Mr Peterson in action one day at the beach and my fantasy about him only grew.

Mr Peterson stood at approximately 5 foot 10 not exactly tall but amazingly fit and with a shock of curly black hair, and was fashionable at the time a well groomed and sexy black moustache. His attire was always a tight Polo type shirt with the buttons opened at the top exposing the curly chest hair from the top. Both of them wore the same outfit which only made ones hormones race, I think the most appealing of his outfit was the tight white tennis shorts they both wore. However impressive the mound may have been I now know that there was more to it then what was covered.

It was a typical hot and sweltering day in Perth as I made my way down to the beach, I had learnt already it was always wise to get there early to get the prime spots so to speak. The best places where always just at the base of the dunes where you could find a semi secluded spot and was far back enough from the water and foot traffic that you could survey the whole beach.

The sand was brutally hot and coming up between my toes so my thongs (flip flops) were offering very little protection from the heat. As I found a great spot I settled down for a lazy day of sunning and splashing around in the water.

Surveying the beach there were not that many people a few around and looking back up I could see a couple of guys on top of the dunes looking out. Getting naked was easy for me now although at first I used to pop an erection immediately getting naked. I stretched out on my towel taking a swig of water. With the radio softly playing the top 40, I lay back and soaked up the sun.

As the early morning moved closer to midday more people arrived and set up for a day of sun and sea soaking. Looking south you could see people walking along the shore line from the main beach as the Military where not doing firing range practice and it was open.

Peering through my sunglasses I could make out the figure of a lonely figure of a man walking towards me. His curly black hair was ruffled by a soft breeze and you could see his was shirtless with a very hairy chest. Although the gait of his walk seemed familiar to me it didn’t dawn on me till later that it was Mr Peterson walking up from the main beach. I couldn’t make him out to clearly but you could tell he surely was athletic by the ripple 8 pack in his abdomen and the way his muscular legs moved purposefully along the water’s edge.

All of a sudden it dawned on me as to who it was and for the first time in my life I prayed for the sun gods to open the sands below me and swallow me whole. For there walking closer towards me and now steering away from the shoreline and towards the middle of the beach was my one of my main fantasies Mr Peterson. In a panicked state I quickly considered getting dressed and scurrying off but then it dawned on me that in doing so would draw attention to myself and he would see me I thought better of it and stay put.

Rolling over I put my head on my folded arms and watched him as he drew closer. Peering through my sunglasses I watched as he moved within about 15 metres of me and then stopped, he spread out his towel dropped his bag and stretched. His muscular back was stretching showing off the golden tan of his body to an amazing site to behold.

It was only recently that I had discovered pornography and he looked like one of those men from Tom of Finland in my well worn and sticky book hidden under my chest of drawers at home. Fascinated I watched would he get completely naked, there was no rule that said he had to I mean some swimmers preferred to keep on their swimwear.

He undid his shorts and let them fall to his ankles revealing a light powder blue speedo’s that only accentuated the muscular and dimpled bubble butt that was his ass. Okay I thought he isn’t going any further. With a movement he kicked his shorts on top of his bag. Fiddled with the front of his swimmers and the next thing I knew he was sliding his speedo’s down revealing his pure white and unmarked ass to the world. As he bent down to slide his swimmers down his legs slightly spread and I saw a full and heavy set of furry balls hanging down with the tip of a thick and soft cock peaking out under them.

By this time it would have taken wild horses to drag me away from the vision I was looking at on the beach. As he stood up I got to see him in all his glory from his wide shoulders it made a marked V down to his narrow waist and plump white muscular ass.

Seriously you would have thought a Colt Model had suddenly landed on the beach and suddenly appeared. Looking discreetly around I could see that the arrival of Mr Peterson was certainly drawing a lot of attention from the guys especially one red haired guy (favourite position bottom) whom I had nicknamed Ginger. Although we had never spoken I had seen him in action a few times in the dunes. Ginger had a swimmers build light dusting of hair on his chest and a long decent yet thin cock. My encounter later with Ginger I will save for another story.

Mr Peterson headed towards the water his ass undulating and flexing with each step enough to make me remind myself to keep breathing. The whiteness of his muscular ass was like a neon sign that kept flashing LOOK AT MY ASS! And trust me I think probably everyone was!

As he ventured into the water Ginger made his move from his towel which was closer to Mr Peterson’s position then mine. I watched as Mr Peterson made a small run and jumped up gracefully diving over the wave rolling in. In strong strokes he swam out a few metres just past the wave line and treaded water.

Watching steadily through my sunglasses I watched Ginger go into action. I had seen this before and I knew exactly what was going to happen next. He swam within a few metres of Mr P and then went under the water, Mr P was treading water by this time looking out watching the water rise and fall. All of a sudden I saw him look around and then try to look into the water itself.

Ginger had made contact. This was something I myself had learnt to do from talking with other guys about what Ginger does to attract interest. With a subtle swim by under water you caress the objects ass and if your lucky get a quick feel of their balls or cock.

Ginger popped his head out of the water within about 2 meters of Mr P. and Mr P. looked over at Ginger as there appeared to be no negative response, Ginger then dove under the water again. Now remember guys this can be a risky game to play. Ginger was under water for what appeared to be about 2-3 minutes I watched keenly to see Mr P’s reaction. He brought his head back a little and was now using his arms and hands to tread water. CONTACT this meant that Ginger was blowing Mr P. under the water. It was hard to discern from the distance the expression on his face but obviously he wasn’t fighting what was going on.

About 2 seconds later Gingers head popped up again he took some deep breaths and dove quickly under the water. Again for about 2-3 min’s he was under the water. This time when he popped up he was a lot closer to Mr P. and there was a conversation going on between them, Ginger with a hand intimated the direction of the dunes and with a shake of his head yes I knew that Mr P. had agreed to meet Ginger up in the dunes.

Ginger was the first to swim to shore and was not ashamed about coming out of the water with his cock almost fully erect. Where as Mr P. stayed in the water just a minute or two more. When he did finally come to shore I was certainly in for a treat. Although not erect he sure was extremely thick, from what I could see from the distance had to be at least 5 inches there and very puffy.

The first thought was if it is that good coming down what must it look like hard. His hair now was very curly wet, and the hair on his chest was matted as he slowly came up the beach cock swinging back and forth bouncing off his pair of enormous balls. I looked over at Ginger he was scooping up his towel and belongings and heading towards the dunes. My attention turned back to Mr P. who was slipping his sneakers on but not bothering to take anything else and with a general nonplussed interest casually walked towards the dunes. I casually looked over at the other regulars that came to the beach and I knew from the expressions there where some that registered “Shit Ginger beat us to the punch again!” or “Oh well missed out on that stud!”

For me it was an opportunity! I decided I would wait a moment or two then casually wonder up into the dunes to see if I could catch a glimpse of the action. Casually reaching into my bag I grabbed my water bottle and my shorts. Standing up I slowly put on my shorts making sure I could see the direction that they headed towards. I headed off in a direction almost parallel but slightly away from them.

Quickly I climbed the dune appearing to be heading in a different direction and so as not to arouse suspicion from others below and reached the top. Once over the top and out of eye sight I moved towards their direction. I knew by then most of the spots that most of the guys go to and where the best advantages where to see the action. I moved quickly and quietly as I could along the paths until at last I came across a small group of stunted trees to finally see my goal. I crouched down low and slowly made my way up the dunes edge there below me was Ginger kneeling on his towel with Mr P. His ass was clenching tightly with each thrust and it was obvious that he was fucking Gingers mouth.

Ginger was really going to town and reached to the back of Mr P’s muscular ass pulling as much of cock into his mouth as he could. Realising I was not getting a good angle for my private sex show I made a careful and quiet move around to a better vantage point. To this day I swear you would think it was one of the major gay studio’s filming a fantasy movie right there. From my new vantage point I could see it all! There he stood my teacher with a hard fuck stick not enormous like a porn actor only about 5.5 inches but fuck was that puppy thick! Gingers cheeks where puffing with each thrust of Mr P’s cock in his mouth and you could tell Ginger was trying to deep throat as much of it as he could. The spittle was drooling down his chin as his saliva coated that cock with each thrust into his eager mouth. Ginger ran a finger closer to Mr’s P’s muscular ass cleavage and obviously Mr P wasn’t interested in that cause he slapped his hand away.

This was obviously a scene of “I WANT TO GET MY ROCKS OFF”. Not wishing to make a noise I knew that if I opened my board shorts the Velcro strip would make a lot of noise so I reached up into the leg of my shorts to grab my hard aching dripping cock, and slowly jack my cock.

Trust me by now my eye’s where burning the sweat was running down my brow into my eyes the sun was hotter then hell, I watched Mr P, reach into Gingers open bag he grabbed the suntan oil out of the bag and dribbled it down Gingers back. The oil made a B line straight for Gingers ass cleavage and ran down the cleft of his swimmers ass. With a movement that didn’t surprise me Mr P reached down grabbed Ginger taking him off his hard and twitching saliva soaked cock and rotated him in a 180 degree position. In one move and he took no mercy he shoved his thick hard cock deep into Ginger, right up to his balls. Ginger made a merciful whelp to which Mr P slapped him hard on the ass with a loud SHHH.

I watched incredible to the scene unfolding in front of me here was my teacher fucking another guy in the ass and getting off on the whole thing.

With Ginger being such a seasoned bottom it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable in the bent over position he was in, Mr P. took his hands from behind his back and placed them behind his head elbows high up as he deep dicked Ginger. I mean he was really going at it, balls deep and all the clenching of his ass to the way his dick was sliding in and out he was obviously getting some pent out frustration on Gingers asshole. Mr P arched his shoulders back to allow himself to get in harder and deeper, from the angle I was at I could see a look of pure bliss on Gingers face his cock was rock hard and the pre-cum was drooling in a long string between his sandaled feet.

My own cock was ready to blow as I watched the muscle man of my dreams fuck this guy. The pounding was fierce and relentless and with one final jutting and vibrating thrust Mr P made one final move and hit rock bottom he didn’t move but I watched on as his ass muscles clench and quiver his back heaved and I knew he was blowing a load into Gingers ass, realizing that the end was here I moved as quietly and quickly as I could to finish off my own load onto the white fine sand.

Making my way back to my things I gathered everything together and called it a day.

The next day I headed off to the beach again and out of the blue Ginger came up to me.

He asked “Did you enjoy the show?” I was amazed he knew. We became friends I fucked his hot ass later. Let me tell you Ginger was an amazing bottom and I am sure Mr P. enjoyed every thrust!



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