Ryan's legs were shaking as he was taken off the table and lead thru a door into the building next store. As dark as the dungeon was, this room was bright. The walls were covered in pictures of different types of tattoos. Ryan could hear the whine of a tat gun coming from one of the rooms. Still naked he was lead into one of the back rooms and was helped in to a chair reminding him of a barber shop chair.

"OK sonny, last chance, you want this?" asked Daddy Mike.

"Oh yes please." Ryan responded without knowing the plan.

Full of both fear and excitement Ryan could only nod yes. A short older man entered. He was covered in leather and tattoos. Without saying a word he sat down in front of Ryan and pulled out a metal tray with a ton of thick metal rings and barbells. The man reached up and slapped the head of Ryan's cock until he was no longer hard. with a soft dick and wide eyes Ryan watched the old man inserted first a PA into his piss hole followed by barbell after barbell down the under side of his shaft. by the time the old man was done there wasn't more then an half inch between each piercing, no room for Ryan to put enough of his hand or finger to be able to jerk himself off.

"So piggy what do you think?'' asked daddy mike.

"Oh wow. Oh daddy sir that's just hot.'' he replied as his cock started to grow hard again.

Daddy mike laughed as he nodded to the old man. The geezer stood up and for a moment Ryan thought he was done. Then the old man grabbed his rock hard nipples and squeezed.

Pain blinded Ryan for a moment as his nipples were squeezed. But once his vision returned he saw that each nipple was now pierced with a thick heavy gauge ring. Daddy mike reached over and gently flicked he new metal. Slivers of pleasure ran thru Ryan's body making his cock leak a stream of precum.

"Oh my piggy likes that'' daddy mike laughed.

The old man smiled at the comment before asking if Ryan wanted more. His voice was thick and heavy. Ryan thought his voice sounded like rich maple syrup.

"Not sure if the boy knows what you mean. But I think ears and nose.''

responded daddy.

"Don't move now.'' spoke the old man as he reached for Ryan's ear lobe. A few minutes later Ryan happily looked at himself in a mirror. Dangly from each ear was a very thick ring with a huge ball on it. And from the middle of his nose was a matching although slightly thinner ring. "I look like a bull" he thought.

One more thing before we're done. Daddy mike said holding up a razor.

Ryan stepped out of the shower and ran his hand over his new short Mohawk. The sides of his head were smooth as silk. After drying off he did as told and put on the 'clothes' laid out for him.

"Damn boy you look hot.''

Daddy Mike was standing in the door way staring at Ryan with lust in his eyes. Standing in front of him was a young pig in combat boots and ripped khaki shorts with leather suspenders. Clearly pierced and freshly shaven, this little piggy was begging to be used.

"Damn, turn a round real quick. We've got time." He growled.

Spinning Ryan around and bending him over the edge of the tub, Daddy Mike ripped a hole in the bottom of Ryan's shorts. As he wasn't wearing and underwear, Daddy Mike was greeted with the view of a clean tight eye. Won't be clean for long he thought as he aimed his swollen cock at the tight opening of Ryan's ass. With a single thrust Daddy Mike was balls deep inside Ryan again. Ryan moaned loudly in pleasure as he was once more filled with cock. Mike started long dicking Ryan's pussy. Pulling his cock free for a moment then slamming it balls deep again. Over and over Daddy Mike kept this up until he felt his nuts pull up and with a final slam he bred the college pig.

Ryan sudden came on the side of the shower as he felt his cunt being filled again.

"Yeah Daddy, fill me up. Oh god I love how you fuck me." He sighed.

"Ok boy, lets go downstairs to the bar. Time for the party to start." Daddy Mike said zipping up.

Walking thru the bar, Daddy Mike led Ryan to a dark room in the back.

"Now how this is gonna work. I'm gonna leave you here in the urinal. Well you're gonna be the urinal. Men will come in and use you how they like. At midnight there will be a raffle drawing, who ever wins will take you home for the weekend. Monday morning after you're done, come back here and you'll get your half of the pull. I'd give it to you tonight, but the last time we did that, the boy was robbed. Now there may be other boys brought in tonight or you might be the only one. If that's the case you're gonna be busy. But either was I have a feeling you're gonna be busy. Enjoy."

Daddy Mike's words rang louder then the sound of the door swinging shut. It would be about an hour before anyone would enter the make shift bathroom. And in that time Ryan gave thought to the last several days and how he ended up here tied down to and expected to be the toilet at some raunchy leather gay bar. Only a few short days ago he was a straight college freshman rooming with his best friend. Living the life: ladies liquor and sex. Now he was a piggy bottom bitch boy with a Mohawk and so many piercing he couldn't count em all. He had been fucked more times then ever before in his life, had been pissed on pissed in and had sucked multiple cocks. And thru it all ... he had loved it. He couldn't wait for someone to walk in and use him.

Ryan was tied securely to the urinal with his legs lifted and bent till they touched his chest. His rock hard cock swung in the air. Precum dripped down his shaft and coating his quivering hole. His pussy lips ached to be pried apart and fucked deeply and roughly over and over and over again.

His first "customer" of the night was an aging bear with a big fat gut. As soon as he entered the room he started opening his fly. Ryan had never seen the cock of a man this old and was shocked to see his pubes had gotten white along with the hair on his face.

"That's why they call me a polar bear." the old bear said after seeing the look on the kids face.

Ryan thought the voice sounded familiar. His eyes drifted up, this polar bears well built body and stopped at his face.

"Oh shit!' he whispered.

"Naw not my thing" the man laughed.

Ryan did recognize the voice just as he recognized the face.

"Dean Harris." Ryan stammered. Ryan had met the college dean a few weeks ago.

"Relax son. My, aren't you a cute bitch when nervous. When I heard you were the entertainment for tonight I just had to be first in line. I love to see one of my students tied down and used. Now don't you worry, before the night is out I'm sure you will see several people from campus. There might be a number of your professors here. And I know I saw boys from at least 2 frats. But everyone here knows better then to talk about these events. It's the gay sex version of `Fight Club.' Now relax and open up that pink hole. Mike told me it's pretty damn sweet." Dean Harris said as he slowly pulled on his hardening cock.

Ryan could only moan while the dean of his school thrust his hard shaft deep inside. The dean gave a few hard thrusts then held still. Ryan could feel the flow of hot piss start filling him. Dean Harris pissed hard and strong but only needed a few moments. Once empty he grabbed Ryan's hips roughly.

"Oh yea I love a wet fuck with a teen stud." he shouted

Ryan's first fuck of the night was short hot and very wet. He could only moan as his Dean pushed his old cock deep inside him. Quickly the old man gave a loud growl and drained his balls into Ryan. Zipping up, he turned to face his student.

"Damn boy that is indeed one sweet hole. You're gonna be real popular tonight. Enjoy."

There's that word again, thought Ryan.

After Dean Harris left his piss and cum mixture dripping from Ryan's hole there started to be a steady stream of older hot leather daddies coming in and pissing either in Ryan's soaked hole or over his face. Most of the men would then leave but every so often one would give him a quick hard fucking. After a few hours the college boys started showing up.

The first boy was a tall lanky guy. He was already drunk off his ass but had a major bone in his pants. Ryan was given a sloppy wet kiss as the boy plunged his cock deep. He slowly started fucking but quickly lost rhythm.

"Damn ho. I'm too drunk to fuck. Haz about you milk my bone." The drunken boy slurred. He went to smack Ryan's ass but missed and hit the wall. "Shit."

Ryan knew just what to do and started to give the cock in his hole a good squeeze. The boy started to moan and sway. He had to hold onto the wall to steady him self as he got the best jerk off of his life. Giving a soft moan he spilled his seed just before passing out, his hard cock still deep inside Ryan. He wasn't about to just sit there with some guy just "laying"

there. He kept milking the cock. Using every trick he could think of to use the guy to get himself off. As he tried to fuck the drunk boy Ryan heard the door shut. Looking past the past out body he found he was being watched.

"Hey Ryan." Spoke the new comer. "Looks like you need some help."

Standing in the doorway was Zach Porter. Captain of the wrestling, team president of the hottest fraternity and one of Ryan's TA's. He stood there dressed in a black pleather singlet and boots, his hard muscles shone with sweat as he popped his hard throbbing cock free. Ryan started drooling at the sight in front of him.

Watching the tied up slut trying to get fucked had excited Zach. His short but super thick cock was already dripping. He first pulled the drunk pasted out boy free from Ryan's throbbing hole.

"Tommy here never did know his limit." Zach claimed gently laying the drunk Tommy on the floor.

Turning his attention back on Ryan, he started to kneel down and rim Ryan's soaked hole. Ryan moaned as the frat boy tongue fucked his boy pussy.

"Hrm, a little pissy but damn boy you got one sweet ass."

Ryan could only moan for more. But what he got instead was frat boy cock. Zach's thick cock head stretched his boy cunt wide as the jock filled him with cock meat. Once fully inside Zach started a long slow screw of Ryan's hole. His thick cock head just hit Ryan's joy button. But kept hitting it over and over. Zach was in no rush to cum quickly, and fucked Ryan for well over an hour. Ryan was on over load. This jock god was slowly driving him mad with lust. His cock was hard and deep purple. And he was pissing cum in small steady spurts. And when Zach started to run his hands over Ryan's taught body, sparks of electricity flowed thru his body, taking him to a higher level of pleasure.

As the two boys fucked, other members of Zach's frat came in for there turn. And seeing their president busy filling the night's entertainment turned their attention and fuck lust at their poor school mate passed out on the floor. As Tommy was laying in a puddle of piss the boys quickly stripped him of his clothing and used it to sling Tommy up for easy access.

Ryan could feel Zach getting close as he started to pick up speed with his fucking. Zach had never felt such a fantastic hole around his cock before. He knew he wanted to breed this boy and claim his hole forever. The sound of their fucking, the smacking of balls on ass captured the room's attention as all eyes watched All-American jock god Zach explode inside Ryan's Freshman ass. A cheer went up and for the first time the boys realized they weren't alone.

Looking over Ryan saw another in a long line of hot guys fucking the once virgin ass of Tommy. Chuckling, Ryan thought to his self "Oh I was that could be me." Before realizing that not only was he in the same position, but that he really did like who and what he had become.

As Zach pulled his thick cock free from Ryan's hole, another cock stepped up to fill him. Ryan moaned in pleasure as the next few hours passed quickly. One cock after another filling his hole with cock and cum. A bell rang and the men grabbed their clothes and left. Ryan looked around the room to see several other boys laying around the room, all covered in cum, each boy well fucked. A few minutes later one of the club's staff came in, waking everyone up, untying those strapped down. They were led to a set of group showers to wash clean, then led to a make shift stage. Each boy was taken on stage put on display and then auctioned off for the night.

At last it was Ryan's turn. He was the star of the night. Unlike the other boys he was being auctioned off for the rest of the weekend. Ryan was incredibility aroused as the bright light lit up his firm body. Even though he had cum many times, his cock was still rock hard allowing the light to bounce off all the piercings. The crowd went wild, every guy trying to bid on Ryan. Ryan could only see the bright light and the rush of his blood in his ears. Sold! Ryan snapped back to reality. A price had been set, he was going home to be used for the weekend. But who, and how much. Ryan turned to Daddy Mike for an answer.

"$200K a new record boy. And you will be going with %#*(&@." Daddy Mike said, as smile on his face.

"The frat? The whole frat? Zach's frat?"

"That's the one. Never did have a group bid on one boy before. But than again, you're something special, aren't you?"

Ryan didn't know what to think. Not only did he just made $100K, but he was "rented" by an entire frat house. The hottest frat on campus. Ryan was so excited, he walked to the edge of the stage, turned to the dozen guys in the front, grabbed his engorged cock, and without needing to jerk off (which he couldn't due to all the piercings) or fuck his cunt, Ryan began to cum, hard. He sprayed the guys down with his massive load. The men went wild trying to catch his cum on their tongues. Few guys understand, but Daddy Mike saw that Ryan was having a hands free cum and smiled to himself. The boy who had once been a sexy 18 year old straight boy, was truly a firstclass motherfucking piggy stud. A sexy slut of the highest order and a fuck worthy of praise. Daddy Mike was a little sad that he wouldn't be taking the boy home, but he knew that he would be fucking that ass many times in the future.

Ryan finally stopped shooting cum, but his body was still shaking hard. Daddy Mike caught him just before Ryan fell. He waved to Zach and several of the frat brothers ran over to pick him up. Ryan was still cumming even though his nuts were dry to the brothers were gentle, carrying him out to their van. The van quickly filled with hot frat studs. Ryan looked around at all the fine built walking sex meat, and for the first time in hours became nervous. Sitting around him were 20 of the hottest guys on campus, while he was naked, pierced, hard as a rock, with a short mo-hawk, and an cock dripping cum. Prez Zack Porter squeezed in next to him and hotti shoved his fat cock deep into Ryan's tight asscunt, he smiled at the naked freshman whore.

"You got nothing to worry about Ryan. This weekend, you're just gonna be fucked by every hot stud in our frat. Enjoy!"


James Klawitter

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