Four months ago, I decided at great risk of being alienated from my family, friends and church, to find someone to teach me about what it was like being an active Gay man. I really wanted to have my first man on man sex. After I got off work at 5 PM on a Saturday 16 weeks ago, I went to the Castro District in San Francisco looking for action.

I am above average looking guy. I am 6-feet tall, weigh 160 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, slim built and have been blessed with a thick big 8-inch cut cock.

I walked around the district looking at cute guys going in and out of Gay bars and xxx bookstores. I was so excited to be around so many gorgeous Gay guys.

When a group of four rough looking dudes approached me, I got very nervous. They pinned me up against a wall and asked if I had any drugs. I know I was in trouble but I got lucky as two police officer came around the corner and the guys fled. I got in my car and rushed home.

All the next week, I could not think of anything else except going back to the district for possible action or at least go into a bookstore and see all the sexual material.

The next Saturday I went back to the district but a littler wiser as I immediately entered a very large adult bookstore and began going down the isles looking at all the sexual materials. There were many handsome guys in the store but they looked at me with what I considered pity as I was shy and nervous. I stood out like a sore thumb. The guys knew what they were doing and often left the store on the arm of some hunk.

I was not ready to give up. I began checking out the magazines, toys and xxx DVD's. After about 30 minutes, this cute guy came up to me. He was about my size.

"Hi, my name is Neil. Do you come here very often?"

"Howdy, I am Ryan. No, as a matter of fact, this is my first time in this bookstore. I have found it very exciting. I guess you can see that I am a novice at this Gay thing. It show's doesn't it?"

"Oh Man, relax. Everyone has their first time exploring their sexuality. You are not the first. I find you cute. You actually turn me on."

"WOW, OH my goodness, Neil, you make me blush but I am really happy to meet you. You are really hot. I must confess that I come from a family that is adamantly opposed to this Gay thing and I have been scared to death to come here. I am Gay and I have wanted to know how it feels to have sex with a man. But if my family finds out, I will be disowned."

"Oh Man, I am so sorry. Maybe I can help you. I have seen this same predicament in other guys. I tell you what. Let me buy you a couple of magazines that illustrate several sexual scenes and how to for example give a hot blowjob. You will be just fine. Here are two great ones. Take them and I will pay for them."

"Man, I am so lucky to have run into you. Thanks a million."

"Oh no problem Ryan. I have to go as my boyfriend is getting off work and I have to pick him up. Now I do not know what your favorite sexual acts will be but let me suggest two things. You can say no if you do not like my ideas. To get started, let me rent one of the rooms down the hall in here, you can go in and wait for a guy to enter in the next room. He will stick his hot cock through what is called a glory hole. He will want you to suck him off, or you can stick what seems to be a big cock you have through the hole and he will suck you off, or you can take turns sucking off each other. He will never know who you are or you will not know who he is. This will be a good way for you to break the ice the first time. Also look at the magazines to learn a few tricks while you are waiting."

"Neil, I am excited. Yes, get me one of the rooms. I am so horny and I thank you so much. You are the best."

Neil paid for the room, took me to it and showed me what would happen. I started looking through the magazines with great excitement. I was about to have my first Gay experience.

"Great Ryan, good luck tonight. Maybe my boyfriend and I will see you here at another time."

I spent about 20 minutes looking at the magazines when I heard the door open in the next room, someone approached the glory hole, unzipped his pants and stuck his huge gorgeous dark cock through the hole. He was either African American or Hispanic. What a beautiful big cock. I became instantly hard anticipating that I was about to have my first cock in my mouth. I got down on my knees and began kissing the big head of his cock. Soon he was leaking precum into my mouth. It tasted salty but very delicious.

I had never seen a more beautiful body part. The cock was long, very thick, a dark mushroom head, circumcised cock and a very wide open piss slit. He pushed his big sac holding his large balls through the hole as well. This had turned me into my first voyeuristic encounter. I was horny as hell.

I grabbed the base of his cock and slowly lapped my tongue around his juicy cock head. Soon I was going all the way down on his rock hard cock as I sucked him harder and faster. I would withdraw and then thrust my throat all the way back down to the base of his really hot cock. I was holding his balls in one hand.

"Hell yes, Dude, suck my cock. Fondle my balls. Oh Shit, you are a terrific cock sucker. Make me come in your hot mouth. Let me feed you a cum meal. Oh Fuck, that feels so good."

I became wild with lust and confidence as I gave his cock my best sucking powers. I sucked him for at least five minutes when I felt his cock swell larger in my mouth. I felt him thrust his cock deep into my throat and his breath became rapid. Soon he erupted with a series of huge blasts down my throat. It felt like a gallon of warm cum. My first cum bath.

"Thanks man for a super blowjob," a voice from the other room said. I heard him zip up his pants. Then I pushed my aching cock through the hole in anticipation of the first mouth on my cock. But I was disappointed as I heard him exit the room. I thought that was somewhat selfish on his part.

I decided to remain and hoped I would have better with with the next guy. I had to wait only about five minutes when I heard the door open. This time I made the first move and stuck my hot leaking cock through the glory hole. I would get sucked or he would not get my mouth on his cock.

Soon I felt this wet velvet mouth come down on my cock. His soft sweaty hand grabbed the base of my cock as he swallowed my entire cock inch by inch. I almost lost conscience as he moved on and off my cock with great speed. He was a pro in my mind. I could feel his hot breath on my rigid cock.

He must have been extremely horny as he sucked me with great speed and force. His mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner. The power of his sucking soon took me over the edge as I blasted load after load of cum deep into his throat. This was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I would have to come back here again soon.

"Thanks Man. You were the first man to suck my cock. It was great."

"WOW, you turn me on. Really, I was the first guy to suck your cock. Man, that is awesome. Now suck my cock, please."

He pushed this huge cock through the hole. It was big with a purple head and it was already leaking precum. This would be my second cum from a man tonight. WOW, I like this experience. I kissed

his cock head, stuck my tongue into his piss slit and went all the way down on the monstrous tool. I managed to get the entire tree trunk sized cock in my throat. I wildly sucked this boner and was in a hurry to have him blast a big cum load in my mouth. Before long, he let out a huge grunt and his cock enlarged in my mouth. Next he dump a giant load of hot cum down my throat. I was able to take it all with great pleasure.We both zipped up and I waited for him to leave before i left my room so we would not meet.

I rushed home before my parents became curious as to where I had been after work. How long could I kept up this facade. Time would tell.



Naughty Eric


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