For the next week I could hardly wait for Friday night and a return trip to the adult bookstore and a chance to meet a possible long-term new friend and fuck buddy.

After work on Friday, I told my parents that I had a consulting job with a non-profit to trouble shoot their computers and that I might not be home until Saturday or Sunday. They bought my story.

I arrived at the bookstore around 5:30 PM and began browsing the the shelves for exotic Gay materials. I felt the most intense heat in my crotch and lust for a man's cock. With more confidence than the week before, I noticed several really good looking studs giving me attention and the eye that even turned me on more than I already was.

I had not been browsing for more than 30 minutes when I was approached by a gorgeous stud that had the hard body of a hot wrestler. I would soon learn that he was a college wrestler in his senior year at a local college. He had a blond butch haircut, light blue eyes, stood about 5-feeet and 10-inches, weighed around 150 pounds, muscles all over his hard body, a super cute bubble ass, and was showing a huge package in his worn ripped blue jeans. I was about to come just looking at this Greek God.

He showed an interest in me as he approached and said: "Well, Dude, my name is Max and you are?"

"Howdy, my name is Ryan and it is so nice meeting you. Do you come here often?"

"Yes, I come here two or three times a week. To be honest, I have been looking for over a year for a hot boyfriend to move in with me. I have not had any luck. You sure are cute and seem so together."

"WOW, thanks Max. You are so handsome and I am really glad to meet you."

This so turned on Max and since we were in the back of the store alone, he grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled my face up into his chiseled face. He parted my lips with his very thick lips and sharp tongue. He drove his tongue deep int my throat. Our tongues began to wrestle as we wildly participated in driving our tongues in and out of each other's mouth. At the same time, our crotches were locked in a hot embrace as we humped. The growing salvia made our kissing very sloppy.

As our crotches were making contact, we felt our rock hard cocks bouncing off of each other. It was clear that we both were blessed with a big manhood.

Max's lust for my body was so controlling that he took one of his hands and slid it down into my pants and inside my briefs. He began jacking me off as I dribbled precum all over his fingers.

"Max. Oh Fuck, if you do not stop I am going to bust my nuts in my briefs. I am close to coming."

He withdrew his hand, sucked his fingers to enjoy my precum, smiled at me with great pleasure on his face and said: ""Buddy, you cannot come yet. We must have a night of hot sex and let me fuck you. I am crazy with lust for your body. I think I have found the guy I have been looking for over a year."

"Oh max, I must tell you that I have only been here once before. I am a closeted Gay man as my family is totally homophobic. I did engage in two blowjobs in one of the glory holes here last week for my first sex with a man. But I have never fucked or been fucked."

"Oh my god, Ryan, you are a virgin with that beautiful ass. Yes, I would love to be the first guy to fuck that virgin ass. Nothing is more exciting than putting my experienced cock in a virgin ass because the first time is so hot as my cock spreads such a tight man pussy for the first time. I can teach you all the erotic sexual positions."

"Oh Yes, Max. I would love for your cock to be the first one in my ass. I am so hot for man sex. I cannot believe that I have found you. You are beyond beautiful. I too want you to fuck my ass tonight. Where should we go?"

"Baby, I cannot wait any longer to get in your pants. Lets rent one of the rooms here. My cock is aching to get out of these tight jeans. If we do not hurry, I think I might bust my nuts here as we talk dirty."

"Me too Max. I am rock hard and the elastic in my briefs is pinching the head of my cock and it hurts. I need you now. Please fuck me and empty your man seed inside my ass. Then I want you to suck my cock dry as I feed you my hot cum. Lets do it now."

We rushed to the checkout counter, rented a room and bought a bottle of lube. We took a room with a sofa, TV monitor that played Gay sex, got hot wet towels and a room with a soft carpet. We were now ready for hot sex. I would experience my first cock up my ass. WOW, I was so hot.

When we got to the room, we engaged in a long series of hot sloppy wild kisses as our crotches bumped each other. Soon we produced lots of precum in our briefs. We undressed until we were only in our birthday suits.

Oh my goodness. Max had a body to drool over with large biceps, a ribbed chest, stomach, abs, solid hard thighs, rock hard legs and a monstrous 10-inch uncut cock with big balls. His whole body showed off his years as a wrestle. It was beautiful and hot.

Max, the experienced one with man sex, wasted no time preparing me for my first fuck. He laid me on my back on the sofa; spread my legs far apart; licked down my chest, stomach, abs and on to my cock. He kissed and licked my cock head, up and down my cock shaft, licked my balls, put them in his mouth, fingered my ass and finally he began a hot rimming of my ass as he drove his tongue into my ass entrance. After lots of rimming, he took my entire big cock down his throat. He began a long series of wild sucking my cock by coming off and going all the way back down to the base of my cock.

"Oh, Buddy, Oh Fuck, yes that is it. Don't stop sucking my cock. Oh shit, it feels so good."

Max took the bottle of lube and greased my ass, used a finger to drive the lube into my ass channel, lubed his own cock and then put my legs and feet on his shoulders. He positioned himself by putting his knees on the sofa in front of my ass, used his strong wrestling legs and hips to start entering my ass with his big cock inch by inch until his monstrous wood was all the way in my ass. My first fuck was from a hug cock that filled all the corners of my ass. He gradually increased the speed and force of the fuck.

I felt his wet leaking cock rub against my sensitive prostate, both walls of my ass felt his cock and continually his cock hit hard the opening to my colon. WOW, Max was wild with lust and he was almost unconscious as he fucked me harder and harder. His breathing increased, he grunted loudly, he was perspiring with his sweat pouring off of him onto my sweaty body, and he reared up on his toes as he gave me one final powerful thrust that seemed like it ripped my ass apart.

Then he blasted load after load of hot cum deep into my ass. I felt his warm cum rushing all around in my ass. He used his cock to drive his cum deep into my guts. The feeling was terrific.

The feeling of his cum in my ass, the smell of cum in the air, and the odors of the sweat from our bodies had me ready to erupt. Max noticed my condition as he was now spent. He left his cock in my sore ass as he came down on my cock and began once again to give me a raging wild blowjob. All the action and smells made it impossible for me to hold out more than one minute when I blasted a huge supply of my cum all over my abs, stomach, chest and face. At this point, Max withdrew his cock and took his mouth and cleaned the cum off my body that he then ate.

When finished he took his cock that still had cum residue on it and drove it into my mouth so I could enjoy the cum. We kissed so that we could experience the cum from both our cocks. It was delicious.

We took towels and cleaned ourselves off. We dressed and Max held me in his arms as he said: ""Ryan that was the best sex of my life. I have fallen in love with you. I have found the guy that I have been looking for over the past year. Will you be my boyfriend and move into my condo with me?"

"Max, OH YES, OH YES, I am so drawn to you. I have dreamed of this day for years. Yes, I want to be your boyfriend and escape that homophobic environment. I want to be totally free. Tanks for making this happen. I love you."

As we left the bookstore arm in arm, we heard cheers from many of the cute guys in the bookstore.



Naughty Eric


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